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Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby


Swaddles provide warmth and security to your baby, but you’ll need a good blanket. Find out what’s the best muslin blanket for a baby in this article.

You would have a hard time trying to find something cuter than a fast asleep newborn baby wrapped like a burrito. However, swaddling isn’t simply a decorative way of wrapping your child. Swaddles exist to provide comfort and calm to babies. Studies have shown that babies sleep better wrapped than left with their arms free. As you can imagine, this is no coincidence.

As any parent will tell you, nothing soothes a tot better than a hugging parent that rocks them. Having their arms surrounding them gives them both heat and security. Moreover, it gives them a feeling of closeness to someone protective. This is why swaddling is so crucial because it’s similar to wrapping your baby with your arms.

Society has undoubtedly, and fortunately, come a long way from the time babies were swaddled in potato sacks. Nowadays we put a lot of effort into giving our children the best we can: the best food, milk, toys, etc. The same attention should be paid to the blankets the baby will be wrapped with almost 24/7. So, today we’re looking at the different options in the market to find the best muslin blanket for a baby you can get.


Best Organic Muslin Cloths for Newborn

Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby. Muslin baby blanket. Burp cloths. Baby swaddled


Why Muslin?


Though plain cotton is the most worn fabric for adults in the western hemisphere, nothing overcomes muslin for babies. This is due to a simple fact: babies have a hard time self-regulating heat. Essential cotton blankets may lead to babies overheating because of the lack of air flowing.

On the other hand, however, this isn’t a risk with muslin swaddles. Muslin has a lower thread count, making the fabric lightweight and allows air to pass freely. This prevents the baby’s body temperature from getting too high. Moreover, muslin is also very durable and gets softer every time you wash it. In addition, it’s one of the cheapest fabrics you can find in the market. All-in-all it makes for the perfect material for your swaddle sack.


Our Top Choices


As swaddling is nowadays more popular than ever, tons of companies sell blankets to swaddle your baby. However, as good as this may sound, it can be overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve made our compilation of the best muslin swaddle blankets for your baby you can find.

We’ve factored in the quality, the materials used, the price, and the variety of designs. So, without further ado, here’s a with the best cotton muslin swaddle blankets:


Momo Bebe Best Muslin Blanket

Best Muslin Blanket Momo Bebe. Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby


  • Momo Bebe

Dressing your baby in pink or blue is a custom from your grandparents’ times. So, why not break it? Momo Bebe’s high-quality cotton muslin blankets are just for this. Their beautiful gender-neutral blankets have a dot and arrows design that you’re sure to love.

Momo Bebe’s blankets are made with 100% cotton and are 47’’ by 47’’. Their sides are folded over and have a running stitch. This provides more durability and prevents the fabric from fraying. Moreover, you can use the blankets as a burp cloth or a nursing cover. They come in a 4-pack box you can get on Amazon for $23.99.


Upsimples Muslin Blankets

Upsimples Muslin Blankets. Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby


  • Upsimples


Do you want to make your baby feel like a member of a tribe? Or maybe you want to take them on a safari in Africa? Or are you feeling tropical yet? Then Upsimples’ bamboo muslin swaddle blankets are what you’re looking for. You’ll wish your parents had wrapped you with these blankets.

 Their 47” by 47” blankets are made with 30% cotton and 70% bamboo fibers. This extraordinary combination makes the blanket both durable and breathable. You can choose from five different themes: Tribe, Fruit, Rabbit, Vibrant, and Jungle. Don’t be afraid of using your washing machine; the designs can handle it. They sell for $22.99 on Amazon for four blankets.


Aden & Anais Muslin Blanket

Aden & Anais Muslin Blanket. Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby


  • Aden & Anais


These organic, high-quality blankets come in a dozen different colors and designs. They include simple patterns such as dots and stripes or wonderful animals like foxes and llamas. These blankets are ideal for making a tight swaddle for your newborn baby.

Aden & Anais’s swaddle blankets have 100% cotton and are machine washable. Each blanket is 47” by 47” so, even if your baby grows, it’ll last for a long time. They’re also perfect to use as a stroller blanket or lay on the floor during tummy time.

You can get 2 of these for $32 but also come in sets of 3 and 4. Moreover, they have a non-expiring satisfaction guarantee in case you should ever be unsatisfied.


Untitled design

Ergobaby’s Swaddler. Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby


  • Ergobaby’s Swaddler


For parents who have a hard time trying to swaddle their babies with blankets, Swaddlers are ideal. They come with a leg pouch where you place your baby’s legs and have easy access to their diaper. Moreover, the frog-leg position prevents them from having hip dysplasia. The arm pockets keep their hands to the heart. This replicates the position they were in when inside the womb.


The Swaddlers come in seven different designs and are made with 100% cotton. One size fits every infant that weighs 6 to 15 lbs. They are as easy to use as they are comfortable for your child. You can get every pattern on Amazon. They sell for $24 apiece. Despite being a bit costly in comparison with blankets, securing your baby with no sweat is entirely worth it.


Babe bay Muslin Blanket for baby

Babe bay Muslin Blanket for baby. Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby


  • Babebay

Flamingos, foxes, reindeers, and rabbits cover these blankets that’ll guide your baby to sweet dreams. Babebay makes their lovely gender-neutral swaddle blankets with 70% bamboo fibers and 30% cotton. You’ll want them to be the receiving blankets that welcome your child to this fantastic world!

These soft double gauze blankets are 47” by 47” and just for nap time. They were so gracefully designed that they double as wearable blankets. Moreover, their sweet patterns are machine washable and will bring envying gazes from the other babies. They sell in a two-pack and are available on Amazon.


Final Thoughts: Best Muslin Blanket for a Baby


Whether you’re a rookie or an expert, having a baby is never an easy task. It would be best if you were vigilant from kidnappers, cars, aggressive pets, pollen, the startle reflex, or other frightening things. Moreover, sometimes well-intended pieces of advice may be overwhelming when everyone has something to say. As a result, parents get frustrated instead of relieved.

This article is intended to give you a helping hand with something as modest, but at the same time as necessary, as your baby’s blankets. We hope to have done our part to ease the shopping of your child’s swaddles. Being so essential, the best time for buying them is yesterday, and the second-best is today. So, give these muslin blankets a go and order them now!


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