The Best Muslin Dress: A Step by step guide for all in 2022

by | Nov 10, 2021

Best Muslin Dress


At present, in this post-pandemic situation around the world, everyone is craving a vacation. And vacation means joy with comfort. Fashionable, stylish, and comfortable are the best match for a fabulous dress. But have you been searching everywhere but still can’t find it? Trust me; I have been there. For a long time, I searched the best quality dress. But Do you know what I’ve come up with? A muslin dress!

A muslin dress – the best match of both worlds “The real world and The vacation.”. Just joking! The best part about a muslin dress is that it can be dressed up or down and worn on any occasion.

Muslin fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear at all times of the year! Muslin is a cloth that has been around for thousands of years and remains popular today. But did you know Muslin has a three-thousand-year-old history that our ancestors were aware of? Do you want to know? Let’s start!


Brief History of Muslin Dress:


The muslin dress story begins in the Indus Valley, where ancient culture is believed to be the first civilization to produce cotton muslin clothing. Muslin is a cotton fabric that has been around for thousands of years and was often used as underwear or bedding – it wasn’t intended as clothing. The word “muslin” comes from Mosul, Mesopotamia (a region now known as Iraq.)

Ancient civilizations discovered and created many different types of clothing, but Muslin is special for its lightweight, breathable properties that make it comfortable to wear under almost all conditions. The fabrics were often dyed or printed with intricate designs and patterns. Muslin began as an expensive, un-dyed fabric, but over time colors were added to create beautiful patterns and designs that mimic those we see today!

By the late 1700s, there was such high demand for these lightweight cotton fabrics that British entrepreneurs established mills in Bengal to produce large quantities of them faster than ever.

Mainly in Bangladesh, by an unparalleled efficient population, it was woven. The process of making this extremely soft cotton cloth was more than delicate. From “Phuti Carpas” to woven cloth was no less than a fight of skills.

Nowadays, what we get as muslin cloth is just only 8-12 count. The best quality you can get is a maximum of 100 counts. But Muslin from that ancient time was 2000+ counted. Shocked? Don’t be! You have more to know!


Muslin ethnic dress

Muslin ethnic dress


Mughal princess story


There is a story I got to know. The daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb was coming to Darbar wearing a 7 layers muslin dress. Yes! 7 layers! Still, it was revealing. All members of Darbar got so embarrassed that they didn’t lookup. The emperor ordered his daughter to get out from the Darbar instantly. Afterward, she was punished. Now hope you can imagine the thickness & transparency of Muslin!

In ancient times, Muslin was used to dress only the wealthiest citizens as it was so expensive to manufacture at the time because of its lightweight fine texture. In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs wore Muslin because it was believed that their bodies needed to breathe while they sleep – though this wasn’t confirmed until later on by modern scientists!

Though we don’t get the original Muslin from ancient times, still muslin dress has become one of the most favorite garments for girls and ladies both because of its casual looks and comfortability. Especially during the summer season, it saves you from heatstroke!


Muslin Special Dress

Muslin Special dress


Muslin was a symbol of gratitude, high class, and royalty. It was very popular in Mughal Harems. Even emperors were gifted these to show the highest gratitude. But, the popularity of Muslin was not limited to India or Bangladesh. It was first used by the Mahenjodaro people in the Indus Valley before being adopted by Arab traders who brought it to Europe. The popularity of muslin dresses couldn’t remain within the borders of India. Historically it spread through South East Asia, Arabia before reaching Europe, where its popularity boomed among royals during the 17th century.

However, it didn’t take long for word of this special cloth to spread throughout Asia and eventually into Europe. It’s thought that Lady Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, introduced European women to muslin clothing in the early 19th century. But while the British came to India and ruled for 200 years, they just made Muslin disappear with a deep conspiracy and sabotage. This was the end of ancient Muslin.


Muslin nowadays:


While Muslin was widely available, this type of fine cotton cloth wasn’t quite the same as what we have today. The cloth would often come in several different shades or colors because they were actually dyed before weaving them! This made each piece unique and gave people a sense of individuality when wearing their outfits. To make a small piece of cloth, wavers needed 6 months that time. So this was too expensive.




