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by | Dec 8, 2022

We are going to talk about a different type of cotton right now. And that is brushed cotton. Brushed cotton fabric does not come from a different plant or anything. It is just processed cotton that creates a fluffy texture. Brushed cotton is a fun fabric to use. Let’s dive in !!

What is brushed cotton fabric?

Brushed cotton is a type of cotton fabric where the fabric’s surface has been roughened on one or both sides. Any process or anything does not specifically harvest it, but the manufacturing process makes it special. This process takes regular cotton to the next level of aesthetics and functionality. The brushing technique has been used for many centuries to create fine wool fabrics.

How to make brushed cotton?

We know every cotton has a few steps that convert the fiber to fabric. After harvesting, the balls go through ginning, carding, combing, spinning, and weaving.

After the weave, there comes the step of brushing. In this step, weaved fabric goes under brushing and combing, raising the fabric’s surface. Metal brushes rub the fabric deliberately to produce fine fibers from the woven yarns. This process breathes extra softness onto the surface of the fabric.

A flame is used to singe away any raised fibers so its surface is smooth. But while making brushed cotton, it goes through the opposite treatment. Instead of smoothing the fluff, it is exaggerated. Brushed cotton is similar to fine wool cloth. The brushing process has been done for centuries. People used to use the dry, spikey head to make the fluff on the fabric.

Characteristics of brushed cotton fabric

How is it feeling?

Characteristics of brushed cotton fabric

– The raised fluffy fibers of brushed cotton traps air particles. It improves the insulation capacities of the fabric.

– Brushed cotton has less contact with the skin, reducing the heat being conducted away from our body.

– Brushed cotton gives protection against wind chill but does not make your body overheat. Clothes made from brushed cotton can be worn in all weather conditions.

Flannel brushed cotton

Till now, I’ve shared that brushed cotton is brushed on one side. But what if we brush the fabric on both sides? There comes flannel! After the weave, this fabric is brushed on both sides. 

Flannel used to be made of wool since the 17th century. But by the 20th century, textile manufacturing companies were making them from cotton. As the fabric is brushed on both sides, it is much fuzzier, warmer, and thicker than brushed fabric.

Uses of brushed Cotton

Uses of brushed Cotton

Uses of brushed cotton fabric:

  1. Cold weather clothing-  the fluffy brushed cotton is very comfortable for cold weather. As it blocks the air and keeps the heat in the body, brushed shirts or dresses are best to wear in winter.
  2. Outdoor wearing- Brushed fabrics are easily washable, and the color also stays for a long time. That’s why brushed cotton has quite an impression on outdoor wear.
  3. Pajama and sleepwear- brushed cotton are extremely soft to the touch. For this, brushed cotton fabrics are extremely comfortable for cozy weather. 
  4. Blankets and other home decor- brushed cotton blankets are classic. They’ll keep you warm and cozy all season. They are also used for bedsheets, and drapery because of their soft woven fabric.

How to take care of Brushed Cotton?

In this section we share how to care brushed cotton for better performance.

How to Wash Brushed Cotton fabric?

  1. Separate your clothes according to color- Before washing make sure you sort your clothes according to colour. It’s always better to separate light-colored clothes from dark colored clothes. 
  2. Do some pre-treatment before washing- The first time you put your brushed cotton to the wash, add 120ml of white vinegar to decrease the possibility of forming pills. As a bonus, the vinegar’s acidity will lock the fabric’s color. It may also help keep your sheets fluffy and oily residue-free.
  3. Set your washing machine at a low temperature- wash your flannel or brushed cotton at warm temperature. Some manufacturers recommend that the water be cold. Try following washing tips to keep your fabric fluffy.
  4. Add mild detergent- To help your clothes to last longer without fading, use natural detergents. Natural laundry detergent is also better for the environment. You can use it without concern as well. Most importantly, avoid bleaching detergents to prevent fading.
  5. Run your machine in a low cycle- Keep it on a low cycle for machine washing. Minimal agitation will save your fabric from any harm to the delicate weaves. If your machine has no different cycle options, run it for the shortest duration.

How to Dry Brushed cotton Fabric?

  1. Dry on low heat- drying brushed fabric with too high a temperature can cause shrinkage and pilling. Always select the lowest available heat setting to keep the fabric unharmed.
  2. Allow them to air dry- air drying is always the best option. The warmth of the sun helps them dry faster. Also, sunlight is a great natural disinfectant and deodorizer. It will help to keep your clothes safe from being dumped for a period of time. Air drying may take longer, but you know, laundry itself is a lengthy process. Take plenty of time to have a carefree usage.
  3. Keep them on a dry shelf- It’s always good to keep your clothes in a dry place.

How to care Brushed cotton fabric?

How to care?

Extend the lifespan of your brushed flannel clothes

Stains are very common for cloth use. As brushes or flannels are easy to care for, you should maintain some process to extend the lifespan of your clothes.

1. Wash any stains immediately- Once stains are set into a soft surface like brushed cotton, it will be next to impossible to remove them. If anything spills accidentally, blot the area with a damp cloth.

