Hemp Bamboo Fleece Feel the sustainable Cloths in 2022

by | Oct 7, 2022

Hemp Bamboo Fleece


Wherever we hear the word hemp, our mind takes us straight to the thoughts of cannabis (marijuana). However, hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, along with bamboo. When grown industrially, hemp has a variety of commercial uses. Just like bamboo, hemp can be used to make different apparel. Hemp bamboo fleece is one of the fabrics quite popular today for its use in various apparel.


Best Bamboo Hemp Fleece

Bamboo Hemp Fleece


What is hemp bamboo fleece fabric?


Hemp bamboo fleece, as the name suggests, combines hemp fabric with bamboo fabric to produce a fleece. This natural fabric has many benefits when used for clothing, including health. It is a super soft, silky, stretchy material with soft and smooth fleece fibres on one side. Also, it has a woven appearance on the other side. Hemp bamboo fleece is, used as inserts for diapers and menstrual pads due to its high absorbent quality.


Different types of hemp bamboo fleece fabric


There are many hemp bamboo fleece fabrics on the market. Generally, the fleece types vary with the ratio of bamboo Hemp and other materials, if any! Different fleece caters to diverse needs.

With 25 hours of extensive online and offline research, I discuss the main types of bamboo hemp fleece to cover different aspects. They not only fulfil your thirst but also meet your needs. So let’s see what they are.


Hemp Bamboo Fleece - 340gsm + 500gsm

Hemp Bamboo Fleece – 340gsm + 500gsm

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Hemp Bamboo Fleece – 340gsm + 500gsm


This hemp bamboo fleece comprises 30% hemp and 70% bamboo. It has a width of 150 cm. You can buy it in 2 different weights. The 300 GSM tube is the regular weight, and the 500 GSM tube is the super heavy one. This unbleached and undyed fabric is super soft and very absorbent. This makes it perfect for inserts of cloth diapers.


Bamboo Hemp Fleece Fabric

Bamboo Hemp Fleece Fabric

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Bamboo Hemp Fleece Fabric


This hemp bamboo fleece fabric is made of 55% hemp and 45% bamboo rayon. It has a width of 152 cm, and a yard of fabric weighs 490grams. It is also OEKO- Tex certified.

It can be made into versatile, comfortable, and long-lasting clothes. The combined benefits of hemp and bamboo make it lighter than cotton. It also doesn’t have the smell of hemp. As a result, it’s a tremendous diaper-making material.

This eco-friendly and natural fabric has many health benefits. This fabric blocks more than 50% of UV rays. In addition, the thermal regulating ability will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.


Bamboo Hemp Stretch Fleece Fabric by the Yard

Bamboo Hemp Stretch Fleece by the Yard

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Bamboo Hemp Stretch Fleece by the Yard


You can buy this Bamboo Hemp Stretch Fleece Fabric by the yard. It contains 25% hemp, 70% bamboo rayon, 5% spandex. Has a weight of 450 grams and a width of 157cm. They are found in natural, unbleached, and undyed colours.

It’s a great material for cozy clothes. Like a hoodie, sweatpants, loungewear, etc. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used to produce this excellent fabric. So, your body won’t absorb any toxic chemicals if you wear them. You and your child will love the feel of this soft and flexible fabric used for cloth diaper inserts.


Bamboo Hemp Stretch Terry Fabric by the Yard

Bamboo Hemp Stretch Terry Fabric by the Yard

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Bamboo Hemp Stretch Terry Fabric by the Yard


This hemp bamboo stretch Terry knit fabric is an excellent choice for sportswear and hoodies. It has a composition of 70% bamboo, 25% hemp, and 5% spandex. Wearing this promotes personal health benefits. The hemp fabric makes it absorbent, and bamboo makes it soft and pliable. I love it because of its hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. So you don’t have to wash it often.

You can wash it in both warm and cold water. There’s no need for ironing. You can hang them, and the wrinkles will fall out. The fabric might shrink, so it’s better to pre-wash it before making it into clothes.


Bamboo Hemp Fleece - 400 GSM

Bamboo Hemp Fleece – 400 GSM

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Bamboo Hemp Fleece – 400 GSM


This bamboo hemp fleece has 55% bamboo viscose and 45% hemp. This stretchy, silky material has a woven appearance on one side and soft fleece fibers on the other side.

