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by | Dec 4, 2022

Today’s article is all about cotton quality! We’ll discuss high-quality cotton, what it is, and what it’s not. The differences in qualities, what to look for when you buy it, and what to watch out for. 

We, muslin dhaka team, sharing our wisdom about cotton quality. Based on our 27 years of cumulative experience in fabric marketing, we wrote this article for you.

What is high quality cotton?

You might wonder, isn’t all cotton the same? But in reality, there are many types of cotton fabrics out there. Even when the label is 100% cotton, manufacturers can make it from different cotton plants, with different and unique characteristics and qualities.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the exciting cotton world!

Characteristics of high quality cotton : how to recognize it

We all know that we can find cheap copies of everything on the market. Clothes, bed sheets, fabrics, and every item we can think about. That’s why we’ll tell you the characteristics that high-quality cotton posses. So the seller can’t trick you into buying a low-quality product.

  • Comfort – I think that comfort is one of the most important things we look for when buying clothes. Nobody wants fabrics that are itchy or non-breathable. High-quality fabrics will provide comfort. You will feel comfortable and pleasant wearing these clothes. 
  • Resistance – High-quality cotton fabrics won’t shrink, twist, or wear out. Even after many years of wearing and washing them, they’ll preserve their shape and look like new! 
  •  Longevity – When buying high-quality fabrics, you save lots of money. These clothes made from high-quality cotton fabrics will last longer than the cheap alternatives. So be sure that they won’t let you down in the long term. 
  • Style – High-quality cotton clothes not only have quality characteristics, but these traits show on the outside as well. You can recognize quality clothes from miles away. As people love to say, “the devil is in the details,” so you should always look out for the little things. 
  • Dye – Colors are the best indicators of quality. Your items shouldn’t look fade out after a few washes. High-quality fabrics have bright, deep, vibrant colors even after washing them many times. 
  • Drape – We all want our clothes to fit like a glove. High-quality fabrics provide just this. Natural, flattering drape that will look good on you without even trying.
  • Softness – There’s no doubt that soft fabrics always win our hearts. Who wants to wear itchy, rough fabrics throughout the day? That’s why you should never forget that low-quality clothes won’t provide you with the qualities of softness and smoothness. 

Now that we mentioned what to look for when purchasing high-quality cotton fabrics.

Let’s find out which cotton types will provide you with these fantastic qualities. 

High quality Cotton

Which Cotton type is the best for quality?

As I mentioned earlier, there are several types of cotton. Some have shorter fibers; some have longer ones. Some are grown organically, contributing to the final products’ quality. 

Why don’t we look at which cotton types are considered the best and have the highest quality? 

Supima cotton – This cotton is considered the best cotton on Earth. Why? It has extra-long fibers, making it highly durable, breathable, soft, smooth, and luxurious. Further on, it’s resistant to pilling, shrinking, fading, tearing, and similar damages. Original Supima cotton is only produced in the USA and comprises only 1% of the world’s cotton production.

·Egyptian cotton – This fabric has a weave that’s stronger than most cotton fabrics. It has a higher thread count, which differs from the other cotton types. Egyptian cotton is one of the highest-quality cotton in the world, making it take up a high place on the list of quality. 

These two types of cotton fiber are inevitably high-quality and long-lasting. What’s that that separates them from the rest of the cotton types? What’s that that qualifies them as “high-quality cotton”? Why don’t we find out?

Egyptian Cotton VS Supima Cotton

There’s no doubt that these two types of cotton are high-quality. Do we need to compare them? Take a look at the characteristics they have so you can see for yourself why there is such a fuss about them.

What do they have in common?

  • Made from extra-long fibers
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Luxurious
  • High price tag

All of these qualities separate these two cotton types from the rest. Their extra-long fibers give these fabrics properties of holding the color better, durability, longevity, softness, etc. 

Of course, this has its price, as you’re guaranteed a high-quality product without worrying about how long it will last.

What do they have not in common?

There are a few things not in common of these two cotton even both are similar. Supima cotton is most superior than all other. Supima is only US grown while Egyptian cotton is solely from egypt!

What’s our point? 

We want you to be able to choose the highest-quality cotton fabric for your clothes, bed sheets, underwear, and every item that can be made from cotton.

You can, of course, find other cotton pieces made from other cotton types of good quality. But no other cotton type can beat these excellent characteristics, and that’s why we suggest you give them a try!


