5 Best Muslin Backdrops to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

by | Nov 18, 2023

Best Muslin backdrops are excellent tools for taking unique pictures. We are familiar with the two types of backdrops (Paper and Muslin) used by professional photographers. Cotton Muslin backdrops are slightly more economical than paper backdrops. Moreover, muslin backdrops are non-reflective and available in different colors.
In this article, we selected the five best muslin backdrops for different photography occasions. Since they are categorized for different settings, you will not be in a dilemma afterward.
We have spent 40 hours reviewing these products from real-life users and experts. Also, we have our own experience to some extent.
Based on real-life research, we outlined all the best five muslin backdrops.
While choosing the best muslin backdrops for photography and videography, we used a Nikkon D3500 and a Canon EOS 6D variant. Both models are good to go with different plain backdrops.
We clicked images of persons, objects, and other stuff from different distances. After that, we compared each click and observed how much focus the main subject gained. And how much distortion was created by the backdrop? We also did some object cut-outs from the backdrops and changed the background to know how to bring the best output using a specific backdrop.
After that, we understood what the best options are and what type of output they can offer.

The top pick is the ISSUNTEX High-Density Green Muslin Backdrop due to its overall performance and high density. Because we efficiently differentiated the objects from the green ISSUNTEX backdrop without any damage. 

5 Best Muslin Backdrops To Buy

There is a different set for a different type of photography. Why not the backdrops? There are four other muslin backdrops for you.
The top five muslin backdrops are :
Let’s go deeper for each product.
Green Background

Green Backdrop

ISSUNTEX High-Density Muslin Backdrop (Best Overall)

ISSUNTEX muslin backdrop is overall the best product for both professionals and amateurs. The smooth finish of the fabric is ideal to portray any object in the lens. Also, the green color prevents any sort of reflection for easy photography and videography. 

The product is thin. So, you can easily manage and place as the background for your shoot. Even zoom lenses can capture suitable frames with this backdrop. Despite being smoothly finished, the fabric doesn’t glace. It stays plain and sharp as a background. Marking the subject and gaining focus becomes more manageable with this product.

Top Selling Points

  • Great Performance
  • Easy care
  • Good for video post-processing 
  • Multiple size options
  • Zero reflection


  • Folds are easily visible after unpacking

Who Should Buy?

Although it’s suggested to the professionals, the best output is when you use it for small indoor shoots. It blocks reflection and shines to keep the background plain. It will help even intern editors to cut out the main object. The product is suitable to shoot using versatile cameras like Nikkon D3500.

Our Rating : 4.7 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Fovitec Muslin Backdrop

    Image Credit : Fovitec

Fovitec Muslin Backdrop (Best for Product Photography)

If you are a blogger or reviewer, you would love this product. You can place this muslin backdrop anywhere and start making your content. The blue backdrop helps to prevent color spill and hold the proper saturation in frames. 

The product is good for capturing images of those objects that you can’t move. You can unfold and place the backdrop, then start shooting. This is a good option for mini indoor studio sets. 

Top Selling Points

  • Clear focus on objects
  • Easy setup
  • Durable dyed muslin
  • Time saving


  • No stands including. 

Who Should Buy?

Content creators, bloggers and reviewers can get the best of this product. Instead of placing the object in front of the backdrop, you can quickly put the background behind the object. It gives a more realistic vibe to the content and gains the trust of the audience. You can use Sony Mark II cameras, Canon EOS series, or any other 2nd gen cameras with this backdrop.

Our Rating : 4.6 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Hemmotop 5×6.5 ft Black Backdrop (Best Affordable)

Hemmotop black backdrop is a great deal for capturing portraits of any large or small objects. The texture of this muslin fabric is smooth and plain. There’s no wrinkle due to the fine sewing on the borders. 

The fabric can resist light. So, there will be no reflection, and your clicks will stay intact. Those don’t have rich lighting or studio setups can use this to gain perfect framing. The product is suitable for single-object shooting. The solo subject and headshots come crisper with this black backdrop.

Top Selling Points 

  • Best for individual use 
  • Great performance
  • Budgeted pricing 
  • No wrinkling
  • Lightproof 


  • Not a good option for professional videography

Who Should Buy? 

This one is perfect for students and mid-level photographers. If you are on a budget, it comes with a reasonable price. The backdrop can stay in good shape with minimal maintenance. The output from this muslin backdrop can be achieved using Sony Mark iii or similar powerful cameras in a low-key setting. 

Our Rating : 4.5 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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OwenCreative Muslin backdrop

OwenCreative backdrop

OwenCreative Muslin Backdrops (Best for in-depth Clicks)

If you opt to shoot smaller objects and create some depth, this grey muslin backdrop fits well. Even if there are several objects staying close, the grey color can create sharp edges for each object precisely. 

