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by | Aug 10, 2023

Though it seems quilt is for babies only, back in the days of our parents and grandparents, gifting muslin quilts for adults as a token of love was natural. Still now, even when there are many quilt alternatives, people are sticking to using quilts as their first choice.
The demand for adult muslin quilts hasn’t faded a bit. Instead, people are getting more curious about the mysterious muslin fabric. Cozy Bedding created from it, especially muslin quilts!
I am a big fan of these quilts. Besides being a member of Muslin Dhaka team, have vast research on it. Here we dug down to the bottom of everything about muslin adult quilts.
So, let’s show you what me and my team has to say on the matter.

Do Adults Use Muslin Quilts?

“And books, like quilts, are made, one word at a time, one stitch at a time.”
                                  Sena Jeter Naslund, Ahab’s Wife, or The Star-Gazer
In a word, Yes. Adults do use quilts or muslin quilts.
Muslin quilts are generally brought for babies and toddlers to keep them warm and provide sound sleep. However, there are actually large quilts made of muslin for adults.
Adults mainly use muslin for two reasons; one is to gain softness and coziness on the bed. Another is to show the rich taste via the premium quality of muslin.
In the past, quilts were made by homemakers and girls of the house for family use. Now, you can see several large brands like litle unicorn, Aden & Anise, NTBay, Lulu Moon, Graced Soft Luxury, etc., are making great muslin bedding items for customers across the world.

What Are the Differences Between Muslin Quilts and Other Quilts? 

This question itself is silly. Even your kid from grade one can tell that adult muslin quilts comprise muslin. Other quilts don’t; as simple as that.
It is the main difference between normal quilts and muslin quilts, the material. And just for this difference in material, you can create a thick lining between those two quilt types.
Muslin doesn’t shrink even after several washes. But fabrics like mixed cotton, polyester can shrink after multiple washes and would be in bad shape within a short time.
Apart, muslin is durable. It weighs less than other fabrics. Due to this, muslin quilts can be a lightweight layer for hot sleepers during spring or winter.
Mixed cotton, linen, polyester, and other fabrics are mostly bleached. But you can find muslin both bleached and unbleached. People with sensitive skin can go for quilts containing unbleached muslin sheets.
In summary, we can say that muslin and other types of quilts might not have major differences that you can see with bare eyes. But the difference in materials makes muslin quilts better options.

Quilt Vs. Blanket

The purposes of using quilts and blankets are the same. However, the way they work, their outlook, their materials and making are different.
Quilts contain at least three layers of cotton or silk or any other fabrics. But on the other hand, blankets can have even a single layer of fabric to keep you warm.
Even if the blanket contains multiple layers, you won’t find sewing or quilting in the main body. Only the borders are enclosed with strongly sewn threads or tapes.
The basic fundaments of quilts are they come with plain weave fabrics. But having woven fabric is not mandatory for the blankets.
And most importantly, some blankets can have stuffing inside for heat insulation. These are called weighted blankets. But in the case of quilts, you’d find zero stuffing. Only a few layers of soft fabric sewed together to make one thick layer for protection from cold.
Muslin Quilts for Adults
Image Credit : Georgina Jost

Benefits of Using Muslin Quilts for Adults

The purpose of using muslin quilts for adults can be either bedroom decor or sleeping comfort, or both at a time. However, let’s know what comforts and benefits muslin quilts provide that make adults use them.

Light as a Feather 

Quilts, having muslin fabric on top and bottom, are way lighter than modern-day comforters.
As we all know how lightweight and soft muslin sheets can be. Muslin quilts are preferable to those who can’t bear heavy stuff like comforters or blankets.

Classy in Design 

Very few fabric or cloth is as good as muslin. It is a GI product of Bangladesh that carries the history and culture of Bengal for hundreds of years. It won the heart of elites all around the world.
Muslin fabric can come in various colors and designs. You can make unique types of quilts resembling the classic tradition and culture.
Another big difference is “Quitting” itself. Whether it’s hand-stitched or sewn, the thread patterns themselves are eye-catching designs for any interior.

Easy to Use 

Quilts are just a combo of fabric sheets with layers. They are far easier to use than comforters, duvets, or blankets for people of any age.
Suppose you’re tired of working or studying in your home. It’s time for a quick nap. When you have a quilt on your bed, you can just unfold it and go underneath; that’s it! You’re ready to relax your brain.
As there’s no hassle of zipping, buttoning, or covering, adults can consider quilts as an efficient bedroom item.

Maintenance is Out of the Syllabus 

Yes, it’s what was written just above. Washing your adult muslin quilt around twice a year is more than okay! Depends of your use.
As there’s no heavy and special insulation in any type of quilt, you don’t have to worry about washing them every month after use. Unless something spilled on it.
Only normal cold water and regular mild detergent are quite enough to wash a king-size quilt in the washing machine.
You can also put the used quilt under sunlight for a day and pack it for later use if you haven’t used it for too long.

