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We are reviewing the best muslin strips for waxing today. However, finding the best waxing strips isn’t as hard as finding a good wax formula. Still, people often buy poor strips that break hair instead of pulling them off the root. 

We, the Muslin Dhaka team, are researching the usability and benefits of muslin in fashion and beauty. With our 27 years of cumulative experience, we have researched all about muslin wax strips.

It took us more than 10 days in research to find out the best option, GiGi Small Natural Muslin Epilating Strips.

Now, let’s head out to our main discussion.

Why Muslin Strips for Waxing? 

At first, you might ask why muslin strips and not paper strips or any other cloth strips. Well, the reasons are:

  • Helps to exfoliate the skin
  • Effective in uprooting stubborn hair
  • Compatible with different wax formulas
  • Reusable
  • Fewer side effects

Paper strips aren’t reusable most of the time. And non-woven fabrics that aren’t muslin can give several side effects like irritation, rashes, skin bumps, etc. Most importantly, non-woven and paper strips are inorganic and less effective. 

Best Muslin Cloth for Waxing: How We Tested?

Muslin wax strips are pretty easy to find. So, we gathered 17 muslin strip packs. Each one comes from a different seller. 

We picked them by judging their popularity, public demands, and sales. In this case, some local estheticians and salon owners helped us. They told us what they and their customers liked for warm waxing. 


We knew that a muslin strip couldn’t work with all types of soft wax formulas. But we only had waxes from Clean Easy, Satin, and 3 other brands. So, we considered those 5 as the only options while scoring.

Progress to Result

Each of our research mates took 4/5 types of muslin strips from our primary collection. They used them on several areas of the body with different wax brands. 

A week after use, we collected all members’ experiences and started sorting out the best options. Finally, after 10 days of brainstorming, we listed the best waxing strips. 

Our Top Picks

Overall, we found GiGi muslin epilating strips to be the most reliable option. The product has a good reputation with some friendly features. Then come ForPro muslin wax strips that are good for mess-free waxing. 

Here’s our list of the best muslin for waxing. 

  1. GiGi Small Natural Muslin Epilating Strips Best Muslin Waxing Strips Overall
  2. ForPro Natural Muslin Epilating Strips Best for Body Waxing
  3. Maitys Body and Facial Muslin Strips Best for multiple Uses
  4. Whaline Natural Muslin Epilating Wax Strips Best for Bikini and Facial Waxing
  5. Looper Natural Muslin Epilating Face Wax Strips Best for Budget


5 Best Muslin Strips for Waxing Reviewed

There aren’t too many complicated things about muslin wax strips. So, let’s get straight into the best waxing strips.

gigi best muslin strips for waxing

  • GiGi Natural Muslin Epilating strips(Best Muslin for Waxing Overall)

Key Features

  • 1.75 X 4.5 inches
  • Facial hair removal
  • 100 strips

Even if you’re waxing from a salon, you must’ve heard the brand, Gigi. Gigi muslin strips pack has been the best option till now. 

The GiGi strip set we tested was best for facial and Brazilian waxing. Finely woven fabric pulls off the hair from the root. After waxing, it felt like there was never any hair before. You can also find the larger pack for body waxing. That also has the same features as this one. 

In this product, the muslin is thin. Yet, wax is unable to penetrate through the threads. The whole waxing process finishes clean and flawless by using this product. 


  • Perfect professional waxing
  • Long lasting effects
  • Very few aftereffects


  • Thinner than other options for body waxing

Our Verdict

There’s no need to suggest where to use this product. You can use it any way you like. Just make sure you bought the right wax and learned the right way to wax. GiGi muslin for waxing will do the rest. 

TraitsOur opinionRating
Best applicable forSensitive and small areas4.65/5.00
DurabilitySustainable and reusable4.80/5.00

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ForPro best Muslin Strip for waxing

  • ForPro Natural Muslin Epilating Strips (Best for Body Waxing)

Key Features

  • 3 X 9 inches
  • All area waxing
  • 100 strips

The muslin fabric used here is very good for waxing. It is compatible with any type of warm wax. The threads quickly get attached to the warm wax and pull off the hair from the roots. You don’t need to rub strips too much for better results. 

