Unique Characteristics of Dhaka Muslin You should know

by | Apr 8, 2023

Since the epic came back to the original Dhaka Muslin after 200 years, people are curious to know the characteristics of Dhaka Muslin. How they can identify the authentic royal Muslin?

In this article we explain the unique characteristics of royal Dhaka Muslin. How to identify original Dhaka muslin and much more!

We, Muslin Dhaka Team having cumulative experience of 26 years in Muslin fashion & fabric share our wisdom with you.

Lets explore the criteria of Dhaka Muslin.

What is Dhaka Muslin?

Dhaka Muslin is a hand weaved special type of cotton fabric derive from “Phuti Karpas”. The fabric is so subtle and special that it can go through a ring! Yes, A sari ( size 4 to 8 metres length and 60 to 120 cm breadth) can pass through the ring. It is that level of light weight and delicate. It’s hard to believe but I am not kidding. See the proof below:

Dhaka Muslin Goes through the ring

Dhaka Muslin is a royal fashion since its inception may be 4000 years back. Till then, It is one of the most expensive fashions on this planet. Only emperor’s, queens and royal families can afford the luxury.

Now It’s a GI product that belongs to Bangladesh, a South Asian country with a heritage of the finest muslin for more than thousand years.


How do you Identify the original Dhaka Muslin?

It is now under the Muslin revival project taken by the Bangladesh government. You can see this in exhibitions in upcoming days. Good thing is that it will go to the private sector for commercial production very soon.

Let’s make one thing clear: “Dhaka Muslin” will never ever be a mass produced product, rather will remain as a boutique industry like its long heritage. cause Muslin need almost years of time with hand weaving.

Though Dhaka Muslin goes to the private sector, to protect its extreme quality Bangladesh government will certify a Fabric as Dhaka Muslin. The government is working to set up the criteria for that.

But we can say the three unique characteristics is a must for being “Dhaka Muslin” as per the Project Director (PD) Muslin revival project Mr. Ayub Ali.

1. The fabric must be made by a special cotton local name Phuti karpas. (Gossypium Arboreum Var. Neglecta). This cotton grows in the bank of buriganga river and specific area of Bangladesh.
2. Dhaka Muslin is made by hand spinning.
3. Pit Loom used to make it.

One misconception about Dhaka Muslin attribute is thread count! It must be very high like 700 even more. But Dhaka Muslin Thread count could be 80 to 400 count. It is completely okay.

This is not the end game. There might be a lot more rules yet to come to be certified as Dhaka Muslin.


Wrap up 👍: Characteristics of Dhaka Muslin

No words actually fit the uniqueness of Dhaka Muslin. Once you experience it, you can feel it. However we believe it will come back with it’s own luxurious glamor to shake the modern fashion. It will be a dream fashion for its unique traits for so many generations to come!

Shariful Alam

Shariful Alam

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