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As the name suggests, unbleached muslin fabric is natural without any chemical treatment or bleaching. Muslin is made from specific organic cotton. It usually contains a natural pigment that contributes to its warmer off-white color. The bleaching process removes the natural color agent from the cotton fibers. It makes the cotton fabric brighter and cooler white. 

So, what are the characteristics of Unbleached muslin fabric? How is it different from bleached muslin? What are the benefits of unbleached muslin fabric? How to buy the best? This article has all the answers!

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Unbleached Muslin vs. Bleached Muslin

Unbleached muslin is 100% natural, while bleached muslin is chemically treated to a brighter white. Unbleached muslin is slightly goldish off-white. Bleached ones are very bright and reflect more light. 

The bleaching process of muslin involves chemicals such as chlorine, hydrogen, peroxide, etc. However, these chemicals are not usually harmful if they are properly washed and dried. But if you love using chemical-free and organic products, unbleached muslin clothes are for you.

Both bleached and unbleached muslin are used to make printed fabrics. 

unbleached muslin fabric features

Features of Unbleached Muslin

Unbleached muslin has characteristics that are almost similar to bleached ones. But there are a few differences. Let’s check out the features.

  • Unbleached muslin is warmish off-white as it contains some natural pigments. 
  • Unbleached muslin has almost no chance of skin irritation, allergies, or other skin conditions. It’s important to note that bleached cotton fabric also does not cause any issues normally. Still, improper bleaching processes may increase the risk.
  • Unbleached muslin fabric may have a slightly different texture.
  • It may be slightly less softer than the bleached ones.

Expert tips: Wash unbleached muslin with mild detergent and cold water. Air drying or low-heat drying is the best way to preserve its quality.

Unbleach cotton muslin fabric uses

Uses and Benefits of Unbleached Muslin Fabric

Level A quality unbleached muslin fabric is entirely natural and free from chemicals. This feature makes it suitable for many fashion and daily life uses. Check them out in the points below.

  • The unbleached muslin fabric’s cozy white color can easily suit various styles and fashions. From cosplay fabrics to casual outfits, unbleached muslin can never go wrong as a fashion fabric.
  • Unbleached cotton is healthier, more environment-friendly, and skin-friendly.
  • Super comfortable and breathable clothes. This apparel can be your best friend in summertime.
  • Provides better results while used as a diffuser in photography and cinematography in theater.
  • Suitable for children’s clothes and blankets.
  • It has a low natural light drape, so it will not be very bright in the eyes.
  • It can be used as a kitchen appliance, such as cloth to squeeze milk curdles. Great for cheese cloth.
  • Unbleached cotton muslin fabric can be used as upholstery fabric for your sofa, chairs, and other furniture. It will save your furniture from dirt and increase appeal. 
  • Excellent choice for embroidery craft projects or as a quilting fabric. As it is soft and comfortable to work on, you can use it for learning sewing patterns.
  • Its softness resembles chiffon fabric. 
  • It can be used as a utility fabric. You can use it for dusting or covering household appliances. 

Fun fact: Did you know American painter Jackson Pollock used unbleached muslin as a canvas for their paintings? Those paintings are amazing!

How much does unbleached muslin cost?

By the Yard & By The bolt

The price of unbleached muslin ranges from $2.50 to $8.50 per yard. It depends on the quality and where you buy it. Generally, Amazon is an excellent place to purchase unbleached muslin. Most companies sell it in fabric rolls by the yard. A yard is equal to 3 feet of fabric width.

For bulk, people prefer to buy the bolt. One bolt is generally 40 yards, as per the US. However, depending on fabric varieties, places, etc., a bolt could be 30 yards to even 100 yards.

best unbleached muslin fabric & where to buy

Where to buy the best unbleached muslin fabric?

Before telling where, let’s know which first. That means which are the best unbleached muslin to buy. The best unbleached muslin fabrics are 👍

You can buy these from a reputable local store, but the best option is to buy from AmazonEtsy, and other online brands.

How to care Unbleached Muslin fabric?

Unbleached muslin cloths are machine washable, but wash them with medium settings to reserve their quality for longer. Use a mild eco-friendly detergent to wash muslin fabric.

Like all cotton fabric, washing may cause shrinkage, but ironing it will easily fix it. A lower temperature is recommended for ironing muslin fabric. To store unbleached muslin cloth for a long time, 


Check out the common questions and answers about the topic.

Does muslin shrink by washing?

Yes, muslin shrinks when washed and dried. As it is cotton fabric, it is very likely to shrink, but you can fix it by ironing it.

Is unbleached cotton the same as muslin?

No, unbleached cotton fabric can be any cotton fabric. While muslin is a type of cotton fabric. We can say all muslins are cotton, but not all cottons are Muslin! 

Is muslin cloth expensive?

Muslin clothes that we wear are not usually expensive. Not expensive compared to the dhak muslin of the old days. However, depending on the quality & design, there are expensive muslin too.

Is unbleached cotton the same as muslin?

No, unbleached cotton fabric is not the same as muslin. There are many types of cotton fabric, and muslin is one of them. Every type of cotton fabric, including muslin, can be bleached or unbleached.

What is the difference between 100% cotton and muslin fabric?

Muslin is a type of cotton fabric made with plain weaving. But there can be many different types of pure cotton fabric.


Unbleached muslin is one of the purest natural fabrics. It may be less bright but has a sweet, warm color. This versatile organic fabric is perfect for baby clothes, blankets, kitchen appliances, and other general uses like fashion, covering furniture, or cleaning. Compared to bleached muslin, it is warmer in color, safer, and Sustainable. 

See the deatils of bleached muslin fabric to get full idea.

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