Awesome Cotton Muslin Fabric: A Staple in Every Sewing Enthusiast’s Collection

by | Feb 9, 2024

Cotton muslin fabric has won so many hearts in recent days for its impressive versatility and comfort. Muslin comes from natural cotton fiber.

Today, we, Team Muslin Dhaka, will uncover everything about this majestic fabric. With 27 years of cumulative experience and extensive research, we are confident to present you with the best article about cotton muslin fabric.

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What is cotton muslin fabric?

Cotton muslin fabric is plain woven, soft, and breathable with extraordinary versatility and durability. The loosely woven pattern allows it to be lightweight and soft. Its key attributes are lightweight and more air pockets than the usual fabric. These characteristics make the fabric very cozy, but the air pockets balance the overheating, creating the perfect balance. 


Industrial NameMuslin Fabric, Cotton Muslin.
Other TypesGauze, Mull, and Swiss muslin are different variants of Muslin Fabric.
ConstructionIt is made with organic cotton by plain weaving.
Weight100-150 GSM
ColorOff-white, White.
Moisture AbsorbanceAbsorbs the moisture very quickly.
WeavingPlain Weaving
StretchMuslin is easily stretched or shifted.
Heat InsulationModerate
Shrinkage Ratio5-10%
UsageBlankets, Baby Items, Clothing, Upholstery, etc.


Organic muslins are one of the safest clothing in the world. It is naturally anti-allergic and contaminant-free. It makes the fabric a great option for babies.

For those fantastic benefits, muslin is suitable for various clothing applications. But do you know the muslin we wear today differs from the actual ancient muslin? Today’s muslin came from the same root, but the older one was 100 times more delicate fabric than today’s muslin. It was so luxurious that only kings and aristocrats could wear it. Want to learn more about ancient muslin? We already shared the story of luxury dhaka muslin!

Luxury Dhaka Muslin

Although the quality and delicate nature are greatly reduced from ancient muslin, it is still one of the most beautiful, comfortable, and covenant fabrics.

Today, muslin fabrics are combined with other fabrics to create blend fabrics. (such as bamboo, linen, hemp, etc.) but to get the most benefits of muslin, choosing 100% muslin cotton fabric is the best way.

Properties of cotton muslin fabric

Let’s talk about the basic features of muslin fabric. 


Muslin is made of loosely woven cotton thread alternating under one another. This type of construction is called Plain Weaving. The thickness of muslin fabric depends on how fine or coarse yarn is used. The weight of muslin fabric is usually 100-150 grams per square meter (GSM) which is very light compared to regular cotton fabric.

Natural Fabric

Most muslin cotton fabric is made of natural cotton. The production process does not require any harmful chemicals or allergens. The producers are strict in the natural process, as muslin is often used for baby items. If you care about safety and environmental protection, muslin can be a good option. 


When it comes to breathability, cotton muslin fabric has very few competitors. Its loosely woven threads allow more air to get in. The air pockets make you feel very comfortable without overheating. Newborns are often too weak to move and let the air pass. That is why no better options exist than muslin for your newborn baby.


Due to its loose plain weave and thin threads, muslin is very lightweight. Thread count is a metric that basically indicates how thin or thick tread is used. The lower the count the finer and lighter the fabric. The average thread count of muslin is 150. 

Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for undergarments, blouses, and similar garments. Good quality and 100% cotton muslin make it one of the lightest clothes you can find on the market.

Gets softer with time

Probably the best thing about muslin is its increasing softness over time. After every wash, the pure cotton thread gets fluffy and makes the cloth very soft and comfortable.

Absorbs moisture

No wonder, like natural cotton, cotton muslin fabric absorbs much moisture and sweat. It not only absorbs moisture, it also resists molds and smells more than other fabrics. Despite so, the fabric also dries up quite easily. You can dry up a wet muslin handkerchief within a few minutes under direct sunlight

Smooth and beautiful

Muslin cotton fabric comes with a smooth texture and divine beauty. The plain weaving and 1:1 warp: weft method contribute to its unparalleled smoothness. No matter what dress you make with it, it will naturally uplift your simplistic beauty. 

Color Retention

Undyed muslin generally comes in a white or off-white color. White ones are bleached and off-white ones are unbleached. Bleached white muslin is often dyed in different colors. With our research and first-hand experience, we can say muslin fabric retains color very well.