Although it’s not a pain-free wax strip. But the after-effects remain minimal with this product. No extra skin care is needed when you wax with this pack


  • Zero shading
  • Very soft
  • Clean waxing


  • Thickness can be an issue for facial hair removal

Our Verdict

If you are in a hurry and need to remove body hairs quickly, this option would be great. Flawless waxing helps you to get ready for the party within a few minutes. 

TraitsOur opinionRating
Best applicable forLarge and thick4.50/5.00
DurabilitySustainable 4.75/5.00
CompatibilityAlmost every wax4.80/5.00
SizingIdeal 4.70/5.00

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Maitys best muslin for waxing

  • Maitys Body and Facial Muslin Strips (Best for Musltiple Uses)

Key Features

  • 2.8 X 7.9 inches
  • Whole body application
  • 100 strips

Despite being thick, the muslin fabric is soft enough to use on the belly and knees. The thickness ensures durability. You can clean and use an old strip as much as you want. 

Maitys muslin epilating strips don’t feature anything extraordinary. Yet, we loved it because of the mess-free uses. The clean and long-lasting option can give you salon-like waxing at home. 


  • Very durable
  • Multiple uses after cleaning
  • Almost painless waxing on thick skins


  • Waxing on facial and bikini skin can be painful

Our Verdict

The seller suggests all types of applications with the product. But we found that using thick sheets to remove facial hair is painful. So, you better use it on your body parts. 

TraitsOur opinionRating
Best applicable forEverywhere except the face & bikini4.45/5.00
DurabilityPleasing & reusable, but due to the thickness4.70/5.00
CompatibilityRegular waxes4.75/5.00
SizingStandard 4.60/5.00

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Whaline best muslin strips for waxing

  • Whaline Muslin Wax Strips (Best for Bikini and Facial Waxing)

Key Features

  • 2.8 X 7.9 inches
  • Facial and Brazilian waxing
  • 200 strips

By looking at the size, you might think it’s a good option for large areas like the chest and legs. But actually, it’s better if you use it on sensitive skin. You can cut these strips into small pieces for convenient use. 

These strips are thin. And they are also less stretchy. Using soft and thin straps can ensure less pain while waxing eyebrows or lower abdomen. Over-stretchy fabric can hurt while pulling off with force. 


  • Edges won’t fray after cuts
  • Great compatibility
  • Less pain


  • Sheds a lot
  • Can’t be stored for a long time

Our Verdict

This product is good. But when it’s fairly new. A fabric that has a shedding issue can leave fabric particles a lot when it becomes old. So, you better use a epilator from this pack not more than 2 or 3 times. Apart from that, this product works great. 

TraitsOur opinionRating
Best applicable forFace and bikini4.50/5.00
DurabilityVery durable  when new4.40/5.00
CompatibilityPopular wax products4.50/5.00
SizingPerfect, also customizable4.80/5.00

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loopeer best muslin for waxing

  • Looper Natural Muslin Epilating Face Wax Strips (Best for Budget)

Key Features

  • 3.9 X 1.5 inches, 8 X 2.8 inches
  • Whole body application
  • 200 small strips and 100 large strips

Buy this pack and forget that you have to buy strips again shortly. The Looper muslin strips are mainly for facial hair removal. But you can use them to eliminate hair from other body parts and limbs. 

Each muslin strip comes with zero smell. After waxing, you can only smell the fragrance of the wax, nothing else. A decent wash is enough to make these strips reusable afterward. 


  • Can be cut for size adjustments
  • Strong fibers
  • Easy to clean


  • Threads come out when stretched too much

Our Verdict

This is a big pack. Those who frequently rely on waxing at home should buy this. It’s a great deal within the price. 

