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Cotton Chambray fabric is the special one for making shirt! Though this picture come to our mind first, it’s a perfect fabric for dressmaking.
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Today, we’re talking about this excellent textile, Cotton Chambray Fabric.
Because of its excellent characteristics, chambray has been the go-to work shirt for agricultural and factory workers. Since the fabric is usually blue colored, the term “blue-collar worker” appeared precisely for this reason, as the workers were seen daily wearing these shirts.
You’ll find exciting information here, so stay with us till the end, and maybe you’ll fall in love with this fabric as we did!

What is chambray fabric?

This unique fabric is usually made from 100% cotton, although it can also be produced from other fibers. Chambray has been used for many years, usually for making work shirts. What’s characteristic is that it’s often connected to the color blue, even though you can find it in many different colors. It’s a fabric that’s lightweight and both fine and dense.
It’s often compared with denim and variants of chambray like batiste and cambric. The fabric has a plain weave, dyed warp, and white filling yarn.
Chambray has become very popular for different kinds of clothing for every age and season.
So now that we have a slight idea about the look of the fabric, let’s dive in more profoundly and learn something about its history.
History of Chambray

History of Chambray Cotton Fabric

Where has the name come from?
Chambray is named after the town in France where this particular weave was intended. Chambray became used in the English language in the mid of 19th century and has been popular since then.
The fabric originated in the 1500s in France, Cambrai (a formerly Flemish region in the country’s north).
What was different about the chambray was the way it was woven. It was a trendy fabric used for detailed embroidery and lacework. Besides this, its primary use was for work shirts, which you can include in different clothing types.
In the late 1800s, the work shirt that’s recognizable today first appeared. Levi’s was a provider of work shirts in places like Nevada, California, and Colorado. The fabric that was used for making these clothes was usually cambric.
The use of these “uniforms” was so widely spread that the term “blue-collar” first appeared, dividing the industrial and manual workers from the “white-collar workers,” usually working in business and finance.
Besides being used only for producing work shirts, chambray was adopted in the US Military in 1901. The Navy uniform was composed of a light blue chambray shirt and darker denim trousers, sometimes including a white t-shirt.
The chambray is viral these days, and you can find shirts, formal wear, or other clothing made from it.
Characteristics : How it feels?

Characteristics : How it feels?

Characteristics of Chambray cotton : How does it feel?

Being used for many years, you’re probably asking what’s so special about the chambray. Well, we’re going to write about that just now.
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Possibility to be embroidered
  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Smooth
Being comfortable, durable, and breathable simultaneously, it’s a perfect choice for work wear. The fabric has a lovely surface, giving the possibility to be embroidered very well, giving the clothes a unique and exciting design.
All in all, it’s a perfect fabric that you should consider when looking for a material with this range of qualities.

Organic chambray cotton fabric

The more natural, the better, right? We all want the best products for us and our loved ones, especially regarding the things we use daily, like our clothes.
That’s why we’re suggesting organic chambray cotton fabric. This fabric is made naturally, without using any chemicals and harmful pesticides. Organic chambray has an even surface and feels soft and smooth.
It’s the perfect choice for your clothes and as interior decoration for organic cotton curtains, tablecloths, and cushions. It’s available online in various colors, designs, details, and price ranges.
You can now enjoy the benefits of this incredibly soft fabric without worrying about sustainability and environmental impact.
How to Make Cotton Chambray fabric

How to Make Cotton Chambray fabric


How is Cotton chambray fabric made?

The process of the final chambray fabric is quite long. There are several steps that manufacturers follow to produce this unique textile.
The first thing is harvesting the cotton fibers surrounded by cotton seeds. They can do this either by hand or with a cotton gin. Next, the seeds are separated from the threads and then compressed into large bales. The bales are then transferred to a facility, where they are opened, and their content is mixed using the mixing machines.
The fibers are then carded using a machine or by hand. With this process, the raw fibers are transformed into rope-like strands. The carded fibers are then combed and spun into yarn. This is the last point of preparing the threads to be woven into chambray fabric.
To make chambray fabric, manufacturers need to follow a specific weaving method. The warp and the weft strands go over each other in an alternating pattern.
You should know that not all chambray fabric is the same. There are different types of cotton, each one with its characteristics. So, depending on the cotton used, you get different chambray.

