Alluring cotton Corduroy fabric : Everything you need to Know

by | Dec 1, 2022

Cotton corduroy fabric

Want to know more about cotton corduroy fabric? Or I can say the winter version of linen in summer. This versatile fabric is perfect for your autumn and winter wardrobe, and can transition nicely into spring as well. It should be a staple in your closet, and you should consider adding it to the shopping list if it’s not already there.

 In this article, we’ll talk about different types of Cotton corduroy fabrics, their history, and everything you can think of related to corduroy.

 Soooo, let’s jump in!


What is cotton corduroy fabric?


Corduroy is a woven fabric that’s very durable and soft. It has a pretty unique texture, with ridges across the material. Depending on the number of ridges, they’re represented by the name wale.

You can usually find different numbers on websites next to the corduroy, for example, 21 wales or 8 wales. The number represents the number of ridges. A higher number means that there are more ridges, and they’re narrower.

 This fabric is usually made from cotton, which we’ll talk about today, but manufacturers can also make it with cotton and polyester, full polyester, or wool blends. 

It has many great qualities, like the fact that it can be dyed in various vibrant colors. We’re going to discuss the rest of these characteristics in a second.


History of Corduroy Fabric

History of Corduroy


History of corduroy fabric


Corduroy has a pretty interesting history that dates back centuries.

 Corduroy is in the family of fustian fabrics. Fustian dates back to 200 AD, and it got its name from an Egyptian town near Cairo named Fustat. This city was known for its cotton exportation, which later made its path to Europe, especially France.

At the court of the French king, the staff wore clothes made from this cotton fabric because it was durable and comfortable. Further on, this led to one of the theories about the name of the material.

 There are few theories about the origin of the name. One of them is that the name corduroy came from the phrase “corde du roi”, which means “cloth of the king.” But when we think about it, this type of fabric was only intended for the king’s staff, so this theory is not the best one.

 Another theory that’s more likely happened is that the fabric got its name from the phrase “cour du roi”, which means “court of the king.” I’ll leave this to your imagination, as no exact proof can confirm either of these theories.

 In the 20th century, corduroy became popular among Parisians that wore it as pants and jackets. In the 1960s, it became viral because the Beatles started wearing their famous corduroy suits. 

 We must admit that this fabric has gone through many exciting events and periods.


Characteristics : How does it feel?


So, what’s the secret that made it famous throughout this long period? Let’s find out all corduroy’s unique qualities!

  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Versatile colors
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Easy to maintain

 With all these qualities, it’s hard to find a flaw in corduroy. What’s not to love? Perfect for the winter and autumn months due to its warmth, softness, and comfortability. 

Corduroy pants or suits will be a staple in every gentleman’s closet, as they’re very stylish, versatile, and easy to wear. Without a tendency to wrinkle and what’s a plus is there are many versatile, vibrant colors to choose from. 

 So you should think about adding it to your shopping list.


Organic Cotton Corduroy

Organic Cotton Corduroy


Organic corduroy cotton fabric


Made from 100% organic cotton, this is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric. Free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. You’re contributing to keeping the oceans and our environment cleaner by choosing organic cotton. 

 Also, allergens that can be found in regular cotton are eliminated from organic ones. 

 You can purchase GOT certified organic corduroy fabric in many colors, price ranges, designs, and weights without worrying about environmental impact.


How is corduroy fabric made?


Corduroy, as we said, can be produced from several different fibers, but the process of making it is the same. 

 Manufacturers start with the weaving, which, usually when it comes to corduroy fabric, is a plain weave. When the primary weave is complete, they add a pile thread cut to form the corduroy’s unique ridges. 

 Producers apply glue back side of the woven fabric to ensure that the pile yarn doesn’t pull during the cutting process. Later, this glue is removed. 

 Before the final touches, the pile yarn is severed with an industrial cutter, after which is brushed and ready for producing the ridges.

 Corduroy usually has a unique, irregular dyeing pattern. It is produced by applying pigment dye on the finished corduroy fabric.


