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by | Aug 15, 2023

Muslin duvet covers are one of the finest types of bedding to enhance the beauty of your bedroom interior.
As muslin fabric is light and soft, they are a far better choice than any average material for duvet covers. Muslin, itself, is a breathable material that regulates temperature pretty well. Thus, muslin duvet covers are an ideal choice, according to my experience.
Today, as a Muslin Dhaka team member, I will cover up all the stuff you need to know about muslin duvets covers. We worked for years researching Muslin and its use in various luxury items.
Below, I’m highlighting the facts of why duvet covers made of Muslin can please you with their uniqueness.

What is a Muslin Duvet cover?

Like the pillowcase over a pillow, the protective cover that stays on the duvet is called a duvet cover. You might think it is only the cover, but it’s not! The Duvet cover refers to the inside material as well. Generally, you find a duvet cover set including duvet and pillow covers.
It is so simple that duvet covers made of Muslin are known as muslin duvet covers to us. Muslin has an amazing acceptance as a duvet cover due to its softness and breathability. This cool and lightweight fabric performs very well. Especially for babies’ bedding, a muslin duvet cover is a must-have item for parents.
Why Muslin bedding so popular?

Why is Muslin Bedding So Popular?

 Muslin bedding is a fusion of softness and comfort. It is lightweight and breathable fabric for people of any age.
Normally, a person expects the utmost coziness from the bedding. And muslin bedding provides exactly that level of comfort and relaxation. The reason is, Muslin provides a very fine and smooth texture that linen or others can’t.
To be precise, the main reasons for muslin bedding including duvet covert become so popular are :
  • High quality
  • Cool designs
  • Soft fabric
  • Comfortable material
  • Stretchability
  • Unique and custom covers
  • Perfect for all weather
  • Shiny and smooth
  • Eco-friendly organic.

Types of Muslin Duvet Covers

Muslin covers for duvets can be either pure cotton muslin or mixed with materials like bamboo, viscose, or silk. Depending on that, There are two types of muslin duvets.
They are :
  1. 100% cotton muslin duvet cover
  2. Bamboo muslin cover, silk muslin, or Any other fusion fabric with Muslin.

Based on making, there are two types of muslin duvet.

  • Handmade duvet cover. (DIY)
  • Machine made.

General Sizes of Duvet Covers

Muslin duvet covers can be of different sizes. A few standard sizes are available apart from custom sizes according to customers’ demands.
Let’s show you the chart of standard-size duvet covers worldwide.
Size      Dimension (Inch)Dimension  (CM)
Twin  68 x 88 inch172 cm x 223 cm 
Twin XL  68 x 92 inch172 cm x 233 cm 
Full  80 x 90 inch203 cm x 228 cm 
Queen  90 x 90 inch228 cm x 228 cm 
King 104 x 90 inch264 cm x 228 cm 
California King 104 x 98 inch

264 cm x 248 cm

The sizes might differ slightly.

Natural Muslin Duvet : the Good, the Bad, the Ugly


Muslin is a type of natural cotton fabric made by the plain weave method. This natural fabric is eco-friendly. It requires no artificial care, instead of simple treatment. Being a natural fabric, Muslin is safe.
A muslin duvet cover has enormous benefits. They are :
  • Muslin duvet covers are highly absorbent and good for summer.
  • They are durable
  • Soft and breathable
  • Unique and lightweight fabric
  • wide range of designs & patterns
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy to care.
  • No hassle for ironing.
  • Organic eco-friendly products.


  • Certified Organic muslin products are not affordable.
  • Absorb the dirt easily.

Duvet Vs. Comforter

Often, we see people considering both duvets and comforters as the same stuff, just because both are related to bedding.
The comforter is just a single-layer sheet with no covering that can be used as it is. On the other hand, a duvet is a soft and extra thick filling that requires a complete cover.
If you look closely, comforters contain cotton and synthetic fiber stuffing. Duvets can contain synthetic filling and natural materials like silk, wool, cotton, or feather.
Apart from that, you can see that comforters come in larger sizes than duvets.
Ultimately, the duvet and comforter have a very thin lining between them. But in the end, people use them mainly for holding the body temperature or warmth during sleep.
So, it’s up to you which one to choose.

