9 Best Muslin Comforters : Unveiling Comfort and Elegance

by | Aug 26, 2023

Muslin comforters help you sleep warm and cozy despite having less weight due to the fluffy fillings. But finding the best muslin comforters is hard, as most average options either get flattened or fail to regulate the temperature correctly. 

So, my Muslin Dhaka team and I have decided to find the best muslin comforters by judging their construction, actual features, longevity, and pricing. Our team has been working in fashion marketing for more than a decade and can bring out the best and real information about muslin fabric and its bedding. 

To find out the best options, we went through some famous retailers like Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, etc., along with some offline brand shops. It took over 70 hours to pick more than 80 muslin comforters that are on trend. We compared them, tested a few physically, and went through authentic user interviews. 

Finally, we discovered that CosyBay Feather comforter is currently the best muslin comforter. Apart from CosyBay Feather down comforter, we found 8 other comforters featuring very soft muslin fabric and lofty fillings. They are worth buying under several conditions. 

Best Muslin Comforters 

These 9 best muslin comforters are: 

  1. CosyBay Feather Comforter: Best Overall
  2. APSMILE Goose Feathers Down Comforter: Best for Luxury
  3. Dafinner Organic Feathers Down Comforter: Best Organic Comforter
  4. HOMBYS Soft Muslin Comforter: Best for Softness
  5. Royoliving Premium Greyduck Feathers Down Comforter: Best All-Season Comforter
  6. DWR 100% Cotton Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter: Best for Lightweight
  7. Three Geese Pinch Pleat Goose Feathers Down Comforter: Best for Cold Sleepers
  8. Mama Bear and Cubs Shop Teddy Comforter: Best Baby Comforter
  9. Wayfair Sleep™ All Season Down Alternative Comforter: Best for Budget

So, let’s see what these products offer and why you can buy them. 


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CosyBay Feather Comforter: Best Overall

This is currently the best muslin comforter due to its pure muslin cotton shell and super soft down-feather combo filling. The product has a decent weight that won’t burden your body. And the sewn through pattern makes it a good option for most of the seasons, even for hot sleepers. 


  • Breathable fabric
  • OEKO Tex Certification
  • Option to attach duvet cover
  • Decent weight
  • Balanced softness due to the use of both down and feather


  •  The muslin cotton here has only a 233 thread count. It should’ve been higher according to the price. 

Who Should Buy It?

Anybody having trouble findingfinding the right bedding for cozy sleep should buy this product. CosyBay is a well-known brand with after-sale supports and a great product. Overall, the comforter can fill most of the demands of a buyer. 

Personal Rating: 4.80 out of 5.00


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APSMILE Goose Feathers Down Comforter: Best for Luxury

Although the product features mixed cotton instead of pure cotton muslin, the outlook and performance are sure to please you. The silver-edge piping with the double-brushed fabric brings a royal vibe to your bedroom. Most importantly, the oversized bedding completely covers the bed and lets two adults easily sleep. 


  • 750 fill power
  • Baffle box construction for an even feel
  • Optimal insulation from every part
  • Small loops to attach a cover
  • A well-described user manual


  •  The price is way beyond the average range. 

Who Should Buy It?

When luxurious design and outlook are your main priority, no other product is as good as this Goose Feathers Down comforter. Putting this item over your bed makes your bedroom look like a 5-star Hotel room. 

Personal Rating: 4.70 out of 5.00


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Dafinner Organic Feathers Down Comforter: Best Organic Comforter

This pure cotton muslin comforter from Dafinner has a solid and organic construction that can last for years. You can buy it for every season use. The lower thread count of the comforter shell also makes it more breathable than many other options in the market. 


  • OEKO Tex certification
  • Completely down proof
  • Better heat regulation
  • Skin-friendly and organic materials
  • Double-stitched corners for durability


  •  Although it has down filling, it is still not a good choice for hot sleepers

Who Should Buy It?

Dafinner Organic Down comforter is a great option for sensitive people. Organic and certified materials make the product anti-allergic and keep you comfy throughout the night. 

Personal Rating: 4.60 out of 5.00


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HOMBYS Soft Muslin Comforter: Best for Softness

This oversized bedding can help you cover your whole body with softer layers to keep you dry and warm. The extra dimensions help you easily cover up any large bed or mattress. However, to feature added softness, the product has added an extra amount of filling for an even comfort. 


  • Lightweight muslin fabric
  • Breathable for all-season use
  • A great option for oversized beds
  • Decent weight depending on the size
  • Sustainable polyester alternative filling


  •  The fillings don’t stay in place properly. You need to shake and reshape before daily use. 

Who Should Buy It?

HOMBYS muslin comforter has extra softness. Aid you sleep while you can’t stand anything stiff. Despite being made of down alternative materials, it feels like a quality down comforter.

