Amazing Lawn Fabric: Traits, Uses & More

by | Jun 17, 2024

We are going to Florida with my in-laws, but it’s too hot there. While discussing it my friend Jenny suggested why don’t you make some outfits with lawn clothes? Cotton Lawn fabrics are soft, lightweight, and silky. Perfect for your summer vacation!

I loved her idea and ended up googling what this lawn fabric is. This fabric is one of the thinnest with the highest thread count fabric between 150-200, which gives you a see-through appearance. Starting from infant wear to your nightwear, even make your regular dresses by lawn. 

What more does it offer? Let’s pick out every detail about it. As team muslindhaka have 37 years of combined experience in fabric & fashion, you will get all our wisdom about Lawn fabric with this article.

What is Lawn Fabric?

This fabric is a plain woven fabric which is also known as lawn cotton. It is similar to cotton. But it’s thread count is higher and has smaller yarns than normal cotton fabric. That’s why you get a silky smooth texture in the cloth!

Lawn cloth is created through combed or carded yarn. You get to enjoy a lightweight outfit with this fabric in the summer seasons.

You can use lawn in a diverse range of prints, for instance, floral motifs, dyes, digital prints, geometric and even abstract patterns, etc. This fabric comes in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Lawns can be linen, silk, and cotton. Here I’ll talk about cotton lawn primarily. Cotton lawn is a popular choice for buyers for its being less crisp than certain other fabrics. Just bring it out and wear it, no tension of ironing!

Moreover, for its comfortable feeling cotton lawn is mostly used for dresses and blouses.

At a Glance

Industrial NameLawn fabric, lawn cloth
OriginFrench city of Laon.
Other NamesLawn fabric, lawn cloth, batiste, nainsook, cotton lawn
ConstructionOrganic cotton fibers which have high thread counts are weaved in a plain pattern and the fabric is prepared. Combed yarns are preferred.
Weight70-130 GSM or more
ColorCan come with various prints or dyes
StretchTends to zero
Heat InsulationMedium
Exported moreIndia or Pakistan
UsageDresses, blouses, shirts, skirts, pinafores, nightwear, handkerchiefs, lingerie, lawn suits


Educating You On The History Of Lawn 

Well, your favorite lawn has started its journey from the French city of Laon. Even the term “Lawn” has been derived from that city. Initially, linen-only lawn fabric was made mostly in Europe and it was present in bulk amounts.

During the 20th century, while Indian cotton came to France, French lawn fabric was transported to India too. At that time, the cotton lawn was made by the weavers. However, in the UK it was introduced even before, for around the 16th century.

This fabric has evolved from time to time. During the early days of lawn, male used to form their attire with this fabric for instance shirts or kurtas. But then it has evolved and become quite popular among women. 

When Western clothes were popularized women in the 1950s-60s formed their summer lawn dresses. Even people loved it for it being a perfect fabric for heavy weather too. Some cases, wearing traditional clothing was replaced with appealing lawn fabrics!

Not only that it was affordable too in comparison to royal fabrics like chiffon or silk etc. Coming back to the history of lawn fabric, lawn has reached to Pakistan after the partition of Indo-Pak. It started to form lawn cloth mostly.

And just like that the comfy yet elegant appearance assurance of Lawn fabrics, it has spread worldwide!


Glimpse of the Properties of Lawn Fabric

This fabrics are a perfect choice for summer and spring. I do agree with Jenny after finding out its properties. Let me share some with you guys. Well, just when you’ll touch it you can feel the fabric is lightweight comparatively. Moreover, the semi-transparency comforting feeling after wearing it gives you relief in scorching heat!

Other than that, the material is not completely stiff, but you’ll get a time-savior semi-crisp with this lawn fabric.

How Is “Lawn Fabric” Prepared?

Such a fabric that gives a gauzy or sheer effect is ultimately prepared. how? You must be wondering about it! 

Firstly, after splitting up from the seeds it is either combed or carded and then spinned. Around 60’s upper-counted yarn is used to make it.

And then just like the fabric it is even prepared with a plain-weaving production procedure.

Meaning, through weft threads which substitute over and under the warp threads and repeat. Through using mechanized looms of textile factories, lawn fabric is more or less made from ages. 