The smooth finish & print of the backdrop increase the depth of clicks. You can also do videography using this muslin background. The faded color also absorbs light instead of reflecting and damaging the focus. This grey backdrop is better than green or blue backdrops when you intend to click vibrant and deep colors like red, yellow, etc. 

Top Selling Points 

  • Increasing depth
  • Long-lasting softness
  • Preset theme
  • Good with any light condition


  • Not a good option for beginners

Who Should Buy?

The product is solely for professionals. But if you have the knowledge to bring out the best even with the basic equipment, you can go for it. Any type of camera would click the best frames with this backdrop. 

Our Rating : 4.5 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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CowboyStudio Ocean Blue Muslin Backdrop (Hand Painted)

The ocean blue muslin backdrop is good for smoother clicks. Commercial photography and interview recording become easy with this tone. The irregular pattern can catch light pretty easily. 

The 100% cotton fiber absorbs the light at its best. It is non-reflective. To avoid the chance of wrinkles, you should iron before using it. It’s a good deal at a very reasonable price. Though the color is handy, machine wash is permitted by the manufacturer. 

Top Selling Points 

  • Hand-painted 
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable 
  • Value for money 


  • Poplin or poly fabric fabrics are mainly good for ocean blue backdrops. Muslin ocean blue backdrop can be a good backup option. 

Who Should Buy? 

We already mentioned in the drawback section that poplin fabric’s tight weaving works best with any ocean blueprint. Yet, this muslin backdrop is a good option for performance. The fabric won’t give any draping effect. Meaning the videography becomes genuine. Any basic DSLR with the prime or macro lens with mainly f/1.6 setting can be a great deal with this backdrop. 

Our Rating : 4.4 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Buying Guide best muslin backdrops


Buying Guide : best muslin backdrops

There are several factors to consider before buying the best muslin photography backdrops. Here is the ultimate guide.


The ideal size of a fabric backdrop is between 6X10 to 10X10 dimensions.
Check what size do you need. If you are mistaken about the size, it won’t bring any good to you. Before getting excited about the material, determine the accurate measurements.


The color is the main factor in choosing one. Based on your subject, you need to select the color. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Ocean Blue, Black, White, Gray, and lots of colors are available for the ultimate perfection. 

  • Blue: best for photography videography and prevents damaging multi-colored objects.
  • Green: Best for adding artificial backgrounds during post-processing in dynamic shots. 
  • White: Mainly for product images and headshot videos. 
  • Black: for professional photography and adding some drama in frames. 

Lightweight and Easy Transportation

The ideal weight range of a muslin backdrop is around 4 pounds or 48 ounces.
Photographers travel a lot. Check if the fabric is lightweight and easy to transport. Of course, if it is light, you can transport it easily. So, these two are interlinked, and you should check on that, too.

Return and Cancellation

Sometimes, even the best backdrop might not go with your camera and light settings. At that time, a good return policy can help you replace the previous purchase with a good fit.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are so important in deciding which one to buy. It shows the best of the best muslin backdrops to you. Go through both the positive and negative replies before ordering.


You can find a muslin backdrop if you spend around 15-40 USD. But some backdrops with larger dimensions and rich fabric quality cost you more. Buy the best within the budget. 


Which backdrops do professional photographers use? 

Professional photographers use lightweight, plain fabric backdrops. A fabric with no visible seamlines offers a smooth texture and doesn’t wrinkle, which is suitable for professional photography. 

What is the best color for a backdrop?

The best color for a fabric backdrop is natural colors like green, white, black, etc. But the best option depends on the subject and it’s color combination.

What is the best size for a backdrop?

8X10 feet is highly used for photography and indoor videography. But you can buy larger sizes for dynamic shooting, 

What is the pixel size of a backdrop for a desktop screen?

1920X1080 and 1280X720 is the standard pixel size for an image or video background on desktop screens. 

Can you put muslin backdrops in the dryer?

It’s better to dry them on low heat until it dries completely. For some dark colors like black and blue, you should check if there is any chance of color fading. 

Can you use a sheet instead of muslin for the backdrop?

Yes, You can. It’s a budget-friendly and temporary solution to use a bedsheet instead of a muslin backdrop. 

Does the muslin backdrop brand matter?

To be very honest, a brand always matters if it holds a high value. However, for muslin backdrops, you should check on the functionality first. Check on our recommendations. It will help you decide quickly. 


Muslin backdrops are great for photography, videography, and post-production. The clicks remain accurate and require minimal editing most of the time. Besides, muslin is lightweight. So, carrying one to the destination for work is also easier. 

We describe the best muslin backdrops, which is for what kind of photography. So, the search is done. Pick any of that suits your purpose. Follow our buying guide properly. 

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