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A muslin sleep sack is an excellent gift for your baby’s bedtime. It provides magical comfort during sleep. As a parent, ensuring kids a sweet, sound sleep at night is the primary concern! 

How often has your baby wake up in the middle of the night this week? More than you can count, right? It’s natural to feel anxious if they are not comfortable, warm enough, or breathing correctly. Most babies don’t sleep through the night, so the parents have to open their eyes. 

You might wonder what the purpose of a swaddle blanket is. Interestingly, a sleep sack is a great alternative to a blanket.  

In this article, we will tell you everything about the Muslin sleep sack and share a few of the best options at the end. 

Team muslin Dhaka has 27 years of cumulative experience in Muslin fashion and marketing. Our wisdom about the Muslin sleep sack will help you. 

How Muslin Sleep Sack Aid a Restful Night of Sleep?

Sleep sacks are one of the cutest purchases for your baby. Body temperature plays a vital role in a baby’s sleep. Cool temperature helps the baby sleep longer, which is great for health. Muslin sleep sacks are made of high-quality cotton fiber to keep your baby safe and sound during bedtime. They are specially designed to regulate the body temperature. It is safe, comfy, and soft for a great night’s sleep.

Benefits of Muslin Sleep Sack 

Sleep sacks, aka sleep bag/ wearable blankets, have many benefits. There are reasons behind recommending the Muslin sleep sack. Let’s get to know the key advantages. 

Keeps the baby warm and cosy

keep your baby comfy; there is a rare alternative for a sleep sack. Muslin fabric naturally adds extra comfort and cosiness to this mission. Not only for newborns, toddlers also need extra care during the night. 

Help the little one recognize sleeping time

When you wear baby a sleep sack day after day, it becomes a habit for them to recognize the bedtime. When you start putting on the clothes, they feel sleep time! It reduces your effort to get ready for bed. 

Drowsy but awake! Here comes the solution

If you are struggling too much for kid’s sleep, I will share a secret of mine. Put a sleep sack on your baby and see the magic. Even the kid insists not going to sleep will change their mind within short

Perfect Sleep

Finally, sleeping bags Gives Your angel a Perfect Sleep.

Muslin sleep sacks are too good to describe. The softness, warmth, cosiness, and super fit traits of this fantastic wearable blanket put your baby in a deep sleep. 

Types and sizes 

There are a lot of designs available in muslin sleep bags. One-way Zipper and Two-way Zipper are the most popular types of it. You can check out the Hudson Baby for cute designs. 

Here is the chart for sleep sack sizes with weight & age. 

Size Baby Weight Baby Age 
Small 10-18 lbs0-6 months 
Medium16-24 lbs6-12 months 
Large20-28 lbs12-18 months
X-Large 27-30 lbs18-24 months 


Difference between Swaddle Blanket & Sleep sacks

Difference Between Swaddle Blankets and Sleep Sacks 

Swaddle blankets and sleep sacks are two significant items for newborns. Not only newborns but also support aged 24 to 36 months toddler! The sleep sack is a great alternative to swaddle blankets


A loose swaddle blanket is riskier for newborns after two/three months. Then they try to roll over. It’s better not to use a swaddle when your baby tries to roll over. A sleep sack helps really well that time. No threats are remaining with it. Even it reduces the risk of SIDS.

Both swaddle & sleep sacks are great for their different purpose. But as a wearable blanket, it is safer for your little angel. Babies can move with a wearable blanket.

Key Differences :

FeatureSwaddle blanketsSleep sacks
AgeNewbornsBirth to 2 years old
PurposeTo calm and soothe babiesTo keep babies warm and prevent rolling over
SafetyNo longer recommended once babies start to show signs of rolling overSafe for babies of all ages
TOG ratingsNot applicableAvailable in a variety of TOG ratings
WearabilityNot wearableWearable

What is the Best Time to Use Muslin Sleep Sack?

You can start using a sleep sack on your baby from day one! But it’s better to wait for a few days. Since there is a chance of sleeping injury or accidental moments, we should not take any risk. Swaddle blanket is fine at that time.

Many parents start using this after 3 or 4 months. However, we recommend starting from 3 months or before when your baby shows signs of rolling over. It is completely fine for the infant. You can use it for 24 months or sometimes even more! As long as your baby feels comfortable with the item. 

Pro Tips

  • Put the sleep sack after the baby completes its meal. Do not feed after putting the suit. 
  • Your infant can use a muslin sleep sack up to 3 years of age. In fact, it is as long as you want to hear “Mommy, fix my blanket”. 
  • Use mild detergent for hand washing. Dry naturally under the sun.

Where Can I Find Beautiful Muslin Sleep Sack?

You will find beautiful, exclusive muslin sleep sacks on Amazon and Etsy. There are some brands you can rely on. Aden & Anais, LittleUnicorn, Mushie are the famous brands selling organic cotton muslin sleep bags. 

We recommend a few fantastic options for you to buy. Here are the seven best muslin sleep sacks for your baby :

To explore more, read our buying guide the best muslin sleep sacks. 


How Long a Baby Can Wear a Sleep Sack?

Feel free to use a sleep sack as long as it fits well. Usually, till 12 to 18 months, a baby wears a sleep sack. But there is no fixed time. If your baby is comfortable with it, you can use it more.  

Can Baby Wear Footie Pajamas with Muslin Sleep Sack? 

Your baby can wear footie pajamas based on the thickness of the sleep sack. Check the sleeping bag TOG rating. Make sure the sleeping bag is not too tight with footie pajamas. 

Do Babies Need Onesie Under Sleep Sack? 

Whether your baby should wear a onesie or footie under the sleep sack, depends on the TOG rating of the sleep bag. If you have 1.0 TOG and are colder than 69°F, adding one layer of extra clothing is okay. But not more than that because muslin itself is perfect for regulating body temperature. 

Is Wearing Only Diaper Under Sleep Sack Good for Baby? 

It is okay to wear only a diaper if your baby sweats a lot. Or else, wearing a cotton short-sleeve t-shirt, or a onesie makes it perfect. Muslin fabric is breathable and lightweight. So, you do not need to worry about overheating. 

Wrap Up

Already, we covered the main topics about muslin sleep sacks. No need to rush if your baby isn’t ready yet to abandon the sleep sack. Let it stay until a bit older. What to worry about? Ultimately, it is a great sleep aid. Isn’t it? 

If you want to buy the suitable sleep sacks for your little angel, please read our complete buying guide Best Muslin sleep sacks

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