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Cotton muslin


For any human on planet earth who prefers comfort the most, cotton Muslin is their first love. Muslin fabric is one of the most ancient cotton fabrics we have ever seen. From the medieval era to this revolutionary period Muslin fabric is equally popular. Muslin fabric is one of the perfect handmade creatures that testify witness to medieval art and culture.


Muslin was known to all as the magic cloth because it was one of the finest fabrics in the world or we can say the softest fabrics in this world. From a high-class society to the Mughal emperor was admired by everyone. History has it that Muslin clothing was used as a weapon in all cases, from conquering the emperor’s mind to pleading guilty. Muslin cloth was so popular among the emperors that in most cases they agreed to do many things out of greed.

Which later became an eyesore to the British rulers. They brutally cut off the hands of all Muslin artists in order to destroy this extraordinary creation. The fitting garment muslin we find in the market today is not the muslin used by our ancestors. Yet muslin still survives the exclusive market as the softest and thinnest fabric.


What is Muslin Fabric?

What is Muslin Fabric?


What is Muslin Fabric?


Muslin fabric is a type of hand-woven cotton fabric that is lightweight, softer, and more breathable than usual. Some people assume that the birthplace of Muslin is Persia but actually it is mainly originated in Bangladesh.


Cotton Muslin fabric is a type of hand-woven cotton fabric that is thinner, softer, and more breathable than usual. A good quality hand-cut yarn of muslin cloth has its own characteristics. The thinnest fiber and single-layer weaving make it extraordinary. The weaving process of muslin fabric is very delicate and different. Especially muslin weaving needs low humidity and temperature for avoiding potential costly mistakes. Due to the fragile nature of muslin thread, the perfect time for weaving was before sunrise and after sunset.

Muslin has its own acceptance due to its unconventional beauty in pattern making. This is suitable for any season. The aristocratic nature of muslin on any occasion will not only make you captivating but will make you stand out from the crowd.


Original Dhakai Muslin 19th century

Dhakai Muslin 19th Century : Captured from National Musiem Bangladesh


Muslin Fabric Properties


In a sense, Muslin is just a cotton fabric. But there are many properties that make Muslin fabric different from other cotton fabrics. The interesting fact is the textile industry is expanding day by day but yet they couldn’t find Muslin alike any fabric; that’s why you are never going to find an inexpensive muslin fabric. The incredible features of Muslin set it apart.


Here are the properties of muslin cotton-




Muslin cotton is lightweight and perfect for making shirts, blouses, and other summer clothing. It is a great choice for both hot and cold weather.




Muslin cotton is breathable and perfect for any weather. The airy fabric is made from organic cotton named “Phuti karpas”, which makes it perfect for hot weather.


cotton muslin

cotton muslin




Muslin cotton is very comfortable to wear. Due to its thin, sheer, and breathable nature muslin cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics.




Muslin cotton is a type of cotton that is known for being soft. It is often used to make baby clothes and other items that need to be soft and gentle on the skin




Muslin cotton is durable and can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a strong fabric that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it perfect for everyday use.




Muslin cotton is a type of cotton fabric that is shrinkable. This means that it will shrink when it is washed, but it doesn’t shrink much like knit cotton. So it is important to take this into account when choosing the size of muslin cotton you purchase.




Muslin cotton is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is strong and durable, making it perfect for lots of works.


Absorbs sweat


Muslin cotton absorbs sweat and helps keep you cool and comfortable. It is a natural fiber that is breathable and helps regulate your body temperature.


Fine and smooth in texture


Muslin fabric is a type of cotton fabric that is known for its fine and smooth texture. This makes it a popular choice for making clothing, as it is comfortable to wear and looks good.




Muslin cotton fabric is a great choice for customizing your own creations. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you can create a look that is all your own.


Toxicity free


Muslin cotton is toxicity free and perfect for people with allergies. As we know muslin is made from organic cotton and the full process is purely chemical-free it’s totally healthy and safe


How is cotton muslin made?

How is cotton muslin made?


How is cotton muslin made?


The cotton Muslin fabric our ancestors witnessed was not the same as now. Nearly transparent Muslin fabric was one of the most desired to all. But great things never come easy. It was a very delicate and time-consuming process that states the artisan’s immense patience. First of all, Muslin was made of a real type of cotton which is named by Phuti Karpas. It was available in very rare places which include the bank of the Brahmaputra River. The yarn-making process was very tough.


