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by | Nov 10, 2021

Muslin is a name of a piece of cloth and is equivalent to a fine art piece. The cotton cloth was so soft, comfortable, light-weight, rich, and aristocratic. Though the fine muslin cannot be found in this era, I realized that I am dying to collect something connected to this. Then I went through Google & purchased a bag online. It was not the same feeling as before, but I got a tingle feeling about muslin, especially bags!

In this article, Cover all about the muslin bag in today’s world from our own experience.


Best Baby Muslin Swaddle Wraps                                                               what is muslin?

What is Muslin? A Brief History

Before knowing about muslin bags, let’s know about muslin!

Muslin is an exceptional cotton cloth, which is extremely soft beyond expectations. It was invented by a class of underprivileged people with unparalleled talent & magical efficiencies from Bengal, in the southeast part of Asia.

The quality of cotton depends on its thread count. The more thread count it contains, the more quality increases. At present, the cotton cloth we use is only an 8 – 12 thread count. Above 100 counts we can consider being the best quality. In comparison, ancient muslin was above 2000 thread counts. Unbelievable? Right?

Great things never come easy. Muslin comes from a delicate and lengthy process that starts from special quality cotton named Phuti Karpas. Phuti Karpas produces very rare and unique quality cotton. This unconventional cotton can make the finest quality cloth which is more than the best. The yarn made from this cotton was not only delicate but also fragile. After a certain temperature, it started to rupture. This required immense patience & a great sense of Art. Muslin was the symbol of elegance & high society. It was used by royal families, especially Mughals from darbar to harem. It had a very high price.

muslin bags

muslin bags

What is a muslin bag?

Now coming to Muslin Bag. Muslin Bags are made of soft woven cotton. These are also called cotton muslin drawstring bags. These natural cotton bags are eco-friendly & reusable. These cotton bags have various usage. My one is a jewelry gift bag to store my jewelry. Undoubtedly, it is beyond my expectations & I love it. Though it is costly, I’ve ordered these bags in bulk as gift bags on upcoming occasions.

How are Muslin bags made?

The use of Muslin bags dates back to the 1500s. They are an inexpensive way to protect your stuff from dust, dirt, and insects while being transported. But there are many other reasons you should consider using them too.

Muslin bag is made of extremely soft cotton fabric. It is available in many sizes. Starting from small gift bags, you’ll get in custom sizes like laundry bags, product packing, fruit containers, etc. These come with sturdy lock stitched sides which are secured by another zigzag stitching.

The drawstring is very secure to seal it conveniently. The best part is you can custom these bags entirely. This means size to design; everything is customizable. Even you can print or stamp anything on it by which it won’t look boring. These anomalous competencies set them apart. Isn’t it amazing?

Type & Uses of Muslin bags?

The journey of muslin over many centuries has led to the development of various types of Muslin bags. Today there are many variants available in the market. Before you buy one for yourself, you should consider factors like size, color, and material used while making your choice.

There are many different types of Muslin bags available in the market. Different Types of Muslin Bags for Different Uses. Some Muslim Bags have a purpose of decoration, while others provide storage room. Some Muslim Bags have a dual purpose as both storage and decoration. Even those can be used as a carrying bag or shopping bag.

Muslin bags don’t have anyone’s category or type. We can split it mainly by usage, sizes, colors, etc.

We can use muslin bags for various purposes. The benefits of a muslin bag are unparalleled.

Let’s know about their usage.

Shopping Bag:

Nowadays, the shopping bags in the market are very harmful to both health and nature. They don’t absorb or rot in soil or water. In contrast, other shopping bags contain toxic raw materials and colors, which might transfers toxicity to the products contained in the bag. That’s why muslin bags are the safest choice as a shopping bag. For a healthy life, this eco-friendly bag is very important.

Product packaging:

Muslin bags are very convenient to pack various things. You can use them for packing shoes, toiletries, or cosmetics (sunscreen, shampoo, lotion, lip bum, cotton pads, etc.), grooming items (hair drier, curling machine, styling machines, etc.), accessories (sunglasses, handbags, etc.), etc. These drawstring bags are very convenient for keeping things safe from dust.

Packing Crockeries:

Crockeries & ceramics are very sensitive and fragile. They need to keep safe from dust and damages. Otherwise, these will catch scratches or red stains or break down. So muslin bags are safe for crockeries and ceramics from all following damages.

Carrying bag:

Muslin bags are very handy to carry goods. You can carry things in your car without any hassle. Whereas you can carry gym goodies, you can also carry swimsuits. Children are very lazy to organize toys. Give them a muslin bag to throw their toys.