TraitsOur opinionRating
Best applicable forAnywhere4.75/5.00
CompatibilityPopular wax products4.50/5.00

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Muslin Wax Strips Alternative:Non woven Fleece Stripes For Warm Wax

Key Features

  • Whole body application
  • 150 strips

Although it isn’t a pack of muslin for waxing. We still chose it because of its skin-friendly benefits. The product is good for both sensitive and normal skin. You can try your preferred wax with it. Also, this product is reusable like other muslin strips. 


  • Durable and reusable
  • Compatible with all wax types. 
  • Natural material


  • Strips are small. One might require too many strips to wax arms and legs

Our Verdict

As an alternative option, having this strip is fair enough. But this thing can’t be the same as muslin wax strips. So, try it anywhere except the bikini parts. 

TraitsOur opinionRating
Best applicable forNormal skin areas4.25/5.00
CompatibilityMost warm waxes4.80/5.00
SizingNot good3.50/5.00

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buying guide : Muslin strips for waxing

Buying Guide: Best Muslin Strips for waxing

7 of the 10 times, all muslin strips for waxing have the same features. So, follow this short buying guide to find the best muslin for waxing :

Wax Formula

Before any purchase, know what type of wax you’re using. All strips aren’t compatible with every wax formula. 

Strip Size

For waxing larger areas, the ideal size is 3” X 9”. But for small areas like private parts and the face, go for 2” X 5” or less


Epilating strips shouldn’t be too thick. It should be something that you can call less thinner than single gauze sheets. 

Skin Type

To use on soft skins buy muslin strips that are thin, small, and softer. We prefer a little stiff, thick, and large strips for thick and big areas. 

Pre-cut or Roll

Epilating rolls give you the freedom to choose your size. But it can leave loose threads and shading. Instead, try buying pre-cut rolls that are precise and convenient. 


Most muslin wax strips are reusable. Strips that are smooth, soft, and precise on borders are reusable 5 to 6 times. 

Seller Reputation

GiGi and ForPro are the most reliable brands for the best waxing strips. You need to pick them or any other brands with a similar reputation for safe and effective waxing. 


You can find a pack of 100 by spending around $9. A larger pack of combo can cost 5-7$ extra. The accurate price depends on a few factors like time, size, and number of the strips. 


  • What is the best material to wear after waxing?

Muslin or cotton muslin dresses are the best options to wear after waxing. Muslin fabrics are soft and breathable. They can treat your skin well and prevent post-waxing rashes and itchiness. So, we suggest using muslin tops or shirts

  • Should I put baby powder before using wax strips?

You can use a small amount of baby powder on the area for waxing. It can help to keep the area dry and prepared for getting wax. 

  • How many times you have to wax before hair stops growing?

You need to wax a specific area for almost a year to make it hairless. First, waxing will slow down the growth of new hair from the root. The root will slowly stop growing hair after a long-term waxing treatment. 

  • What can I use instead of muslin cloth for waxing?

You can use heavy cotton fabrics like denim or canvas sheets for waxing. You can also switch from fabric and use magazine sheets or baking papers as DIY waxing strips. 

  • Is waxing best for pubic hair?

Waxing has no major side effects. But the pubic area is very delicate. Unlike other skin areas, pubic parts and surroundings can get rash and itchiness easily. So, you better shave or trim rather than wax on those areas. 

  • Does waxing make your skin loose?

Using the wrong waxing items can cause irritation or rashes to your skin. But there’s no medical proof that waxing makes one look old and puts wrinkles. Some organic waxes can even nourish your skin. 

Final Thoughts: Muslin for Waxing

Let’s sum up the whole thing in short. 

Our champion in the list of best muslin wax strips is GiGi Small Natural Muslin Epilating Strips. It’s hard to find any flaw in this product. The runner-up is ForPro Natural Muslin Epilating Strips for its salon-like performance. On third, we have Maitys epilating strips that you can buy when you can’t afford to order new strips now and then. 

Besides, you can check our complete buying guide if you want to choose things in your way. Thus, we hope you were able to find what you were looking for from today’s discussion. 

Happy Skin Caring!

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