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Muslin backdrop is a popular choice for photography due to its fantastic functions. It is lightweight and photogenic for the background. Professional photographers love to go with the muslin fabric because it is reusable. You can use it after many washes with the same performance as the new one.
In this article, you will get to know the good, the bad, the ugly of muslin backdrops. Answer the basic questions. We also share our perspectives and suggestions about this backdrop.
We, team muslin Dhaka, have 27 years of cumulative experience in fashion & fabric marketing. We believe our expertise helps you get the right information regarding the Muslin backdrop.
 Let’s dive deep.

What is Muslin Backdrop?

Simply Muslin, the specific cotton fabric background for photography is a muslin backdrop. Muslin fabric is a plain-woven, soft, durable & particular type of cotton
Muslin backdrops stand behind the subject. Helps to capture a non-reflective super image with the required color and contrast. To capture breathtaking pictures; a muslin backdrop is one of the best you can get.

Backdrop Paper Vs. Muslin

Muslin is tougher and more durable than paper backdrops. They are cost-effective and versatile. A lot of photographers like cotton muslin because it is less reflective than paper. Also, it has more texture to shine brighter.
In the battle of paper vs. muslin, muslin remains ahead of paper. Why? Because it is durable, budget-friendly, and appears in multi-colors & sizes.

What Material Professional Photographers Use for Backdrops?

Professional Photographers want a reliable and solid material to use as a background. They commonly use muslin, paper, canvas, and vinyl. Among them, the famous and most used backdrop is muslin. In terms of colors, you can choose based on your subject. Red, yellow, green, black, blue, and ocean blue are some of the popular choices for muslin backdrop colors nowadays.
In a nutshell, Muslin backdrop is popular for professional photography for functionality & performance.

Benefits of Muslin Backdrop

It’s very natural to think why muslin backdrops for good photographs. What makes it different and preferable from others?
To give light to this question, we share head-turning benefits. Let’s get there.


Most photographers choose muslin over other fabrics. Because of the way it appears and creates an affirmative background. The color becomes vivid and saturated. Muslin backdrops work like a fun and creative background to capture great photos.


One of the prime benefits of a muslin backdrop is it’s durability. It can withstand normal wear and tear. Muslin is reusable & easily used after several washes.
Muslin is safer as well. In case of accidental issues like the model can fall on the backdrop, or someone can step onto this, No worries if it is muslin. 

Good for storage and transportation

Backdrops need transported and stored safely after use. If it is not cared for properly, can be damaged. Muslin photography backdrops are safer for transportation. They are highly transportation-friendly and easy to store.


Muslin saves the actors or models from distraction while the camera clicks. This non-reflective fabric can handle the camera flash. So, it is more user-friendly than other backdrops.


High-quality backdrops are preferable to professional models and photographers. But not everyone can afford it. Muslin arrives with the good news here. It is more economical than paper backdrops. Also, it is a durable, reliable, and low-maintenance item. These traits make muslin a good investment!


Muslin is already famous for its drape quality. Earlier on, it was a plus point for making dresses. The same goes for photo shoots and stage modeling.

Absorbent fabric

Muslin is an absorbent material to absorb accidental split on the set. Moreover, it is machine washable. So, if something spills onto it, you can get rid of it within a short moment.

Random use on sets

Many professional photographers use muslin backdrops as a common material. So, It is used randomly on the sets.


If you are looking for a unique backdrop on the set for specific photographs, muslin might not be the best one. Need iron due to wrinkles.

Create Your New Style With the Muslin Backdrop

Muslin itself is highly popular for photography. There are many breathtaking pictures clicked using this beautiful backdrop. For weddings, birthdays, maternity shoots, school/university albums, or any other projects, muslin backdrops are much preferable.
So, you can use muslin backdrop for random photography. But make your appearance solid & professional.
Muslin Backdrops

Types and Sizes of Muslin Backdrop


We can divide muslin backdrop factors like fabric construction, density etc.
There are 100 percent cotton muslin and mixed muslin fabric backdrops in the market.
Low density and high density are the two type of backdrop. High density is for digital photography and video production. The low density is for beginners.


There are many sizes of muslin backdrops. What size you need depends on the type of your photography.
The available sizes are :
  • 5 x 7 ft.
  • 6 X 9 ft,
  • 9 x 15 ft,
  • 10 x 10 ft,
  • 10 x 12 ft,
  • 10 x 16 ft,
  • 10 x 20 ft,
  • 10 x 24 ft.
Apart from the standard sizes, there might be a few larger or smaller sizes based on specific job types. 
The weight varies with size. For easy and convenient post-production, lightweight backdrops are good to go, and we know muslin fabric is lightweight.

Wider Muslin Backdrop 

There are different sizes of backdrops available in the market. A 9 X 10 ft wider muslin backdrop helps cover most shoots. A broader muslin backdrop is used for full-length portraits, family portraits, and more extensive product shots. Thus, this is a good-to-go option due to its functionality. You can even customize the backdrop size.

20 X 20 Muslin Backdrop

20 X 20 backdrops are larger than usual. For events like marriage or outdoor advertising, people use this large backdrop.
This is a little pricey for their large size. You have to spend minimum 100 USD or more to buy a 20 X 20 ft muslin backdrop. Although it is rare to get this big size, check Amazon.

5 Best Muslin Backdrops To Buy

We write a different buying guide for best muslin backdrops. You can get details over there. We just give a glimpse here.
The top five muslin backdrops are :

Where do you Buy the Best Muslin Backdrops?

There are several types of backdrops based on photography subjects. Sometimes, it is hard to find the right fit!
Here we introduce some of the popular stores where you get the best muslin backdrops.
For sure, Amazon is the giant e-commerce for all types of products. There is no exception for muslin backdrops. It would be best to visit Amazon first to buy these fantastic backdrops.
Of course, Etsy completes the list. You will get different types of handmade products on Etsy. There are low to premium-price products available. You will also get some of the most remarkable backdrops, even digital! You can use them over and over.

FAQ : Muslin Backdrops

How to Clean Muslin Backdrop?

Using cold water and mild fabric softener, we recommend cleaning muslin backdrops. Fortunately, they are easy to wash and dry quickly. Follow the care guide as well.

What is the best material for photography backdrops?

The best material for photography is either a cotton canvas or muslin fabric. In this artistic forum, muslin helps a lot to create non-reflective captures. If the model wants a vivid look at the photographs, muslin is the best to go.

What background should I use for product photography?

A plain & white background is recommended for product photography. Apart from that, a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures are used for product photography. It actually depends on the photographer & product type.

Wrap Up

Any photography is an art. It is an integral part of online business. So, using the best material is the right thing to do. Whether you are going for modeling shoots or product photography, muslin backdrops are great to trust and rely on. You already have a good knowledge of Muslim backdrops. Want to buy one?

Please read our five best muslin backdrops to get a complete buying guide.

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