Muslin Comforter: A Comprehensive Guide to Comfort and Style

by | Aug 25, 2023

Don’t push yourself further if you wonder whether you should invest your money in buying a muslin comforter or look for an alternate. 

Today, the Muslin Dhaka team is here to shed light on every matter regarding the muslin comforter and its use. We have gained more than 27 years of cumulative experience in fashion marketing.

And so, we will help you by letting you know all about muslin comforters from 105 hours of research both online & offline, and real-life experience. 

Without further ado, let’s start. 

What is a Comforter? How It Looks?

A comforter is a type of bedding that might nearly look like a blanket. But it has a very fluffy construction with three main layers. 

A comforter’s top and bottom layer is made of soft and breathable fabric like muslin, pure cotton, mixed cotton, etc. 

The bottom layer features filling that consists of either down or alternatives like cotton and polyester. 

The main work of the top two layers is to hold the filling evenly at every part of the comforter. And the middle layer mainly features fluff, softness, and heat insulation that you need to sleep well with a detected body temperature. 

Most of the time, comforters come in a single color. Also, comforters can have various sewing lines over the whole surface to create locked pockets for inner fillings. But remember, comforters have fewer sewing lines than quilts. 

The pockets divide the inner fillings into multiple small and fixed parts so that they won’t move and ruin the plain shape of the comforter. 

How good cotton muslin for a comforter?

How Good is Muslin for Comforters?

Muslin can be an excellent choice to use for making comforters. We know that muslin is a breathable, soft, and gentle fabric. That’s why your skin feels great when it’s in touch with a pure muslin fabric. 

Makes Comforter More Durable

First of all, muslin is a very durable fabric. A muslin fabric can feature at least 80-200 thread count. It can stay in good shape even after several washes. Some muslin fabric even gets softer after washes. So, muslin comforters can last long and help you sleep well for years. 

Safe to Use

The hypoallergenic quality of muslin makes it eligible for every type of user. Even if you are a skin-sensitive person, muslin comforters would be okay.

Even a Normal Comforter can Feel Great

Muslin is a plain woven fabric. Because of that, muslin comforters that don’t contain the softest fillings can also feel cozy. 

Always Lightweight

You can expect a 200-thread count muslin to be soft and lightweight. Thus, using muslin for making comforters doesn’t increase too much weight. 

Makes the Outlook Rich

Using muslin in your bedroom means you have good taste in home decor. When the comforter’s primary shell is made of muslin, the muslin bedding will surely catch people’s eyes no matter how plain the design is! 

Benefits of Muslin Comforters

There are different types of bedding available in the market. But why choose muslin comforters? Let’s see some of the critical advantages of muslin comforters or duvets:


Comforters or duvet inserts have a straightforward construction. They have fewer sewing lines than quilts, too. Because of these, The solid shell fabrics remain sturdy, and inner fillings remain intact. 

Fluffy layer

A muslin comforter’s thickness (1 inch or more) features fluffy stuffing inside. When you put a comforter over your body, you’ll feel you are covering yourself with a can. 

Easy Maintenance

Most of the muslin comforters these days are machine washable. Besides, if the bedding gets flat, you can re-fluff your comforter by air drying it or hanging it under direct sunlight. 

Multiple uses

Even if you don’t use comforters daily, you can still lay them over the bed to make a plain bed look catchy. Or, you can sleep over the comforter to gain extra softness. 


Whether a comforter has dawn and feather or cotton and polyester as fillings, these materials average 400-800 fill power. No matter how thick a comforter seems, it’s always light. 

Muslin Comforter Size

Muslin comforters are available in these 6 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King. 

The dimensions of each size are given below:

Size Chart


Dimension (inches)Dimension (cm)
Twin68 x 86172.72 x 218.44
Twin XL68 x 90172.72 x 228.6
Double/Full84 x 88213.36 x 223.52
Queen 90 x 90228.6 x 228.6
King104  x 90264.16 x 228.6
California King112 x 104284.48 x 228.6

(Note: The size might vary slightly depending on the seller, manufacturer, location, or origin.)

Thread Counts of Muslin Comforters

The shell or case of the muslin comforter has specific criteria of thread counts. The comforter’s whole function and performance can change due to the variation in thread count. 

The ideal thread count for muslin used to make comforters is 350-550. But if the thread count exceeds the range, it is also a plus. 

Let’s see some thread count ranges of muslin for comforters and their features. 

Comparison of Thread Counts

Thread Count0-230235-450450-800800 and above
UsabilityBarely good for comfortersEfficient for general comfortersGood for comforters to feature warmth and cozinessLuxury comforters specially for cold weather
SoftnessBarely softSoftsofterSoftest
BreathabilityCompletely breathableBreathableNot fully breathableBarely breathable
Heat InsulationPoorModerateDecentHighly insulating
DurabilityShort lifespanEfficientDurableLong lasting
PriceCheapAffordableNot always affordableVery costly
Personal OpinionNever a good choice for comfortersGood choice for all season use, cost efficiency, and hot sleepingRight option to hold the body temperature, gain extra coziness, and warmth; but not budget friendlyOffers highest amount of coziness and warmth; but very expensive and not for hot weather
OverallNot recommendedRecommendedRecommendedRecommended only to luxury lovers

There are only two options to shorten the whole point: average thread count or medium thread count. Apart from that, very high or very low thread counts of muslin comforters can’t always be good. 

