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Flannel Cotton Fabric


Halloween season is approaching, and everything is screaming PATTERNS! And what’s better than flannel cotton fabric to fit in the autumn story when everything is covered in yellow leaves?

I don’t know about you, but for me, oversized shirts with colored patterns are the staple for autumn and winter.

So today, we are talking about this magical, wintery fabric that can charm and evoke memories while drinking your hot cocoa under a flannelled cotton blanket!

We are a Team of writers, textile experts, and fashion geeks with a combined experience of 25 years writing this story to give value. Stay tuned!


What is the flannel cotton fabric?


Fuzzy, cozy, soft, plaid, and warm fabric, we are talking about flannel! It’s a medium-weight cotton fabric with a hairy surface that usually comes from brushing or the characteristic loose weave. If you try to imagine what this fabric looks like, think of your favorite blanket or sweater, and you might get the idea! 

It’s perfect for winter due to its warm and soft feeling. It comes in many patterns, so it’s typical for the autumn and winter festive months.


History of the fabric


The history of flannel stretches back centuries. 

Dating back from the 17th century, when it first appeared, to today, this fabric has gone through a rollercoaster of popularity.

 As we said, the flannel fabric first emerged in the 17th century in Wales. The Welsh created it as a replacement for their plain wool garb. The reason why the Welsh started using this fabric was because of one primary purpose: Warmth. The climate there was wet and windy, so this fabric came at the right time.

 Because it was known as a durable, affordable, and warm fabric, it quickly developed an interest in European countries. 

 During the Industrial Revolution, its popularity was at its peak in the 19th century. The new machines sped up the process of flannel making, and it started to spread rapidly. 

 An American entrepreneur – Hamilton Carhartt, saw the need to improve the working man’s uniform in the United States, so in 1889, he opened his factory in Detroit and started producing tough flannel garments.

 In the 20th century, this fabric became a symbol and started being associated with a rugged man. This fabric once again was massively used, in WWI, when it was used for the production of belts, undershirts, and other parts of uniforms.

 After the war, people started using flannel for more sophisticated garments, like suits. And the grey flannel suit was a standard look for every businessman. 

In the early 90s, flannel appeared again, but this time in the grunge music scene. Bands like Nirvana wore it, but this time like messy, plaid flannels that were affordable and cheap.


Flannel Cotton

Flannel Cotton


Characteristics : How it feels?


You might wonder how does the flannel fabric feel? So imagine that you are in bed on a really cold day and wrapped in a soft and warm blanket. It feels like you don’t want to get up from bed, right?

Besides this cozy feeling, there are other qualities this fabric has:

  • It does not capture moisture.
  • Warm
  • Soft
  • Affordable
  • Usually comes in patterns.


Organic flannel cotton


Soft, cozy, and on top of that 100% organic cotton flannel? Can it get any better? This is the best choice for you if you want a natural, organic, and sustainable solution. You can find organic flannel fabric online; it comes in different ways and shapes. 

 Starting from bedding, blankets, shirts, or sweaters, you have numerous choices when it comes to organic flannel cotton products. All are eco-friendly!


Organic Cotton Flannel

Organic Cotton Flannel


Different Types of flannel fabric


Now, We will discuss different types of flannel fabric that you can choose from. This category is quite numerous!

  • Bocking flannel, or Baize – is a flannel composed of cotton that has a quite coarse nature and a similar feeling to touch.
  • Wool flannel – this flannel is made from wool and was mostly used by Europeans during the early times.
  • Ceylon’s flannel – this fabric is a mix of cotton and wool. It was originally made in Sri Lanka.
  • Diaper flannel – this flannel is used to make disposable diapers because of its absorbency.
  • Vegetable flannel – it was used in the 19th century in Europe, and it’s made from cellulose.
  • Baby flannel – this type of fabric is maybe the most popular of the flannel fabrics. It is commonly used for making baby clothes, so it is called a baby flannel. It’s soft and doesn’t irritate the skin, so it’s perfect for the little ones!


How is flannel cotton made?


First, the cotton is acquired. Then the textile yarn is spun almost the same way other fabric yarn is constructed.

When it comes to the weaving process, cotton flannel can be woven in two different ways, in a twill weave or a plain weave

The final touches are bleaching, dying, or other final treatments.


Uses of the flannel fabric : what is it good for?


Because of the numerous qualities that we mentioned earlier, it’s not a wonder that this fabric finds application in many areas. 


  • Sweaters
  • Cardigans
  • Vests
  • Shirts

 Or basically, anything that you want to be soft, cozy, and warm for the colder season. It comes in many patterns and colors, so there are many versions you can choose from to have a unique and interesting look!

  • Bedsheets and blankets

 There is no need to explain that the best choice for your cozy winter blankets is the flannel cotton fabric.

  • Accessories

 The flannel fabric can be used in bags, belts, and purses, usually with an accent of color or pattern.


Cotton Flannel fabric

Cotton Flannel fabric


How to take care of your flannel products?



 When it comes to washing, it’s best if you wash your flannel using the gentle wash setting. The rinsing should be with the same water temperature.

 It’s best if you always add fabric softener to reduce the amount of lint on the flannel.


 You should dry your clothes on a low machine setting or hang them so they can air dry. You shouldn’t over-dry your flannel clothing as the fabric can weaken.


 For ironing, it’s best to choose the cotton setting. To be 100% sure, you can start ironing on lower heat and slightly increase the heat until the wrinkles are gone.


Flannel Cotton Fabric by the Yard


Are you wondering where to purchase your flannel cotton fabric garments? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Starting from Amazon, Etsy, Joann, and many more online stores, you can find your ideal piece of clothing for different price ranges.

 Or you can check your local shops and try the garment directly. There is a way of shopping for everyone!

Flannel cotton fabric by the bolt

Shopping for your business and need a larger amount of this fabric? By shopping in bulk, manufacturers are usually willing to give you a discount. So have this in your mind for your next bulk purchase that is Flannel cotton by the Bolt. One Bolt is equal to one hundred yards!




  • What is flannelette made of?

 Flannelette is made of cotton. The fabric has a brushed finish on one side, making it incredibly soft!

  • Are flannel sheets good for winter?

– You can’t go wrong with flannel bedsheets for winter. They are ideal and will keep you warm even on the coldest winter nights!

  • Do I use flannel bedsheets all year round?

– It’s a common mistake that the flannel is only a winter-season fabric. Because of its breathability, it’s a good choice for bedsheets. So the answer is yes, you can use flannel bedsheets even during summer.

  • What is the difference Fleece and flannel?

– Fleece is considered a warmer and thicker fabric, with no ability to breathe, which usually leads to overheating, unlike flannel, which is breathable and warm.

  • What is the difference Cotton and Flannel?

– Cotton is a plant from which different fabrics can be made of. Flannel is a woven fabric could also be made from cotton. It is soft & cozy.

  • Is flannel good for summer?

– Yes. This fabric is breathable and doesn’t trap moisture, so you can easily insert it into your summer wardrobe.

  • Does flannel shrink?

– When exposed to heat, flannel cotton tends to shrink. 


Wrap up


Now you know what to look for when shopping for the colder season but also for summer, as we’ve broken down the stereotype that flannel is only suitable for winter. I hope this article helped you learn something new and provided you with the information you were looking for.

 You can count on us for your next fabric research!


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