It is a thick and cozy fabric perfect for different apparel and cloth diaper.


Bamboo/Hemp Fleece Fabric by the Yard

Bamboo/Hemp Fleece Fabric by the Yard

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Bamboo Hemp knit Fleece Fabric by the Yard


It is a natural off-white colored fabric made of 55% bamboo viscose and 45% hemp. The outer side is knit with a bit of variation in texture and color, whereas the inner side has a low pile of smooth and soft feel.

You can make anything with this fleece starting from yoga pants to blankets. If you want to purchase this in different quantities, keep in mind that you might not get it in a continuous piece.


Hemp Bamboo Cotton Fleece

              Hemp Bamboo Cotton Fleece

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Hemp Bamboo Cotton Fleece


This fleece knit fabric contains 50% hemp, 20% bamboo, and 30% organic cotton. 290 grams in weight and a width of 145 cm, it has a shrinkage level of more than 5-10%. So, it’s better to pre-wash them before cutting them into clothes for stitching. It is a perfect fleece for leisure wear, sweatshirts, tops, joggers, and fashion clothing.


Hemp Fleece Vs. Bamboo Fleece


Both hemp and bamboo fleece are organic and widely appreciated. Though they are similar in many cases, there are apparent differences between bamboo and hemp fabric. According to The Environmental Benchmark for Fibres, organic hemp is a class A fabric. At the same time, bamboo viscose is class E, and natural bamboo fleece is unclassified. Regarding sustainability, hemp fleece is way better than bamboo fleece. Hemp contains many anti-bacterial properties, making it a step ahead in this race. Ecologically, there is no clear winner for being more environmentally friendly between these two. But when it comes to making fabric, hemp fleece has fewer chemical actions.


Hemp Bamboo Fleece Vs. Cotton Fleece


Hemp bamboo fleece is a natural and sustainable fabric made from the fibers of hemp & bamboo plant. There are several key differences between hemp bamboo fleece and cotton fleece. Hemp bamboo fleece is more absorbent than cotton fleece, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or who tend to perspire more. Hemp bamboo fleece is also more breathable than cotton fleece, making it a good choice for warmer weather. Finally, hemp bamboo fleece is more durable than cotton fleece, meaning it will last longer before showing signs of wear and tear.


The benefits of Hemp Bamboo Fleece


There are many benefits of using hemp bamboo fleece fabric. It is better compared to other natural or synthetic fabrics available on the market. These benefits will compel you to use hemp bamboo fleece-

  1. Highly absorbent
  2. Long-lasting (durable)
  3. Super soft and smooth on the skin
  4. Bamboo has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties.
  5. It dries faster than other fabrics.
  6. It is a perfect fabric for cloth diaper inserts due to its high absorbent and odor-blocking properties.
  7. Hemp fabric protects the skin from UV rays.
  8. As hemp bamboo fleece is a fusion of bamboo and hemp, The material is soft, flexible, and pliable with no smell of hemp.
  9. Hemp is almost four times stronger than cotton in strength, so it stays undamaged even after many washes.
  10. Hemp and bamboo use significantly less to no water to grow, so it is environment friendly
  11. Color is better lasted in hemp fabric than any other, so the fleece won’t look old or wrinkly even after many washes.


making Hemp Bamboo Fleece

making Hemp Bamboo Fleece


How is Hemp Bamboo Fleece made?


Hemp and bamboo are both speedy growing plants requiring significantly less water and space to grow. Due to the natural pest-resistant property of these plants, there’s no need to use harmful chemicals to cultivate them.

The hemp plant is harvested around the early to mid-flowering stage.

The fabric is made from the long and strong strands of the fiber that makes up the hemp plant’s stalk. The long fibres are separated by using a process called “retting” in which the decaying pectin binds to the hemp fibers to the core of the stem. In doing so, natural enzymes or natural physical methods like the field or water retting are done.

To make a continuous thread which will be woven into a fleece, these fibers are spun together repeatedly to produce long fibers. Most of the stages of the process can be done mechanically. However, many companies nowadays use chemical processes to produce hemp fabric.

For the production of bamboo fibers, the bamboo plants are planted around the spring in East Asia countries, mostly India and China. At mature stage of bamboo, they are cut into small chips and smashed into wood pulp using a pulper and natural enzymes. The fibers that get separated are then combed properly and spun into yarns.