Muslin Comforter Fill Powers

We’ve already known that muslin comforters have a middle layer containing fillings. The filling offers a decent amount of fill power that creates the thickness and plush of the whole bedding item. 

Generally, 400-500 fill power is considered the suitable range for muslin duvets and comforters. However, there are comforters with more or less fill power. 

Now, I’m telling you the pros and cons of every fill power range. 

Range0-450450-750750 and above
UsabilityOnly in summerAll seasonCold weather
Best forHot sleeperMost type of peopleCold sleepers or people who require extra softness and warmth
PriceVery cheapAffordableExpensive

Note: Fill power always can’t determine how plushy, soft, and warm the comforter will be. Filling type, amount of filling, and filling distribution method are also crucial factors. So, the features of any fill power range can change depending on other factors as well. 

Types of Fillings in Muslin Comforters: Down Vs. Down Alternative

Depending on the fillings used in the comforter, we can divide muslin or any other comforters into two sections: down comforters and down alternative comforters.

Down comforters have a type of filling that comes from the undercoat of ducks, geese, and swans. It’s a fluffy material. People often mix down with feathers, which is wrong. 

Down alternative comforters feature fillings made of cotton, bamboo, polyester, or microfiber to make products cost-efficient. 

Both down and down alternative comforters can have muslin or pure cotton fabric to hold and shape the bedding. The key differences in down and down alternative comforters are filling, fluff, weight, breathability, fill power, etc. 

Here’s a chart that shows what differentiates down comforters from down alternatives. 

Down comforters Vs Down Alternative Comforters

DownDown Alternative
What it isA kind of bedding consists of mainly down collected from geese, ducks, swans, etc. to keep users warm and cozyA kind of bedding consists of anything but down to keep users warm and cozy
InsulationOnly natural down Cotton, polyester, etc. 
FluffEnough fluffyModerately fluffy
LongevityLasts for more than 10 yearsStays in the optimal condition for not more than 10 years
WeightLightweight to moderateModerate to heavy mostly
Fill powerAverage comforters feature 600 or more All season down alternate comforters’ fill power starts from 300 on average
WarmthWarm and prevents overheatingWarm, but fails to prevent overheating
BreathabilityBreathable due to higher fill powerNot as breathable as Down
Allergen TrappingHeavily attracts allergen particlesRarely attracts allergen
Machine Washable optionNot all models are machine washableMachine washable
DensityFilling isn’t dense due to higher fill powerFilling can be dense
Average Price Range60$-150$45$-120$
UsageAll-season down comforters are good for any seasonAll-season down alternative comforters are also good for any season
Who should buy itPeople who don’t have allergy issues, have a healthy budget, sleep hot, opting to have a luxury feel, etc. People who are sensitive to allergens, can afford budget-friendly options, don’t sleep hot, etc.
Organic CertificationHard to find organic down comfortersOrganic down alternative comforters are pretty available
Personal Score8.5/108.3/10

Note: I gave the personal rating depending on the functions and the benefits of the offered features of both types. Despite down scores higher, down alternatives can also be the best choice for some people in some cases. 

Various Constructions in Muslin Comforters: Baffle Box Vs Sewn Through

You can find muslin comforter bodies in two ways: baffle box and sewn through. 

Both making types hold the inner fillings in a comforter so that the bedding stays even and is good to use from any angle. 

Baffle Box

Baffle box construction creates pockets vertically using thin fabrics that join both muslin layers perpendicularly. Each pocket contains the same amount of down or down alternative. 


  • Higher loft
  • No cold spots
  • Durable


  • Bigger size
  • High maintenance
  • Costly

Sewn Through

Sewn through construction is a relatively more straightforward process to make. It directly attaches both muslin layers using the same sewing lines. When these sewing lines cross paths, they also make pockets or chambers that can stop fillings from moving around. 


  • Easy to care
  • Thin
  • Good for hot sleepers


  • Several cold spots
  • Less fluffy
  • Bad insulation

To make the comparison, I have made another table below:

Baffle Box Comforters Vs Sewn Through Comforters

Baffle BoxSewn Through
Amount of heat lossLow to mediumMedium to high
Loft rangeHighMedium
Number of cold spotsNearly zeroSeveral, due to gaps created by the sewing
SurfaceEven, due to 3D pocket lockingUneven, due to attaching both layers together through sewing lines
Channel shapeMainly square, rectangle, etc.Square, rectangle, circle, etc.
DurabilityDurablemight be durable
Best forAll season Summer, spring, and rainy, and autumn; hot sleepers can use every season; very few models are good for winter

Baffle box muslin comforters can give you additional advantages. But eventually, sewn-through muslin comforters can come in handy if you want something thinner with more air circulation within your budget.

