5 Best hand painted muslin saree to Buy : You won’t regret

by | Dec 26, 2022

A saree is a traditional, unique clothing garment popular in many countries. It’s an experience seeing a saree for the first time and wearing it. But to make it even more special, we recommend the best hand-painted muslin sarees you can find online.

My team and I are experts in the field of fabrics, and fashion. From our personal experience and face-to-face contact with this clothing garment, be sure that our recommendations will be 100% reliable and on point. 

Best hand painted muslin sarees

I remember the first time I tried a hand-painted muslin saree. It was April Fool’s Day, and I wanted to try a unique and never-before-seen costume. Because I live in North Macedonia, the people here have never seen a saree except in the movies! The fabric was so soft, breathable, and easy to wear that it was one of the most comfortable garments I’ve worn. 

It was an experience that I remember vividly today!

So, without further ado, let’s see our recommendations and read this article till the end because there’s a buying guide that can help you with the final decision!

 5 best hand painted Muslin Sarees

  1. Piran USA Closet Hand painted Dhakai Muslin saree. 
  2. Desi Rongona USA Dhakai Jamdani Muslin Saree
  3. Rita Boutique Crafts Saree
  4. OISHANISAREEGHOR Jamdani Muslin saree
  5. Traditional Indian Muslin Sari

PiranUsaCloset Hand paint muslin saree

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Piran USA Closet Muslin Saree (Best overall)

This beautiful, pastel, delicate saree won our hearts! And now, we’re going to tell you exactly why!

This saree awakens your femininity and confidence. The pastel, gentle colors and the design are the perfect descriptions for summer and spring! It’s colorful, playful, flowy, and shiny, like describing these two seasons. 

And what about the quality? The quality is unquestionable! The saree is made from pure muslin silk, the benchmark for quality and luxury. 

What’s unique is that this saree is handmade and hand-painted, which means that every sold piece is unique and different, and you can’t find the same one again or in another place. 

More characteristics of the saree are that it’s lightweight, soft, and very easy to wear.

As part of the saree, a muslin silk blouse piece is included in the price.

With all of these features and benefits from this option, we place this original muslin saree in the category “best overall.” It has many qualities that make it unique and special, so it’s one of our favorites from this list!

Who can wear it?

This saree is perfect for women who love to show their feminine and softer side. 

Desi rongona Hand painted muslin saree

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Desi Rongona Dhakai jamdani muslin Saree ( Most unique)

This saree is a true masterpiece!

We couldn’t believe how many details were on this saree. The artwork is so nicely done that it captures your attention immediately. It’s like walking art!

It’s painted with Acramin colors, and we can tell that the artist had given their best when painting this piece.

After researching and purchasing the saree, we can tell you that the quality was better than we expected! The fabric was soft, flowy, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

Who can wear it?

People who are art lovers are going to love and appreciate this clothing piece. If you like bright colors and unique designs and want to get attention, this saree is a perfect choice! 

Rita Boutique Matka Muslin jamdani

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Rita Boutique Matka Muslin jamdani (Most comfortable)

This saree brand offers you several colors and designs to choose from. Their saree collection consists of many unique designs, but the quality and technique of its making are the same.

What differentiates it from the rest? This saree is incredibly comfortable and very pleasant to wear. It falls naturally to the body, and it gives an amazing silhouette. 

Who can wear it?

The saree designs are pretty simple but with beautiful and outstanding designs. So, if you’re interested in simple but effective designs, and comfort is your number one priority, then don’t search any further and order this saree.

Hand Made Muslin Sari

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Handmade Muslin Saree (Most affordable)

This clothing piece is a graceful, unique example of a more traditional saree. The artwork will charm you with its discreet beauty. The colors are there but not too bright, so the saree is perfect for every occasion, from day to night. 

If you want something more affordable but want to keep the quality, you should choose this option.

It’s a more traditional choice, but still very unique and beautiful.

Who can wear it? 

As I said, this saree is the perfect, budget-friendly option for everyone who loves a more traditional, conservative style. You’ll get amazing quality and unique design for this price!

Traditional Muslin Painted Sari

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Traditional Indian Muslin Saree (Traditional)

Talking about the traditional saree, we have the ideal option for you. When we say classic, this type of saree is most likely to be worn. 