Is Muslin Bedding good for babies?

Is Muslin Bedding Good for Babies?

Muslin is good for babies, whether it is bedding or a blanket. It is a soft and breathable fabric. Babies love to remain cozy and get covered by lightweight fabric, mostly. That’s why using Muslin for your baby’s bedding might ensure sound sleep.
And most importantly, the fabric is safe, gentle, and free from chemicals against baby’s delicate skin.

Muslin Vs. Linen Duvet covers

Muslin and linen are two different materials. Both have their benefits and features. Let’s discuss some key differences between Muslin and linen.


Muslin is a type of cotton. It is a natural substance free from any harmful chemicals.
It is soft and breathable. The thread count of Muslin is normally less than linen. The thin cotton fabric is soft and affordable for bedding purposes.


On the other hand, linen is a pricey option for bedding, duvet, pillows, and more. It is one of the top choices for its hypoallergenic features and durability.
Linen comes from flax fibers and offers a very smooth texture. Although the fabric is thicker than Muslin, it’s still soft and durable.
Ultimately, both fabrics are fine to use for duvet covers. If you have the budget go for linen to get something more durable and soft. But overall, Muslin is a good choice depending on the budget and other features.

How to care: Muslin Duvet Cover

It’s better to take special care of your muslin duvet. Follow the care instructions of the seller properly. It saves you. Besides, I am sharing a few pro-tips for your convenience.


Washing a duvet cover made of Muslin is simple and easy. Using cold water is recommended. Too hot water can harm the temper of the fabric. You just put your duvet cover in the washing machine along with a small amount of mild detergent. After that, keep the setting in a gentle wash cycle.


To dry your duvet cover, leave it in a dryer. And don’t forget to adjust the heat settings to a moderate figure. Dry in a flat shape, and do not forget to remove it from the dryer before it completely dries. Besides, you can also dry your muslin cover by letting it lay flat under the sun.


As muslin duvet covers don’t wrinkle too much, ironing is unnecessary after washing. However, you can do that carefully if you feel like ironing it. Ensure you do not rub the muslin fabric with the hot iron. Only a handheld fabric steamer is recommended.


Is Muslin Duvet Cover Good for Hot Sleepers?

Yes, it is. Muslin is a natural fabric that can regulate temperature. That means you will feel cool in summer and warm in winter.  It is great for hot sleepers in all seasons.

Is Muslin a safe comforter?

Organic cotton Muslin is one of the safest materials for comforters. It is naturally anti-allergic and great for sensitive skin. Muslin is breathable and cozy in all seasons. So, We can say that Muslin is safe for comforter.

What is the best material for a duvet for night sweats?

Muslin is a breathable natural cotton fabric that is too good for night sweats. The temperature-regulating quality of muslin prevents sweating at night. So, muslin is one of the best materials for a duvet for night sweats. Pro-tips: Bamboo Muslin fabric is another great option.

Is Muslin Duvet Cover Costly?

Generally, muslin duvet cover is not expensive. 100 percent organic muslin is a little bit costly. But It is worth the price, and people can certainly get a nice and fluffy natural duvet. 

Can the Muslin duvet cover be used roughly?

Muslin is for decent use. Not suitable for rough use. Using too heavily can harm the potential of this fabric. As a duvet covers, it should be used the way it is meant for.

Where to get a Muslin Duvet Cover?

You can get a muslin duvet cover on Amazon, Etsy, and other online stores. There are a lot of sizes, colors, designs & patterns for you. Several products are high selling with extraordinary qualities. You can buy your favorite one from them. Apart from it, you can also go offline shopping at any famous store.

Wrap-Up: Muslin Duvet Cover

A Muslin duvet is necessary for bedding or home decor to have a luxury outlook. Besides, it is a better option to make your bed perfect for sleeping.

Duvet covers protect the stuffing from dirt and reduce your pain from washing it again and again. Thus, having a duvet cover is a must. And why not that cover be made of Muslin that ensures your comfort and enhances the interior?

So, make sure you get the right type of muslin duvet cover for your duvet. If you don’t know what to buy, check our list of the best muslin duvet covers.

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