5 Best Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard for Baby Blanket

by | Sep 6, 2021

Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard


A baby’s blanket is as beautiful as it is expensive. It’s no surprise many looks for alternatives. Buy bamboo muslin fabric by the yard and make your blanket to save some money.

Natality rates all over the world have seen a surge all over the world in 2021. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. This is, of course, because it coincides with nine months of anniversaries since the beginning of many COVID-19 lockdowns. Couples did their best to put up with those eternal quarantines, and monopoly or Netflix alone don’t always cut it.


Either long-awaited or surprising, parents are always looking for better ways of catering to their babies’ needs. The internet is full of options for them, from incredible toys to Bic Mac™-flavored baby food. However, as attractive (or disgusting) as some of these items are, none is more necessary than a blanket.


Nevertheless, the baby blankets or Swaddlers in the market can be costly. For that reason, making your own can be a great alternative. You can easily save some money while providing comfort to your baby. For that, though, you’ll need the best possible fabric but worry not, for we’ve got you covered.

Keep on reading to find out everything about bamboo muslin fabric by the yard. You’ll learn what it is, where to buy it, and all of its benefits.


Bamboo Muslin: A Soft Touch for a Soft Skin by bamboo fabric


Bamboo muslin is an outstanding fabric used in the baby care industry. The reason is that it’s one of the most smooth, breathable, and purest fabrics on the globe. This muslin double gauze fabric is not only lightweight but also has an open weave that lets air flow freely. This dramatically reduces the chance of overheating, a common problem for babies.

In addition to that essential key feature, we should also add that the fabric is exceptionally durable. As a result of the tightly woven cotton it is made with, each wash makes the fabric soother. Moreover, this swaddle fabric isn’t treated with any dye or bleach. Consequently, it is entirely safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Lastly, we need to mention how it contrasts with 100% cotton muslin fabrics. Although traditional muslin is fantastic, it tends to wrinkle up after a few washes. In contrast, durable bamboo fibers make bamboo muslin able to come out of the washing machine unaltered. To sum up, cotton muslin plus bamboo forms a super soft fabric perfect for swaddle blankets.


Trustworthy Brands for Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard


The internet is a marvelous tool for shopping. Online, you can find a wide range of options while, at the same, its easy to compare prices. Despite this, it can also be overwhelming and challenging to set apart good from bad. Moreover, finding a trustworthy brand can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, to help you out, we bring you a list of providers with all the information you need to know.


Kindred Bamboo Muslin Fabric

Bamboo Muslin Fabric Kindred. Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard

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This double waved fabric contains 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton. The bamboo fiber they use is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified, and their cotton is extracted from organic yarns. Each linear yard weighs 6 oz, has a width of 59”, and is cut in a smoke and pet-free studio.

You can buy Kinderel fabric by the yard on their website or Amazon at a low price. They ship twice a week to the US and daily to Canada. Moreover, you can get a bundle discount when buying more than 10 yards.

Bamboo Muslin fabric Nature's Fabric

Bamboo Muslin fabric Nature’s Fabric

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Field’s Natural Fabrics


This special store sells one of the most luxurious non woven bamboo cotton fabric by the yard. The fabric is made using only the best organic bamboo and organic cotton.

Their fabric is a combination of Bamboo, Cotton, Viscose, Poly Microfiber. Zorb fabric is a width of 45’’. it is less weight, 247 gsm super absorbent fabric.

You can Buy field’s Fabric on Amazon or their online store at a value for money Price per yard.


Muslin Fabric Vancouver Bamboo

 Vancouver Bamboo cotton. Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard

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Vancouver Bamboo


With over 800, 5 stars reviews, Vancouver Bamboo is a great option to have in mind. Their 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton fabric are certified organic and go $9.95 per yard. Nevertheless, they have bulk discounts, and they can go as low as $6.50 when buying the entire bolt. Their double gauze has a width of more than 60” and a weight of 6 oz per linear yard.

You can buy Vancouver Bamboo fabric on Etsy. They ship to the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia and many other regions of the globe.


Bamboo Muslin Land of OH Fabric

Bibi Fabric. Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard

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Bibi Fabrics


This company offers a lot of types of bamboo muslin. Their fabric is double layered and made with 100% cotton, 50% bamboo and 50% cotton and many more options. You can get lots of type fabrics, colors and several beautifully patterned options.

Each yard has a length of 50 cm to width 155 cm. Prices for this brand’s fabric start at a whopping $ 5 and go all the way to $7.99. As a Czech company , can provide european fabric for your baby with an affordable cost!

You can try Bibi Fabrics for your little One.


Shannon Fabric Bamboo Muslin

Shannon Fabric Bamboo Muslin. Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard

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Shannon Fabrics


Nothing can compare to the silkiness of this brand’s fabric. Shannon Bamboo Fabrics is made with 100% bamboo fibers. They offer their “Embrace” double gauze line in 8 different sophisticated colors: white, natural, baby pink, aqua, blue, lilac, silver, and black. Their fabric is sold in their online store, Amazon & at Etsy.com. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock, but we hope this excellent fabric comes back to their inventory soon!

Apart from that all other Muslin fabric by Shannon is excellent by all means.


Other Benefits of Bamboo Muslin


Of course, baby blankets are the most popular product that’s manufactured with bamboo muslin fabrics. However, swaddles and swaddling have become accepted mainly for babies. This type of fabric is exceptionally significant for this practice as it provides excellent comfort but is, nevertheless, highly breathable.

As it lets air flow, it makes it impossible for the baby to overheat. This is something essential for their little body that has a difficult time regulating temperature.

Moreover, this fabric is extraordinarily absorbent, especially if we take into account its lightweight. This feature makes it the perfect material for sewing a burp cloth or diaper changing mat. The fabric also functions as an excellent stroller cover as its translucency protects the baby from the sun without blocking it completely.

As a result, your baby will be safe from the dangerous UV rays. However, at the same time, it will have some exposure to the world.


Lastly, we should also mention that you can do more than baby products with bamboo muslin. Its absorbency and durability are perfect for making washing clothes for your face and body. Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll be shocked to know even Courtney Kardashian uses it to remove her makeup. In addition to this, bamboo muslin is a terrific fabric for sewing a car seat cover that shields your upholstery from any drink spillage.


Final Thoughts: Bamboo Muslin Fabric by The Yard


The fabric world is breathtaking. Hardly can anyone picture how many fabric options one can find in the market. Touch, price, color availability, shrinkage, allergies, and many others are the factors one must consider. It’s no easy task. However, we are always on the lookout for the best fabrics in the textile industry.

Bamboo muslin outperforms in the baby care category. Its softness, lightweight dress, and durability are unmatchable. This, in combination with its relatively low price, makes for a piece of fabric and products you’ll be able to hand over from one child to another.

We highly encourage you to give this fabric a go and sew your baby a beautiful and comfortable blanket. We’re sure you and your child won’t regret doing so!


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