The future of Dhaka Muslin: reclaim 4000 years of exclusive Royalty?

by | Apr 23, 2023


While I touched the original Dhaka Muslin first after 200 years of disappearance, I just feel why it has won the hearts of emperors since ancient times! Indeed the future of Dhaka Muslin will be glorious if we work from now.

The Bangladesh government declared Dhaka Muslin would be under the private sector after June 2023. Already Muslin revival project is working on it. It will be available for private commercial production soon. The government will set the standard and certification of Dhaka Muslin.

It’s time to let the world know what Dhakai muslin can do. I am Sharif, CEO of the Muslin Dhaka Team, having 26 years of cumulative experience in Fashion & marketing.

In this article, I will articulate the future of Dhaka muslin and how it will shake global luxury fashion in the upcoming days. 

What is Dhaka Muslin?

Dhaka Muslin is a kind of extraordinary cotton fabric made by plain weaving. “phuti karpas” is the name of the great cotton which grows in a specific zone in Bangladesh. It was invented by indigenous civilization. Dhaka muslin is ultra-lightweight, super breathable, and comfortable. It is so thin that it can pass through an engagement ring!

Only the emperor or aristocrats can afford Muslin. It was a symbol of status and beauty. One Dhaka Muslin dress takes six months to 2 years for the weavers. It is entirely handmade. Weavers take special care of their fingers to weave the finest Dhaka Muslin. It needs specific humidity to weave! The bank of Shitalakshya River and adjacent places are appropriate for incorporating Dhaka Muslin.  

Present day, The only Dhaka Muslin house by the Bangladesh Handloom Board is located at the bank of sitalakkhya river (locally pronounced). They revive dhaka muslin after two hundred years of disappearance. To know more read my blog why Muslin disappeared?

In one sentence, Dhaka Muslin was the louis vuitton for the emperors! Let’s dig deeper into the future of Dhaka Muslin.

Luxury fashion 😂

The royal fabric will appeal to all luxury fashion brands. I can see Dior, Hermes, Gucci, and Prada all came across to have the Dhakai Muslin. Eastern and Western cultures it has the same appeal. 

Dhaka Muslin’s dresses enhance the lifestyle of Lady Josephine to the Mughal princess to Amirah in the Arab legion. It is hard to believe the magical beauty of Muslin until you touch it. 

The experience is challenging to express the word. Before touching the original Dhakai muslin, even I could not even realize how aristocratic the fabric is. Why does it win the hearts of kings, queens, and princesses…

I am sure the brands are looking for Dhaka Muslin. It will give a competitive advantage for making special dresses. 

Designer Dress

While it comes with a designer dress, we expect to have a piece of story, beauty, and elegance. No wonder The highest clothing needs unique materials. Generally, designers use silk, Satin, and cashmere fabric to make luxury fashion.

The hand weave Dhaka muslin fabric is even much superior to others. The piece of Muslin in my hand cost 1000 USD and took eight months! 

The advantage of Dhaka muslin is that it is ultra-thin, super soft, and highly breathable, Designer can paint, embroider, and print anything on this fabric. The most exciting part, If designers want, weavers can make the design by simply hand weaving! This is amazing. Is not it?

In the near future, we might see Jennifer Lawrence wearing a unique muslin dress in producing her latest movie or Angelina Jolie wearing a unique Dhaka muslin costume in Maleficent 3. 

Gucci might start an item of new clothing set by Dhaka Muslin.

Wrap up : future of Dhaka Muslin

You can make any type of royal clothing by Dhaka Muslin. With this fantastic fabric, luxury fashion can breeze the ancient, modern & futuristic cloth. This handmade Muslin will always be a boutique industry as no one can produce this by mass production. Dhaka Muslin will always be a boutique industry since ancient times. That’s why we say, One Dhaka Muslin once in a Lifetime!


Shariful Alam

Shariful Alam

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