Uses cotton corduroy fabric


People used it for many clothing garments in the past, which remains the same today. 

  • Coats
  • Suits
  • Breeches
  • Slacks
  • Hunting apparel
  • Trousers
  • Jackets
  • Millinery
  • Furniture (decorative cushions, chairs, and couch coverings)

 As we can see, it’s a very versatile fabric worn for different occasions. 


How to care : Cotton Corduroy

How to care


How to take care : corduroy fabric


Knowing how to take care of your corduroy garments is crucial when it comes to the longevity of your items. But don’t worry, as a detailed guide on taking care of your corduroy garments is coming your way!



 When washing your corduroy garments in a washing machine, you should turn the items inside out and avoid washing them with fabrics that produce lint, such as fleece jackets, sweaters, and towels. 

 It would be best if you considered washing it with like fabrics and colors.

 The corduroy items can shrink if they’re not washed at the right temperature, so check the label to be sure the temperature is correct.


 For best results, leaving your garments to air dry is best. You can hang them and let them dry this way. Don’t worry if the pile is flattened, as it can be revived by brushing gently with a soft clothes touch while the item is still damp. 


 When it comes to ironing, which is very rare, you should always iron on the wrong side of the fabric. To prevent crushing the pile, use a medium heat setting, and don’t leave the iron in one place for too long. 


Different types of corduroy fabric


  • Standard corduroy – Every fabric that has between 8 -13 wales per inch is considered standard.  
  • Pinwale corduroy – is characterized by many tiny ridges per inch. It can feature up to 21 wales per inch.
  • Elephant corduroy – opposite from the pin wale corduroy, this one has large, thick cords, varying between 1- 6 per inch.
  • Spandex corduroy – manufacturers usually add spandex to the rest of the fibers to produce stretchy fabric. This type of corduroy is generally used for children’s garments.
  • Pigment-dyed corduroy – most corduroy fabric has a unique dyeing result. This is because a particular method creates a mottled appearance that becomes more distinct with each wash.




In this section, we tried to answer a few questions that is regularly asked by people.

1. Is corduroy an expensive fabric?

– Compared to other fabrics made with the same fiber, corduroy is slightly more expensive due to the more complicated production process.

2. Is corduroy a good fabric?

– Corduroy has many great qualities, making it a good fabric. It’s warm, durable, and versatile, so it’s an excellent option to add to your shopping list.

3. Does corduroy last long?

– It’s a durable and strong fabric that will serve you long. It’s made from cotton, so it’s a high-quality material.

4. Is corduroy a warm fabric?

– Yes! You won’t make a mistake choosing corduroy as a staple in your winter and autumn wardrobe. It’s warm, comfortable, and stylish, so you can simultaneously be warm and stylish.

5. Does corduroy shrink or stretch?

– If the proper precautions are not taken when it comes to the care of the fabric, the corduroy can shrink across the length of the material. 

So please look at our How to take care guide and be sure that this doesn’t happen. 

6. Is it OK to wear corduroy in the summer?

– Corduroy can be an excellent transitional piece to wear. It’s a fantastic choice when adding texture, so you won’t make a mistake choosing a corduroy skirt as the staple piece even in warm summer! 


Corduroy fabric by the Yard


With so many options on the Internet today, everyone can find the item they’re looking for. Buy the perfect corduroy fabric for your needs, choosing from many colors, designs, and prices.

If you need it for personal use, you can always purchase it in the yard, or if you need a bigger amount of the fabric, there’s always the option to buy it in bulk.

 Amazon and Etsy are our go-to online stores that won’t disappoint in every aspect.


Wrap up


I hope this article gave you lots of corduroy inspiration for your autumn and winter wardrobe building, and that it was informational and helpful. 

 I know that many people have a love-hate relationship with this fabric. I would be happy if this article gave you a new perspective, showing you all the fantastic sites that corduroy possesses, and you’ll join the community that loves corduroy.

 Until next time, we’ll talk about another fantastic fabric!

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