Types of muslin fabric

In general, there are two types of muslin fabric: Bleached and unbleached muslin

Bleached cotton muslin is processed to make it softer and whiter. Meanwhile, unbleached cotton muslin is off-white and completely natural. People often call it gray fabric.The bleaching process can natural or chemical.

There are also organic and non-organic muslin cloth. Of course, organic muslin cloths are the best for most uses. Make sure to buy the muslin cloth with organic certifications.  

In terms of thickness, there are three categories of muslin: thick, medium, and light. All types of muslin are generally lighter than other cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Please read the different types of muslin fabric to know more.

Blnaket made by cotton muslin fabric

What is cotton muslin used for?

With its incomparable beauty, breathability, softness, and anti-allergic nature, it poses many uses. But most muslin is used for baby items as it is natural and very gentle to babies’ delicate skin. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Baby clothes


Muslin cotton fabric is one of the best fabrics for baby clothes. Whether winter or summer, muslin cotton fabric will care for your baby as you do. You can get readymade muslin baby clothes. But what’s better than buying muslin by the yard and DIYing your baby’s clothes? 

Bib/ burp cloth

Kids are famous for making a mess while eating. Bib or burp clothes protect their clothes from spilled food. Muslin cotton bib or muslin cotton burp cloth is the perfect solution for that, as the fabric is completely non-toxic and can absorb a lot of moisture. Babies often try to taste everything they get in their hands. You don’t need to worry if your baby is chewing their bib as long as it is clean.

Baby Blanket

Babies sleep a lot; by a lot, I mean often 16 hours a day (newborns). A muslin cotton baby blanket is the savior to ensure their sound sleep and growth. It’s super comfortable and does not trap heat. So, less crying in the middle of the night! You can use thicker muslin in winter and thinner ones in summer.

Baby napkin

Muslin cotton napkins can be the safest and most cost-effective alternative to regular napkins. It absorbs a lot of moisture and keeps the baby dry. The fabric also does not trap heat and makes the baby uncomfortable. The best thing is it’s very durable and reusable. Using it can be your little step toward global sustainability.


Newborn babies are used to being in the warmth of their mother’s womb. After their birth, they need the same comfort to stay calm and happy. Cotton muslin swaddle blankets are one of the best options you can choose to achieve that. The softness and breathability ensure the perfect balance of coziness that almost replicates the warmth of the womb. 

Crib sheet

For babies, a cotton muslin crib sheet is one of the ideal materials. Babies spend most of their time lying down. So, their bedding needs to be relaxing and completely non-toxic. It’s also very easy to make your baby’s cotton muslin crib sheet by yourself. After reading this far, I hope I do not have to explain why it is the best! 

Nursing Covers

Babies need to be fed several times a day, and a muslin cotton nursing cover can ensure your privacy while breastfeeding. Muslin shines for the nursing cover for its excellent air-passing capability. There are many types of cotton muslin nursing cloth to choose from. Get the one that suits you best.

Clothing and fashion

Muslin’s simplistic and elegant appearance makes it an excellent clothing and fashion fabric. From shirts to skirts, from pajamas to undergarments, muslin cotton fabric can be used for almost any clothing you want. The fabric is soft and durable, allowing you to use it for years with proper maintenance. When it comes to fashion, it fits in very effortlessly with many styles. Check best Muslin Tops to get some good ideas about muslin fashion.

Blanket and Comforter

Once you use a cotton muslin blanket, there is no going back. Anyone will fall in love with its motherly comfort. From your nighttime friend of winter to a casual cover for summer, a muslin cotton comforter can work as your all-season solution. They are very lightweight and easy to wash, making your life much easier. Muslin cotton is currently the best type of fabric for blankets and bedding. Recently, we reviewed the Muslin 365 Comfort, and I believe it’s worth a read for more insights.

Curtains and drape

Want to add a dreamy vibe to your house? Muslin cotton curtains are sheer, and they pass light so gently that they can alter the appearance of your entire room. It naturally blends with the surroundings to create a balanced look. You can choose a specific thickness and color to match your taste.  

Duet cover

Muslin is lightweight, easy to wash, and breathable fabric, perfect for a duvet cover. Muslin cotton duvet covers are very popular for their utmost comfort and convenience. But make sure to buy from a quality shop or seller to get the best product.


