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by | Oct 19, 2023

Nowadays, when people look for exclusive ways to decorate their homes, they find curtains as one of the most incredible options for modern-day home decor. Muslin curtains added extra value to this journey. It is very functional, cool and gives an aesthetic look to your home. 

In this article, you will come to know everything about muslin curtains. Once you have gone through the article, your knowledge of this wonderful home decor will reach an end.   

We, the Muslin Dhaka team, have 27 years of cumulative experience in muslin fabric marketing. Our expertise will be helpful to your thirst for muslin curtains. 

What is Muslin Curtains? 

In one sentence, The curtains made of muslin fabric are muslin curtains. This lightweight and special type of cotton woven fabric is so popular for making curtains. There are various types of muslin based on the fiber, thread counts etc

Primarily, there are two types of muslin fabric: Bleached and unbleached. Bleached muslin is white, and unbleached muslin is irregular in color.  

What is a muslin curtain used for? 

It is widely used for home decor, offices, restaurants, cafés, retail stores, and commercial places. It adds a posh and gentle vibe to the partition. 

Types of Muslin curtain 

It has a lot of types depending on fabric construction, usage, and colors. Here, we are going to discuss the versatility of muslin curtains. 

By use: 

Every particular place has a type of curtain. Home decor, Cafes, restaurants, Hotels, kitchens, Dining, Bathrooms, Living rooms, and whatnot? Muslin curtain fits all the places because of its versatility. It is made of lightweight fabric. Allows the sunlight to enter your room easily. Shower muslin curtains are so popular for their fashionable appearance. 

By color & designs: 

Among a lot of colors, bleached (White) is the most noticeable muslin curtains. Bedrooms, hotels, living rooms, cafes, shower curtains, and kitchens everywhere it is unique by color. Bleached muslin is one of the most selling curtains. You will see design variations like vintage, modern, classic, and others. 

For color, you have thousands of options. 

By Fabric: 

Muslin, cotton muslin mixed fabric, linen and a few other fabrics are best for curtains. Among them, linen blended, cotton, muslin, and some other mixed cotton are popular. A massive number of customers like Linen blend muslin lookalike curtains. Amazon and Etsy have several brands that sell 100 percent cotton muslin curtains.  

Is muslin fabric suitable for curtains? 

Muslin is one of the most suitable fabrics for curtains. The price, quality, and durability are the top reasons for Muslin being so famous.

 Muslin fabric for curtains can be a cheaper option compared to other luxury items. Because of its affordability, muslin gained mass popularity in a very short time; Muslin curtains are affordable for multi-purposes. 

Can neighbors see through muslin curtains? 

Neighbors couldn’t peep into your home in daylight through a muslin curtain. A muslin curtain is sheer but not that much transparent to destroy your privacy. There remains full privacy in your room if you have this. No outsiders can see what’s happening inside. The best part is that you can’t see inside in daylight or when the sunlight is too bright. But at night, you can see a reflection if there is a light turning on inside the room. 

Is a muslin curtain a popular item for home decor? 

Yes, it is one of the popular items for home decor. Many modern families love to use muslin for curtains because it is affordable and functional. The durability is another reason for its being so popular. Muslin is a wonderful fabric for curtains and decorating a house on a budget. it is also a classic, vintage home decor.  

It is one of the best options anyone can grab.

Are Muslin Curtains Modern? 

Yes, they are modern and classic, too. The best part is that muslin curtains offer a versatile form of colors and designs. Vintage, modern, classic, and custom. They have all the options available. However, the muslin curtain is highly modern and suitable for modern home decorations. It can increase the beauty of your room multiple times more than in the old days.   

How to Care Muslin Curtains?

How do you care for a muslin curtain? 

The care instructions are too simple to maintain for a muslin curtain. In reality, muslin is a durable and value-for-money fabric. For curtains, there is no difference in the features of this wonderful fabric. You can easily wash, dry, and iron a muslin curtain. 


Wash it in cold water and use mild detergent for the process. It is machine washable, and please try to keep the setting in a moderate number. The spin/cycle should not be too hard. 


Use dry cleaner for a muslin curtain. Drying a muslin curtain is a very easy and time-saving process. You can lay it flat under the sunlight for quick drying. Leave the dryer before it dries completely. 


Ironing a muslin curtain is not necessary. The fabric is sheer and lightweight. Because of this, wrinkling doesn’t happen. Using a handheld steamer is recommended. It’s quicker than ironing other clothes.

Pro tips: Please do not use extremely hot iron because the fabric is soft. It can burn the curtains. 


Does wrinkle happen in muslin curtains? 

No, the muslin curtain is free from wrinkling. Because of the loose woven technique, muslin fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily. It remains the same after several washes. 

How to hang muslin curtains?

  • Take measurements of the area. 
  • Sew the muslin curtains well before hanging. 
  • Install brackets.
  • Install the rod well so that it wouldn’t slip or break. 
  • Put the muslin curtains inside the rod. 
  • Hand the curtains carefully and put the rods inside the bracket. 

Is the muslin curtain need to extra care for babies? 

If you can do it, that will be awesome. Cause, babies have no limit to go beyond. Muslin curtains are soft. It is better if your baby doesn’t play hanging with it or make it dirty often. 

Is the muslin curtain expensive? 

Muslin curtain is normally affordable. Muslin is a fabric that has lower and larger thread counts. Usually, muslin comes at an affordable price in the market. You can find expensive muslin curtains as well.

Wrap Up 

Installing a muslin curtain in your living room or any other location is too easy to get done. It can bring a new, rich look to your door or window within a low budget. You can visit Amazon, Etsy, and other e-commerce stores to buy different types of muslin curtains. 

To find the best muslin curtain, read our blog & buy the most suitable curtains for you.

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