Uses of Cotton Chambray Fabric

You’ll be surprised by the areas where chambray finds usage. From clothes to upholstery, we’re going to count all the ways this fabric is used.
  • Clothes
  • Home furnishing
  • Festive clothing
  • Bedding
  • Ties and pocket squares
Having a similar look and characteristics as denim, chambray is often used as a substitute for it. You can usually find pants, jackets, and shorts from this fabric, as well as shirts and other clothing garments.
In the past, it was very popular to make priest’s garments and garments for other people involved with the church.
The fabric also found use during the Renaissance, when people used this fabric to make clothes to dress up for festivals.
Chambray often finds use in home furnishing and can be used for curtains, cushions, tablecloths, and in upholstery on chairs, sofas, and bedsheets.
We can see that it has a colorful range of areas where it appears, and that’s only proof of the quality and versatility of this fabric.

How to take care : Cotton Chambray fabric?

You can’t expect your items to last long if you don’t take suitable precautions regarding proper care. Follow these simple steps to avoid damaging your clothes or other chambray items.


You’ll be happy to find out that cotton chambray gets softer with every wash. It tends to shrink when washed in hot water, so the best way to preserve the quality of your chambray items is to wash them with cold water.


To receive the best results from your chambray items, it’s best to tumble dry them on a low setting. As with washing, you should avoid high dryer heat because it can cause shrinkage.


This fabric can wrinkle easily, so to iron the chambray clothes, use the cotton setting on your iron set to heat, and press the clothes. You can use steam for better results.
Chambray Vs Denim

Chambray Vs Denim

Chambray VS Denim

These two fabrics are often compared with a similar look and other similarities. But even with all the similar qualities, they’re pretty different. We will have a detailed comparison, so you know what to expect from one or the other.
  • Both made from cotton
  • Often in blue color with white weft yarns
  • Fade beautifully with time and wear
 These are the main similarities for which they’re often compared. Now, let’s see the differences.


  • Thinner
  • Softer
  • Plain weave
  • Both sides of the fabric are in the same color
  • More breathable
  • Suitable for summer clothes (skirts and dresses)


  • Heavier
  • Coarser
  • Twill weave
  • The outer side of the fabric is darker than the inner side
  • More durable
  • Used for making jeans, jackets, bags, and shoes
I hope that now all your doubts are answered, it will be easier for you to pick the more suitable fabric for your needs. Both materials have unique qualities, so you won’t make a mistake with whichever one you choose.


Is chambray a summer fabric?
– Chambray is a lightweight, airy, breathable, and comfortable cotton fabric. So it’s ideal for summer. It’s often used to make summer skirts and dresses.
Is chambray warm or cool?
– Cotton chambray is breathable, which will keep you cool during summer. It’s not mainly a warm fabric, but with the proper layering, you can also combine it in the winter wardrobe.
Does chambray wrinkle easily?
– Yes. Chambray tends to wrinkle, so we gave you a detailed paragraph on how to iron your chambray items.
Is chambray considered denim?
– These two fabrics are often compared, but they’re not the same. To have a clearer idea of their difference, check the paragraph above, which I believe will be very helpful.
What color is chambray fabric?
– Chambray doesn’t have just one color. It’s most likely to find chambray in blue, but it can be produced in every color.
Is chambray water-resistant?
– Chambray naturally repels moisture, and that’s why it is often used in upholstery. But no, this fabric is not 100% water-resistant.

Chambray fabric by the Yard

Want to shop chambray for shirts, dresses, skirts, and more? You can now find a variety of chambray fabrics in different colors, prices, and designs. If you are buying it personally or need a significant amount, don’t worry because you can always order in a bolt.
In general, chambray cotton fabric by the yard price range 7 to 12 usd. Price might vary depends on time, brand and other factors.
Sites like Amazon, Etsy, and many more provide high-quality fabrics with fast delivery. What’s better than having your shipment right at your door?

Wrap up : Cotton Chambray Fabric

 I hope this article was informational and engaging and you found what you were looking for. Chambray is definitely a unique fabric with a fascinating history, which caught your attention.
Stay tuned for more articles like this one, where we’re going to explore the world of fabrics and have fun together!
Till the next time!

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