Looking for the Best Muslin Wrap? Here’s the 2022 Top

by | Sep 10, 2021


Looking for the Best Muslin Wrap?


The baby industry is full of choices. However, it isn’t always clear what’s best. If you feel overwhelmed, our guide with the best muslin wraps is for you!

This year has had a spike in the birth of new babies. Though there’s a giant baby industry to cater to their needs, looking after a newborn is never an easy task. New parents have a lot on their hands, from learning how to put on a diaper to choosing the right classical music to boost their children’s brains. Nonetheless, babies require a few things as much as they need a good swaddle.


However, as if picking between Beethoven and Tchaikovski wasn’t tricky enough, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to wraps. There’re hundreds of baby brands with hundreds of online stores and thousands of products. Despite this, having such large catalogs at hand can be very overwhelming. Especially for those online reading blogs and Facebook posts in the hopes of finding the answer to all their problems

Therefore, here at our blog, we’re always willing to give you a helping hand. That’s why, after a long market survey, we’ve compiled the ultimate list for the best muslin wraps. To make our top, we’ve considered factors such as the price, the quality, materials, and the number of different patterns. So, if you want to swaddle your baby fashionably while saving some money, keep reading.


Cotton Muslin Fabric for Babies

Cotton Muslin Fabric for Babies.Best Muslin Wrap


From the Wide Range of Fabrics, Why Muslin?


The textile industry indeed has tons of different fabrics to offer. However, everyone knows Muslin is the best one and most widespread in the baby wearables industry. Nevertheless, this begs the question, why is it so? There’s an extensive array of factors, so let’s take a look at them.

Firstly, few fabrics are as durable as this ancient cotton one. Owners of decades-old muslin blankets can attest to that. Not only are they as good as when they were new, but they’re even better. This is because cotton muslin gets softer and softer after every wash. Moreover, this fabric is machine washable and will suffer little to no shrinkage if you take the proper care.


In addition to this incredible durability, cotton muslin is also ultra-lightweight. The use of the plain weave technique makes the extra fabric lightweight and breathable. This key feature is essential as, when your baby sleeps, they have a hard time regulating their body temperature. This might result in the baby overheating, which can lead to severe consequences and even death.


The Best Muslin Wraps for Your Baby


As we’ve seen above, choosing the suitable material is crucial for your baby. As a result, our top will be muslin-oriented. We’ve included both swaddling blankets and swaddling sacks to give you options based on how able you are for swaddling your baby. So, without any more delays, let’s see what the best types of swaddles you can choose from are:


the best Muslin Wrap Aden + Anais

the best Muslin Wrap Aden + Anais. Best Muslin Wrap


  • Aden & Anais


This adorable company has become one of the most renowned names in the baby industry. There is no doubt why their high-quality blankets and cute designs are perfect for wrapping your baby. Among their beautiful patterns, you can find animals, nature elements, geometric forms, and even a magical one inspired by the Harry Potter saga.

Aden & Anais makes their swaddles with 100% cotton, which turns them into super soft and absorbent cloths. Moreover, they are 47” wide and 47” long, so they’ll be helpful even as your baby grows. This extra-large size makes them perfect to use as stroller or nursery covers or as last resort burp cloths. You can get them on Amazon in sets of 2, 3, and 4 starting from $19.99.


The best Muslin wrap Miracle

The best Muslin wrap Miracle Blanket. Best Muslin Wrap


  • Miracle Blanket


Swaddling your baby has never been easier than with Miracle Blanket! This half blanket, the half-sleeping sack is perfect for parents making their effort but aren’t swaddling ninjas. Miracle Blanket has inside pouches that secure your baby’s arms and legs.

To wrap your baby, you put the blanket flat on the mattress, put your baby’s extremities inside the pouches and bend the arm flats. We guarantee your baby will sleep calmly for hours! Miracle Blanket is made using 100% cotton and can be used in babies up to 14 weeks old. You can get these divine blankets on Amazon for $29.95. There are 12 different colors and patterns to choose from.


Muslin Wrap Little Unicorn

Muslin Wrap Little Unicorn. Best Muslin Wrap


  • Little Unicorns


The planet will be grateful to you for buying Little Unicorn’s organic swaddle blanket. There are tons of designs that include flamingos, dinosaurs, space travel, and animal friends. Your baby will have the other ones green with envy and probably some parents too!

They are made with 100 percent organic cotton and are 47” long and 47” wide. Even with their hand-made organic prints, these blankets are machine washable. They come in sets of 3, and you can get them on Target for $39.99. So, you’ll always have one available in case any mess happens. Moreover, you have a 90-day money-back guarantee, so try them risk-free!


Muslin wrap Swaddle Me

Muslin Wrap Swaddle Me. Best Muslin Wrap


  • SwaddleMe


If you have absolutely no frigging idea how to swaddle your baby and even YouTube tutorials can’t help you, SwaddleMe is a must. This bean-like sack is a simple pouch with fabric wings that’ll keep your baby’s arms secured in a hands-to-heart position. This will remind them of their days in the womb, soothing them into sleep.

The SwaddleMe is made with cotton only, making it super soft. They are suitable for newborn babies up to 3 months. The Velcro™ on the sack ensures a tight hold for the baby and effortless access to the parents if they need to change the diapers. This sack has become a life-saver for so many people; sometimes, it runs out of stock. However, you can get them at different online shops starting at $34.99 for a 3-pack.


Muslin Wrap Ergobaby 2-in-1

Muslin Wrap Ergobaby 2-in-1. Best Muslin Wrap


  • Ergobaby 2-in-1


Babies grow fast, like really fast. Any experienced parent I can tell you. Ergobaby 2-in-1 has been designed with this factor in mind because it is both a sleep sack and a swaddle set. It works perfectly as any regular swaddle, but as your child gets older, you can free their arms and turn the sack into a wearable blanket. You’ll also be able to free their legs so they can warmly toddle around the house.

They are made with 100% cotton and come in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-18 months. Thanks to the snaps that let the parents adapt the swaddle to their baby’s body, this is possible. You can get them in eight different patterns for only $35 on Amazon.


Is Swaddling Good for My Baby?


With so many contradicting online forums, it’s common for rookie parents to wonder if swaddling is suitable for their babies. The answer is a resounding yes. Of course, there are always some exceptions to the rule. If your baby suffers from hip problems, such as hip dysplasia, swaddling them might make it worse. However, for the rest, traditional swaddling has many benefits:

  • It keeps babies from turning over or scratching their faces by securing their arms tight to their sides;
  • It provides calm with sensation close to the one the felt inside the womb;
  • It helps babies sleep for more hours by preventing the startle reflex; and
  • It reduces suffocation risk as you can make your baby sleep without any loose blankets.


Final Thoughts: The best Muslin wraps


As great connoisseurs of the textile industry, choosing muslin cotton swaddles over others was reasonably straightforward. The weight, durability, quality, and low price make Muslin overcome any other alternative. We’re confident that your baby will sleep safe and sound with these swaddles that provide coziness and warmth. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the swaddle that fits you the most and order it!



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