One of the muslin cotton fabrics used is as an upholstery fabric. It does a fantastic job of keeping your furniture safe from dirt and dust and also keeps your house looking nice. 

Quilting and Craft Project

Interested in quilting? Muslin cotton fabric is one of the best options, as it’s easy to sew and comfortable to work with. You can easily learn sewing patterns with it. You can get yard muslin fabric and start quilting right away.

Test pattern and swing

Muslin cotton fabrics’ soft, loosely woven cotton fabric makes swinging and cutting easy. That is why it is used for testing patterns and swing practice fabric. Muslin cotton fabric can be your best friend for your swing hobby.


Muslin cloth reflects the light so softly and neatly, which makes it perfect for a photography backdrop.


Because of its loosely woven and non-toxic nature, it works perfectly as cheesecloth, too.

Muslin Vs Cotton

Muslin vs Cotton

Phuti karpas is the special variant of cotton that was used to make actual muslin in the historic era. But nowadays regular high-quality cotton is used to make muslin fabric. 

Cotton fabric is undoubtedly the most popular fabric in the world. Muslin is made of cotton but has different characteristics than cotton. Cotton fabric is more tightly packed. So it’s heavier and has moderate breathability. On the other hand, muslin is loosely woven, which increases its breathability and lightness.

Cotton fabric is everywhere, but muslin has some specific uses. Although, one can use muslin instead of cotton without any problem. Usually, cotton is easier to care for, less soft, and comes in many varieties. Conversely, muslin has a simplistic beauty and fewer color variants.

So, how to tell if a fabric item is muslin or cotton? First, check the label. The label should clearly mention if it is cotton or muslin. But if the label is absent, try to understand its weight, feel, and weaving pattern. If a cloth has larger air pockets (loosely woven), is lightweight, and is smooth in texture, those are the indications of muslin cloth.

In one sentence, all the muslin is cotton. Not all cotton is muslin. The difference created by fiber, construction & other processes.

Organic Cotton Muslin for A sustainable planet

Organic cotton muslin fabric is made with 100% natural and harmful chemical-free methods. It is more durable and non-toxic than usual fabrics. Those attributes make it one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world.

Climate change and ecological imbalance are pushing us towards a catastrophic disaster. At this time, every small step is valuable. Natural products like organic muslin can help us rebuild our future and make the earth greener.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Muslin Fabric

Look at the pros and cons of muslin fabric.


  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Durable.
  • Sustainable and natural.
  • Versatile for many uses.
  • Easy to work with
  • Machine washable.


  • Limited color options.
  • Prone to wrinkles

Care guide of muslin Cotton Fabric

Caring for muslin is relatively easy. You just need to remember a few things. Let’s make a list to make it more clear.


It’s best to hand wash muslin, but washing with a washing machine is also fine. But always keep the washing machine set to medium strength. Also, use a mild detergent to wash muslin cotton fabric. Washing will shrink the muslin cotton fabric a bit. To stretch the muslin cotton fabric, iron it with low heat.


Drying muslin cloth in the wind and indirect sunlight is the best. The UV rays of the sun may cause some damage to muslin cotton fabric. Also, do not use the dryer to dry it.


Do not store muslin in a plastic container; it can lock the moisture and promote mold growth. Wooden and other breathable containers are best for storing muslin. 

Where to Buy Cotton Muslin: Muslin By the Yard

You should easily get muslin fabric in your nearby offline shop or market. Online is also a good place to buy muslin by the yard. For that, Amazon and Etsy are some of the good options. But before buying online, try to get it from good sellers, and remember to check the reviews. 

Here are some helpful recommendations for our readers : best muslin fabric.


Why muslin is so expensive?

Muslin is generally pricier than other fabrics, but there are cheap variants, too. Organic muslin fabric is produced with organic procedures. This increases the rate of muslin a lot. The high demand for muslin also plays a role in its higher price.

Is muslin heavier than cotton?

No, due to its loosely woven pattern, it’s a lot lighter than muslin. Even a thick muslin is more lightweight than regular cotton fabric.

Conclusion : Cotton muslin fabric

Muslin cotton fabric poses numerous extraordinary benefits and uses. With its comfort, easy maintenance, beauty, and sustainability, muslin deserves a lot more attention than it gets today. We will write about many more amazing articles about muslin, other fabrics and fashion. Hoping to see you there!

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