Finding the best muslin comforter

Finding the best muslin comforter

How to Find the Right Muslin Comforter?

Among so many options, you can easily find the right muslin comforter while answering all these questions: 

What is the right size for me?

The right size of a comforter or duvet depends on your mattress or bed size. For example, a king bed requires the best king-size comforter

But for custom sizes, confirm the desired dimension first, then search for one. 

Am I allergic to something?

Some people can have susceptible skin. A few people are also affected by allergens quite easily. For them, the best thing would be to check a product’s materials and dyeing quality before buying one. 

But we’d recommend only buying organic and certified products that are harmless for everybody. 

Do I sleep hot?

Hot sleepers always require lighter bedding, even if it’s comforters. Along with that, an extra amount of air passing can also be helpful for hot sleepers. For example, APSmile Goose Down Feather Comforter has sewn-through construction and gives you some cold spots to sleep dry. 

Will the comforter be used every month?

You can find seasonal and all-season comforters with various designs and features in the market. I think use an all-season comforter even if you don’t intend to use it regularly. 

What are the most popular products currently?

Before choosing one, always go online and see which comforters are on trend and sold in a vast number. Also, see their authentic customer reviews to know the right user experience. 

Should I go for reputed brands?

Going for reputed brands like Royoliving, APSMILE, and COSBAY is safe. They are well-concerned about their brand reputation. They Would offer only the best. Most importantly, their refund and after sale services are pleasing. 

Before you go: On behalf of Muslin Dhaka, I assure you our team can help you make the right choice with our real-life experience and research. You can check out the list of best muslin comforters we’ve made recently. We share some great products like CosyBay Feather Comforter that are currently ruling the market there. 

Best Alternatives to Muslin Comforters

Somehow, you can change your mind and try something that’s not a muslin comforter but works pretty well. In that case, go through the list below to see what else you can try. 

Muslin Quilts

muslin quilt is the best alternative to comforters. Although muslin quilts might not make a soft and fluffy inner layer, they still perform excellently due to the muslin fabric’s softness and richness. 


Blankets or throw blankets can be very comfortable and warm for multiple seasons. Blankets have multiple breathable and soft layers to keep users warm and dry. Buying the best blanket might fill the need for a quality comforter in your bedroom. 

Duvet Cover Set

Duvet cover sets contain a duvet or comforter and a soft fabric for covering. Duvet covers give an extra layer of softness due to the soft cotton or mixed fabric covers. Good covers can also make an average insert work more efficiently. So, you can also buy the best duvet cover instead of a new comforter for added comfort and ease of use. 

How to Take Care of Your Comforter?

The lifespan of your bedding depends on how well you do the maintenance and how often you do that. Before wrapping up, I should tell you some pro tips to take care of your muslin comforter.

Use a duvet cover

The best way to keep your comforter protected is to use a duvet cover that won’t let any damage your comforter. You should know that comforters can usually be used within duvet cover inserts. You can either buy a duvet cover from the market or make one yourself

Read the manual before washing

Every comforter comes with a cleaning manual. Don’t ever throw it away. Store it and follow every instruction written on it before cleaning or washing the comforter using a washing machine. Always put the washing machine in the preferred mode with the right type of detergent. 

Use dryer to refluff

After washing the comforter, use a dryer. Put the comforter along with some tennis balls to re-fluff the comforter like before. You might follow this video to learn how easily re-fluffing can be done. 

Put the comforter under direct sunlight

If you’re using the comforter regularly, put it on your balcony or terrace railing to get some treatment from the direct sunlight. The sunlight can eliminate moisture, unwanted odors, and germs to make the comforter usable again. 

FAQ : Muslin Comforter

Which type of comforter is best?

Sewn-through down comforters are best, according to my experience. They are a promising choice but costly and require high maintenance. Additionally, down alternative comforters can be less softer in many cases. 

Are down and feathers the same?

No, down and feathers are two different materials. Down is actually an undercoating found in duck or goose bodies. Down is fluffier than a feather. 

Do people sleep with just a comforter?

Yes, people can sleep with a comforter only. A comforter alone can keep your body cozy. Additionally, the breathability of a comforter can also let you sleep well. 

Is a comforter a blanket or a sheet?

The comforter is not a single sheet. Like blankets, comforters have more than one layer. Comforters also have fluffy or soft filling as the middle layer to provide warmth and softness. Still, Blanket & Comforter have differences.

Final Thoughts

Long story short, muslin comforters are worth buying when you are concerned about your sound sleep and bedroom decor. 

Comforters with muslin as the primary shell can work better than any other blankets or comforters featuring anything except muslin. 

Today, you have learned all about muslin quilts, their types, and how they help users for cozy sleep times. Now, there is barely anything left to discuss after all the key facts we’ve highlighted. Yet, if you have anything else, never hesitate to reach out. 

Shariful Alam

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