– While washing the whole fabric, add one-quarter to one half a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine as it fits.

– To remove stains like coffee or red wine, use warm water, hydrogen peroxide, and mild liquid detergent.

– Don’t scrub the sheets too much; over time, it’s possible to wear holes into the fabric. 

2. Avoid using fabric softener- Using fabric softener can cause your brushed cotton to waxy over time. Also, the chemicals of fabric softener can harm the fiber staples.

How to Iron brushed cotton?

After washing, every cotton fabric shrinks more or less. If you dry your brushed cotton fabric over a board, it may shrink less. But if you air dry them or dry them on a dryer, they’ll shrink. Properly ironing them will give you a nice smart look.

  1. Warm up your iron– warm your iron in the cotton option. Don’t warm the iron on maximum heat. Some of the fluffed fiber might burn. 
  2. Prepare your fabric- try to iron your brushed fabric while it’s a bit dump. Set it on the board properly to get a fine, smooth, and wrinkleless fabric.
  3. Iron properly- press the iron gently. Watch out for the collars and buttons. And your fabric is ready to roll.

Organic brushed cotton

Organic brushed cotton

Organic brushed cotton fabric

As we know, organic cotton grows without any chemicals involved in harvesting. The process prohibits the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. So the fabric is absolutely pure in form. As brushed cotton is a manufactured form of cotton, it has the beautiful qualities of organic cotton. The fabric made from organic brushed cotton is more sustainable, durable, and environment friendly.

How to sew brushed cotton?

Brushed cotton is the easiest to sew. Inexperienced learners can start to learn sewing with brushed cotton. The cotton is pretty heavy and easy to handle. So if you are a beginner and want to learn sewing, brushed cotton is one of your best choices.

To know a bit more see the Tips to sew Cotton.

Printing on brushed cotton

Printing on brushed cotton is an easy job. You can do your artwork and use your photos and your own design easily. You can make your pattern small or big and do whatever you want with your piece of brushed cotton.

Advantages of brushed cotton

– Brushed cotton is durable

– Despite being a fluffy fabric, it is breathable.

– The elasticity of the fabric is better.

– Very soft to the touch.

– Easy to wash and care for.

Disadvantages of brushed cotton

– The main disadvantage of brushed cotton is pilling. To avoid pilling, pay attention to the process of using and cleaning.

Brushed cotton fabric by the Yard

Brushed cotton fabric by the Yard

Brushed cotton fabric by the yard

The finest quality of brushed cotton is very suitable for dressmaking and home crafts specially bedding. You can buy brushed cotton fabric by the yard or by the meter. Brushed cotton prices from 6 to 15 USD per yard on average. The price range is never fixed. It may vary from time to time. Depends on fabric quality, type and other variables!

You can buy brushed cotton fabric from local markets or shop online. Some online sites you can rely to buy brushed cotton fabric by the yard are Mood Fabric, Etsy, The Fabric Guys, Amazon, etc.


1. How to take care of brushed cotton sheets?

– It is almost the same as regular cotton. You can machine wash and dry them regularly.

2. How should I wash my brushed cotton?

– A brushed flannel cotton is a medium-weight fabric. You can wash your fabric following the rules that the care label allows. It will remove the germs and dust mites from your cloth. 

3. How often should I wash my brushed cotton or flannel sheets?

– If you use your brushed cotton regularly, make sure to maintain good hygiene. 

4. What is the distinction between regular cotton and brushed cotton?

– Brushed cotton is a specific form of cotton. It goes through a special finishing process that produces a smooth satin-like sheen, where cotton fabrication is finished in weaving.

5. Can I wash brushed cotton in hot water?

– Extreme hot water can cause fading or shrinkage. Wash your brushed cotton fibers with cool or warm water.

6. Should I use fabric softener?

– Using a fabric softener or conditioner will keep your brushed cotton smooth and softer.

7. How do I bring back the fluffiness in old brushed fabric?

– Give a regular wash to your clothes. Then soak it for 3-4 days in salty or bicarbonate of soda water for 3-4 days. The fluffiness of your brushed clothes shall be back.

8. Is 100% cotton the same as brushed cotton?

– 100% cotton does not have any other qualities added to it. But brushed cotton is a combination of various fabric structures that are put together. 100% cotton can also be brushed.

9. Does brushed cotton need ironing?

– Yes, if needed, you can iron your brushed cotton. But it requires minimal ironing for its easy care quality.

10. Why my brushed cotton sheets pill?

– Brushed cotton sheets pill more than other regular sheets because the surface has so many fuzzy fibers stitching out from it. If you toss and turn more at night or dry your sheets for a long, they will pill more.

Wrap Up

Brushed cotton is absolutely a wonderful version of cotton fabric. As a consumer, I love wearing them in cozy, cold weather. In this article, I have tried to give you a general idea of brushed cotton from a consumer’s and a researcher’s point of view. I hope you like it. Don’t miss our other blogs for you. Cheers!!

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