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by | May 26, 2022

The bib is a common garment that has been used for centuries for child care and sometimes adults. This light, helpful piece of garment is a great assistant for mothers who have newborns. Bibs are mostly made with cotton fabrics. Because of its high absorbency, muslin cotton is considered the best cloth for bibs. And we all know muslin provides the best quality cotton fabric experience. Because of its excellent weaving pattern and texture.

A few days ago, I went to see a friend of mine see his newborn son. At that time, I made myself buy some things as gifts for baby and mom. So that I got them to include in my cart. There was a collection of colorful bibs with eye-catching embroidery and print. But I stuck to one of them made with muslin cotton which was excellently light, soft, and nice looking.

However, muslin isn’t a new thing for me, I have spent days and years working with this distinguished cotton fabric. So, I found muslin bib is a perfect solution for drooling babies as it is an excellent moisture retention fabric. In the below article, we have discussed many properties of muslin and other different types of baby bibs. Now let’s jump into it.


Muslin Bib

Muslin Bib

What are muslin bibs for?

Muslin bibs are specially made for infants who drool a lot. It is also used when feeding babies because they make a huge noise while eating. Sometimes, moms have a difficult time feeding babies as they stain food on their clothes. It makes them dirty. To get rid of it, bibs are used to cover the chest and neck. So it can help keep babies clean while feeding.

So why muslin for bibs? Muslin is a versatile fabric that has many important uses. The fabric provides great comfort when used for clothing. It is also used for various household purposes such as making butter & cheese, upholstery, wall art, etc. Yet, many mothers claimed muslin fabrics are exceptionally good for babies. Muslins are soft, breathable, and plain woven to include smooth texture. Thus, it is used for baby cleaning, making comfortable clothes, bibs, blankets, etc.

What are the different types of baby bibs?

There are different types of bibs to consider. Although they all have a similar purpose to use, they are different in look and may include unique features. There are also variations in the bib materials such as cotton, muslin, polyester, paper, silicone, etc.

If you are buying baby bibs from the market; check different types first and choose the best one for your baby. People often ask which type of bib is perfect for their children at certain ages. That all depends on the baby’s nature & condition. Here are the different types of baby bibs for your consideration.

Fabric bib

These are the traditional and the common types of bibs you can see everywhere. They are fabric-made bibs that come with funny shapes, art, and print on them. It includes two strips of cloth on the neck part of the bib to tie it and cover the neck–chest area of the bib.

Whatever fabric is used, it should be natural absorbent. A pocket on the front side would work well to catch spoiled foods.

Waterproof bib

Best bib for covering your baby when you are on a bus, car, or in public places. This type of waterproof bib is perfect for drooling babies, and also works well when you are giving water. Unlike traditional bibs, waterproof bibs don’t stick with messy foods so they don’t need to wash vigorously. A mild rinse after every use and dry.

Disposable bib

As the name implies, disposable bibs are made for one-time use. Put it on your baby when you are feeding and discard it after use. They aren’t reusable so washing disposable bibs won’t make any sense. Besides feeding babies, disposable bibs are used for other applications.

You can find disposable bibs for adults which are larger in size. Generally, this type of bib is made from paper or plastic so they are good absorbent but not recommended to use always. Also, this is the cheapest bib solution compared with fabric bibs available.

Full body bib

Full body bibs are for covering the whole body like the regular clothing of your baby. They are available in full sleeve and half sleeve. The colorful print design makes them perfect for outdoor use. However, full-body bibs are not made of cotton, but of polyester fabric.

TPU coating is also included there. So, they have good waterproof properties and a catch-all pocket will keep your baby free from getting dirty.

Bandana Bib

Want to make your baby look stylish while wearing bibs? You may be looking for something like a bandana that can also act as a bib. Bandana Bibs are the best choice for fashion-conscious moms.

However, bandana bibs are just like regular fabric bibs. But the stylish appearance makes them unique and highly demandable. Bandana bibs can be used for any age.  They have excellent softness, breathability, and light weight.

What bib is best for a baby?

What bib is best for a baby?

What bib is best for a baby?

