Excellent Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket Review

by | Dec 23, 2023

Today, we are showing you our very own Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket review. 

I am Sakib, a fabric researcher of the Muslin Dhaka team. Our team has some of the best fashion designers, home decor experts, and textile designers. We have 37 years of cumulative experience in fashion marketing. 

Like many others, the Muslin Comfort 365 blanket’s craze got our attention too. So, we decided to test this item ourselves. 

Last month, our team bought a 365 blanket. I personally used it at my home for a week. Then, my other teammates did some practical tests to find the true quality of this blanket. 

Keep reading till the end to know everything about Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket. 

Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket Overview

Before reviewing the product and sharing my experience, here’s a short overview of the famous 365 blanket.

A Short Brief on Muslin Comfort

The idea of making the brand was from Shyla Michelle. She suffered worse bedtimes due to poor bedding quality. So, she thought of making something of her own. 

Why did she pick muslin for bedding? In an interview, she said she got this idea from the soft muslin swaddle blankets that were warm, breathable, and soft; good for hot sleepers like her. So, she copied the concept of swaddling babies with muslin and invented big muslin blankets to snug and swaddle “Big Babies”.

When she succeeded in making quality muslin beddings, she decided to go commercial. From 2019 to today, Muslin Comfort has become an American brand for adult muslin products. 

Muslin Comfort now collects rich muslin fabrics from across the world to make the best muslin blankets. Special thanks to Shyla’s two little boys and her husband. They helped to test and make amazing muslin beddings at the beginning. Without them, she wouldn’t have made it this far. 

What is the Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket?

7 out of 10 times, experts and people around me would recommend the Muslin Comfort 365 blanket to me as one of the best muslin bedding. So, it grew my curiosity. We researched for about a week. Then ordered one to test. 

This blanket is an ideal replacement for heavy and uncomfortable comforters or quilts. The lightweight fabric with pure muslin texture weighs less than many other beddings at stores. 

From babies to adults, everyone can use this item. The seller already mentioned that this blanket is oversized. So that no one feels short of covers during sleep. 

Are muslin comfor good?

Are Muslin Comfort 365 Good?

Even if you haven’t used this product, you can tell the quality by seeing the Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket reviews on the official site. This is a revolutionary product on the market. It has set the standards for muslin blankets higher than before. 

Personally, these features of 365 Blanket attracted me the most:

  • 8 layers of pure muslin cotton
  • 100%  organic construction
  • Durable seamlines
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Good for both hot and cold sleepers

Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket Reviewed 

Now, I am sharing my experience and thoughts after using this popular Muslin Comfort 365 blanket. 

  • Packaging

The product came in a stiff cartoon with not too many tags or tapes. We opened it easily. Inside, we saw the blanket was folded perfectly. A thick thread was used to tie the product. Maybe, it was also made of organic materials. 

Overall, the packaging was safe and decent. I didn’t smell anything odd after unboxing the blanket.

  • Size

We ordered the queen size. The dimension was 110×110 inches. Although queen blankets are generally 90×90. The seller deliberately made the product large to cover up the bed frame too. 

Thankfully, I had a high-profile bed. So, the blanket didn’t spread on the floor. 

If you share your bed, this product can be a good option. Even if you fought with your partner and both slept on different corners of the bed ( joking). You both are still under this blanket! 

  • Design

Our 365 blanket was White. The waffle texture on top loudly stated the fabrics were pure muslin fabric. The borders and edges were smooth. And there were no loose or open threads in the construction. 

Seemed like the QC was very strict on delivering quality items. Most importantly, all 8 layers of loose weave fabric were attached precisely. Felt like the layers were stuck together to make a solid single layer. 

Muslin Comfort 365 blanket weight ( queen size)

  • Weight

Let me tell you about myself first. I’m a chubby man weighing 200 pounds. That’s why I am a hot sleeper. I feel suffocated by anything 100% heat insulative and heavy.

So, I was doubtful whether the 365 could help me sleep well or not. But the product proved me wrong. 

From day one, my body adjusted to the weight and insulation ratio of those muslin fabrics. It made me think that Muslin Comfort 365 was made exactly for my body type. But my girlfriend, who is a petite, also loved it. 

When I checked the weight, it was below 7 lbs. 

It is one of the top-selling points of this blanket. Instead of making the product heavier for warmth, there are several light muslin fabrics to regulate the temperature. 

  • Heat Insulation

The weather isn’t extremely cold yet in our area. Still, we need something to keep us warm. 

Muslin Comfort 365 blanket does this job pretty well. We wondered how this much light and soft product had kept us cozy. 

The answer lies in the construction of this muslin fabric. The loose weave creates millions of pockets that can store your body temperature. Another benefit of this loose weave is you can use the blanket every season. It keeps your body temperature right in most conditions. Neither too hot nor too cold. 

But I think you’d need another blanket or muslin comforter over this 365 during bone-chilling winter. 

  • Breathability

I have a habit of keeping my one foot out of the blanket to keep myself cool and dry. But I slept covering my whole body like a caterpillar in a cocoon with this blanket. 

