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Unbleached Muslin fabric


What comes first to your mind when you hear the word muslin? Perhaps an expensive fabric that could easily be handled by a simple matchbox. This is the most common myth of muslin as it is technically proven that a 50-meter-long natural handwoven premium muslin can be adjusted into a matchbox.

If you are not very familiar with muslin and its variety, you may not have any sense of unbleached muslin fabric.

For most people, muslin is the finest quality fabric which is soft, breathable, and the best for comfortable clothing in tropical countries.

Once muslin was popular all over the world because of its unique appearance. At that time, it was used only by the upper class who could afford the cost of premium quality muslin.

Today, muslin is used for project guides, curtains, garment mock-ups, quilting, and various other purposes.


What is unbleached muslin?

What is unbleached muslin?


What is unbleached muslin?


Unbleached muslin is a popular form of muslin that is cheap yet has all the features of muslin. There is another form of muslin called bleached muslin which is different from unbleached fabric in many ways.

It mainly refers to the idea that the muslin fabric has not been treated with bleaching chemicals. Unlike bleached muslin, which contains chemical compounds such as chlorine and oxides, unbleached one is free from these harmful compounds.

Thus, it is a 100% natural recyclable fabric that could be blended with a combination of cotton and silk. Therefore, it is cheap compared with the premium muslin fabric made with full cotton.

From the fashion and textile industries to everyday kitchen use, it is in great demand among women around the world.


Is unbleached muslin 100% cotton & expensive?


Yes & No, Both. It could be 100% Cotton or a Mixture of others like silk.

Different manufacturers produce and market different grades of unbleached muslin which can be either whole cotton or a mix of cotton and silk. You can see their prices also vary based on quality.

Typically, the Original muslin fabric was made with a special type of cotton that is named ‘Phuti Karpas’ in Bangla. It requires the utmost care from cultivating the species to harvesting and then spinning the perfect yarn with it.

So, making beautiful wearable garments with premium-grade muslin fabric is a long process that takes an expert team of weavers even a few months to complete a single saree or garment.

This is why premium muslin does not seem to be affordable to everyone. So there is unbleached and bleached muslin to meet its huge demand in cheap ways.


What color is unbleached muslin fabric?


Since non-bleached muslin is not refined with bleaching materials, it has a natural color effect that usually looks creamy white.

As it contains natural impurities and pigments but is suitable for use in any sewing pattern, garment mockups, and other crafts projects.

Besides, you can see it in a variation of colors such as light yellow white, yellow-white, gray-white, dark gray-white, etc in fabric stores online and offline.


What are the properties of unbleached muslin?

What are the properties of unbleached muslin?

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What are the properties of unbleached muslin?


Unbleached cotton muslins have a lot of significant properties to take into consideration. This type of cotton fabric can be used in many applications from clothing to household activities.

Especially, both bleached and unbleached muslin fabric is distinguished from other types of cotton fabric. So, if you have a specific purpose for using muslin, you need to consider it for the best results.

However, we have mentioned the excellent features of this fabric type which will make you more interested –




A plain weave is a common form of weaving pattern that defines a thin, lightweight, and plain state of fabric for example chiffon and organza. Muslin is also a good example of plain-woven fabric which is made of fine cotton. So, you can use this softest, thinnest, super breathable, and plain muslin cloth to sew for any crafts project.




Muslin is hypoallergenic which means it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions in humans. Since there are fabrics that can be caused to irritate the skin such as polyester, and wool sweaters. Wearing these types of fabric garments can result in unwanted itching and rash on your body. Unlike them, muslin made from natural cotton is less likely to cause any allergic reactions.




Needless to say, muslin is one of the softest forms of cotton fabric that exists on the earth. Though low-quality muslins come with a heavier appearance than premium qualities. But still, you can consider the fabric type if you are looking for something soft and breathable for your next garment, quilting, or embroidery.


Unbleached Muslin fabric

Unbleached Muslin fabric

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Muslin is used for making both male and female garment items and they are considered highly comfortable in tropical countries. Because of its lightweight and breathable functions, muslin is the best choice for those who want a natural solution for comfortable wearing.




It is also known that fabrics’ moisture retention ability makes it important for various kitchen activities such as dispelling moisture from vegetables. It also helps rooftop gardeners to create moisture retention drainage and make an effective waterproofing system. This is why muslin is considered a natural absorbent as it is derived from natural cotton plants.


Machine washable and reusable


Like other cotton fabrics, you can machine wash muslin fabrics and reuse them for any purpose. This unbleached fabric is used for baby swaddling and skincare activities for these properties. You can give it a machine or hand wash to reuse this fabric for regular use. If initially, you found muslin fabrics a bit stiff washed them and you can see the stiffness is gone.


What is unbleached muslin used for?


The fabric type is mostly used for sewing, quilting, making garment patterns, mockups, and many more. It has many uses in the garment industry as well as in household & handicrafts making. This organic healthy fabric is very useful for different purposes.