There are different types of bibs with different fabric materials and characteristics. Now if you are on the verge of buying some bibs for your baby, you may wonder which one to choose. Although, most of them are specially designed for children. You can take a look at each type to decide which one would be best for your baby.

Yet, there are some things you should consider when buying a muslin bib. We will disclose them in the next part of the article. For now, let’s think about the best type of bib you can buy. Our pick goes to 100% organic cotton muslin bib because cotton is the best choice for a baby’s soft, gentle skin. Polyester and other forms sometimes make allergic reactions. So it is good to choose organic cotton such as muslin.

Muslin bib is soft, machine washable, and reusable. You can see colorful printed muslin bibs that seem best for your baby’s health and care. Unless you need a waterproof plastic bib or disposable bib for one-time use. You can go for the cotton muslin baby bib without any questions.

Benefits of using muslin bibs

Bibs are essential material for your baby. The main function of bibs is to keep the baby free from unwanted dirt and dry from spit-up. Some babies drool excessively so if they don’t cover up with something like bibs, it will result in a lot of dirty clothes every day. Bib provides a lot of benefits to both babies and moms such as.

High absorption

Muslin comes with high absorption ability. Thus, the fabric seems good for making baby bibs. The high absorption rate helps to soak spit up, water, and any liquid materials given to the baby. Other baby bibs made with plastic or polyester material cant absorb as much as muslin.

Baby safety

When the baby is awake, they crawl, play with toys, and roam everywhere. Some babies are naturally drooling so much that it could take a risk of slipping and your baby can get wet over the spit-up. If it continues, your baby can get cold.

Fabric bibs are good in this regard. It can provide the best support and care by taking the drool & keeping the baby dry. Remember to take off the bib when it gets wet.

Do not spill food

Most bibs include a pocket which is very effective when feeding a baby. The application is not for a newborn who only needs breast milk. It is for babies who take other solid and liquid foods besides breast milk. Since they are learning how to eat in the beginning, they don’t take it properly. So, they spill food and get their cloth dirty easily.

Keep clothes clean

Finally, using bibs will help you to keep the baby’s clothes clean. It provides a layer of extra protection to keep the baby free from drool & dirt. Without wearing a bib, you will end up washing so many clothes for the baby every day. Thus, it is very helpful to apply a bib to your baby while feeding or drooling.

How do you make a muslin bib?

How do you make a muslin bib?

How do you make a muslin bib?

Are you considering DIY baby bibs? If yes, here I am going to show you how to do that easily. Sewing a baby bib is very simple as you don’t even need a sewing machine to do this. If you know the basics of sewing, then you can do it with your hand. Before we jump into the main procedure of making a muslin bib, let’s see what you will need to get it done.

  • Muslin fabric
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Pins, scissors
  • Snaps & snap pliers or button
  • Paper

First, you need to create a pattern to cut the fabric to the perfect size. You will need to consider a few things like the bib size so it can match your baby. Take the scissor and cut the fabric according to the pattern. Since muslin is a very thin fabric, you can make it with two layers of muslin fabric to make it more comfortable.

You can use gauze cotton muslin in the middle of the layer and then sew border lines. When you finish sewing, you will need to install snap pliers on the neck section of the bib. You can also use buttons but using snaps is better than buttons as you can hook them easily. Now it’s your turn to make a DIY muslin bib for your baby.

What is the price of a muslin bib?

Muslin bib is a common material in children’s clothing stores & baby shops. You can find colorful bibs with specific designs to make stylish approaches or you can get simple-looking bibs for your purpose.

You should choose cotton fabric bibs because plastic and paper bibs aren’t reusable and are not so breathable for the little ones. But if you are considering waterproof bibs, then go for plastic material or waterproof material coated bibs.

Don’t find it available in your nearest store? No problem, you can make a purchase online and get home delivery. There are so many websites to buy muslin bibs. Before choosing any of them, you should consider the price and choose one that seems right to you. Yet, muslin bibs and muslin bandana bibs cost around $3 – $6. You can also find a collection of bibs in different colors at $10 – $12 online.

Where to buy the best muslin bib?

If you consider buying a muslin bib online, there are many websites available to make your order. But what you want is to order from a trusted source that can deliver you the best products. Right? You can buy it from Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress, and other e-commerce platforms.