Before making this shuttle cotton fabric it needed to dust out cotton yarn, roll, brush, pull, spin, and many more activities. It needed a very low humidity and cold environment which is before sunrise and after sunset maximum time in the monsoon season and winter. Due to its fragile nature, high humidity or temperature could harm or break the fabric.

That is why on warm days, weavers went on the chest of the Meghna River with the spinning machine by boat at night. Because that time and at that place, the cold weather bought the perfect atmosphere for making Muslin fabrics. The other sailor from other trading boats had a rumor that muslin was made by mermaids. Because when they went by boat for weaving their humming made a magical atmosphere on the Meghna. That’s why trading boats made mistakes with mermaids.


It is also said that without a calm, peaceful mind you can not make Muslin!

The weavers were not less than magicians that they could weave 900 plus counted cotton fabric which is nearly impossible not only with hands but also with machines these days!


What we get today people claim to be muslin cotton & handmade, the weaving process and cotton muslin fabrics quality are totally different. Of course, they are best at their point but not the same as before.

At present muslin is a form of cotton which can be hand-made or machine-made and also this can be sheer or not depending on the count of threads.


The purpose of Muslin fabric?


Muslin fabric is such a versatile fabric that it can be used for a variety of purposes, including clothing, draperies, and bedding. Cotton Muslin is durable & can be machine-washed and tumble-dried. This kind of easy-to-use plain weave and unique features are enough to choose it.


Muslin Draping fabric


Muslin fabric is often used for making customized things like dresses, curtains, shirts, and other lightweight items. It is also a popular choice for making backdrops and cover-ups. It is also a very affordable fabric. Muslin is a thin cotton fabric with a smooth surface.


Muslin Quilt


A quilt can be made from muslin fabric. Muslin is a lightweight, cotton fabric that is often used for making quilts because it is soft and breathable. Quilts are for both adults and children but are suitable particularly for newborns and babies. Muslin quilts are also used as decorative items in children’s rooms.


Muslin Saree

Muslin Saree


Muslin Saree


A muslin saree is the perfect choice for both summer and wintertime. It looks just exquisite both daily time or on special occasions. You can also pair it with jewelry and accessories to create an instant glam look that will make you shine at any event.


Muslin Shirt


A muslin shirt is a unique type of shirt made from lightweight cotton fabric. Muslin shirts are comfortable and breathable, making them a popular choice for summer wear. Muslin shirts are especially appreciated for their sweat-absorbing feature.


Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets


Muslin Swaddle Blanket


This soft and lightweight muslin swaddle blanket is perfect for your little one. This swaddle blanket is made from 100% cotton muslin and is very large to fit your little burrito. The soft, lightweight material provides a comfortable and warm environment throughout the day.


Muslin Dress


Muslin dresses are popular because they are cool and comfortable to wear in any weather. While you can find long-sleeved cotton dresses in just about any store, the word “muslin” evokes a certain image. The best muslin dresses will be lightweight and cool, especially if you plan to wear them during the warm summer months. They should allow airflow so you don’t overheat when the temperature hits triple digits.


Muslin Bag


A muslin bag is a type of bag made from muslin cotton fabric. Muslin bags are often used to hold smaller items or to make garments waterproof. Muslin bags are also popular among craft and upcycling enthusiasts. They are very popular for food storing and packing bags.


Muslin Crib Sheets


Muslin crib sheets are a soft and breathable option for your baby’s bed. Made from 100% cotton, these sheets are durable and can be machine-washed and dried. Fully safe and comfortable for your little honey bun.


Cotton Muslin Fabric for Babies

Cotton Muslin Fabric for Babies


Cotton Muslin Fabric for Babies


Cotton muslin fabric is perfect for baby usage. The first 3 months from birth, the baby used to keep in swaddle blankets. While Muslin organic cotton swaddle blankets are the first and best choice for babies.

If you think about a receiving blanket, a onesie, or any other secure, comfortable, and safe costume for your baby Muslin cotton fabric is the best one. The softness and the breathability make it obvious for baby usage.

As you all know baby costumes should be machine washable due to cleanliness and hygiene purposes. Cotton muslin is fully washable and 100% chemical-free.

