Cute Muslin Car Seat Covers : A Complete Guide for American Parents

by | Sep 16, 2023

The muslin car seat cover is one of the essentials you will need to carry your newborn baby outside of the home. Sometimes, you can even use it as a blanket or towel for various uses. 

We, the Muslin Dhaka team ,have recently done a vast amount of research on muslin car seat covers. Tested some of the best products to know why parents need to buy these covers and what benefits they provide.

We also used our 27 years of cumulative experience in fashion marketing. While doing our research and analyzing the information we found.

Today, we are gathering up what we learned. We are sharing everything you should know about Muslin seat covers along with the best picks to ease your search. 

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What are Muslin Car Seat Covers?

A car seat cover is something you attach with the handle of the seat to work as a curtain and give your baby a safe and personal space. 

Muslin car seat covers contain muslin as the primary material. As muslin is a better option than any other average fabric, muslin seat covers can ensure optimal safety and comfort for your baby. 

Muslin car sear covers also come in different colors and designs. You get to pick one according to your choice. Also, the soft plain-woven pure muslin fabric is easy to fold and store. It requires very little amount of space for storage.

Why Muslin? 

Now, the biggest question is why you must go for muslin baby seat cover canopies when there are several materials. Let’s show you some of the benefits only pure muslin baby seat covers can offer. 


Muslin is a lightweight and breathable fabric. While protecting the baby from direct sunlight, muslin also offers proper ventilation. It doesn’t trap air like wool. 

Non-Toxic Material

100% muslin cotton is safe to use for both adults and babies. Organic and biodegradable fibers are used to make pure muslin cotton. They are better than synthetic and polyester. 

Heat Insulation

Muslin’s unique build quality creates air pockets that can trap temperature for quite some time. That’s why muslin baby car seat covers can protect babies from both heat and cold. 


Muslin can be more durable than many other soft fabrics. 200 thread count Muslin sheets can last longer with no wrinkling. Anything around the mentioned range is also a good choice in the budget. 

Anti-Germ Transmission

We’ve already said that muslin contains air pockets. These air pockets can also block several germs and other microorganisms. Even if people sneeze, cough, or release polluting gas through vehicles, the harmful particles will barely go through muslin seat covers. 

UV Protection

If the muslin is unbleached, it can give you an additional feature; protection from UV. Although all muslin can protect babies from direct sunlight, unbleached muslin cotton helps to reduce UV effects because of the standard range of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)

Colors and Designs

Muslin fabrics can feature a variety of colors and designs. From floral to cute animal designs, almost everything is available when you select a muslin car seat cover. 

please read our previous article about organic cotton muslin to know more about muslin fabrics and its benefits.

Uses of Car Seat Cover

Uses of Car Seat Cover or Canopy

People buy muslin car seat covers to protect their babies from harsh weather conditions when traveling outside. Using the canopy-style car seat cover eliminates the need for 

  • Using extra clothing for babies
  • Buying large car seats for extra space
  • Attaching shades with the car seat to protect from sunlight
  • Taking safety measures against bugs and germs

Muslin Car Seat Covers for Nursing

You can find some muslin seat covers giving an option for nursing babies. Some car seat covers are good alternatives to nursing covers. The pull-over style muslin seat covers are stretchable, and you can use them to cover your body while breastfeeding the infant. During nursing, those covers help to:

  • Cover you and your baby to maintain privacy
  • Breastfeed in public
  • Keep your baby safe from the outside environment and weather

You can also watch this video to get some idea of how to use the cover for different purposes. 

7 special Benefits of Muslin Car Seat Covers

Muslin car seat covers give parents these seven essential benefits. These features help you to take your child outside both safely and easily. Here are those:

Keeps room for your baby inside the carriage

Baby car seat covers get attached to the frame of the car seat. That’s why the interior stays spacious for the babies, as there are no extra clothing or blankets inside. Your baby can move and play with themselves while lying alone happily in the stroller. If you want, you can also give your baby toys alongside. 

Makes the car seat lightweight

A muslin car seat cover can work as both a protective curtain and a heat regulator. You don’t have to use any heavy jacket, swaddle, or blanket to cover up the infant if you cover the carriage with a muslin canopy. So, the car seat stays lightweight and easy to carry because of it. 

Doesn’t attract people to your baby

Some people love to touch and hold newborn, cute babies. Getting touch from unwashed hands can contaminate germs and diseases. And infants’ immune system is not strong enough either. For this, a seat covered with a canopy won’t attract people nearby. 

Assures proper heat insulation

As we discussed earlier, muslin itself is a heat-insulating fabric. It neither increases the temperature nor blocks the ventilation. Muslin car seat covers can help the baby to stay warm and cozy inside the stroller. Even the seat cover mouth is locked with zippers or buttons, the baby still gets enough air to breathe comfortably. 

