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Cotton Canvas Fabric


When I first think of canvas, my mind goes to the painting fabric. But did you know that cotton canvas fabric can be used in various areas? 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the exciting history this fabric has! How it was used among the greatest painters and the Ancient Egyptians. What are the common uses, and how to take care of?

We are a Muslin Dhaka Team of writers, textile experts, and fashion geeks with a combined experience of 25 years writing on Cotton canvas to explore a magical fabric that is with our art & culture since ancient Time!

 So stay tuned because much interesting information is coming directly your way!


What is cotton canvas?


Appearing in two worlds with massive importance, fashion, and art, the canvas is considered one of the essential fabrics from history till now. It’s a durable, plain-woven fabric usually made from cotton, but can also be found in linen. 

The cotton canvas is 10-20 times stronger when it’s wet. This sturdy and heavy-duty fabric finds use in many areas, but first, we will talk about its origin and history. It dates back to 3,000 BC, so let’s learn more about this extensive period!


History of Cotton Canvas fabric

History of Cotton Canvas


Brief History : Cotton Canvas


The origin of name canvas originated from either the Greek or Latin word for “cannabis”. It is derived from the Anglo-French word “canevas” which means “made of hemp” and originates from the word cannabis we mentioned earlier.

 This fabric was originally popular between painters and artists from the Venetian Renaissance. They used the fabric to create mesmerizing art pieces that we admire these days. Venice was the center of the Italian Renaissance and the Italian maritime industry, which meant that the artists repurposed the canvas from the sailcloth and made it into a canvas for painting.

 But the canvas has appeared even more back in history. Used to make sailcloth even in Ancient Egypt! 

 The fabric remains popular these days, mostly used for the same purposes art and sailcloth. Although these are the main areas where we can find canvas fabric, there are many more uses, and we’ll talk about them here.

 So stay tuned to find out the uses of canvas fabric today. 


Characteristics : How does it feel?


This fabric is used for clothes, sailcloth, painting, outdoor gear, and many other areas. So it only means that it has an extensive range of qualities like:

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Thick
  • Sturdy
  • Tightly woven
  • Windproof
  • In some cases, waterproof and flame resistant

 Because of how this fabric is woven, it tends to feel rougher to the touch compared to other cotton fabrics. 


Organic Cotton Canvas Fabric

Organic Cotton Canvas Fabric


Organic Cotton Canvas


You can now find 100 percent organic cotton canvas grown organically without using any pesticides or insecticides. 

 In a different range of products and price, online stores are real gold when it comes to buying organic fabrics.

 If you are worried about the ecological and responsible side of canvas production, don’t worry because organic cotton canvas provides precisely this!


Different Types of Canvas Fabric


Depending on the fibers used to make canvas, there are a few different types of this fabric.

  • Cotton canvas – compared to linen and hemp canvas, this one is fluffier, smoother, and stretchier, and most canvas fabric on the market consists of cotton fibers.
  • Plain canvas – most appropriate for industrial purposes, this fabric has a wide rough fiber with a relatively loose weave.
  • Linen canvas – when it comes to Ancient Egypt, this type of canvas was used to make sailcloth. This type of canvas may last longer than cotton canvas.
  • Hemp canvas – Hemp canvas can be made of fully hemp fiber or blend with linen, cotton as well. This type of fiber is a mix of the characteristics of linen and cotton. It’s wear-resistant and inflexible like linen, but on the other hand, it’s soft like cotton canvas.
  • Duck canvas – because of its smoother surface, it’s more appropriate for apparel and other products that have contact with the skin. 


Cotton Canvas VS Linen Canvas


Wondering the differences between these two popular canvas fabrics and how to choose the one for your needs? We’re going to discuss this now!

Cotton Canvas

– Most popular

– More affordable

– Soft

– Fluffy

– Stretches easier

– Has a more consistent weave

Linen Canvas

– More expensive to produce

– Stronger

– Longer-lasting

– Smoother

– Unique texture ideal for painting

You can see that both of these fabrics have great qualities and unique characteristics. It’s up to you to choose the most suitable one, depending on your needs.


