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Bamboo Muslin Fabric


It’s no secret that bamboo has become the latest rage in home décor & apparel. After all, it’s environmentally friendly, absorbs moisture, and is virtually wrinkle-resistant. It can be thrown in the washer for cleaning! Bamboo fabrics are a great way to showcase your style without sacrificing the comfort of your clothes.

More and more people are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fabrics. Bamboo muslin has been gaining popularity for some years now. This type of fabric is created in a very way that is unlike other types of materials used in the clothing industry. It is lighter than cotton and has a smoother experience. Its softness and elasticity make it ideal for clothing, bedding, and home décor.

In this article, we’ll look into all the things that you need to know about bamboo muslin fabric.


What is Bamboo Muslin Fabric?


Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world, capable of growing up to four feet a day and these are mostly grown in Southeast Asia, and parts of the southeast United States. Bamboo muslin is a type of fabric made out of a mixture of bamboo with cotton. It is one of the finest, purest, simplest, breathable, and softest fabrics found in the world. It is made from the fibers of bamboo plants & cotton.

Bamboo fabric is a viscose material which means that it is made from semi-synthetic process. The viscous material makes bamboo fabrics about 3 times softer than regular cotton fabric. Giving them a silk-like feel and texture on the skin. This makes it very comfortable and safe for use.

With the mixture of cotton & Bamboo, we found Bamboo Muslin fabric, one of the finest fabric for Blankets, swaddle, Home décor & many more!


Bamboo Muslin Fabric

Bamboo Muslin Fabric


How to make Bamboo Muslin Fabric?


The process of making bamboo cotton muslin fabric involves certain steps and conditions.

Step number 1 requires the plantation of bamboo plants for time in the spring season, which consists of the months from March to June. As it’s the best season to grow this plant. However, it also grows well in the fall season which consists of the months September and October. Bamboo can regenerate itself from roots, so it doesn’t require to be planted again once the bamboo is cut off. Most of the bamboo acquired for bamboo muslin is grown in China.

Step number 2 involves harvesting the bamboo plants when the shoots start to grow. This is usually at the end of the rainy season just before the start of the dry season.

Step number 3 consists of cutting the bamboo plants into strips and chips. At first, the nodes and the lower ring (sheath ring) are found, and then using a metal or wood saw. The bamboos are cut at nodes at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step number 4 consists of smashing the plants to make them into bamboo pulp. Once the stalk of the bamboo is made into small pieces of raw bamboo. A pulper is used where these small pieces of bamboo are put and heated with steam to make them into bamboo pulp. In the pulper, the temperature is kept at 45-degree Celsius.

Step number 5 contains the process of creating the long fibers of bamboo fabric. For this, bamboo chips are soaked into chemicals for about 1-3 hours to extract the cellulose from them. Then this material is transformed into sheets.

Step number 6 is needed to soften the fiber. To do this, the manufacturers of the bamboo fabric soak cellulose by putting it into a solution made of 15-20% of sodium hydroxide at a temperature of 20-to-25-degree Celsius.

Step number 7 is all about spinning the cellulose into bamboo yarn. Once the soaking process is complete, the cellulose is left to dry completely as it is very important so that it’s easier to separate the strands and spin the fibers to make threads. Later on, these threads are spun to make bamboo fiber yarns which have a natural elasticity of 20 percent.

Step number 8 is the weaving step. There are different types of weaving methods that are used in the textile industry to produce fabrics from yarns or fabrics. To make bamboo cotton muslin fabric 70% bamboo fiber, which is the bamboo viscose, a semi-synthetic fiber also known as rayon and is blended with 30% organic cotton.


Organic Bamboo Muslin fabric


The bamboo muslin fabric products that are mostly found in markets are made with bamboo viscose which cannot be named organic bamboo muslin fabric. This is because bamboo viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber that is a result of a heavy chemical process. However, if the bamboo fabric made only by fully Natural way, We can call it organic bamboo muslin fabric.

When organic bamboo muslin is written on products that means this fabric is a combination of Natural bamboo viscose and organic cotton. This blending of different materials makes the fabric stronger and more durable.

organic Bamboo fabric is far better from viscose in terms of Environment, less chemical & sustainably. It require more cost to produce organic bamboo fabric while viscose is cheaper. As people become ethical buyer & conscious consumer, the Organic fabrics are gaining popularity day by day.