Organic High Quality Cotton

Organic High Quality Cotton

Organic, high quality cotton fabrics

Many of us are more aware than others, so I’d like to include some environment-oriented information in this paragraph. Did you know that the textile industry is the world’s second-largest polluter? 

That’s quite shocking. What can you do to contribute to lowering this outcome? Purchasing eco-friendly and organic clothes, that’s right! 

Many manufacturers and clothing companies are trying to grow cotton organically and naturally as possible. Yes, these products might cost a little more but remember you’re not only paying for your clothes, but you’re also paying for a more significant good. 

Farmers who produce organic cotton are not using chemicals and pesticides polluting the soil and the water. And that, as we said, gives us a little hope that we can change our world.

So, for your next shopping spree, consider purchasing organic fabrics. They’re high-quality, soft, and durable. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

Finding the best cotton for T-Shirts : Real life example

Let’s imagine that you have three t-shirts to choose from. One is the cheapest, and the middle and the most expensive. What’s that that differs the prices of these t-shirts? It’s the quality. 

Let’s find out which cotton to avoid and which to look for!

  • Carded Open End Cotton (COE) is the worst type of cotton for T-shirts. Why should you avoid this type of cotton? It feels stiff, scratchy, and heavy, making it the cheapest option. (But by now, you know that you shouldn’t get fooled. Cheapest – doesn’t equal – the best choice)


  • Ring-spun cotton – this type of cotton goes through a process where the cotton plant, before production, gets rid of all the impurities. This can cause losing a more significant amount of the original cotton, but you get a better product. So comparing these two cotton types, ring-spun cotton is a better choice. 


  • Now let’s talk about the best cotton type for T-shirts. Airlume – combed + ring-spun cotton. Manufacturers comb 25% of the initial cotton to make the cleanest cotton. After that, the longest staples of cotton, which are also the smoothest, are spun in a yarn. This process results in having the softest and smoothest fabric. 

So if you’re having trouble deciding which T-shirt to buy, always check the label and search for airlume cotton. You will be satisfied with your choice!

High quality cotton fabric by the yard

High quality cotton fabric by the yard

High quality cotton fabric by the Yard

The idea of being surrounded by high-quality cotton caught your eye? We trust some online stores and believe they’ll consistently deliver high-quality products. 

Etsy and Amazon have a massive collection of high-quality cotton fabrics. Either you choose Supima or Egyptian cotton. They come in many colors, designs, variations, price ranges, and reviews from satisfied customers.

When it comes to purchasing high-quality organic cotton, there are many offline & online stores. Their primary goal is to preserve nature and produce sustainable cotton for you. 

Do you need to order a larger amount of fabric? These stores are supplied with reserves just because of this reason. You can now buy in a bolt and save yourself money because there are always discounts when you order more!

FAQ : High quality cotton

In this section we try to answer regular questions about High quality cotton.

What is the highest-quality cotton?

– If you’re considering buying the highest quality cotton, you should go for Supima. The name Supima stands for “Superior Pima,” which is quite a big indicator of the quality of this cotton. You can check the paragraph above for a detailed description of this cotton type.

Who makes the highest quality cotton?

– We concluded that the highest quality cotton is Supima. This cotton is only produced in the USA, and you can only find the original Supima there. 

Why is Egyptian cotton so special?

– Just like the Supima, Egyptian cotton is considered high-quality as well. What makes it special is its extra-long fibers, making it extremely durable, soft, and luxurious. It’s slightly cheaper than the Supima, but still, it’s an amazing investment.

How can you tell good quality cotton?

– If you know the characteristics of high-quality cotton, it’s not hard to tell which one it is and which one’s not. We didn’t want you to make this mistake. This is why we discussed characteristics of high-quality cotton types in the previous paragraphs. So check that out for more information.

Which is the purest form of cotton?

– Made naturally and organically, Supima is considered the purest cotton on Earth. It’s made by farmers who produce it on their farms, and their main goal is to make the best cotton in the world, so I think the results are quite visible!

Wrpa up : High Quality Cotton

For the end of the article, here’s some friendly advice from me.

When buying staples and items, you intend on wearing longer, make the high-quality your number one priority. You may spend more, but it will pay off in the future. When looking for a cheaper alternative, you may think that you’re “doing your budget a favor.” But in reality, it will cost you more, always buying a new item because the previous one didn’t meet your expectations. 

I hope I can give you the information needed for your next shopping haul. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed when wearing your high-quality cotton dress for the 1000th time!

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