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by | Jul 10, 2023

Silk muslin fabric is a special natural fabric. Silk is known for its shine, luster, high price, and glamour. Muslin is a rare cotton that is ultra-soft, cozy and absorbent. It’s also a royal fabric. When these two are mixed together, silk muslin appears. That means luxury meets coziness!

In this article, we share everything you need to know about silk muslin fabric. It’s benefits, uses and more.

We, the Dhaka Muslin team, have 26 years of cumulative experience in fashion & marketing. Based on our experiences, we share precious facts about silk muslin. This will help you. 

Silk is a luxury item. Aristocratic people, especially women, love to wear silk on special occasions. Silk muslin is expensive these days, too, because of silk’s existence. Anybody would love to wear a silk muslin scarf on their shoulders. 

What is silk muslin fabric?

Silk muslin is a mixed organic fabric suitable for hypoallergenic people. Those who have skin sensitivity are fond of this fabric. Silk and muslin are two different types of material in textile. Commercially, both are important and have a larger impact on trading. Mixing them together turns a new fabric, and that is silk-muslin. It is luxurious and soft. 

Is silk muslin pure silk?

No, silk Muslin is not 100 percent silk. It is not pure silk because of muslin mixed with itself. There are a lot of differences in raw materials and making. Muslin is made with a plain woven technique, and silk comes from Silkworms in the cocoon stage. Both fibers are mixed by woven technique.

100 percent silk is premium. Silk muslin dress helps get the luxury feel for general people at a more affordable price.  

Brief History of silk muslin fabric

Silk came from China when the royal family used to wear it 5000 years ago. Later on, it became globally familiar and spread. Muslin is a pure, unique cotton found in ancient India. The fusion of these two royal fabrics occurred in the Indian subcontinent. It appeared in France around the 18th century. 

How when the muslin & silk yarn is mixed, we only have a little authentic data. Even few claim that it’s just silk, and traders give this special name only to sale. Though, we differ from that theory as certain Muslin forms can integrate with silk and viscose. Muslin silk fabric is possible to make. At the golden time of luxury Dhaka muslin, for designer dresses, another royal fabric, silk, can be mixed to make elegant dresses.

Muslin Silk Saree is one of the most famous attires in the world, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. This famous saree is made in Dhaka and some other parts of Bangladesh.

History of Silk Muslin fabric

Silk Muslin What for? Random Use or Special Occasions

The silk muslin is an aesthetic beauty worn for special occasions like weddings, baptisms, and other major programs. It makes you feel royal while wearing it. People wear it to look more elegant and stunning than any other day. This natural fiber is special and not used for random functions. It’s particularly suitable for skin-sensitive people. 

You will see a large number and designs of silk muslin saree in the South Asian region. In Bangladesh, a brand named Aarong is famous for selling silk muslin saree. They call it half-silk muslin or cotton silk. Apparently, they make this designer dress with a fusion of silk and muslin. 

Organic Silk Muslin | Good For Hypoallergenic People

As a result of being organic fabric, silk muslin is the first choice for hypoallergenic people. It offers you an elegant appearance in a costume. 

Skirts, gowns, sarees, kurtas, blouses, scarf, and many more outfits can get you breathtaking style with the silk muslin fabric. 

Not only for special attire, it is one of the safest fabrics.

How to take care of Silk Muslin Fabric? 

Silk muslin is a premium fabric. Make sure you take care of it nicely. 

How to clean silk muslin?

First, check the color of the fabric before cleaning. Check if there is a chance of the color being faded. Then you have to go for a dry clean. You better give it to a dry cleaner. They are professionals and know very well how to clean it. Moreover, equipment is also necessary, which you don’t certainly have. 

If there is no chance of color fading, we suggest forgetting the machine-washing. Use your hand and get some shampoo or wool detergent. Soak it for 20 minutes and make it done. If the stai9ns are too stubborn, leave it to a professional. 

How to Iron a silk Muslin cloth? 

Ironing such a soft, delicate piece of fabric takes work. Check the seller’s advice before ironing. It requires great care while ironing. Keep your iron machine in moderate heat. Spread the scarf and press softly. 

Types of silk Muslin

There aren’t so many types of silk muslin available instead of the differences among ratios. For example, 60% silk and 40% muslin will give one kind of feeling. On the other hand, 70% muslin and 30% silk will give you a different type of feeling. Both are silk muslin, but the only differences are in the ratio of fabric mix. This mixture depends on what type of cloth you are going to make with the fabric. 

FAQ: Muslin Silk fabric

How soft is silk muslin fabric? 

Silk muslin is a super-soft and lightweight fabric to wear. The high-breathability rate of this fabric makes it wearable for people of all ages. At the wedding, you might notice how the bride moves here and there with memorable attire. She feels comfortable after wearing a luxury silk muslin dress. Without lightweight & softness, the bride feels exhausted. 

Is silk muslin expensive?

Silk muslin is quite expensive. The production process, raw materials, and huge demand make it costly in the global market. Silk muslin has different types of silk and muslin. Mulberry silk is one of the most luxurious silk in the current global market. Due to the natural production method, silk muslin is an incredibly expensive fabric. Note: (Silk muslin is less expensive than pure silk)

Is silk muslin suitable for summer?

Yes, It is. Silk muslin is soft, lightweight, and moisture-absorption. It is suitable for summer. For hypoallergenic people, silk muslin is a blessing. 

Conclusion: Muslin silk fabric

Silk muslin is durable, good-looking, and stylish. Have a silk muslin in your hand; give it a try in front of the mirror. Silk muslin fabric is a versatile cloth that looks better as an outfit: scarf, blouse, gown, saree, and many more. The options are too many. You can use it for any dressmaking that perfectly suits you. 

To buy the silk muslin, read the 5 best silk muslin fabrics based on our honest review and real-life experience.

You can contact us for anything regarding silk muslin fabric that needs to be covered here. 

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