Personal Rating: 4.60 out of 5.00 


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Royoliving Premium Greyduck Feathers Down Comforter: Best All-Season Comforter

Using Royoliving premium Down comforter can make you feel like you are on a vacation staying in a resort. The plushy and premium quality comforter assures your goodnight sleep with high fill power. Pure muslin cotton also helps to regulate your body’s moisture for dryness. Together, this product is a good option in a decent price range.


  • It is a very old and proven brand
  • 700 fill-powered down feathers
  • Brushed muslin fabric
  • High-quality sewing
  • Organic certification


  •  The fluff isn’t as per as the fill power

Who Should Buy It?

The weight shouldn’t be an issue because the product has a high fill power. That’s why you can use it in any weather without feeling heavy. Also, you can consider this as an ideal gift item. 

Personal Rating: 4.50 out of 5.00 


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DWR 100% Cotton Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter: Best for Lightweight

If you’re irritated withabout using heavy comforters and duvet in summer or spring, you should buy this lightweight product from DWR. The certified product has safe-to-use fillings and two great muslin fabric top layers. Here, you can feel only the weight of the fabric, not the fillings. 


  • Easily re-fluffs
  • A good combination of fill materials like polyester and microfiber
  • Easy to wash
  • Organic and safe materials
  • Good for hot sleepers


  •  The product won’t feature a decent range of fluff

Who Should Buy It?

The product weighs half of the other good comforters. So you can use this when you desire something light, like a feather. The DWR down alternative comforter only uses microfiber filling to hold the temperature, as the lightweight design alone can’t control body heat. 

Personal Rating: 4.50 out of 5.00 

Three Geese

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Three Geese Pinch Pleat Goose Feathers Down Comforter: Best for Cold Sleepers

When you live in an area where the weather is very chilly and easily affects you, this comforter would surely help you sleep. The durable comforter has a very soft and sustainable muslin cotton fabric with a high thread count. Also, the filling offers both down and feather to insulate heat properly. 


  • 1200 thread count
  • More than 700 fill power
  • Good for senior citizen
  • 100% heat insulation
  • Strong stitching


  •  The comforter is heavy and barely breathable

Who Should Buy It?

Because of the higher thread count and fill power, the product is only eligible for cold sleepers for every season. Apart from that, anyone can use this when the weather freezes you completely at anytime. It is durable and sure to help you sleep for many years. 

Personal Rating: 4.50 out of 5.00 

Mama bear

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Mama Bear and Cubs Shop Teddy Comforter: Best Baby Comforter

The baby comforter is the right option to use as a snuggle partner for your baby. The animal-shaped designs will surely please and make your baby happy on the bed. The Pure muslin also helps to make the skin comfortable and dry. This is a great gift item for the little souls who arrived in your family. 


  • Organic muslin cotton farbic
  • Available are different animal designs
  • Very soft and safe polyester filling
  •  Decent weight


  •  It’s not a large comforter that you can use as a swaddle for babies

Who Should Buy It?

New parents can buy this to keep their babies warm. The soft and organic product is completely safe. You can leave your baby playing with this item. 

Personal Rating: 4.80 out of 5.00 

Way Fair

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Wayfair Sleep™ All Season Down Alternative Comforter: Best for Budget

This easy-to-maintain and budget-friendly comforter offers optimal coziness like many other luxury options. The sewn-through construction also created borderlines and boxes inside to ensure the fillings don’t go to the edges. Also, the whole construction can be easily washed and dried for regular use. 


  • A catchy fabric design
  • Unique type of sewing to hold the filling
  • Affordable pricing
  • All season use
  • Dries fast


  •  The product isn’t fluffy enough
  • Can’t do well with a duvet cover

Who Should Buy It?

This is the best comforter option under 80$. You can buy this to save some money and invest in other bedding like bed covers and pillow shams. The affordable options also come with most of the necessary features. So, this alone can help you sleep better. 

Alternatives to Best Muslin Comforters

After going through all those reviews, why the alternatives of muslin comforters? Without covering them, this guide will not be complete! So, we mention two special alternatives here. 

Linenspa Comforter Duvet Insert

This comforter has a very soft and durable construction that can make you feel like you’re using a premium down comforter. The down alternative fillings here are to eliminate allergen attraction and help users sleep with zero disturbance. 

The reversible design is also a plus point to this product. And the weight is also below the acceptable range. The durable and breathable microfiber helps users to use it every season for a warm and cozy sleep. 

Check the product linenspa.

Bedsure Queen Comforter Duvet Insert

With the perfect size and sewing, the Bedusre comforter is another great choice as an alternative to muslin comforters. Although it’s not the best choice for summer use, you can use it in other seasons to improve your sleep experience. The soft and insulating fillings can also offer the right amount of fluff for years. 

