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What else can stop you from giving your bedroom a polished look when you have the muslin blankets for adults? Absolutely nothing. That’s the power of a pure muslin blanket. It not only improves your bedroom appearance but also adds extra comfort to your sleeping. A throw muslin blanket can be a must-have item for your holiday pack. Stay cozy, not sweaty.
In this article, you will have all the basic information regarding adult muslin blankets. The benefits, types & more.
We, the MuslinDhaka team, have 26 years of cumulative experience in fashion marketing. Share our wisdom about adult muslin blankets.
Simply, The blanket is designed for the needs of adults. It is an adult muslin blanket, made of Muslin and used by adults. We know that Muslin is a highly comfortable fabric for all ages. An adult muslin blanket is just another example of it. This is extremely comfortable, durable, and cozy for all-weather usage.
Muslin blanket never fades out because it is made of unique cotton. If you want to gift someone special, a colorful muslin blanket is not a random choice.

Is Muslin Blanket Organic?

Many Muslin Blankets are certified organic. That means they meet specific organic standards. These are free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals and eco-friendly. GOTS sets the organic standard in the textile industry.
Since it is made of organic materials, there is no way to distrust the muslin blanket. This is good for the human body and the mother planet. The smoothness is beyond imagination. Those who used or thought of using the adult muslin blanket are not going to regret it!

Type and Sizes of Muslin Blankets for Adults


Type of Adult Muslin blanket:

A muslin blanket is to make you cozy, not sweaty. And for that, you have to know the types of muslin blankets. There are several types available in the market, among which a few are common. Choose your favorite one that offers exceptional comfort and is breathable too.

Sizes – Muslin blankets for adults:

  • Extra Large King Size Blanket: 120″ x 120″
  • Oversized Queen: 110″ x 110″
  • Double: 96″ x 96″
  • Twin: 96″ x 71″
  • Single: 60” x 65”
In terms of sizes, All the blankets may not appear the exact same size because of the 100% cotton muslin fabric. But almost follows as per the above information.
Types & Size : Muslin blankets for adults

Types & Size : Muslin blankets for adults

what you expect from Muslin Blankets for adults?

An adult always has some expectations while buying stuff. What does a user really expect from a muslin blanket? It is the softness and breathable factor. It is only possible to spend more money to buy a blanket if there are exceptional features. Muslin blanket has some cool features that mostly enlighten the 365 use, stylish look, comfort, and breathability. Proper fit for adults.

How to Choose the Best Adult Muslin Blanket?

Consider a few factors, including whether the blanket is 100% cotton muslin or raw Muslin, the softness level, and the price. To know more factors to buy, Read the best muslin blankets for adults.

Benefits of Muslin Blanket for Adults | Why So Popular?

Muslin blanket is one of the most versatile options for blanket lovers. It gives you warmth, exactly how much you need. Not too hot or not too cold; That is the strength of a muslin blanket. It amazes you every time you touch it or enter it.
The Benefits are 
  • Smoother than ever
  • Super comfortable and luxurious
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly
  • No fading
  • Amazing look and design
  • Polite vibes
  • Makes your sleep better
  • Suitable for both summer and winter
  • Durable and affordable

How to make adult Muslin Blankets? DIY

Making a muslin blanket is easier than you think. Just a few steps, and it will be in your hands.
Manage the muslin cloth first to use this in your blanket-making process. Make sure that you have the size according to your needs. For example, if you wish to make a 120” muslin blanket and 6 layers of it, have 720” muslin cloth in your store. Cut it 120” each and keep them one after another by maintaining the border nicely. Sewing muslin is so easy that anyone can do the job. After sewing, don’t forget to cover the border. That’s it. You have made a wonderful muslin blanket.

How to Use an adult Muslin Blanket?

Using a muslin blanket is common as using a blanket. The only difference is muslin blanket should be used gently. Keep it wrinkle-free. In one sentence, please Handle with care, The way it always covers you!

How to maintain an Adult Muslin Blanket?

So easy. Just keep it clean whenever dirt comes to it. While washing, do not use extreme hot water. Using a natural detergent is recommended. Do not use fabric softener.
You can use a dryer, but keeping it under the sun will work the best. Caring for an organic product naturally is the best option indeed.
We do not recommend Ironing. In case you need to, make sure to set low heat setting with gentle iron.

How Many Muslin blankets Do I Need to Have?

It depends on your usage. If you have a lot of members in your family, count the head and buy 2 for each head. Send one for cleaning and use the extra one. There is no fixed number that we will tell you. If you like having 10 to 20 muslin blankets, you can do that. A lot of people buy muslin blankets just to showcase them.


Is Muslin Blanket safe for anybody?

 A muslin blanket is just a natural cotton blanket. Not a nuke is coming to you 😅. Muslin blankets provide great comfort and convenience to its user. No harmful materials, anti-allergic and airy blanket for all. It is one of the safest blankets.

Which Muslin blanket is perfect for AC Room?

 Muslin blankets are good enough to match your body temperature. Usually, 8 layer muslin blanket gives you a great level of comfort 😍.

Is Muslin Blanket Good for Summer?

 Muslin blanket is perfect for all weather. It moderates body temperature and works based on that. If it’s hot outside, it keeps you cool, and if it’s cold, it makes you hottie😋. So, Muslin is good for summer.

How many layers are in Muslin Blanket?

 Layers can be 3, 6, and 8. Usually, 6 and 8 layers muslin blankets are popular. The reason behind this is the cold weather. You can have any layer of muslin blanket according to your needs.

Is Muslin Blanket Expensive?

 Muslin blankets are not so expensive now. Due to mass production, muslin fabric is affordable for the general people. Though a few brands have 100 per cent organic & premium Muslin blankets. They are a bit expensive.

Conclusion: Muslin blankets for adults

A blanket gives you protection from cold, but a muslin blanket gives you a peaceful sleep. Yes, that’s how a muslin blanket works. The specialty is a natural and soft fabric. It protects you and brings a smile to your face while using it.
Do not hesitate to ask any questions! Happy reading.

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