Cotton Canvas VS Denim


Wondering which fabric is more robust, more durable, and better for your needs?

 Well, you are about to find out!

Cotton Canvas

– Resistant to wind and cold weather

– More durable

– Water-resistant

– Abrasion resistant

– Easy to dye

– Stiffer




– Breathable

– Comfortable

– Easy to clean

– Doesn’t shrink in size

– Softer

Now you can see the differences between these fabrics and the pros and cons. I hope that this will help in your next fabric purchase!


Cotton Canvas fabric 800 × 800 px 3


How is the cotton canvas made?


Most cotton canvas is made with two-ply yarns or two-single yarns twisted together. This method adds texture, weight, and thickness throughout the fabric. The canvas used for art is a little different. It’s a single-warp canvas made with single-ply yarn. 

 The fibers used to make cotton canvas are medium to heavy weight, thick threads that separate canvas from other cotton fabrics.

 The final touches are bleaching or dyeing. For example, the canvas used for painting will be bleached, and the producers will apply a layer of gesso. On the other hand, the canvas used for making sails won’t be bleached.

 The canvas used to make tents, apparel, and other products might be dyed.


Uses of Cotton Canvas Fabric


By now, I think you have a pretty good idea of the versatility of this fabric. Now we’re gonna talk about the uses of this fabric because they are quite a lot!

  • Painting materials
  • Accessories (handbags)
  • Shoes – I bet you’ve heard about the Converse sneakers. Nonetheless, they are made from canvas.
  • Outside gear – Tents, backpacks, sailcloth, and other camping materials.
  • Clothes – used to make pants, jackets, and other clothing garments, cotton canvas is ideal for dresses in colder conditions.
  • Crafts – often used for making DIY crafts, like scrapbooking and decoupage.


How to take care of Cotton canvas fabric?


We all want our clothes and gear to last the longest. Apply this how to care tips for having the best results in the durability of your items.


 For the deepest clean, you should wash your cotton canvas garment on the normal cycle with hot water. You shouldn’t mix colors or other fabrics together in the washing machine.


  The best option when it comes to drying is to let the item air dry. This will help the thing keep its shape and prevent the fabric from shrinking.


To remove wrinkles, you should iron on the highest temperature setting, and you can use steam as well.


Cotton Canvas by the Yard


The good thing about online shopping is that you can choose your ideal cotton canvas for your needs. 

You can choose between many patterns, price ranges, and characteristics, and there are also reviews from people that have bought the item already. So you can be sure that you’ll be paying for quality. We have some suggestions for online stores like Amazon, Etsy, and JOANN. 

Cotton Canvas by the Bolt

Let’s say that you’re opening an art school and need many canvas supplies and products for painting at once. Here comes cotton canvas by the Bolt! 100 yards is equal to one Bolt.

The best choice for you will be if you purchase all these items in bulk. This gives you a pretty big chance that the manufacturer will provide you with a discount, and you can cut some of your costs. 



  • Is cotton canvas stretchable?

 Cotton canvas stretches very easily, so it’s a good option for your artwork.

  • Is cotton canvas waterproof?

It can naturally hold water, but this fabric is not considered fully waterproof without proper coating.

  • Is cotton canvas good for summer?

This fabric has moisture absorption and a cooling effect in summer, so it’s an excellent choice for the warmer months.

  • Is cotton canvas breathable?

Even with the tight woven technique, the cotton canvas fabric is considered breathable.

  • Is cotton canvas stronger than denim?

We’ve already read that both of these fabrics are excellent choices, but the cotton canvas would be the more robust and more durable option when it comes to durability.




We hope that gives you an idea of the importance of this fabric. Through the exciting history that it has, to today’s date, it’s one of the most important fabrics! I think that now, we can appreciate the artwork done on this fabric even more, as we can see that it was able to preserve art painted many years back! 

Stay tuned because, in the following article, we’re talking about a magical, feminine fabric that I’m sure you’ll be interested in!


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