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Do you want to know how to buy the best quality muslin fabric without being scammed? Read our buying guide to know everything you should know.

Nowadays, we can find thousands of online shops. No longer do we have to put up with what our city stores offer. Now we can order and ship any fabric to any part of the world. However, not everyone on the internet is trustworthy. The internet is filled with dishonest retailers. Moreover, crooks who aren’t looking to sell anything and take your money altogether are everywhere.

There is little difference in whether we’re talking about velvet, silk, or muslin; frauds can be found everywhere. All these frightening situations and possible encounters with scammers beg the question: how do we know what to buy? How can you tell what you’re buying is a good deal or a rip-off?

How to get Best quality Muslin fabric?

Today, we bring you the ultimate buying guide, so you can get your hands on the best quality muslin fabric at a reasonable price. We will take into consideration shopping both in-person and in online stores.

In addition, we’ll provide a list of some reliable retailers we have already bought from for you to get the best possible value. Therefore, keep on reading to find everything you ever wanted to know about cotton fabric.


Best Baby Muslin Swaddle Wraps

Best Quality Muslin Fabric. Lightweight fabric muslin cotton

How to Tell Good From Bad

Have you ever gone to a foreign country or continent and explored its cities without a tourist guide? If you have, you’ve probably been warned about the possible dangers you could meet. There are tons of them: fake police officers, pickpockets, thieves, etc. Nevertheless, among these issues, one stands out from the rest, even to experienced woken travelers: counterfeited money.

You probably could tell the difference between a good Abe or Jackson and their impostors, even blindfolded. You’ve been in touch with them since you bought your first candy when you were five. However, it may not be accessible with rubles, pesos, euros, soles, or any other currency you know very little about. That’s why some good advice is to have trustworthy bills, either brought from your home country or a local bank, to compare the rest.

The same happens with fabric. Buyers, even the experienced ones, should follow the same recommendation. Have your little trustworthy piece of high-quality muslin bought at that expensive decades-old store that guarantees high quality at high prices. It’ll be a helpful tool when looking through other stores’ inventory. This piece of muslin will serve to touch and compare before buying a giant bolt at cheap textile markets.


How is cotton muslin made?

How is cotton muslin made? Plain weave smooth finish cotton muslin fabric

Muslin Features

It would help if you kept in mind the following tips when looking for a good quality cotton fabric. As your sample cloth should, the fabric shouldn’t be coarse or rough but smooth. Moreover, a good quality muslin isn’t too translucid; though different brands produce different thread counts is probably too low if it does.

Most high-quality muslins have a thread count of 66 x 66 threads per inch or higher. Though lower thread count fabrics are cheaper, they tend to be of lower quality. The sheets having a lower thread count leads to more shrinkage and more tears.

Despite this extensive explanation, you might be thinking about how most of it is useless for you, an online shopper. To that, I say: “Not in the tiniest bit.” You see, when shopping online, you can check all the product information in the description. To see if it is reliable, you must order a cloth sample of the fabric. This way, you can comfortably compare it with your swatch at home. Even though shipping fees might be applied, it is worth it.

Best Quality Muslin Fabric You Can Find Online

Learning how to set low-quality fabrics apart from high-quality ones is good. However, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably here for some recommendations too. Therefore, after doing some market research and sifting through online stores, we have made a list of the best online purchases you can make. Without further ado, here are our top choices of the best quality muslin fabrics you can find online:


Best quality Muslin Crafty Cuts

Best quality Muslin in Crafty Cuts

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  • Crafty Cuts 

If you’re looking to do some crafts for home decor or some swaddles or crib sheets for your baby, we recommend Crafty Cuts. Their muslin fabric is 100% cotton and extra-durable, perfect for those DIY projects. They sell it in cuts that are 2 yards long (72”) and 44” wide. The fabric comes unbleached, pattern-free is machine washable (as long as it’s done with cold water and similar colors).

Top Quality Muslin AK trading

Top Quality Muslin AK trading

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  • AK Trading Company 

Looking for a broader and longer cut? Don’t worry, Ak Trading Company’s got you covered. Their muslin fabric is imported from India and is made with 100% cotton and is 60” wide. You can get the length in 6 different cuts: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 yards long. Their prices range from $9.95 to $3 per yard, depending on the length of the cut.


Best Muslin Rockland

best Muslin Rock Land

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  • Rock Land 

As fall approaches, you might want to use the months ahead wisely and make some quilts for yourself or your family for the Winter. Roc Lon’s 15-yard cut is superb for that. It is made with 100% cotton and is 44” wide. Moreover, it’s wholly unbleached and has a thread count of 92 by 76 threads per inch—all in all, one of the most extraordinary muslin fabrics you could ever buy.


Muslin My Becca

Muslin My Becca

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  • MyBecca

This 100% Indian cotton has the superb, smooth finish and soft-touch you wish every fabric had. It comes unbleached, and its cuts are 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 100 yards long and 63” wide. Although the manufacturer claims it to be machine washable in the low setting and cool delicate, they still recommend washing by hand. Air-dry this fabric for it to last longer.


Roc Ion Muslin

Roc Ion best quality Muslin

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  • Roc-Ion

Tired of ironing and storing your shirts most carefully just for wrinkles to appear before even taking the bus to work? Then, it would help if you considered acquiring this 100% cotton permanent press fabric. Roc-Ion’s treatment of this bleached muslin cut will prevent wrinkles from appearing and excessive shrinkage from happening. The cut is 25 yards long and 44’’ wide.

Apart from all, A special mention for Hand made organic muslin Sedonadesignz. Buy this special muslin fabric from Etsy! Vintage, Hand made super quality product’s marketplace.

Additional Muslin Uses

There are prevalent uses that come to mind when we think of muslin. Among them, we’ll find using it for baby blankets and swaddles, quilts, and some adult garments. However, there are also some great uses you can give to this fabric you’ve probably never thought of. Therefore, let’s see how you can fully take advantage of your purchase.

  • Beauty

Due to its absorbency, muslin can be an excellent ally for makeup users. Pieces of this fabric work wonderfully as face washcloths. Don’t believe me? Ask Courtney Kardashian. Even she, with all the money in the world in her account, chooses muslin to take makeup off her face or rub some oils.

  • Cooking

Muslin leftovers are perfect as rags to lift the dust from the kitchen counters. Moreover, they are perfect for making plant milks, cheese, homemade tea bags, or removing extra moisture from veggies.

  • Baby care

Babies make a real mess when traveling in the backseat of the car, especially if they’re alone. Muslin can protect your seats from any spillage due to how absorbent it is. In the same way, burp cloths made with muslin are also excellent.


Final Thoughts: Best Quality Muslin Fabric


As we’ve seen, choosing the proper cotton muslin fabric isn’t as complex as it might have initially appeared. It’s simply a question of touching to compare and ask a few questions to the vendor or reading the website description. In addition, the versatility of this muslin fabric makes it perfect for so many purposes that even if it doesn’t work for what you intended it for, there are plenty of other alternatives. So, now’s your turn! Let’s get down to work!


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