DIY Wax Strips: A Step-by-Step Easy Guide

by | Jan 8, 2024

You’ve got a party tonight. Suddenly, you see that the wax strips are finished. What would you do? Will you attend the party with hairy skin? Or instantly make an appointment in the nearby parlor?

You don’t have to do any of them. Let me tell you the easiest option. You can make DIY wax strips at home as the quickest solution. 

DIY wax strips can be made using paper magazines or used clothes. But we, the Muslin Dhaka team, suggest using fabric wax strips. 

We have more than 27 years of cumulative experience in fashion marketing and fabric research. During our extensive research in muslin strips for waxing, muslin or 100% cotton fabric strips work better in removing unwanted stubborn hair. You can use them on different parts of your body. 

So now, let’s tell you how you can make fabric strips at home. 

How to Make DIY Muslin Wax Strips?

Making DIY wax strips takes not more than 5 minutes. Below is the easiest process.

  • Step 1: Take a sheet of cotton or cotton muslin cloth like this video. Make sure it’s thin and stretchy. 
  • Step 2: Make several 3” X 9” blocks using the measuring tape. But if you want to wax smaller areas like the face and bikini, the dimensions would be 1.5” X 4”
  • Step 3: Use a sharp knife to cut the blocks and make DIY wax strips. 
  • Step 4: If you see any loose or open threads on the edges of the strips, cut them off. 
  • Step 5: At last, iron the strips on low heat. Now they are ready to use. 

Enjoy your waxing with homemade fabric strips.

Why Use Fabric Strips Over Paper Strips?

You can also try paper wax strips at home. Take your old magazines and make 3X9 size cuts for DIY one-time strips. 

But we prefer something other than paper ones. Here’s why: 

  • Paper strips aren’t reusable
  • They can’t grab and uproot stubborn hairs
  • Some paper can have chemicals or inks that can harm your delicate skin
  • Fabric strips won’t tear so easily as paper strips
  • Fabric strips hurt less than paper strips ( max time)

Most importantly, fabric strips have medical certifications of being a safer option for even sensitive waxing. But remember, you should follow the ideal guidelines for skin care after waxing. Otherwise, even using fabric strips would be of no good. 

Best Hair Removal Wax with Muslin Strips

You can think of what type of wax to use with cloth strips. Don’t worry. We won’t leave this stone unturned too. Let’s help you find the best hair remover wax for soft waxing. 

diy wax strips : best hair removal with diy muslin wax strips

Satin Smooth Zinc Oxide Hair Removal Wax

This zinc oxide wax helps to exfoliate your skin. It also keeps your skin smooth and fresh. Satin Smooth wax reduces the irritation after waxing. So, it’s ideal to use on areas with sensitive skin.For example, armpits, neck, crotch, private areas, etc. You don’t need to use anything else on your skin after using this product. 

gigi honee : best hair removal with diy muslin wax strips

GiGi All Purpose Honee Hair Removal Soft Wax

The all-purpose wax is mostly suitable for those who have very dry or rough skin. You can treat your skin to gain smoothness and moisture all at once by using this product. The honey-infused formula brings out hairs from the root to prevent further growth. It is suitable to remove all types of hair.

Clean easy : best hair removal with diy muslin wax strips

Clean + Easy Hair Removal Soft Wax

Whether you have bought a pack of muslin strips or not, you can remove this wax using any other clothes. It is good for removing stubborn hairs on any part of your body. The formula gives less pain in waxing. And there’s no possibility of this wax spilling and spoiling your dress. 

How to Clean Fabric Wax Strips?

After using your homemade wax strips, don’t throw them away. Instead, wash them and store them for any sudden emergency like today. We already described how you can clean muslin wax strips. So, check that to know more. 


Can I use sugar wax without strips?

Yes, you can. If you properly apply the sugar formula following the opposite direction of hair growth. When the coating sets properly, you can pull it off using your fingertips. 

Why is my wax strip not picking hair?

The key reasons why strips aren’t picking hair are: 1) you are not pulling from the opposite direction of hair growth. 2) the formula isn’t warm or suitable for your skin, and 3) the strips have become too old.

Can I use jeans as waxing strips?

Yes, you can use denim or jeans as waxing strips. Old and used denim clothes are soft. You can use them to create sustainable strips that can be used for several waxing sessions. 

How to wax at home?

Soft waxing or hard waxing, you can do both at home. You don’t need to be an aesthetician for it. Purchase the right equipment. Then, apply the wax opposite to the hair growth. After that, place and press the strips. Finally, pull the strips opposite to the hair. You can also read our article to know more about it. 

Can you use dryer sheets as wax strips?

Although it’s not common, you can use old dryer sheets as wax strips. But we suggest using any plain and chemical-free clothes to make homemade wax strips. They are the safest. 

diy wax strips

Summary: DIY Wax Strips

We agree that DIY wax strips might not be as effective as the best muslin wax strips. But they can still be a good essential when you don’t have the time to buy a strip roll from the market. 

Let’s give you a tip. You can buy soft and lightweight muslin sheets (less than 120 GSM) only to make professional-looking muslin strips at home. You can use those strips even for routine waxing. 

Good luck!

Shariful Alam

Shariful Alam

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