Jewelry bag:

The drawstring bags the suitable to organize jewelry. Small jewelry gets lost easily. At the same time, some jewelry needs to be covered after use. On the other hand, you can use those for carrying jewelry while traveling. Muslin bags are perfect for jewelry organizers.

Gift bag:

You can use muslin drawstring bags as gift bags. You can use them to wrap your gifts. Small cookies, dry fruits, handmade soaps, to bigger gifts will work for everything.

Packing foods:

These bags are good for packing or organizing or carrying cookies, herbs, nuts, snacks, and lunch or dinner box and many things.

Electronics organizer:

Maximum of us face the problem of untying tangled USB cables or headphones. Muslin bags are the easiest solution to this problem. Just through your stuff into the bag, and you are done!

Storing clothes:

The muslin bag is an excellent way to store your clothes, sheets, towels, etc. It is a breathable fabric that helps prevent mildew and bacteria from forming on your clothes. Moreover, it provides an airtight seal that will keep the odors inside the bag.

What are the traits of the best muslin bag?

The muslin bag is also very affordable and can be easily found in any store. Muslin bags are made of 100% cotton fabric and come in a variety of colors. They are great for storing goods or carrying things. When shopping for one, it’s important to buy a bag with the right size, weave, thickness, and color. A quality muslin bag can last for years with proper care.

If you want to buy one for yourself, I would highly recommend it! I’ve compiled a list of features that make the best muslin bags. Let’s know about it:


Muslin bags are very popular nowadays for various reasons. As this is made of soft cotton, it is reusable and eco-friendly. The literal meaning of eco-friendly is mainly environment friendly or earth. Basically, a product that doesn’t harm the environment or create any negative impact on climate. In contrast, if any product supports green living and protects the basic elements of earth (like water, air, or any positive energies) from any pollution is called eco-friendly. So, these organic bags are made to be very sustainable and dear to nature. This medieval invention has the unparalleled qualities to compel people.


These bags are made of cotton; that’s why they don’t have a chance to tear off or be damaged easily. So the durability is far better than the other ones present in the market.

Natural cotton bags:

Muslin is basically a cotton fabric that is made through a natural process entirely. Where the other bags present in the market are chemical-based, muslin bags are totally chemical-free and naturally processed.


One of the best features of these muslin bags is they are reusable. From the last point, we came to know that muslin bags are washable. After washing them, you can use them like new.


As I’ve said before, muslin bags are cotton cloths that are convenient to wash. Just wash it gently, and it is clean without damage.

Fine and smooth in texture:

Muslin fabric is well known for its smooth fine texture, which is present in a muslin bag. You can carry these without any irritation or uncomfortably.

Toxicity free:

Existing carrying bags in the market are maximum made with chemical elements. As we know, chemicals are toxic & toxicity is too much harmful to health and carrying goods. Best of all, muslin bags are toxicity-free.


Muslin bags are customizable. You can print or stamp anything on these bags. Even the size is also customizable. You can order any size any pattern for your muslin bag.

7 Best muslin bags you can choose from:

Cotton muslin bags have become popular in today’s world. They are cheaper to make. Easy to use, reuse & carry around. Muslin bags are 100 percent eco-friendly. Cotton muslin bags come in different sizes and designs, which makes them versatile to fit any need or occasion. After searching from many marketplaces, this is a short list I’ve made.

According to my opinion, these are the best 7 muslin bag options you can choose from.

Biglotbags 12″x16″ Cotton Muslin Bags

The Biglotbags 12 “x16” Cotton Muslin Bags are totally handmade and claimed to be 100% cotton. This eco-friendly bag has a single drawstring. This is a multiparous bag & the best of all is it has a lifetime warranty. This is 12″ x 16″ in size, convenient for mane usage like gift packing, accessories packing, ceramic packing, party favors, party decoration ideas, and many more. Safe for humans and nature both.

Check the products

Qinline Organic Mesh Bags Muslin Bags

This Qinline mesh bag set contains 7 bags, which means it consists of 7 bags in different sizes. If you want a package of bags according to your different usage, this package is for you. I liked the variation of sizes. 3 mesh bags and 3 muslin bulk bags come in 3 sizes which are 12×8″, 12×14″, and 12″ x17″. You’ll also get 1 net reusable grocery bag with a handle that is 18″ x17″. This is a complete package to try on. These are heavy-duty, sustainable, and most importantly it is washable in a washing machine. You can use these for foods and groceries undoubtedly. No chemical, no toxicity.

