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We talk about our very own Dhaka Muslin, classical luxury fabrics, organic cotton, and related fashion. We aim to connect people with traditional, modern luxe fabric & fashion.

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History of Muslin

Cloth finer than a spider web, lighter than a feather, older than the pyramids, the era of Luxury Muslin ended just 200 years ago. It was found in precious treasures with farao mummies! It was a royal fashion for the most beautiful ladies in history!

History of muslin

About Us

About us muslin dhaka our CEO Shariful Alam Pavel

We are a group of fashion lovers, designers, fabric experts, and marketers.

As a team, we have been working for years on researching and writing about Muslin in our office right in the center of Dhaka, where “Dhaka Muslin” was born.

Luxury Dhaka Muslin

With our 37 years of cumulative experience, we also work with other luxury and cotton fabrics.

We are launching our own premium luxury fabrics very soon

Making Magical Dhaka Muslin

Phuti Karpas where we get cotton muslin dhaka

Step 1 – Cultivation

Before ginning raw cotton from phuti karpus with seed

Step 2 : Collection

Raw Cotton phuti karpus wihtout seeds after gining

Step 3 – Spinning

Hand Loom using three finger for yarn

Step 4 – Yarn Making

making Special Yarn from Phuti Karpus 500 to 700 thread count

Step 5 – Weaving

Now Hand weaving with the fine Yarn

Step 6 – Dhaka Muslin

Final Output Royal Dhaka Muslin

Final Out Put

Get the royal dhaka muslin RAW image by Muslin Dhaka

I always thought history was dull until I stumbled upon Muslin Dhaka. The way they unravel the tales of Muslin with such passion is truly inspiring.

Michael Jones


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The Myth of Muslin: Epic Journey of Muslin

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