It’s a simple design, where the bright colors are in the first place, and the design is more neutral. To make it more “traditional,” you can wear this saree with a contrast blouse and get that “original Indian style.”

Check the products fabric is high-quality, which means that it has all the amazing features, such as breathability, softness, and a silky look.

Who can wear it?

If you want a saree’s traditional and original look, you should choose this option. There are several colors you can choose from, so you can pick the colors you prefer!

Buying guide

By now, you may have your favorite, but let’s see the problems you may face when buying these products and the things to have in mind!

What to look for when buying these products:


You may be buying a saree for the first time, so it’s natural to need clarification about the dimensions and how to tell which size you should purchase. 

You decide on the size of the saree by measuring the length and the waist.

Some sarees may come as a “one size fits all.” But for a greater perspective, here is a dimensions chart to find your perfect saree size!

Size: (Inches)                        



Small (32-34) 15 28

Medium (36-38) 15.5 33

Large (40-42) 16 36


We placed each saree in the most suitable category. You might have seen that there is also the “most affordable” option. We tried to find the perfect saree for every style, budget, and preference. 

So, let’s check the prices of the options we’ve chosen for you and the payment method.

Let’s start with the most affordable option!

The “Handmade muslin saree” costs 99.99 USD. You get amazing quality and a beautiful, simple design for this price.

Next on the list is the “Matka muslin jamdani,” which will cost you 102.00 USD. This is a very good deal, considering the qualities this saree possesses.

In the middle, we have the “Traditional Indian muslin saree” for 110.00 USD. Amazing price for amazing features!

The “Original Muslin saree” is one of the most expensive sarees on the list, but the price is definitely worth it. 

And as the most expensive or luxury option, we have the “Pure Dhakai jamdani muslin saree.” The details on this saree are incredible, and the price is totally worth it, as you’re not only going to get a clothing garment but artwork all in one!

( Note : price is subject to change with time & other variables.)

Shipping & Exchange:

Shipping might be one of your worries when ordering online. Let’s see what you can do to be calmer when ordering these products.

As these sarees are hand-painted, there is a specific time for each product needed for your order to be complete. 

The delivery is usually between 3-5 days.

The returns and exchanges policies differ for every product, but don’t worry because these brands are reliable and open to communication. 

Shipping Cost : The cost vary from product to product. Some of them have free shipping, but to be sure, it’s best to check the price based on your location!

How to Care Hand painted Muslin Saree?

Let’s see how you should take care of these products properly.

The muslin fabrics that the sarees are made of are very silky and gentle. So the care process should be the same. 

The best way to preserve the quality and the artwork on the sarees is to hand wash them and hang them for the drying part. If you need to iron the sarees, you should consult the producer when purchasing the product!

Which hand paint muslin saree is our first choice?

When we combined the comfort, the design, the price, and the uniqueness, we came to one conclusion.

After long research and face-to-face contact with all of the sarees we’re recommending, our team agreed that the PiranUSAcloset “Original Muslin Saree” has the best features. 

Why is this our favorite option?

The design: The design of this saree is outstanding! The artwork is done very nicely, with a perfect palette of colors. They say that “the devil is in the details,” and in this saree, it is thought about every little detail.

The quality: As we said, the quality is unquestionable. The fabric is so silky and smooth and evokes femininity in you. It’s airy and lightweight.

There are many reasons why this saree is our number one choice!

Second runner up : hand painted muslin sari

Our second-best option is also awesome and has many great qualities. The saree that deserves this title is the “Traditional Indian Muslin Saree.” 

Why did we choose this saree as the second-best option? Let’s see!

 The design: As we said, this saree has a traditional design, but with still outstanding quality and style. 

We love to explore and play around with unique and different designs, but when it comes to the style of this saree, it bought us with its simplicity. 

Sometimes the simpler, the better!

Quality: We choose only the best options for our readers, so this is not an exception. The saree’s fabric is resistant, durable, soft, silky, and perfect for hot summer days!

Wrap up : best hand paint muslin saree

We tried to make this buying guide helpful and interesting for choosing the perfect hand paint muslin saree for your needs. If you’re buying a saree for the first time, we’re glad we can help you with your first experience. 

We tried to have everyone’s needs and perspectives in mind when creating this guide, and we hope we achieved that goal.

Thank you for sticking to the end. Till the next time!

Shariful Alam

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