The fibers are antibacterial. That means it helps keep your clothes clean for longer periods of time. The fiber has ability to prevent germs from growing on them. Bamboo fibers need very little washing compared to other fabrics like cotton or wool. This makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin types because they won’t irritate their skin like other fabrics might do so easily!


Uses of bamboo Muslin fabric


As a specialized fabric definitely bamboo muslin has its own traits. The fabric is a Multi purpose super soft anti bacterial fabric with so many other qualities.

The special uses of Bamboo Muslin fabrics are given below :

  • It is the fabric trusted by almost all famous Brand for Baby dress. Baby care apparel industry, it has special place. For Blanket, swaddle, sleep sack, wash cloth & many more are made by this Fabric. Children’s feel cozy & safe within this cotton bamboo fabric.
  • Not only children but also Adults blankets, towels, Lingerie is made by this fabric.
  • For bedding, Bamboo Muslin is a great choice.
  • Robe, Gown, Bath robe and special apparels we use this awesome fabric.
  • As Scarf, face & body care fabric bamboo muslin is great for sustainable natural lifestyle.


Bamboo muslin fabric by the yard


Bamboo muslin swaddle fabric by the yard can be bought by the yard measurement. There are different companies with products of different uses, styles, shapes, colors, and prices per yard for you. So, pick the one fit best as per your requirement.

These bamboo muslin is available in offline brand retail stores. You can easily find best quality fabric from Online.


Some of the products : Bamboo Muslin Fabric


Swaddle Fabric by Kinderel

Swaddle Fabric by Kinderel


Bamboo Muslin Fabric | Swaddle Fabric by Kinderel- Bolts from

Material70% bamboo rayon
Fabric TypeMuslin,cotton,bamboo,rayon
Item FormBy The Yard

 Price  :    $US 5.95/yard


Bamboo Muslin Fabric By Liahren

Bamboo Muslin Fabric By Liahren


Bamboo Muslin Fabric By Liahren

ColorPlain Dyed
Fabric Type100% Bamboo Fiber
Item FormCut by the Yard

Price  :    $US 5.95/yard


Bamboo rayon muslin fabric

Bamboo rayon muslin fabric


Bamboo rayon muslin fabric

Out of the four basic types of bamboo fabrics, rayon is the cellulose fiber that forms after the natural raw bamboo material is treated with chemicals.

Most of the bamboo muslin that is available on the market is a blend of 70% bamboo viscose/ bamboo rayon and 30% organic cotton.


100% viscose bamboo muslin fabric

100% viscose bamboo muslin fabric


100% viscose bamboo muslin fabric


Many bamboo beddings, clothing, and sheets products are often labeled as 100% viscose bamboo muslin fabric. 100% viscose or 100% rayon from bamboo means the same thing. This refers that the viscose fabric that is used to make these sheets is derived from the bamboo plant. Bamboo viscose and bamboo rayon can be used synonymously, and they have no practical differences.

Bamboo viscose is used to make swaddles and beddings for babies due to the various health benefits of bamboo. It is better than cotton muslin as it keeps the baby cool and dry. It has a very good thermal regulating ability as well as high absorbency.

100% bamboo viscose muslin fabric is also very soft, gentle, lightweight, breathable, and durable. It is a perfect choice of product for your baby. Due to the anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties of bamboo, you don’t have to worry about your child’s sensitive skin.


Bamboo muslin swaddle fabric


Parents always wants what’s best for their child. Go through extensive research to make sure that the product they are buying is appropriate for their baby. Most of the parents choose bamboo muslin swaddle fabric! This is one of the best muslin fabrics available in the market. In some context, Bamboo muslin works better than cotton muslin swaddle fabric.

Bamboo as a plant has many natural properties that make it better. It has a unique natural agent called “bamboo Kun” which shows anti-microbial properties that is very advantageous for newborn babies. Other properties include hypoallergenic, high absorbency, and thermal regulating ability. High absorbency allows easy wiping of any spillage or liquid.

