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by | Aug 11, 2023

Muslin, a finely woven cotton fabric, is a soft and breathable piece of cloth. A muslin quilt is highly appropriate to give your baby a cozy and secure feeling like the mother’s womb. 

Additionally, the lightweight fabric allows the airflow to pass through. This is perfect for swaddling and covering your baby securely. Not too restrictive and not too loose. A muslin quilt is ideal for removing the fear of overheating your child. 

Dhaka Muslin team has 27 years long cumulative experience regarding muslin fabric and its versatility. We know in detail and let you know as well. 

In this article, we will give you a complete book of muslin quilts. After finishing, you will know the basic of the muslin quilt. The good, the bad, the ugly! 

Over time, a quilt of muslin becomes a bit softer. Muslin fabric’s construction and special natural cotton fiber make it more reliable than other quilts or blankets. Having a quilt made of muslin in the wardrobe is one of the gentle and loving deeds a mother performs for her baby. 

So, without further ado, let’s dig into all the details about muslin quilts. 

Differences Between Quilt & Blanket?

Firstly, both quilts and blankets are typically designed with multiple layers of fabric to cover your baby securely. 

Apart from that, quilts are more of a better choice than blankets due to their unique design and various types of stitched patterns. Normal blankets may not provide the aesthetics like the simplest quilts. 

Another big difference is you can use quilts as a hot sleeper. Blankets are good for retaining the body temperature or fight against cold. 

Some people even use quilts over or under the bedsheet for extra comfort during sleep. Blankets can never be of use in this kind of stuff. 

Besides, you can use quilts and blankets if needed—people who are too sensitive to cold place a quilt over the blanket to stay warmer. 

So, the question is, are Muslin quilts better than blankets?

For your baby, both are functional in different ways. However, for adults, quilts might not be as demandable as blankets. Muslin quilt is mainly used for babies, whereas blankets are available for adults. Still, personal preference might vary. 

I want to say there is a very thin line between quilt & blanket. They almost do the same job. 

Little unicorns Quilts blanket Credit : Little unicorn display

Benefits of Muslin Quilt 

A muslin quilt is one of the essentials if you have a toddler in your home. It keeps your baby cool and warm in all weather. Let your baby play the tummy time wonderfully with a fantastic quilt. 

Sweet Sleep 

A baby’s sleep is a big concern to every mother. No one wants to give their baby a heavier quilt that makes sleeping uncomfortable. Muslin is extraordinary and too useful in that case. The sheer features give the baby super-soft feelings during sleep. 

Super Comfy

Muslin itself is manufactured for total comfort. There is no disagreement with this fact. The quilt is just another form of muslin supremacy where you or your baby will get the ultimate comfort. Due to its ultra-smoothness, it won’t interrupt your baby’s movement.


The lightweight muslin quilt is perfect for babies. It is easy to carry as well. Holiday or travel, you don’t have to be exhausted bearing a quilt along with you. 

Natural Antibacterial Components

The natural antibacterial elements of this item are safe for babies. Muslin sheets are hypoallergenic, so, it can come real handy in babies’ skincare.

Both warm and cool 

If you use it in summer, it will keep you cool. The same thing will give you warmth in winter. That’s the specialty of muslin fabric. The plain woven technique and natural cotton make it unique for all weather.  

Multiple Purposes Served

A muslin quilt can be used for different purposes. The extremely absorbent feature of this fabric makes it suitable for use while the baby eats. Also, you can wrap your baby with a quilt to take along with you somewhere outside. Along with that, you can also use a quilt during breastfeeding. 

Variety of colors, types, and patterns

They come in a large variety in terms of color, designs, and patterns. The exclusive quilt (made of muslin) is a fantastic item for new mothers. 

An organic cotton muslin quilt is one of the best choices for your baby. Adults also love these unique quilts.

Types and Sizes 

The market has multiple types of muslin quilts based on sizes, colors, and designs. Also, you will find different sizes for babies and adults. 

Although the perception of quilts goes with babies in today’s world, king and queen sizes are available too. Even Oversize quilts are on the market! These sizes are for adults. They love the big quilts for their personal use. The way we love quilts in our early life can not be forgotten till the last day.


There are different types of muslin quilts. We can differentiate these quilts by design, making, and materials. The design & patterns could be more than thousands of types. 

Based on the materials of fabrics, these muslin quilts are two main types.

  1. Pure Muslin 
  2. Mixed Muslin. Fusion with bamboo, viscose, microfiber even other cotton.

I would love to say certified organic muslin fabric is the highest quality natural fabric. The organic quilt is a green choice. However, it will be pricey but worthy.


There are so many sizes available in the market. We compiled the quilt size for you. 

Muslin Quilt Size

These sizes might vary a little. You can make a custom size by yourself or from a seller.

Is Muslin Quilt Expensive? 

Muslin quilts are budget-friendly options that assure longevity. You don’t have to spend a lot to purchase a good muslin quilt. 

Although, the price depends on quality, material, luxury feeling, and unique features. You can get a little muslin quilt that is expensive but worth spending. 

Where to buy the best muslin quilt?

You can find the best muslin quilts both online and offline. There are several renowned brands. Little Unicorn, Aden and Anais, cloud island, and others are popular in this category. 

You will find too many quilts on Amazon & Etsy. Do not hesitate to buy from them.

FAQ : Muslin Quilt


Are muslin quilts warm?

Muslin quilts can be both warm and cool. In summer, it acts a cool and cozy. Not sweat you. The same quilt keeps you warm in winter. 

Are Muslin Quilts worth the value?

Muslin quilts are not costly. It is worth buying a breathable, soft, anti-allergic, and antibacterial quilt. Give value for money. 

How Good is Muslin for Quilting?

Muslin is an ideal choice for making quilts. Your babies will be safely wrapped inside a muslin quilt. The super-soft and breathable muslin fabric is great for quilting especially when you do things for your babies. 

What is the best fabric for quilting?  

Muslin is one of the best fabrics for making quilts. Cotton Muslin Fabric is a natural choice. Bamboo or mixed cotton muslin is a good option indeed. Polyester is the best synthetic alternative for quilting. 

Wrap Up 

Muslin quilt is one of the necessary items for a new mother. Who needs special care for her newborn. It is a home essential that keeps the parents worry free. Muslin quilt is an integral part of adult bedding as well.

We believe already you get proper knowledge about muslin quilts. You don’t have any issue using muslin quilt for your baby. To buy the right quilts, check our blog Best Muslin Quilts.


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