Blocks wind, dust, and germs

The biggest advantage of using a muslin car seat canopy is to protect your baby from germs and dust in the outside air. It’s tough to maintain proper hygiene outside the home. And you can’t even make your baby wear a face mask always. According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, babies under 2 years should never wear a face mask as they don’t have strong breathing organs. Besides, you can’t always wipe your baby with a cloth while traveling. That’s why a muslin car seat cover is so handy. 

Allows the baby to sleep

Any carriage or stroller without any covering won’t let the baby sleep while moving frequently. Muslin car seat covers protect from sunlight, heat, cold wind and sounds if locked properly. The low light and cozy environment inside help the baby to feel like bedtime and sleep properly. 

Easy to store

Muslin baby car seat covers have a simple construction. You can mount and fold it easily. As the cover is made of muslin, it takes a small size after getting folded. You can store the folded seat cover in your travel bag or diaper bag if needed. 

5 Best Muslin Car Seat Covers

We have gone through more than 30 muslin seat covers and canopies, both online and offline. Then, got these 5 best muslin seat covers for babies. 

Here are the five best muslin car seat covers : 

  1. Little Unicorn Muslin Car Seat Canopy: Best Overall Baby Seat Cover
  2. YVMVDV Baby Car Seat Cover: Best User-Friendly Seat Cover
  3. Metplus Breathable Infant Carseat Cover: Best Multipurpose Cover
  4. BessaDesign Baby Car Seat Cover: Best for Luxury
  5. BabyDuckCraft Rainbow Car Seat Cover: Best for Cold Weather


Little Unicorn car Seat Cover

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Little Unicorn Muslin Car Seat Canopy: Best Overall Baby Seat Cover

This Little Unicorn car seat canopy cover has a very simple, yet solid construction that can last for years. The locking system of the product is easy to use. You only need to button it up over the stroller, and the cover is ready. 

Besides, The pure muslin cotton fabric is lightweight. The print of the fabric is long-lasting too. You can use it to travel longer distances. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to wash
  • Fits any car seats
  • Sustainable elastic bands
  • Adjustable mouth opening


  • Can shrink a lot if you use hot water for cleaning

Our Rating: 4.80 out of 5.00

Who Should Buy It

As the product fits with all types of car seats or strollers, any parent can buy this to protect a newborn baby. The durable elastics can get stretched enough to match the shape of a seat and lock properly. Also, you can adjust the width of the opening according to your demand. 

YVMVDV baby seat cover inspiration

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YVMVDV Baby Car Seat Cover: Best User-Friendly Seat Cover

If you want customizable features in the baby seat cover, this one can work for you. The soft organic muslin cotton doesn’t allow the heat or cold wind to go inside. 

Even if the interior gets hot, you can always open up the fabric window and keep the mesh window locked for both breathability and protection from bugs. The window can also be opened in two different sizes. 


  • Different openings for different purposes
  • Mesh window to increase breathability
  • Compatible with strollers, car seats, and other carriers
  • Kick-resistant construction


  • The customizable design makes the product hard to clean

Our Rating: 4.80 out of 5.00

Who Should Buy It

Parents who have multiple baby carriers should buy it. The user-friendly design allows you to interact with the baby without opening the whole front of the cover. And you can let your baby enjoy the scenario and not get bitten by bugs because of the mesh. 

Metplus inspiration

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Metplus Breathable Infant Carseat Cover: Best Multipurpose Cover

This lightweight construction has skin-friendly materials. The gauze muslin fabric allows air circulation and wicks moisture away from your baby’s body. 

For the safety of the baby, there are only velcros; no button or zipper. The floral design goes well with special occasions too. You can also wrap yourself with this product when you’re nursing your baby outside.


  • Breathable gauze muslin fabric
  • Can also be used as a swaddle blanket and a nursing cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Wicks moisture away


  • Might not fit with smaller strollers properly

Our Rating: 4.75 out of 5.00

Who Should Buy It

This product is an all-in-one package. When you need to use the cover in different ways, the Metplus cover can help you. The finishing quality is also as good as the design. If you are attending a function with your baby, this product comes in handy. 

Bessa Design

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BessaDesign Baby Car Seat Cover: Best for Luxury

The premium BessaDesign baby car seat cover has very durable muslin cotton that can block both sunlight and cold breezes. This fabric can also hold printed designs for a long time. 

For easy installation, this product has metal snap buttons on both windows and straps. Besides, the product is handmade. So, you can choose any size you want from the seller. 


  • Extremely soft muslin fabric
  • Custom sizes
  • Smooth and plain finish
  • Detachable accessories


  • Very expensive

Our Rating: 4.70 out of 5.00

Who Should Buy It

People who don’t compromise the premium look should buy this for their babies. The rich and organic muslin cotton can decorate your baby’s ride pretty well. If you have the budget, you can always choose this option for both quality and luxury. 

