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When you become a new parent, the first thing that you should learn is to swaddle your baby with blankets. Swaddling helps babies to make them feel safe and warm, like the mother’s womb. 

If you’re expecting a baby and don’t know how to swaddle with a muslin blanket, then it’s fine. Today, I am going to tell you how you can make a swaddle wrap over your newborn baby within a couple of minutes. 

We are Muslin Dhaka team working on fashion marketing for more than a decade. Our team has been doing research on quality bedding and muslin fabrics for quite a long time. From that real-life experience and analysis, we’re telling you today how you can make a perfect swaddle wrap using muslin blankets. 

So, let’s jump to our main discussion. 

What is Swaddling?

Swaddling means wrapping. Generally, wrapping a baby’s whole body except the head using a blanket is called swaddling. 

The tradition of swaddling newborn babies is very old and useful. A newborn who has just come out of their mother’s womb needs to be kept warm and covered in a soft and cozy layer. Cause newborn babies can fail to adapt to the outside world right after coming out of the womb.  

According to NCT UK, “ Around 1 in 5 babies in the UK are swaddled in the first few weeks of life”. The first 1-2 months period after birth is the time when you need to swaddle your baby, either to help them sleep well or protect them from harshness around. 

How to swaddle with a Muslin Blanket?

Let’s tell you the easiest and most followed method to swaddle a baby using a muslin blanket. 

Step 1: Put the blanket in the diamond-shape

First of all, take a muslin swaddle blanket and place it on your bed. Then fold the top corner to make the blanket look like a diamond. 

Step 2: Put your baby on the muslin blanket and wrap with one side of the blanket

Now, put your baby on the blanket carefully. Make sure the head is just over the folded area. 

Then, take the blanket corner from the right side to pull it over and wrap the baby’s body. Your baby’s right hand should be under the blanket meanwhile. After that, tuck the remaining area of the right corner under your baby’s back. 

Step 3: Fold the bottom corner and tuck under the top area

You need to hold the bottom corner and pull it to reach the first layer of wrap. Don’t pull too hard; otherwise, the baby’s legs will get hurt. 

After folding the bottom part over your baby, tuck the extra area under the left shoulder so that the baby’s face stays easily visible and the left hand gets covered.

Step 4: Take the other corner and wrap it over to finish swaddling

Take the left corner of the blanket and pull it over your baby’s body again. But this time, tuck the extra area under your baby’s feet after rolling over. 

By this, the legs also get covered along with the remaining body. And finally, swaddling is done in a minute.

How to Use a Muslin Swaddle Blanket Another Way?

If you want your baby’s head also covered, then follow this method below. This is another diamond-shaped blanket method. 

Step 1: Make a diamond shape with the muslin blanket

Like before, you need to place the swaddle blanket on the bed and fold the top corner to make a diamond shape. 

Step 2: Put your baby in the middle of the blanket and pull down the top area

Next, put your baby on the middle area of the blanket. Then, pull down the top folded area near the baby’s head. 

Step 3: Take a corner and wrap your baby

When the top corner is folded around your baby’s head like a hood, take the right corner and roll over the baby’s body like the previous method. 

And tuck down the extra part of the right corner below your baby’s back. Make sure the right hand stays inside the first roll. 

Step 4: Pull the bottom corner and tuck under the first roll

Now, pull the bottom corner on top. Then, tuck the bottom corner under the first layer of the blanket over the baby. 

Step 5: Cover your baby with the last corner to finish the swaddle wrap

Finally, take the left corner of the swaddle blanket. Pull it over the baby again. This time, the left hand should be under the blanket. 

Roll over and tuck the extra area under the baby’s feet. Slightly pull the hood area and done. 

Even after the second method, if you want to learn more swaddling methods, you can watch this video below : 

Pro Tips for Swaddle with Muslin Blanket

Here are some essential tips to make sure your baby stays good inside the swaddle wrap:

  • Don’t swaddle too tightly. It can put pressure on your baby’s hips. Also, tight swaddles can be an obstacle to your baby’s breathing.
  • The swaddle needs to be moderately tight. At least your 3-4 fingers should go inside the swaddle wrap. 
  • Don’t make the baby wear thick or heavy clothes when you swaddle them. 
  • To prevent SIDS, you need to check the temperature of your baby’s body frequently when swaddled up.
  • Try to keep the head and neck area loose enough for the baby to move their head. 

5 Benefits of Swaddling

There are 5 Key benefits of swaddling. Which are:

Proper Warmth

The newborns are adapted to the warmth of the womb. That’s why you need to cover them up with soft muslin blankets to make them comfortable. 

Safety from germs and dirt

Family members and friends often wish to hold the newborns and adore them closely. If you keep your baby under the swaddle wrap, germs and dirt won’t contaminate and trouble their fragile immune system. 

Easy breastfeeding

Under a swaddle wrap, your baby will stay steady and comfortable. So, you can easily breastfeed or nurse them. 

