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The Untold Stories of muslin

We are about to tell you a hundred years of untold story about the muslin and the people behind it. why people from all over the world want this masterpiece fabric ?

Muslin and The Life of The People

Muslin is considered the royal and expensive fabric in the world. The people behind are more interesting and creative. this fabric could be made from hand and not any ordinary hand the people use some extraordinary Trix for that also.


what is MUSLIN ?

The most punctual muslin was known as Mulmul or Malmal. It was a handwoven texture made with the best handspun yarns. There were muslin characteristics with 2425 string check, which are sketchy even with trend-setting innovation. Some eminent characteristics of muslin were Mulmul Khas or King’s muslin,[10] Eksuti malmal,[11] and Alibal malmals, and so on The yarn tally, loads and surfaces, string check, beginning, and specific use were the primary standards to separate them from one another. Muslin was one of the unbelievable fabrics of East India. These were made with privately developed cotton called “Phuti karpas” . The cotton was developed close by the waterway banks of Brahmaputra. Some striking assortments were as following. Muslin from eastern pieces of antiquated India was commended in the global market as “woven breeze” and “miracle gossamer”, and acquired an incredible price.



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