Voila, your lawn is prepared!

Types of Lawn 

Now that you already know what a lawn is and how it’s made. let’s know the types too. Right?

The lawn fabric types depend on style and primary fiber.

Depends on the prime textile material these fabrics are 👍

  • Cotton lawn
  • Mixed cotton lawn
  • Linen Lawn 
  • Silk Lawn
  • Polyester lawn
  • Bamboo Lawn 

There are different fabrics synonyms of Lawn. They have very little distinctive difference. Still people consider them types of lawn fabric!

We briefly share the lawn fabric types with special characteristics below.

Lawn Fabric typeCharacteristics
  • A lightweight plain weave fabric.
  • Used for making handkerchiefs, lingerie, etc.
  • Similar to silk cloth which has a thinner thread count.
  • You can use it for making skirts, blouses, even dresses.
  • Through using linen or cotton fibers short and twisted weaving processes are noticed in cambric.
  • But it’s slightly heavier than others.
  • Shirts, ruffs, etc are made through it.
  • Has more crispness and can be used for a more transparent look.
  • Collars and cuffs other than blouses are prepared by it.
  • Only prepared with combed yarns. Type of Muslin.
  • Used for infant wear or even lingerie.

Lawn Vs. Voile

Lawn and voile are quite similar but they have their own slight differences. Let’s look at that to understand better.

  • Lawns are less transparent than voile
  • Voile is smoother and softer than a lawn.
  • Lawn fabric is much crisper than voile
  • The lawn has more structure than voile.

These are some basic differences between lawn and voile. Like voile, each fabric has a little difference mentioned above. 

Organic Lawn Cloth And Sustainability

Well, generally lawn cloth is prepared through cotton which is a natural fiber. It is harvested from carbon-based plants. However, being natural makes it easily biodegradable without releasing any toxins in the environment.

But sometimes, the cultivation methods are not environment friendly. Need excessive water, using chemical fertilizer & pesticides, etc. By using harsh chemicals, toxins are released into the environment.

Some don’t use harsh chemicals and go for a sustainable, organic farming for producing cotton. Then making lawns out of it are the saviors of nature. You will find eco-friendly certified organic lawn textile in the market.

Why Lawn Fabric Is In Demand: Benefits And Drawbacks

This awesome fabric is already my favorite. But it’s not only me, worldwide the popularity of it has been increasing and increasing! 

Let’s know why so.

  • Wearing any lawn salwar kameez holds cultural value specifically in South Asia. Despite being airy and comfortable outwear it is perfect for any casual attire to formal functions.
  • The fusion of upholding the tradition and Western cuts. It is assured through using global contemporary prints and bringing modern embroidering.
  • The versatile ability of lawn makes them a popular choice too.
  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but the color patterns of lawn is eye soothing. Neither it is dull nor it’s very dark. Rather it holds a combination of both vibrancy and eye-soothing color combination in their fabric. In the contemporary world Pakistani lawn suits are popularized for this too.
  • Moreover, this fabric comes in both ranges in terms of pricing. For its availability and affordability people love to keep lawn dresses in their wardrobe for summer.

However, its one drawback is it is semi-transparent. So you might need to wear some inner for some lawn dresses.

Uses of Lawn Fabric

How Can I Use My Lawn Fabric?

Well, lawn fabric was used to make gowns in the 19th to 20th centuries.  And in this contemporary world, it is famous for making elegant and comfortable salwar kameez suits.

Not only that in the western garments industry, it is used too. From preparing lightweight blouses, and shirts for women, to even skirts and dresses keeping the idea of Western style.

Other than India and Pakistan, Europe and North America dye this fabric and use it for making dresses. Western countries love to make lawn fabric lingerie and undergarments too. Even lawn handkerchiefs were quite common once.

Even for infant wear, aprons, collar cuffs, nightwear, or curtains, lawn is widely used.

How To Check Lawn Fabric Authenticity? 

