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by | May 1, 2023

After 200 years of disappearance, the fabric with the wind Dhaka Muslin returned with its majestic beauty. It will be in the market for trade soon. Can it win back the most luxurious fashion? What are the challenges of Dhaka Muslin in becoming a global luxury brand?

In this article, we cover the biggest challenges of Dhaka Muslin, the opportunities and much more in the present context.

We, the muslin dhaka team, having cumulated 26 years of experience in fashion marketing, share our wisdom with you. 

Challenges of Dhaka Muslin

Those who do not know Dhaka Muslin, please read the blog here.

The biggest challenges of Dhaka Muslin are : 

  1. Ignorance
  2. Cultivation of Phuti karpas ( Raw cotton for making Muslin)
  3. Production of the Dhaka Muslin
  4. Pricing
  5. Longer Time
  6. Manipulate the certifications of Dhaka Muslin
  7. Fraud case

Let us explain one by one below –

Ignorance :

Most of us do not know what Dhaka muslin is. How does it feel? What will be the contribution of Dhakai muslin to luxury fashion?

People often mix Dhaka muslin with the regular muslin they use every day! Nowadays, conventional muslin is used in baby dresses, blankets, towels and bedding. People do not have an idea of Dhaka muslin. It is beyond the imagination of people who use regular muslin!

The designers do not use Dhaka Muslin last 200 years, let alone the general people! Todays’s luxury fashion brands have no to little idea about this royal fabric. No words express the actual feeling of Dhaka Muslin. You can only feel the experience…

Any type of clothing is possible with this majestic fabric. From undergarments to wedding dresses, casual outfits to party dresses, and most comfortable wear to expensive outfits with gold thread or jewels – the sky is the limit! 

The fabric fits with the designer’s story. Incorporate with all luxe brands that exist on this planet right now. Dhaka Muslin can go beyond ancient to ultra-modern to futuristic fashion. 

We just need to prove that!

holding Phuti karpas in the garden

Author with the phuti karpas : root of Muslin

Cultivation of phuti karpas

We already know muslin is made by “phuti karpas”. A rare special type of cotton under the “Gossypium Arboreum” family.

Dhaka Muslin derives only from Phuti karpas. It will be a big challenge to cultivate and grow a significant amount of this cotton! The land is limited.

There will be more problems yet to come! While commercial production is starting to grow more cotton, farmers are going from natural farming to traditional farming. There is a risk of using GMOs. 

Over time, The purest Phuti Karpas might be a threat to a hybrid.

Organic production might be at risk. Furthermore, There is no certification body for organic in Bangladesh. Getting GOT certification will be very hard!

I will write a full article on it when the time comes. For today, let’s go to the next.

Production of the Dhaka Muslin

You can not get mass production of Dhaka Muslin. It is handmade & specialized clothing. So, Dhaka Muslin will always be a Boutique industry! 

The raw cotton “phuti karpas” is not available much. Producing the muslin Yarn by hand spinning needs huge craftsmanship. Need special care of the fingers. 

The spinners must have the deep concentration to make this magical fabric. It is not for a short time, but rather a longer period, a Minimum of 6 months to one year. Not only that, the best Muslin need special weather & humidity. 

Producing muslin is making a masterpiece! You can weave your art on this.

In short, every step of making a muslin is really hard. Need a huge amount of time and extreme skills with devotion. 

That’s why the wise man says, You will get the better only while you give the best. That is very true for Dhaka Muslin.


The masterpiece is pricey. So that Muslin is in extreme luxury. It is challenging to get the fair price. True for all from farmers to the weavers and other stakeholders in the new industry. 

The piece in my hand takes 1000 USD cost with twelve month time. A sari might cost 10,000 USD and much more. 

It might take a long time to create the market. Building the industry with proper yield. We must know that weavers have been deprived of wages since ancient times!

Longer Time

In this digital era, No one wants to wait. Even making a masterpiece takes a longer time, and people might lose interest. 

Dhaka Muslin takes a huge amount of time. A yard of Dhaka Muslin could take six months! We can not make it faster as Dhaka Muslin must be handmade. Even for the B2b buyer, we need a longer time! 

In this world, timing is everything.

Manipulate the certification

It is a great idea to certify the original Dhaka Muslin by government authority. They set a high standard for this certification. It is a great initiative to keep the quality intact. The problem is that do authorities monitor the quality all the time? Is it possible to maintain the standard?

From my experience, I saw that the government intends to do its best. But somehow manipulated over time. I am afraid that corrupt people might manipulate the certification standard, which will be deadly. 

It allows low-quality products that might pass the standard of Dhaka Muslin. It kills the revived baby muslin industry at the beginning.

Fraud Case

It will be common to see people scam in the name of Shaka Muslin. They might use fake Dhaka muslin, try to sell it at a high price. Everywhere we see fake Dhaka Muslin, even duplicate certification!

There will be a lot of misleading information about the products. People claim one standard but deliver inferior cheap products. Do not share actual thread count or quality to get extra money.

These fraud cases will create a huge mistrust and disgrace to our majestic muslin. I will write more when the time comes. Will review all brands one by one.

Already I made you depressed enough! No more negative. Let’s talk about the light behind the cloud! 

The opportunities of Dhaka Muslin : 

With big challenges come bigger opportunities. We can stand against all the challenges. Do proper promotion with excellent PR. The government and private sector will promote the heritage of this global luxury. Aware people.

A more sophisticated approach will be taken to re-introduce the original muslin to the famous designers. So they will make designer clothing. We should invite all luxury fashion brands to check the royalty of Dhaka Muslin. 

A real experience is better than a thousand words! We can justify the quality over competitors and surely the price.

We can protect our heritage for 4000 years with honest intention and hard work. If needed, we build a Brand that people will trust worldwide. We do everything to protect ancient fashion for the future!

Wrap up : Challenges of Dhaka Muslin

Just before starting the trading of royal Dhaka Muslin, we were aware of the challenges of Dhaka Muslin. We point out the problems and show the opportunities as well. Now you know what the biggest challenges of Dhakai Muslin are and how we can overcome them.

We are updating muslin issues with you. If needed, build the most trusted Dhaka Muslin brand. For you, we can go far beyond the border. Let us see how everything goes over time. Compare what we said today with tomorrow. Stay with us for the prosperity of global heritage, our heart Dhaka Muslin. 

Shariful Alam

Shariful Alam

Shariful Alam Pavel, A fashion lover, passionate marketer. Love to share wisdom based on real life experience to enrich knowledge.
Founder of Muslin Dhaka, a brand, speaks the truth about royal muslin and fashion. Explore the digital fashion universe with organic cotton muslin and much more!


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