Baby Duck Crafts car seat cover

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BabyDuckCraft Rainbow Car Seat Cover: Best for Cold Weather

This product is a good choice when you want something both budget-friendly and well-designed. The BabyDuckCraft car seat cover has a great range of heat insulation to hold the body temperature during winter. 

The soft and padded muslin cover doesn’t shirk even after frequent washes. And the tiny little fabric balls on the edges won’t fall apart. The design and shape stay intact and usable for a long time. 


  • Extra heat insulation
  • Additional soft padding
  • Decent price
  • Good for traveling


  • The additional padding makes it not the best choice for summer

Our Rating: 4.60 out of 5.00

Who Should Buy It

This is the best muslin baby seat cover for winter. If you are living in an area where it’s possible to catch a cold most of the time, you can grab this item to protect your newborn angel. The extra padding for low temperatures is very smooth and plushy. You can also use it as a swaddle blanket. 

How to Find the Best Muslin Car Seat Cover? Buying Guide

There are various types of car seat covers depending on their usability, size, material, etc. So, here’s a buying guide to break down the facts and help you make the right choice. 

Seat Cover Type

There are 3 types of seat covers: 

  1. Slipcover
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Canopy

The slipcover-style seat cover lies between the baby’s body and the seat. It is mainly to protect the baby’s skin from the roughness of the seat and keep the car carriage clean. This type can’t protect infants from the harshness of the weather. 

Sleeping bags surround the baby’s body using different types of fabric. This type only keeps the mouth open to let the baby breathe and see comfortably. Sleeping bags aren’t good as they can be harmful to the skin and an obstacle to the baby’s natural movement. 

The canopy-style seat cover is the best choice. It doesn’t stick with the skin and keeps enough room for the baby inside the stroller. Muslin seat cover canopies are more breathable than other cover styles. I think you should only buy canopies for the good of your child. 


Muslin, mixed cotton, and linen are the safest materials for baby car seat covers. Among them, muslin fabric has a vast amount of features that are suitable for sensitive baby skins. Muslin is a soft and gentle cover with lots of air pockets to insulate heat. That’s why muslin car seat covers are the best choices. 


Not all car seat covers are universal. The stroller, car seat, or carrier you’re using might require a larger or smaller canopy than the normal size. Before buying a product, you better measure your baby stroller and know the right size.

Straps and Windows

Canopy-style car seat covers must have at least two straps to hold the seat and spread perfectly. Also, there should be two windows that can attach to each other to conceal the whole car seat. 


Very light covers can’t block wind and insulate heat. Also, heavier covers have reduced breathability. So, the ideal weight range for a muslin car seat canopy is around 8-15 ounces. 

Locking System

Muslin car seat covers can have buttons, velcros, or zippers to lock the straps and windows. Velcro locking is the safest to use with the products for kids and babies. But only windows with zipper locking are acceptable, too. 

Types of Use

It will save you money if you can buy a muslin canopy cover that you can use as a nursing cover or swaddle blanket. Nowadays, most canopy-style covers feature multiple functioning options. So, you can easily find one to use in different cases. 


You must buy products from reputed and bigger brands rather than going for unknown non-branded one. We have also mentioned some well-known sellers like Little Unicorn and Metplus. These brands always sell authentic and flawless items. They also offer good after-sale services for the consumers. 


The average price range of good muslin car seat covers is 15-30$. But premium seat covers can cost you at least 35-40$. 

Alternative to Muslin Car Seat Covers

If you don’t want the car seat cover made of muslin, check out this product we’re reviewing below; it features 95% viscose and 5% spandex. This product also has several benefits, like muslin. If we do not cover this here, the topic can not be fully covered.

Bebe au Lait Pure and Simple 5-in-1 Cover

The Bebe au Lait multi-use cover is a good alternative to the muslin canopies. It has a solid viscose and spandex construction with openings at the top and bottom. When not in use, mothers can wear it as a scarf for fashion. 

The elasticity of this fabric is good. That’s why the shape of this cover can last for a long time. The viscose also gives additional softness for a smooth, silk-like feel. In case, if you go for the best muslin car seat cover alternative at this moment, go for this one. 

DIY Method: How to Make a Homemade Car Seat Canopy Cover?

Sometime, we love to DIY (Do it by Yourself) method.

If you want to make a durable and good-looking canopy for your baby at home, you can follow this method below. By following this guide, you can make a nice car seat cover using muslin in just 30 minutes. 