These fabrics are generally 100% cotton or cotton blend. So in order to check lawn fabric you can need to keep that in your mind. Now let’s have a look at few points which can help you while checking this fabric. Those are-

  • Threads are woven finer and thinner so when you touch it you get a silky finishing appearance.
  • So as it is cotton, if you burn a portion of it you’ll notice a clean burn and no smoke coming out of it.
  • No residue will come from it if you burn it.
  • Even you will not have any ash other than paper ash from it.
  • Other than these, while purchasing on Amazon or any other online platform you can have a look or ask for certifications from them.

How To Sew Lawn Dress: Pro Tips

As lawn dresses are 100% cotton so comparatively there is less chance of getting it shrunk. However, I’ll be sharing few pro-tips that has helped me to make a perfect salwar kameez with lawn fabric.

  • I always try to pre-wash my lawn cloth before cutting or sewing it. To avoid any kind of shrinkage.
  • While sewing lawn cloth, use a straight stitch with the help of a small size of needle. This assures a good finishing. 
  • Even you can hem the sleeves too. 
  • I love my lawn dresses to have an elegant look so using any laces or mirror laces ensures that.

These are my personal pro tips which has helped me to carry lawn dresses even better. Here is a dress that I’ve bought which is made of cotton lawn.

How To Take Care Of Lawn?

Nobody wants their favorite lawn kameez or skirts to get damaged. By just following a few tips and tricks while washing or drying you can keep your lawn fabric new as before.

Washing: If your dress doesn’t come with any label wash it in a certain way. You can handwash your lawn cloth. By just using lukewarm water and a spoon of detergent to take out the dirt.

Pro tip: I suggest you to turn your dress to a different side to avoid any damage to the lace.

If handwashing is not an option, give it to machine washing. And try to use cold and mild detergent. 

Drying: In case of drying simply let it air dry. Hang it in the dryer and use clips to air dry it. As the clothes fabric is already lightweight, it will get dry easily.

Pro tip: Never keep your lawn dresses in direct contact with sunlight.

Ironing: Though lawn fabric dresses do not require much ironing as it get less crisp. But if you want to use the lowest heat mode. Even better if you can use another cloth placed in the dress and iron it.

Removing stains:

If your lawn dress has some stains. What you can do is you can selectively take the particular spot where there is a stain. And use a mild detergent soak in it, and then swish it a bit and your stain will go away. No need to swish it harder.

Lawn Fabric By The Yard

Lawn fabric per yard pricing is $5-$15. It is quite budget-friendly. However, there are some high-end lawn textile whose price are $25 per yard.

But more or less a good quality lawn fabric can be purchased at a range of $8-$20. It depends on you on which function you want to wear your lawn dress. Purchase it accordingly.

Naming 5 Best Lawn Fabric Brands

There are multiple brands of lawn that have created an influential market worldwide. You can purchase from the 5 best lawn fabric brands mentioned down below-

  • Gul Ahmed- Since 1953, Gul Ahmed has been producing high quality fabrics. Starting from printed, embroidered designs it even has digitally printed lawns too.
  • Sana Safinaz- Sana safinaz is a popular brand. You can have bold prints and bright color lawn dresses from this brand.
  • Barcelonneta store : This is one of the popular lawn fabric seller in Amazon.
  • Maria B- You can get a different range of lawn from this brand. You will get unique designs, embroidery, and luxurious designs from here.
  • Elan- If you are looking for lawn traditional dresses, Elan will be a perfect choice. You will get intricate embroidery and high-quality fabrics from them.

Where To Buy Lawn Fabric?

If you’re looking for lawn fabric in online, here are some popular shops where you can purchase lawn fabric without any hesitation. Have a look-

  1. Amazon
  2. The Fabric Guys
  3. Etsy


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Lawn shrink?

You will be happy to know that the lawn does not shrink. Just clean it with clean normal water. And dry naturally.

How durable is lawn fabric?

Lawn fabric is lightweight and comparatively more durable than other fabrics because of the tight weave. And ensures a silky smooth feel while wearing.

Is lawn fabric easier to sew?

Obviously, it is. But it depends on the pattern you want your dress to be sewn.


Any exclusive branded design in lawn fabric clothes makes your evening party good. Plus, the shine, lightweight, and comfort that comes with it make it even better! However, I have covered all of your queries here. Shine with lawn fabric just like the way you wanted. 

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