Bamboo muslin swaddle fabrics are made of a combination of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. The chemical treatment to get the viscose from bamboo makes the threads soft and strong which makes this fabric softer, gentler, and more durable than any other fabric. These swaddle fabrics come in various colors, and sizes. Now a days, GOT certified organic Bamboo muslin fabric is available. Without chemical treatment, we can get the high-quality fabric!


We are giving a few products example bamboo muslin fabric used for Home decor fabric lining.

Roc-lon home decor fabric lining: bamboo and cotton muslin


Roc-lon is one of the leading companies that sell both cotton and bamboo muslin products. You can find many different sizes and colors of muslin fabric on their website with various price ranges. They also have both cotton and bamboo décor fabrics. A few of them are mentioned below.


Roc-lon home decor fabric lining:bamboo and cotton muslin

Roc-lon home decor fabric lining:bamboo and cotton muslin


54″ Bamboo

Product Code


541 (Ivory) & 542 (White)




54inches (137cm)




50% Bamboo & 50% Cotton




Plain – Soft Hand


Approximate Weight (yds/lb)


4.48 (541 – Ivory) & 4.26 (542 – White)


Approximate Weight (oz/sq. yd)


2.38 (541 – Ivory) & 2.5 (542 – White)




Residual Shrinkage of 2-3%


Available In


All items that are available D/R (Doubled and Rolled) – before purchasing check with your distributor or retailer for specific details. ROT (Rolled on Tubes) is available upon request.


Care Instructions


Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Use non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry on low heat. Cool iron.


Pillows, quilting, dolls, general crafting, clothes, sewing, and more.


NoteThis product is not intended, promoted, or suitable for use in children’s sleepwear or robes in size 14 or under.


44/45″ Waffle™ Muslin Unbleached

44/45″ Waffle™ Muslin Unbleached



44/45″ Waffle™ Muslin Unbleached


Product Code




44/45 inches (112/ 114cm)


100% Cotton


Plain – Soft Hand


Approximate Weight (yds/lb)


Approximate Weight (oz/sq. yd)




Residual Shrinkage of 4-5%


Available In


All items that are available D/R (Doubled and Rolled) – before purchasing check with your distributor or retailer for specific details. ROT (Rolled on Tubes) is available upon request.


Care Instructions


Hand Wash Recommended. Line Dry.


Drapery, pillows, tote bags, quilting, dolls,  general crafting, sewing, and more.
NoteThis product is not intended, promoted, or suitable for use in children’s sleepwear or robes in size 14 or under.


Bamboo muslin fabric facts


Some the facts about bamboo muslin fabrics are:

1. Soft and gentle

Bamboo muslin fabric is made out of bamboo viscose which is up to 3 times softer and gentler on the skin than cotton muslin. It is also sometimes compared to silk due to its smooth and soft texture. So, it’s a perfect material to be used for children.

2. Lightweight and Breathable

Bamboo muslin fabrics are woven in such a way that it feels like silk which makes this fabric very lightweight and breathable. The weaving structure of the bamboo muslin fabric for the baby’s swaddle doesn’t trap any body heat. This thermal regulating property allows the heat to escape and reduces moisture formation keeping the baby cool, dry, and comfortable.

3. Hypoallergenic

Bamboo muslin is very gentle on the skin. It is a very good clothing material to use for your child if they have sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic makes this muslin fabric free of any kind of dust, germs, and bacteria that might harm your child.

4. Absorbent

The bamboo muslin fabric has a highly absorbent property. It soaks up all the sweat and spilled water or liquid. Keeping the baby wrapped up in any bamboo muslin swaddle fresh and comfortable.

5. Durable

This muslin fabric is very gentle on the skin. The fabric keeps getting softer after each wash which makes it durable. Also can be used for a longer period of time.

6. Anti-microbial

Bamboo itself has a natural anti-microbial property. “Bamboo Kun” is a unique agent that it consists of. This natural agent helps to keep the muslin fabric smell better & stay cleaner. It reduces the number of odors causing bacteria. Stops other microscopic agents that may grow on your child’s clothing.

7. Versatile

Bamboo muslin fabric is not just used to make bedding and swaddles for children. But also used to make clothing, pillow covers, home decors, and other clothing items.