Babies cannot carry e heavy-weighted swaddles or dresses. Muslin is too lightweight to use for hours. Muslin fabric is comfortable for both warm and cool days. Cotton muslin is fully organic natural and healthy that won’t harm your baby’s delicate skin or health. So don’t worry before using Muslin organic cotton fabric.


Muslin vs. Linen


Muslin is a type of cotton fabric, while linen is a type of flax fabric. Muslin is finer and less expensive according to quality than linen. Muslin has a plain weave where Linen has been woven or knitted in different types. If we talk about the manufacturing system Muslin is easier to make but linen needs more labor.


Muslin vs. Cotton


It is tough to differ cotton and Muslin. But there are some differences that make both fabrics distinguishable. Cotton is made of various types of cotton plants while wild Muslin is made of just a type of cotton which is very rare called “Phuti Karpas”.

Cotton fabric can be both thick and thin. But Muslin is usually lightweight and sheer. Cotton can be breached or unblessed both but the Muslin must have to be unbleached. Most important cotton is affordable but muslin can be affordable by quality.


Cotton Muslin the Worthy Natural lightweight Fabric

Cotton Muslin the Worthy Natural lightweight Fabric


Muslin VS Silk


Silk is made by animal protein fiber sourced from various Moths. Muslin is made by Cotton. While one is animal-based the other is plant-based fabric.

Silk is a lightweight breathable fabric but it’s not sheer like Muslin. Silk has some elasticity that allows to pull it back into shape after stretching while Muslin has no elasticity. Silk has absorbency but not like Muslin. Silk is a shiny fabric. Muslin is usually not shiny.


Muslin VS Bamboo Fabric


Muslin and bamboo fabric have kind of same softness. But as we all know Muslin is made of a special type of cotton whereas bamboo fabric is made of bamboo fibers. Muslin fabrics are extremely breathable but bamboo fabric can control the temperature.

Bamboo fabric resists you from sweating and Muslin fabric helps you absorb your sweat. The interesting fabric we haven’t mentioned is that if you wash Muslin fabric it will get softer with every wash whereas bamboo fabric won’t be softer with wash.


Muslin vs. Calico


Calico and Muslin have similarities but they have differences as well. Muslin is a delicate fabric but calico is stronger and more durable than muslin. Muslin and calico have different weaving processes. Muslin is sheer but also breathable. Where calico is not sheer but it is also breathable.


Muslin VS Canvas


It suffices to say, Muslin and canvas are totally two different fabrics. Canvas fabric is very hard and heavy weighted. Whereas Muslin fabric is soft and lightweight. Muslin fabric is very smooth and soft-handed while canvas fabric is not smooth. Canvas fabric is used in heavy works and as props maximum times. Muslin fabric is sheer while canvas fabric is not.


Conclusion: Cotton Muslin


In conclusion, we can say that the docile of ancient Muslin is inconceivable. This anomalous beauty is enough to submerge enormously. What we are getting present days these are also better than other cotton fabric forms. These are also indistinguishable from any other softer fabrics. if you have used it once I can guarantee you Muslin cotton won’t let you love something else.

There is no quandary about the quality and comfort level of Muslin cotton. How much you’re rambling around you cannot get any similar fabric like Muslin. This is being loved by any age person for supreme comfort. This enthralling masterpiece behests the re-emergence of muslin cotton. Some genius scientists from Bangladesh trying to rebirth the glorious Muslin. They are almost successful in making it. We hope we can get the best ever fabric again!


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FAQ: Cotton Muslin


FAQ: Cotton Muslin


What is cotton muslin?


Cotton muslin is a type of soft cotton fabric that is lightweight and sheer. It is often used to make clothing such as dresses, skirts, tops, and shirts. It is also used in blankets, bags, home drapes, towels, pillows, and mattress covers.


Is cotton muslin durable?


Yes, Cotton muslin is a durable fabric. It is a sturdy fabric that can last for a long time with proper care.


Is cotton muslin fabric expensive?


Cotton muslin fabric is not expensive. Though ancient muslin took a treasure to buy, the muslin we purchase now is inexpensive.


Can we make historical cotton muslin again?


Some brilliant scientists from Bangladesh have claimed that they have invented ancient muslin that glides through a ring. But it is not available for selling. Bangladesh government is building a Muslin village in Narayangonj to make it commercial.



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