Yet, I was completely dry. Maybe lightweight and loose weave fabrics are the reasons behind this. 

  • Softness

Yes, the organic muslin fabrics made this product so soft that you feel wearing a light cotton overcoat on your body while put on this blanket. 

You will enjoy snuggling your skin with this product. But I didn’t because I already have someone to snuggle with on my bed! 

  • Decoration

The signature style of muslin fabrics, the waffle texture, is only what comes with the Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket. But other design & color options are available with unique prints too. You can see them on the seller page. 

However, I’m not too fond of decorating my bedroom with stylish designs. I’m a minimalistic guy. So, I liked how the product is simple and superb. The white  color made the bedroom look elegant and eye-soothing. 

  • Maintenance

We know that muslin fabrics shrink around 5-8% after several washes. A big plus point is this blanket came prewashed. So, there’s no chance of the fabrics getting shrunk or wrinkled anytime soon. 

We used mild detergent to clean the blanket after a week of use. We put the blanket inside the washing machine in gentle mode. Nothing occurred. So, the bedding is easy to clean. You can take care of it like you do with other muslin bedding items. 

Finally, We love most about this brand commitment towards sustainability. Highly efficient in Co2, waste water treatment & Zero Liquid Discharge makes it more eco friendly. The factory runs on solar power! 


Finding flaws in this product is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even so, we found some facts that might be issues for a few users. However, we didn’t find them discouraging. 

  • Loose Weave

The construction is intentionally loose weave to make the bedding an everyday-use option. But using loose weave blankets or quilts on chilly winter nights can be a tough call. 

We didn’t get to use the 365 blankets during the New Year weeks when the temperature stays very low. But we can say that we’d need another light quilt over this muslin 365 blanket. 

  • Oversize

Yes, we told you earlier that extra length and width are bonuses to people who share their beds pretty often. 

But when you have a low-profile bed, some parts of this blanket get spread over the floor. The light-colored 365 can be dirty or stained within no time. 

We had a plain mattress in the living room. We placed the blanket over it. We saw one-third of the blanket was on the floor. 

Sometimes having a few of the throw blankets over the designed floor is aesthetic. In the long run, it becomes an issue of maintenance, however. 

  • Price

When we made the purchase, each Muslin Comfort 365 size was more or less than $200. Honestly, the price is way more than the standard range. 

Last month, we also bought a CosyBay Feather Comforter. It had a cotton muslin construction on top. This item is also for everyday use and has a very luxurious outlook. Yet, it cost us less than $100, excluding delivery charges. 

So, we think the price should’ve been 30-60 dollars less than what’s now. 

Our Personal Opinion & Rating

Talking about our personal opinion, we’re fully satisfied. 

Our team also cross checked some other facts. Like the size and softness after washing, different uses like on sleep couches or bus seats, etc. Every test gave us positive outcomes. 

Heat Insulation8.50/10
Other uses8.00/10

From most points of view, a Muslin comfort 365 blanket is a good-to-go option if you can afford it. 

Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket Alternatives

Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket Alternatives

No matter how good the 365 blanket is, it is pricey. Spending around 200 dollars without a shipping charge for just one blanket seems expensive. We suggest a few alternatives. 

Here are the best Muslin comfort 365 blanket alternatives :

EMME Throw Blanket 

This is the most popular muslin blanket currently. It weighs less than 2 pounds with 4 cotton muslin layers. Each layer has air pockets to keep you cozy, warm, and dry. The threads are strong too. The blanket won’t tear or fade so easily. 

This is the best alternative to the muslin comfort blanket. It has almost all the features you get from the 365. Plus, the price is within your limits. 


  • Soft finish
  • All seasons
  • Durable fabric


  • Just covers the mattress only

Check products from Amazon

PHF 100% Cotton Muslin Blanket

Want something safer than the EMME throw blanket? Then try this one. The product is safe to use for all members of your family. Even pet dogs and cats would love this item to snuggle with. 

You can use this blanket any way you like. The colors and finishes suit every home decor perfectly. 


  • OEKO-TEX certification
  • All seasons
  • Multipurpose


  • Not completely soft

Check products from Amazon

Utopia Bedding 100% Cotton Blanket

This is another natural alternative that you must try. The cotton muslin blanket has a unique texture, unlike the usual muslin fabric. There are several plain and waffled boxes all around the surface to make a simple yet eye-catching design. 

The price range is also decent. You can use this product for colder seasons due to its tighter weave construction.


  • Unique finish
  • 100% cotton
  • Best for cold temperatures


  • A little heavy

Check products from Amazon

Want to know about more muslin blankets? Read our list of best muslin blankets. We also made a different list for comforters too. 

Conclusion : Muslin Comfort 365 blanket review

Our verdict remains the same as other users. Muslin Comfort 365 blanket is one of the best bedding items on the market. 

But there’s another way of thinking. You can buy any of the best alternatives to 365 Blanket. Use the rest of the money for you. I think this idea will work great for most of us. 

If you have the budget to buy this blanket, then don’t wait. Go for it. Otherwise, you can take our suggestions to buy something similar

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