Bamboo muslin vs cotton muslin


Both of these types of muslin are equally popular. Mostly among parents who use swaddles for their children. When it comes to comparing these two muslins, bamboo muslins seem to take the crown. The reasons for that are listed below.


  • The structure of the bamboo fiber is rounder and smoother which gives the bamboo muslin a softer and gentler feel compared to cotton muslin.
  • Bamboo muslin is highly lightweight, breathable, absorbent, and has antibacterial properties in comparison to cotton muslin.
  • Bamboo muslin also differs from cotton muslin due to the contents that are used to make them. Bamboo muslin contains 70% bamboo and 30% cotton whereas cotton muslin is made of 100% cotton.
  • Bamboo is a fast-growing plant. Almost 10 times more bamboo can be produced per square meter than cotton in the same area.
  • For the production of bamboo, only sunlight and rainwater are needed. Whereas cotton requires about 8000 liters of water on average to produce 1 kilogram of cotton.
  • No type of insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers is needed to grow bamboo. However, the soil that grows cotton needs artificial fertilizers to revive them for the production of cotton. This contributes to about 11% usage of all pesticides and about 25% usage of all insecticides around the world.
  • Bamboo plants are eco-friendly. Produce a smaller carbon footprint during their manufacturing process compared to cotton plants. Which requires loads of water and pesticides for their production.


FAQ: Bamboo Muslin Fabric


Here are some most frequently asked questions about Bamboo Muslin Fabric.

Are bamboo muslins good?

Yes, bamboo muslins are very good quality fabric. They are extremely soft and smooth. Their smoothness can also be compared to the texture of silk which provides the baby with ultimate comfort and satisfaction. As the fabric is very lightweight and breathable, it keeps the baby feeling cool.

 What is the difference between muslin and bamboo?

The difference between bamboo muslin and just bamboo is that bamboo muslin is made out of 100% bamboo viscose. Plain bamboo is made out of 100% plain bamboo which has a flat and homogenous texture. The weaving technique also creates a big difference between them.

Is Bamboo Muslin expensive?

Even though the initial cultivation process of bamboo isn’t that costly as it only needs sunlight and rainwater. The manufacturing process shows a different story. Use of different chemicals, machinery & labor for making the bamboo muslin soft and durable the price of bamboo muslin become expensive compared to other muslins available in the market.

Why is Bamboo Muslin best for your baby?

Bamboo muslin is definitely the best choice for your baby. Because bamboo viscose has a few natural properties. It stands out among other types of muslins. Those properties are lightweight, breathable, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-microbial & hypoallergenic. They are great in case of skin sensitivity. It is also very durable, highly absorbent, and has a thermal regulating ability. It keeps the body cool & comfortable by allowing the heat to escape.

Is Bamboo Muslin sustainable?

yes, It is. To get the full picture you need to know, the bamboo plant itself is very sustainable. It doesn’t need any type of insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers for production. They are environment friendly & the cultivation process is very sustainable.

But The process to get the viscose requires chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, carbon disulfide & sulfuric acid. They make the fabric soft & gentle but might harmful for the environment. However, a more sustainable approach to getting bamboo fabric is the usage of the mechanical process which gives us bamboo linen. Apart from that we have GOT certified organic Bamboo Muslin Fabric.

This process is far more expensive and requires more labor. Yet, It is worthy enough!


 Conclusion: Bamboo Muslin Fabric


The fashion industry changes every day. Today, this industry focuses more on eco-friendly & sustainable products. However, this has not stopped them from keeping the quality of the clothing top-notch.

Such an alternative is the use of bamboo. The cellulose of bamboo can be treated in different ways. It can be blended with other materials like cotton to give them a sturdy yet soft feel. These bamboo muslin fabrics are very much acceptable to the consumers mostly the new parent as they look for the best product for their child.

Even though bamboo muslin is more affordable & sustainable; the use of chemicals to make the threads from bamboo cellulose is still considered mildly harmful. But don’t let this put you off from trying out your bamboo muslin products. Because there are other organic varieties of bamboo muslin fabrics that don’t require the use of harsh chemicals!


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