Things You Need

  • 40×40 inches muslin sheet with designs for front
  • 40×40 inches plain muslin sheet for bottom
  • Extra cloth for making straps
  • Buckram pieces
  • Velcro or buttons
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Quilting pins
  • Scissor

Step 1: Place both sheets and lock them with pins

At first, place the top sheet facing the bottom layer accurately. So that when you flip after sewing, the upper layer with the design shows up. Then, attract the sheets using quilting pins. 

Step 2: Create a cut for the windows

Now, cut 17.5 inches straight in the middle from any corner you like. The cut you have made is for the windows. 

Step 3: Round the edges

After that, take a marker and make the same round lines on the edges. When marking is done, cut the edges carefully. 

Step 4: Start Sewing

Sew following the borderlines. Then cut off anything that exceeds the sewing line. Now, you can flip the cover and reveal the actual design.

Step 5: Prepare the materials for making straps

After preparing the main body, take two 12×6 inches fabric straps and two buckrams with the same dimension. Keep the buckram sheet on top and join the width by sewing; keep a small gap in the middle to flip later. Then, sew the tops of the straps. When sewing is finished, flip the straps and bring out the actual exterior. 

Step 6: Attach closures to the straps

Use either velcro pieces or buttons for cover mounting. If you use buttons, then stitch buttons on one side of the straps and make buttonholes on the other side. 

But you can just attach the velcro parts on both sides pretty easily.

Step 7: Stitch the straps with the cover

Take your marker again. Mark two small lines 2 inches over the window division. Each line should be 3-4 inches away from the window line. After marking, place the middle of the strap on each line and sew. You can hand-stitch them if you want. 

Step 8: Add some decorations if needed

The car seat canopy is ready to use. But if you insist, can add some decorations made of extra muslin fabric sheets for a premium look. Apart from that, You can buy laces or designed borders from the market to change the plain outlook of the canopy. 

How to Clean a Muslin Car Seat Cover? 

The lifespan of muslin fabric depends on the way you are cleaning it. Here is a guide to clean muslin shades for baby strollers.

  1. Bring out the seat cover from the stroller. If possible detach the decorations and straps from the seat cover too. 
  2. Put the cover in your washing machine with mild detergent. Don’t overuse the detergent; it can be harmful to cover & baby. 
  3. Put the machine in the gentle wash mode. Otherwise, the softness of the fabric will get ruined, and the fabric will wrinkle. 
  4. After washing, put the seat cover under sunlight to dry naturally. 

Note: Always follow the care guidelines given by the seller for your Muslin car seat cover.

Is there any Muslin Car Seat Covers substitute?

There are not any substitute to car seat covers. Actually, muslin car seat covers are alternatives to nursing covers, stroller shades, swaddle blankets, etc. 

Yet, to make our discussion complete, here are some options that can partially work as car seat covers. 

  • Nursing Cover

Nursing covers are to cover up mothers when they’re breastfeeding their babies. But some nursing covers can also help to cover up baby car seats for protection from sunlight, weather, and germs. 

  • Stroller Sun Shades

People mainly use stroller sun shades with buggies and single strollers. Parents can use them to protect their babies from UV. Besides, they make the stroller interior dark to help infants sleep. 

  • Carseat Mosquito Net

High-density mosquito nets can protect babies from bugs, dust, and cold breezes. But they can never insulate the temperature or give shade from sunlight. If you think the weather is perfect for the baby, and you don’t need to cover the car seat, then give the mosquito net a try. 


Are car seat blanket covers safe?

Car seat covers or blanket covers are safe to use as they don’t always come in contact with your baby’s skin. They keep room for your baby to sleep and play with themselves.

How often should you change the baby car seat cover?

There is not one single answer to how often you change the baby car seat cover. The frequency depends on seller’s recommendation, condition of the cover and usage. If you follow the proper care guide, a baby car seat cover can last for 5 years. 

Are car seat canopy and cover the same? 

A car seat canopy is a type of design for car seat covers. The canopy-style car seat covers are the most popular type of covering for strollers and baby carriers. 

How do I pick a nursing cover?

To pick a nursing cover, you must judge the fabric, softness, size, and breathability first. Then, look for designs, ease of use, etc. for better performance. 

What is the best warm winter infant car seat cover?

BabyDuckCraft Rainbow Car Seat Cover is the best warm winter infant car seat cover. But the best of all-season seat over is the Little Unicorn Muslin Car Seat Canopy with a lightweight and simple construction. 

Final Thoughts

A good car seat cover can help you easily carry your baby while you’re traveling outside. But only a muslin car seat cover can make the outside trip safe and sound for your loved one. 

Make sure you buy a cover that protects your baby and fits the carrier you have. You can take one from the list that we made after comparing dozens of quality products. 

If none of the products seem okay, you can either remember our buying guide to search by yourself or follow the DIY method to make one at home. The decision is up to you. 


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