Adorable Poly cotton fabric : Everything you need to Know

by | Dec 4, 2022


Have you ever heard of poly-cotton? I’m sure that many of you are in a dilemma of what exactly this fabric is. So, that’s why the topic for today’s article is everything about poly cotton fabrics.

You’ll find out the characteristics, what it is good for, and in which scenario to use cotton and in which poly cotton. 

So let’s find out more about this fabric!

What’s the poly cotton fabric?

We should start from the base to understand the fabric we’re talking about today.

Poly-cotton is a mix of cotton and polyester and possesses both fabrics’ qualities. Usually, it’s a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, although these numbers can vary from fabric to fabric. 

It’s cheaper than 100% cotton fabrics, but still has amazing qualities. It’s lightweight, and you can easily purchase it. 

This hybrid fabric has so many good qualities, and that’s why it’s so popular and widely used. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll talk exactly about that!

Characteristics of Poly Cotton fabric

How it feels Poly Cotton?

Poly cotton characteristics

Let’s see the qualities of this fabric that make it so widely spread and used.

As I said, poly-cotton is a mix of cotton and polyester, meaning it has little from both worlds. In the aspect of breathability, it’s similar to cotton, and it got durability from polyester. So it’s the best thing from both of the fabrics.

Besides these qualities, poly-cotton is also:

· Cheap

· Easy to take care for

· Breathable

· Durable

· Wrinkle-resistant

· Fade-resistant

· Retains color

It sounds perfect to me! Because it’s strong, durable, color and fade-resistant, this fabric is ideal for items you intend on using for a longer time.

The wrinkle-resistance makes it easy to maintain, and it won’t take your time ironing the clothes. 

But as with every fabric, poly cotton has some disadvantages as well. Let’s see them.

Disadvantages : poly cotton

We want you to be able to choose the best fabric for your needs. That’s why we’ll tell you the disadvantages this fabric has, so you’ll be sure to choose the ideal material for you!

· Rougher than cotton 

· It’s not ideal for hot weather

· Not ideal for sensitive skin

· It tends to hold odors

We all know natural fabrics are softer, smoother, and better for the skin. Yes, this fabric is made of some percentage of natural cotton, but polyester is made with chemicals that can be very rough on the skin.

Also, polyester is not breathable, which can cause skin irritations, trapping the air, and it’s not a very pleasant feeling to wear it.

So, think about the positive and negative sides of the fabric. Should you use it for your next project? I hope that these paragraphs helped you.

Poly Cotton VS Cotton

As we made clear by now, poly-cotton is a blend of cotton and polyester. You know that poly-cotton is a cheaper variety, but you shouldn’t always go for it just because of the price. 

Let’s look at the similarities and differences these fabrics have, so it will be clearer which one is better for which things!

Poly-cotton characteristics:

  • More durable than cotton
  •  Doesn’t shrink 
  • ·Retain its shape better
  • ·Wrinkle-resistant
  •  Cheaper than cotton

Cotton characteristics:

  • Softer
  • More breathable
  • More absorbent
  • Recyclable
  • Wears out quicker


All in all, you can see that both fabrics have amazing qualities and characteristics, so in the long run you won’t make a mistake choosing either of them.


Uses of Poly Cotton

Uses of Poly Cotton

Uses : Poly cotton fabrics

You’ll be surprised at how many areas we come across poly cotton. Because of the mixed characteristics of cotton and polyester, it finds usage in the areas where both of these fabrics appear. By now, you know this fabric is versatile, so let’s see the most common areas where poly cotton is applied!

· Uniforms (mostly used for medical scrubs)

· Bedding

· Clothing

· Household items (tablecloths, cushions, pillows, curtains)

Because it’s lightweight, durable, and strong, one of the most common uses of this fabric is uniforms. As they’re intended to be worn for longer periods, this fabric is ideal because it’s breathable and absorbent.

It also finds massive use in the clothing industry. It’s cheap, so most of the clothing items you’ll see in fast-fashion stores are made from this fabric.

Organic poly cotton fabric

We all want natural items surrounding us: organic food, clothes, and fabrics. 

What about organic poly-cotton? This fabric can get even better!

Mix organic polyester and organic cotton, and you get organic poly cotton. This type of fabric has even more good qualities than the regular one. But what’s most important is that when you’re using organic fabrics, you’re contributing to the environment, water pollution, and nature. 

As organic fabrics are made without pesticides and chemicals, they’re the best option for your and your family’s health.

So choose wisely!

Organic poly cotton fabric

Organic poly cotton fabric

Poly-cotton by the yard

Poly-cotton is one of the most versatile fabrics. It can be produced in many colors, prints, designs, and realities. 

Online stores like Etsy and Amazon provide this fabric in different price ranges, colors, and designs. They have extremely fast delivery, and it’s directly to your doorstep. 

Suppose you need a larger amount of fabric. You can order poly cotton fabric by bolt. There is a chance that you might get a discount, plus you won’t need to pull this big amount of fabric into your car!


In this section, We answered the question often people ask us.

1. What is poly-cotton fabric?

– Poly-cotton fabric is a hybrid material made from a cotton and polyester blend. Usually, the percentage of polyester is bigger, but this ratio can vary.

2. Which is better, poly-cotton or cotton?

– When it comes to this question, there’s no right or wrong answer. The truth is that these fabrics have different characteristics and qualities; therefore, they can be used for totally different things. You can check the paragraph where we compare these two fabrics for a detailed answer to this question.

3. What is poly cotton fabric good for?

– The most common uses of fabric are clothing, bedding, uniforms, and house items. The fabric is versatile, so it can be found in many different areas.

4. Is poly cotton softer than cotton?

– The fact is that natural fabrics are softer and smoother. So, 100% cotton is softer than poly cotton, although poly cotton has many more different qualities.

5. Can we wear poly cotton in summer?

– Polyester on its own is a big mistake to wear in summer. But as poly cotton is a mix of cotton and polyester, it can be worn in summer, but don’t expect 100% breathability. Short answer: it’s not the ideal fabric for summer, but it’s not the worst!

6. Does poly cotton need ironing?

– One of the best advantages of poly cotton is wrinkle resistance. It’s not prone to wrinkling, so it will save you a lot of time you’ll usually spend on ironing. 

Wrap up : Poly Cotton Fabric

If you’ve come to the end of the article, it must mean that you’ve found it informative and exciting. That’s awesome to hear!

I believe I answered all of your questions that you might have, and now you’re able to tell the difference between poly-cotton, cotton, and polyester. 

Our main goal is to answer your most asked questions, give you first-hand information, and make that as interesting as possible. So stay tuned because the next article will be just informative as this one!

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