This process is quite expensive and labour-intensive. So another process is where chemicals like carbon disulphide and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) are used to dissolve the stalks of the plant into fibers to make them soft. This process, though less expensive, is harmful to the environment. Health risk arises due to the use of toxic chemicals.

Once both hemp and bamboo fibers are available, they are woven into fabrics and fleece using different percentage combinations. The target is to get the perfect blend of a strong and soft fabric. Natural hemp fabrics are pretty stiff and rough. Combined with bamboo fiber, it forms a fabric that is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. Using it as cloth diaper inserts for babies, it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin. This also allows the mother and baby to experience fantastic, worry-free nights.


The Many Uses of Hemp Bamboo Fleece


Hemp bamboo fleece fabrics are durable yet soft materials. This fabric is used in the textile industry to make finished, stitched items, products, and attires. Such as jeans, tops, shirts, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, ropes, towels, bathrobes, blankets, and children’s clothing.

The shirts, t-shirts, and dresses made from hemp bamboo fleece are very soft and comfortable. They are very trendy nowadays. So, you can wear them casually or as formal attire.

Manufacturers take advantage of the natural anti-bacterial properties to make undergarments. As a result, the undergarment is durable and becomes soft after being washes.

Due to its natural anti-bacterial properties, the hemp bamboo fleece is also used as insets in cloth diapers and for menstrual pads. Cloth diaper inserts made of hemp bamboo fleece help the moms and the babies not to have irritation and have a worry-free night.


How to care for Hemp Bamboo Fleece


Like any other fabric, it is very essential to follow the correct washing. You also have to concentrate on drying, and caring procedures to fully utilize the shelf life of your fleece. As most natural fiber knits shrink on washing, hemp and bamboo have shrinking potential, and hemp shrinks up to 20% on the first wash. So, it is advised to pre-wash and dry the fabrics several times to remove any natural oils. The oil may be present in the hemp fabric, which can hamper the absorbency of the hemp bamboo fleece when used in cloth diapers. To ensure all oil is removed from the fleece, the fabric should be washed and dried many times.

It is also advised to buy yards of hemp bamboo fleece fabric. Also, washing them before cutting would help ensure that the fleece has reached its most shrinkage level. So, if you wash your clothes or diaper inserts with hot water after making them, pre-wash the natural fabric in hot water. If you wash them in cold water, pre-wash them in cold water and dry them in the dryer or air.

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Let’s know more about them.


What does hemp bamboo fleece feel like?

The hemp itself is quite stiff. Nut, when mixed with bamboo, the fabric becomes very soft, flexible, and pliable. You can use it for any type of clothing you want for a cozy and comfortable feel.


Does hemp bamboo fleece fabric dry quickly?

Hemp and bamboo both have good absorbency properties, so they dry quickly. That’s why it’s used as inserts for menstrual pads and cloth diapers.


Is hemp and bamboo fleece eco-friendly?

Yes, hemp and bamboo fleece are more eco-friendly and sustainable than other fabrics. Both of them use significantly less water and no chemicals for production. In addition, they grow very quickly in a small area and need no extra care.


Do I have to pre-wash my hemp bamboo fleece before using it?

Hemp bamboo fleece is seen to shrink on washing. So, before cutting or making any clothes, it’s better to pre-wash them a few times so that you can get rid of the hemp’s natural oil and smell.


Can hemp bamboo fabric be used as cloth diaper inserts?

This fabric has hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and odor-blocking properties. This makes it an excellent choice for diaper inserts. In addition, its natural absorbent property will keep your baby dry through the night.


Is hemp bamboo fleece suitable for warm weather?

The thermal regulating ability is one of the significant advantages of this fabric. This makes it perfect for any season, as it keeps you cool in warm and cold weather.




This fleece is so soft and cozy that I’ve become a fan of it! The clothes made of this fleece are comfortable to wear and trendy too.

I recommend buying and using this fabric for your baby’s cloth diapers. If you want your child to experience an excellent and worry-free night, then it’s the best product. You, too, do not have to wake up in the middle of the night! In addition, you don’t need to change overnight. So, order and enjoy the benefits of this fleece.


Muslin Dhaka

Muslin Dhaka


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