For your convenience, Here is a list of the 7 best Muslin Bibs for your little one.

  •  Aden & Anais
  •  Little unicorn
  •  Green sprouts organic muslin bibs (Amazon)
  •  Bumkins baby bib (Amazon bestseller)
  •  Tiny Alpaca Organic Natural Cotton Baby Bib (Etsy bestseller)
  •  Muslin Baby Bibs 10 Pack Baby Bandana Drool Bibs ( Amazon)
  • IloveMomLV: Baby bandana bib set of 3, Muslin baby bib (Etsy)


What to consider when buying a muslin bib?

What to see buying a muslin bib?

What to consider buying a muslin bib?

Whether you are buying a muslin bib from a local store or online shop, you should consider three things which are.

Fabric quality

Muslin fabrics have different grades that make the various qualities of muslins. So, you need to make sure that the fabric includes the softness and texture like the real muslin.

If you don’t know what real muslin is, you will end up choosing other cotton bibs instead of muslin. Thus, you should consider the fabric quality to ensure that you are buying a muslin bib.


Muslin fabric has the best finishing because of its loosely woven pattern. It gives a soft texture to the fabric. Among all the other cotton fabrics, muslin is the thinnest and softest one.

If you are buying a muslin fabric bib that doesn’t have good finishing, then don’t buy it. Go for original muslin quality, in case you can’t find it then buy the fabric separately and do it yourself.


Finally, some stores may ask for higher prices for a single muslin bib, do not be tempted by their words. Nowadays muslin isn’t as pricey as it was before. You can buy a yard of cotton muslin for $3/4. So, don’t pay extra money for a muslin bib.

Again your personal preference is the key to pricing.

Customer review

If you are buying online, customer review is one of the important things you should care for. Customer review helps to know about the seller and its service.

Whether you are choosing an e-commerce platform like Amazon, Etsy, or any individual seller, you can see customer reviews on the website or seller ratings. Check what other customers said about the service and choose the best one for you.


Here we include some frequently asked questions related to muslin bib. If you have a newborn baby for whom you are buying a bib, you need to read the questions and answers below.

Should a newborn wear a bib?

Though newborn baby only needs breast milk and sometimes water, they don’t require to wear bibs as much as infants or younger babies. But it is necessary if the baby drools excessively and if you don’t want to change the baby’s clothes frequently.

However, you should try bibs on your baby when he/she is at least 2-3 weeks old. You can find bibs made for newborn babies available in baby shops.

What bibs are best for newborns?

When a newborn joins a family; parents, especially new parents, have a hard time deciding what to do and what not to do. Even if they are going to buy bibs on the market, they often hesitate should they buy bibs for their newborn baby or what bibs will be best for the baby, etc.

It is natural that you may get confused by seeing different types of bibs in the market. We strongly recommend you to go for bibs made with cotton fabrics, especially muslin. It can make your baby feel more comfortable and you can use it to clean baby face and skin. The nice texture will not harm the baby’s soft sensitive skin.

Can my baby sleep with a bib on?

You shouldn’t let the baby sleep with a bib tied to their neck because it can create a risk of suffocation. When sleeping, you should make sure the baby is free from uncomfortable conditions like a bib, blanket, or anything enfolding on the neck or face.

Are bandana bibs good?

Yes, bandana bibs are good for babies of all ages. Unlike other childish baby bibs, bandana bibs look stylish and comfortable. Although it has no pocket to catch fallen foods, still, it works great to keep your baby tidy.

How Many muslin bib sets do I need?

It depends on your baby, and how much he/she drools in general. If the baby drools too much, you should stock at least 10 sets of muslin bibs. On the other hand, if the baby drools occasionally, 4 to 5 sets of bibs are good to cover up.

Let’s recap

So, the muslin bib is best for regular use among other forms of bibs. Muslin bib can make your baby feel more comfortable. Don’t know how to determine if you are buying real muslin? You can find a lot of helpful discussions about muslin to enlighten yourself on this. Go to the blog and find all you need to know about muslin and Jamdani on this website.

Muslin Dhaka

Muslin Dhaka

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