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by | Aug 30, 2022

We face a lot of questions about Dhaka Muslin for sale. It is One of the most frequent questions where to Buy Original Dhaka Muslin if you are not selling?

In this article, I am trying to enlighten Dhaka Muslin for sale. Is the original Dacca Muslin available for sale? If so, where to buy it?

Original Dhaka Muslin : Is it available for sale?

Dhaka Muslin is a unique handmade woven cotton. The myth is that it’s the woven fabric in the Air. It means Muslin is so light and transparent like Air. So even if you wear seven layers of Muslin might see your body Shape, let alone two-three layers of dress! The cotton woven is too light to fly in the Air. 

The royal Dhaka Muslin is lost in the Nineteenth Century for many reasons. And no one knows how to make it except the artisans. So original Dacca Muslin is no longer available. 

You might find it in a museum. If you are lucky enough, can get it in an antique shop!

( New Update : We dared to make Dhaka Muslin due to our clients the same way Muslin revival project revive Muslin.)

Dhaka Muslin revival project

After centuries of disappearance, the current Bangladesh government is trying to bring this delicate royal muslin fabric back. The government takes muslin revival project. Scientists have found the unique cotton from “Phuti Carpas” which is the main ingredient in making Muslin. The local artisans can make the fabric from cotton. 

Now more than 200 artisans are in training to make Muslin. I hope we will get our Dhaka Muslin back soon. One thing is clear; It is always a handmade boutique industry. We cannot produce Muslin as an industrial production process! That is the Muslin will be identical expensive like before, the most expensive fabric. It is genuinely a fashion of Royal & emperors!


Buying Dhaka Muslin Today!

Dhaka Muslin for sale


Dhaka Muslin today in the Market

 We can see lots of products in the Market. For example, industrial cotton is known Muslin nowadays! 

Even today Dhakai Muslin is not an actual ancient muslin fabric. It is just a lower-quality cotton woven fabric compared to royal Muslin. Still, It is one of the best natural fabrics.

The artisan of Sonargaon is still making Dacca Muslin with a meager thread count. Lower quality muslin not compared to ancient one! Somewhat a deviation of Muslin called Jamdani is widely available. Dhakai Jamdani saree is famous all over the world. 

Still, this is one of the best cotton fabric in the world. This Dhaka Muslin is available for sale.


Buying Dhaka Muslin : What to see?

Buying Dhaka Muslin : What to see?

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What to see before Buying Dhaka Muslin fabric?

 Dhaka Muslin is a unique cotton fabric. Just grab a Dhaka Muslin in one hand and any muslin in the other hand; you feel the difference.

Sometimes words are not enough to express! However, I am trying to articulate to buy even this day’s Dhaka muslin fabric.

Firstly, It’s woven like Air. Lightweight, airy. You will feel the lightness in your body.

Dhaka Muslin fabric is much more transparent. You can see the body parts in two three-layer usually. Just see the picture above. You must wear accessories while wearing Dhaka Muslin saree or Dhaka Jamdani Saree.

It is soft and cozy. You will get the softness like a royal fashion from the fabric. Incredibly soft & comfortable.

This Dacca muslin or Dhakai Muslin fabric is delicate and smooth in texture. The hand-made weaving makes it a different level of Fabric. These basic things are enough to know the original Dhaka muslin fabric.

Where to Buy Dhaka Muslin fabric?

 Already we told about the ancient royal Muslin is not available for sale. Indeed, few brands are working with today’s Dhaka Muslin, Deviation of Muslin like Jamdani, Cotton silk, etc.

Aarong is the most trusted brand you can rely on for any Bangladeshi Muslin dress, Jamdani Saree. It’s a Lifestyle Bangladeshi brand for male, female & children. Aarong is a social enterprise of BRAC, the world’s biggest NGO. There are a lot of other brands working locally. 

If you are living in EU or USA, You can also Buy Dhaka Muslin from Etsy. It’s a trusted marketplace for vintage handmade products. 

When the ancient Dhaka Muslin comes, We will let you know where to buy this magical royal Fabric! 

(PS : An update, Bangladesh government decide to sell few original Dhaka Muslin dress made by Muslin revival project. The master pieces will be extremely pricy. After that Government will privatize the Muslin. Hope You will get Dhaka Muslin very soon. You might buy Dhakai Muslin from Us)

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