Can Work Otherwise 

There is proof from modern civilization’s histories that many women make quilts to cover up the windows and doors of their homes. Muslin quilts can easily block the cold wind from entering the house and keep the room temperature secure.
Apart from it, muslin quilts can be used over the bedsheet to decorate the bedroom because of its luxury vibe. You can also cover your simple sofa with a muslin quilt to offer your guests a premium feel.


Surely, there are two sides of a coin. Muslin quilts for adults also have some drawbacks that you should be aware of. So now, let’s lighten the disadvantages of muslin quilts.
  • Muslin is lightwieght plain woven fabric. That’s why it is hard to remove stains from muslin quilt.
  • Muslin also wrinkles easily. So, users have to be careful while washing this quilts. You should never use hot water or hard detergent to wash it.

How to Find the Best Muslin Quilts for Adults?

“Particularly well, I always buy my own cravats and am allowed to be an excellent judge, and my sister has often trusted me in the choice of a gown. I bought one for her the other day, and it was pronounced to be a prodigious bargain by every lady who saw it. I gave but five shillings a yard for it and a true Indian muslin. “
Henry Tilney, from the novel Northanger Abbey of Jane Austen
If you don’t have any soft and cozy quilts passed down to you from your grand parents, then I’m feeling sorry for you. Because I have more than one heirloom and a few of them are made of muslin.
Now, you’re willing to buy one; you have to find the best muslin quilts for adults. And for that, I suggest you a short buying guide to ease your life.
By following this guide, you can simply buy one from Amazon, Etsy, and some other online stores in no time.

Determine the Number of Layers You Want

Quilts usually have 3 layers; top, batting layer, and bottom. But some quilts have more than 3 layers for exclusive features and designs.
It’s up to you to choose how many layers you want your quilt to have. But remember, more layers means more price.

Do You Want Hand Stitched or Machine Sewed?

 Hand-stitched quilts are more of a traditional style of bedding than machine-sewed ones. Therefore, people with a handsome budget and good taste in decor always prefer to handmade stitch quilts.
But here, the catch is, hand-made quilts are more expensive than machine-made quilts. The cost of hiring labor and custom designing makes the whole difference in pricing.
But I would recommend using sewed quilts as they can fit your budget quite easily. Nonetheless, I’m not discouraging buying hand-stitched options as well. They reflect your rich taste by enhancing your home decor, especially in your bedroom.

Quilt Size Should Match Your Bed Size

 I think the right buy is when you’re able to buy a quilt, blanket, or comforter matching the size of your bed or mattress.
Anything short or large is itching to my eyes. So, you should rather measure the size of your bed and buy a right fit muslin quilt from the market.

Color & design 

Muslin quilt itself is an icon of design sense and interior decoration. Yet, if you’re willing to match the color of your new quilt with other bedding in your room, then it’s up to you. You can find adult muslin quilts in different colors, patterns, and designs both online and offline.
Adult Muslin Blanket
                                                   Credit : Momease meta page
Gots certified Organic muslin quilt always get a preference for eco-friendly choice. The quality materials always diferrentiate!
Apart from the above factors, Brand reputation and price is crucial not only for quilt but also almost every great product.

Other Popular Materials for Adult Quilts 

Nothing can replace the value of muslin. Still, you might be willing to try some alternatives to muslin. So, here’s a list of some popular materials used for quilting, except muslin.

Pure Cotton

Pure Cotton is the very first choice right after muslin. The 100 percent cotton fabric is very gentle and easy for quilting. This material are also soft and comfortable. You can find such quilts coming in various colors and designs. So, you have tons of options in your hands when you opt for complete cotton.


 As lightweight options, linen quilts can do just fine. Linen fabric, either pure or cotton mixed, is breathable and suitable for hot sleepers. Along with that, you also get durability assured buying linen quilts.


Flannel is the last option I’d recommend. Because flannel is thick and holds the temperature. For hot sleepers like me, I won’t recommend flannel quilts. But if you shiver even in the slightest chilly breeze, you better try this thick fabric.


Does muslin shrink when washed?

Muslin does shrink a little, but not as much as pure cotton or any other fabric. You might see muslin shrink 5-10% after several washes.

Is the muslin quilt expensive?

Muslin quilt is generally less expensive. But price depends on quality materials, design, and many other factors. Some muslin quilts are expensive indeed.

Can my kid use adult quilts?

Both baby quilts and adult quilts have the same type of construction. So, your kid might use your adult quilt. Check your quilt for safety before giving them.

Is it possible to use quilts with a blanket?

 It is possible to use quilts with a blanket as an additional protective layer to hold the body temperature. You can also use two quilts together if you want.

In Fine 

Muslin quilts for adults has unique benefits and features than regular blankets, comforters, and duvets. The combination of rich muslin fabric and fine quilting technique is the symbol of art, love, and utmost comfort.
Muslin quilts often remind me of my culture and tradition. Whenever I put them on my body, I can feel the weight of the labor and artistic thoughts invested in making them.
Thus, quilts made of muslins are perfect stuff for me. And I think you’d also start loving muslin quilts after using just for once. That’s why you have no second thoughts; go and buy one without hesitation.

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