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LEAFICO Cotton Storage Bags – Set of 8 Pcs 

This Cotton Storage Bags come in 8 pieces set. These drawstring bags have multipurpose usage. You can use them for travel, toy storage, wedding gifts, produce bags, beauty accessories, swag bags, sachets bags, reusable produce bags, purses, handbags, shoes, laundry bags, garden harvest, nuts, gift sack, gym, yoga clothes, sports equipment bags, etc. These extra-large bags are 100% washable with both hands and a washing machine. LEAFICO Cotton Storage Bags are fully eco-friendly. They can be used as laundry bags. If you are looking for home organizing, these are perfect for you.

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Pangda Muslin Bags 

This Muslin Bags comes in 100 pcs, which is huge in quantity. These Drawstring Cotton Bags are 4×3 inches, and they have fine artistry. These soft and durable cotton bags are washable and long-lasting. These allow you to use them for a long time. In total, they are convenient for various usage, that 100 bags won’t be enough for you. Even you can draw your favorite pattern on it. Pangda Muslin 4×3″ Bags are suitable for packaging jewelry, crafts, soaps, candles, party favors, etc. You can also use them for tea making, coffee filtering, soup cooking, etc.

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Biglotbags 18 x 20 Inches Muslin Bags 

Again This special Muslin Bags are fully handmade and premium quality. They are 100% organic cotton muslin bags have a double drawstring, which secures safe sealing.

Biglotbags will complement your special events with their flat look and impeccable nature. Its multiple usages for soap, herbs, crafts, gifts, wedding favors, holiday decoration gift bags, beauty accessories, aromatic herbs, etc. will compel you to buy this. These are reusable, washable, and Eco friendly. If the myriad of qualities isn’t enough for buying, then the next feature will amaze you. It has a lifetime warranty! Yes. You heard right! This is one of the best choices for you.

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AKOAK 4 x 3 Inches Muslin Bags 

AKOAK 4 x 3 Inches Muslin Bags are suitable for carrying cooking components. These bags seal up with double drawstrings. As these are convenient for culinary usage, these bags don’t allow the residue to leak, are good for tying, and are safe for health. These bags are great for spice, bulk tea, herbs, soup, and potpourri and are suitable for craft packaging. They are made of natural unbleached cotton. You can use these without any doubt and enjoy your witty foods!

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KUPOO Cotton Muslin Bags 

KUPOO Cotton Muslin Bags comes in 5 x 7 inches with 50pcs bags. These bags are fully handmade; that’s why they mentioned a disclaimer about slight size errors due to the handmade process. These bags are made of high-quality cotton. They are soft and washable. Their durability is undoubted. They are suitable for packaging crafts, soaps, candles, wedding favors, and more and soup cooking, tea making, or other doings. Best of all, you can use them as gift packing also.

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Take away: All ABout Muslin Bags

In conclusion, I believe made the right decision to buy muslin bags. They are superb in quality, and the best part of these bags is their versatility. You can use them for groceries in your gym bag. While the other benefits are that they are made from 100% natural cotton, so they are eco-friendly, reusable, washable, and perfect for multi-purpose use. Hence, I highly recommend and insist you experience such an amazing handmade creature. I am pretty sure you’ll love it.


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FAQ: Muslin Bags


How heavy-duty are these, or they’re just trying to get money only?

Muslin bags are made too thick to see through a single layer. I used mine as a jewelry organizer. It’s closed by double drawstrings that stay tightly closed and nice. This is really heavy-duty according to size.

Can you use these to wash reusable cotton rounds? Or are they too restricting?

As muslin bags claim to be washable, it is clear that these are reusable. These cotton bags are not so thick that they will see-through. But they also are not too porous to restrict their use.

Can I iron on these?

Yes! These are 100% cotton bags. So these are fully heatproof, and you can iron on them.

Is this safe to use as teabags within boiled water?

Muslin bags are all safe for cooking or boiling but after a wash! Please don’t use them before washing for cooking, boiling, or as a teabag. Those are made of 100% unbleached cotton and are toxicity-free. So it is undoubtedly safe to use as a teabag.

Are these a true white color?

No, these muslin bags naturally come in beige color. But you can dye the, draw patterns on it.

From where I can buy the best Muslin Bags?

You can buy it near local Store. but it’s better to buy online. just browse amazon muslin bags & buy. Alternatively can easily grab one from Etsy.

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