It also has a moderate weight, which can be a good feature for hot sleepers. Ultimately, You can use this both as a duvet insert and a comforter alone on the bed. 

Check the product Bedsure.

Buying Guide : best Muslin comforter

Buying Guide: Best Muslin Comforters

Buying guides help you choose the best muslin comforters precisely. Thus, let’s discuss the facts you must consider for buying the best muslin comforter. 


Different types of fabrics are used to make the main body of the comforter. Cotton muslin, mixed cotton, microfiber, rayon, polyester, silk, etc., are the most popular types. 

Muslin can be the right option as it offer some great features like breathability, softness, durability, ease to care, and many more within a decent price range. Also, muslin fabrics have a very attractive look to prove your rich taste in bedding. 


You can mainly find two major types of fillings or stuffings inside a comforter: down and down alternative. 

Down comforters contain a special soft material collected from the undercoat of ducks and geese. The down is a very plushy and rich material with a great amount of fluff and fill power, which is also good for hot sleepers. However, down bedding are costlier and cause issues for people with allergy. 

Down alternative comforters contain natural cotton, polyester, or other synthetic fibers. They are cheap and unable to feature plushness like pure down and feather. Despite this, you can buy down alternatives to save a hefty amount

Fabric Thread Count

Fabric thread count greatly impacts the performance of a comforter or other types of bedding. 

Generally, the thread count of a comforter should be 250-300 on average. Anything less might fail to insulate heat and become less durable. 

  • However, hot sleepers should choose a 250-500 thread count for the fabric shell. 
  • But normal people who need the utmost comfort with any heavy covering can go for anything less than a 700 thread count. 
  • A thread count of around 1000 is considered for temperatures can freeze you within no time. 

Also, the higher the thread count of the comforter shell fabric, the more you need to spend. Depending on that, I recommend using a comforter featuring around 350-550 thread count for a balanced performance

You can also buy a duvet cover with a higher thread count later to use over the comforter too for extreme weather. 

Stitching Quality

The stitching or sewing quality of comforters must be good. Otherwise, the shape would get ruined soon. 

Durable sewing helps keep all the layers in a perfect placement. For that, you can use the product for a long time. 

The sewing patterns are generally square or rectangular. But there are other types, as well as circles, triangle, etc although the sewing patterns and channel shapes won’t change the quality, you can still be precise about for the design. 

Fill power

Fill power shows the loft of the comforter filling. The ideal range of lofts or fill power is around 400-500 for a decent comforter. 

More fill power means better fluff and coziness. But it also makes the price higher. Try purchasing something with a minimum fill power to ensure your comfort, even if you don’t want to spend much. 


 Fill Power

ThicknessLess thickThicker
SoftnessLess softSofter

Comforter Type

There are mainly two types of comforters depending on the making: sewn through and baffle box. 

Sewn-through comforters has a pretty simple construction with lots of cold spots. At the same time, baffle box has no cold spots due to its plain surfaces. 

The main issue is baffle box comforters are pricier than sewn-through ones. So, I would only recommend a baffle box when looking for a luxury option. 


You can always trust and purchase from a reputed brand. Products from reputed brands like HOMBYS, DWR, and Cosbay have a minimum quality. So, it would help if you bought from a trustworthy brand. 

Return & Refund

You can get a damaged or wrong product if your luck runs out. But in these cases, you can still get your desired product when the seller has a friendly return and refund policy. Ensure the product you’re buying also has clear policies to help you. 


A comforter with the most essential features can cost you around 80-150$. I don’t think you should spend more than the mentioned range. You must find the best one within this price range. 

FAQ : best muslin comforter

What comforter material is best for hot sleepers?

Pure cotton muslin is the best fabric for hot sleepers. Muslin comforters can help you stay both dry and cozy throughout the year. 

Should you wash the muslin comforter before use? 

You must clean or wash your muslin bedding before using it. The residues after making the product can sometimes irritate you or cause trouble to your skin. 

How do you make muslin comforters soft again? 

If your comforter filling has gone flat, you can re-fluff it in two ways. The first one is to gently wash the comforter and air dry in the right mode. Then, put it under direct sunlight. 

The other option is to change the filling. But for that, you must leave the job for an expert. 

How often do you wash a comforter? 

If you use your comforter carefully, you should wash it every after each one or two months. But you must clean any stain or spill right after you spot it. 

Does a comforter go inside a duvet cover? 

A comforter can go inside a duvet cover if the construction prefers. Almost all comforters can go inside duvet covers with the right size. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s not stretch things any further. Till now, we have discussed the nine best muslin comforters. Each has unique features that can please specific types of consumers depending on their needs. 

However, we shared a detailed and researched buying guide to ease your purchase! Please follow the guide to choose the right product on your own. 

If you still think there’s something more you want to know, check out our analysis of Muslin Comforters and then decide. 

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