Reduced startle reflexes

Startle reflexes or Moro reflexes are the sudden movement and throwing of your baby’s arms, legs, neck, and waist. After startle reflexes, they pull their body limbs closer. Startle reflexes can also wake them up or hurt themselves, as babies have very sharp and thin nails. Wrapping babies properly with a soft blanket can reduce this kind of movement. 

Comfortable sleep

When babies stay warm, protected, and steady, they can sleep peacefully. By using a swaddle wrap, you can also carry your baby from one place to another without waking them up. 

When to Stop Swaddling Babies?

You can’t keep your baby swaddled for too many months. According to WebMD, you need to stop swaddling your baby when start to roll over or the limbs try to adapt proper motor functions. 

Keeping your baby inside the swaddle during the optimal growing period can slow down their motor function development. 

Also, when babies start to roll over by themselves, the wrap can cause harm or force them to stay in a posture that can lead to issues like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

Our experience and research say, you better think of transitioning from swaddle wraps when the baby is 4-6 weeks old. After 8-10 weeks, you should not let the baby stay in the swaddle wrap. 

When stop swaddling?

Which Babies Don’t Need Swaddling

Some babies might allow themselves to be swaddled for the first couple of weeks. But after that, they can resist and cry loudly when you swaddle them. In that case, you can gently try to swaddle them once or twice a day. If they still refuse, try sleep sacks or baby-safe blankets

Transitioning from Swaddling

When your baby’s motion function is growing and they are starting to roll over, you should think of transitioning from swaddle blankets. 

Instantly starting to keep them unswaddled can be hard for babies to adapt. So, keep their hands out of the swaddle wrap during the first week of the transition period. 

Then, keep both hands and legs out of the wrap. When both legs and hands are free, babies can roll over. If they roll over, put them on their backs. 

You can also use throw blankets or regular blankets over your baby to help them sleep during the transition. You can cover the whole body with arms out of the blanket in that case. 

You can also place two side pillows on both sides of your baby that should be over the blanket. It gives a tucked feeling along with the room for the baby to move. By this, your baby adapts to normal blankets and gets rid of the swaddling habit. 

How to Make a Swaddle Muslin Blanket at Home? DIY

If you can’t trust market swaddle blankets for the safety of your newborn child, you can easily make one at home. Here’s how.

Things you need

  1. One 45” X 45” muslin sheet
  2. Quilting pins
  3. Scissor
  4. Ruler
  5. Chalk
  6. Iron


  1. First of all, pick a plain and smooth muslin sheet. Then, cut 45×45” from it. 
  2. Take the ruler and mark ½” wide border on each side. After marking, fold the borders, and iron press them. 
  3. Then, fold the border again and iron press to make the fold permanent. 
  4. Now, use the quilting pins to hold the double-folded border and start sewing. 
  5. Finally, wash the new blanket in cold water using mild detergent. By this, the blanket is ready for swaddle wrap. 


  • You can use very thin gauze muslin instead of pure muslin cotton. 
  • Iron the whole sheet before making borders. Otherwise, the borders and sewing become uneven.

You can also watch this video to clearly picturize the whole method. 

FAQ : How to swaddle with a muslin blanket?

Can babies overheat in a swaddle?

Babies can overheat in a swaddle. You should use a soft and breathable blanket like Muslin. And never make your baby wear heavy clothes when you swaddle them. 

What should babies wear under a muslin swaddle?

A one-layered soft and light dress is the right choice for babies under the swaddle. But if it’s too cold outside, you can put a plushy dress over your baby before you swaddle them. 

How do you use a muslin swaddle for a newborn?

You can use muslin swaddle mainly to make swaddle wraps for babies. But you can also use them as car seat covers, nursing covers, and scarfs. 

Can you swaddle too tightly?

You should not swaddle too tightly. It can damage the natural posture of the baby along with stopping the proper growth. 

Can I make clothing with muslin swaddle blankets?

You can make different type of attires and essential fabric items using the muslin swaddle blankets. If you are not using anymore. Muslin lasts longer and stays comfortable for years. So, making clothing with muslin is a good idea. 

How long is too long to use a swaddle blanket on my baby? 

Using swaddle blankets for more than 10 weeks or nearly 3 months is not a good thing. When the baby is around eight weeks old, you need to transition them from swaddling to normal blankets. 

What are the risks of wrapping a newborn with a swaddle blanket? 

If you don’t follow the proper guide to wrap your baby with a swaddle blanket, the baby can face severe issues like hip dysplasia, sweating, skin rashes, even SIDS etc. 


Swaddling is a method that has been followed by our parents, their parents, and so on. Day by day, experts are bringing out different methods of wrapping babies safely using swaddle blankets. 

Today, we focused on the most common and easiest two swaddling techniques that new parents can try. These methods are not hard to remember. You can use the method anytime you need to cover your baby. 

But remember, any mistake in swaddling can hurt your baby. So, don’t forget to follow the safety tips given above. Make sure you consult a pediatrician to know what you must do to keep your baby healthy and safe. 

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