Here are some practical uses of unbleached muslin :

  •         It provides high accuracy in sewing patterns
  •         Good for skincare
  •          This organic cotton fabric is used to make cheese, jam & other foods.
  •         provides better results while used as a diffuser in photography and cinematography in theatre
  •         You can see its existence in the lining of curtains very often
  •         Used sofa covers, giving design in the lower of curtains, making covers for antique pieces, and canvas for decoration.
  •          This unbleached healthy fabric is used in health care,
  •          Can be used dusting your Furniture,
  •          The fabric helps to keep your room fresh, and control pests.
  •         Also, it is a common material in crafts projects, backing quilts, and embroidery.


How much does unbleached muslin cost?


Unbleached muslin is considered to be the most common and inexpensive solution for a specific garment, sewing, and quilt projects. As I said, this is not the premium cotton muslin fabric.

Therefore, they come with a good price tag which seems affordable to all. You can see that there are many online and offline stores that sell natural unbleached muslin at different prices.

The price for this excellent sewing material ranges from $2.50  to $6.50 per yard. It is varied depending on the length of cotton and the quality.

However, if you can’t recognize the quality of non-bleached muslin, can consider the product tag that includes thread count. Thread counting is a basic way of measuring fabric quality. It is considered for all kinds of fabric including bedsheets and dresses.

Therefore, it will be good if you have the idea of thread count before you go to purchase unbleached muslin!


How to choose the best unbleached cotton muslin fabric?

How to choose the best unbleached cotton muslin fabric?


How to find the best quality unbleached cotton muslin fabric?


As there are different grades of cotton muslin fabrics available in the market, you need to understand and choose the best one for your needs.

However, the term muslin grade means fabric quality. When we are talking about cotton muslin grades, you should know that there are four different grades of unbleached muslin available.

They are –

  •         Gauze which offers the overall best and finest quality of muslin
  •         Mull, slightly lower quality than gauze
  •         Swiss Muslin, thicker than mull
  •         Sheeting, higher density than any other form stated above


So, the Grades of fabric you should take into consideration before buying. In case, if you can’t characterize the muslin grade by observing, you should incorporate thread counting to define the quality.

For your information, higher-quality fabric comes with a higher thread count. The lower the number of threads per square inch, the lower the quality of muslin.




See the common questions and answers about the topic.

How to buy unbleached cotton muslin fabric online?

Unbleached cotton muslin fabric is sold online as per yard. you can directly order this low weight fabric on-site as per your need.

Online muslin brand offers various sizes like 48”, 63”, 120” and versatile product features such as bleached and unbleached.

Before checkout makes sure the business is Honest. Ship on time, keep minimum stock, have a proper collection, good reviews, on-time shipping, clear company images, and give a great shopping experience.

A good brand shop is helpful to arts & craft people. Understand buyers’ demands on this fabric, and provide all the information on the product label.

If you are going to buy unbleach Muslin by the yard online, then ask sellers to get all the information you need to know.


Does muslin shrink by washing?


Yes, muslin shrinks when washed and dried. As it is cotton fabric, it is very usual to shrink but you can fix it by ironing.

What material is muslin fabric made from?


Muslin fabric is made from natural cotton fibers that are made from the yarn of Phuti Karpas. Its scientific epithet is Gossypium arboreum, a native cotton plant that grows only in tropical and subtropical regions and in certain weather conditions.

You may hear about “Dhakai muslin” which was famous from nearly the 15th – to 16th century due to its improbable quality all over the world. Record says that there were muslins incorporated with a thread count over 2000 at that time.

Nowadays muslin fabric comes in various weights and qualities. Unlike the ancient premium handmade cotton muslin, they are produced by machines and so have lower thread counting and quality.


Why Should You Use Muslin Fabric?


The demand for muslin fabric has rapidly increased these days. It has significant use in clothing, upholstery, quilt, embroidery, cooking, and child’s care. In addition, if you are looking for such a thin and breathable fabric for any purpose, you should consider muslin.


What is unbleached muslin fabric by the yard?


Generally, natural non-bleached muslin is sold by the yard in most online and offline fabric stores. We have mentioned the price variation of different unbleached cotton muslin above.

Whether you are buying it from a local store or you are making an online order, you have to buy muslin fabric as per yard. Because this is the standard measure considered around the world to buy any fabric.


What is Ivory Muslin fabric?


Ivory muslin is an Egyptian cotton muslin that is considered one of the pure natural cotton fabrics in Egypt. Muslin has a significant presence in Egyptian history and was used for many purposes in ancient Egypt.

However, ivory muslin is one of the most popular common grade fabrics in Egypt. You can search for Ivory muslin fabric online and purchase it by meter and it costs around $4 – $8 per meter of Egyptian Ivory muslin.


Take away: unbleached muslin fabric


You may not know but ancient muslin fabric is still under huge research and development and the original quality of muslin is still as scarce as hen’s teeth. The scientists are trying to bring it back!

Since our topic is unbleached muslin, you may want a lot to learn about this particular fabric. We have discussed the features of this common type of muslin. You can grab unbleach Muslin at an affordable prince in Amazon .

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