Nature has given us a golden opportunity to get the original muslin fabric. Yes! You heard right. Some extremely talented scientists from Bangladesh made this dream come true. They have created ancient Muslin, which can go through a ring. However, it is very expensive as scientists make it, but dreams don’t know the value. Right? If you also need original Muslin, just hit a knock to They will help you get the authentic, majestic ancient Muslin!


Expensive Muslin Dress

Expensive Muslin Dress


Apart from this, there are several different ways of stitching Muslin during this time. Some sew the Muslin together by hand, while others use looms to produce larger pieces of fabric. The more intricate patterned Muslin is created by a process called “Phulkari” – a traditional embroidery method from India and Pakistan where colorful threads are stitched into material using very fine needles. In Bangladesh, weavers create Jamdani fabrics, mainly Sharee ( an ethnic woman dress), which is one of the lowest quality types of Muslin.

Muslin is also known as “mousseline de coton,” which means Muslin of cotton. We get Muslin in different colors, prints, and styles these days because the modern muslin dress is more durable than its historical predecessors. Again Muslin is very lightweight, unlike the Muslin used during ancient times that were extremely thin and delicate. You can easily carry muslin dresses while traveling where you don’t need lots of baggage space.


Muslin can be worn on casual, semi-casual, and formal occasions. Generally, muslin dresses are sleeveless with straight cut necklines because muslin cloth wrinkles easily at creases. Long loose muslin dresses for women are also common these days. They often wear short muslin dresses while traveling or visiting places like amusement parks where they need to climb stairs, ride bikes, etc. while wearing one.


Type of Muslin dresses exist:


There are muslin dresses of different types in markets. These types are mainly divided into the following categories:

// A-Line muslin dress

This type of muslin dress is typically loose and straight cut round neckline and hem, making it flowy and comfortable to wear for most body types. A–line muslin dress is best suited for casual, semi-casual, and formal occasions.



// Gathered muslin dresses

Gathered Muslin comes with extra pleating between the bust line and waist, creating more volume than its counterpart. This style gives a very feminine look that can be worn on special occasions like weddings, parties, etc. But in mind that gathered Muslin create bulk at waist and hips, so women with bigger body structure may not look good in this kind of muslin dress.



// Mermaid muslin dresses

Mermaid muslin dresses can be made fully sleeveless or with thin straps. Mermaid muslin resembles the tail of a mermaid hence the name. This style is perfect for parties or special occasions because such a Muslin creates an hourglass shape. These types of Muslin also give more volume than their counterpart making them visually attractive to the eyes.



//Long Muslin dresses

Long muslin dresses are best suited for casual, formal and semi-casual occasions as they make you feel comfortable all day long due to their extra length. These Muslin are also best for taller women or have extra curves to make them appear elegant and beautiful.


// Ethnic Muslin dress

Ethnic muslin dresses are perfect for casual, semi-casual, and formal occasions because you can wear them to all types of events. These muslin dresses are made with specific styles like kurta, pyjama, dupatta etc. So they can look good on women with different body types or shapes. This dress is mainly worn in the Asian part, but westerns also love it.

Here is a special Mention for Sharee which is loved by the South Indian women. Now found all over the world. Muslin Sharee and a kind of muslin are called Jamdani are very popular among women.



// Draped muslin dress

Draped Muslin is made with extra fabric added to the side of the waist. This Muslin provides lots of freedom to the wearer, like sitting any way you want, eating easily, etc. Draped muslins are best suited for casual and semi-casual occasions because they can become tedious.

Above mentioned types of Muslin dresses are widely available in the fashion market these days. So one can easily choose what kind of muslins they want according to their body type, occasions etc., to look stunningly beautiful wherever they go.


How you’ll identify the best Muslin dress?


Muslin is a thin plain weave fabric made from cotton fiber.  Now Muslin dress fashioned with rayon and Bamboo fiber. In the western world, Muslin was used in Europe, but now muslins have become an integral part of the fashion industry because of the comfort level and stylish looks it gives to the wearer.   Following are a few tips for identifying the muslin dress you are choosing is the best for you-

Fabric is the most critical factor in muslin dresses because muslin fabric tends to shrink after a few washes due to its delicate nature. So choose a muslin dress made of 100% cotton muslin which gives soft touch while wearing.

There are also other types of muslins like silk muslins, chiffon muslins etc. available that are also lightweight, but they do not shrink; therefore, they should be kept away from heaters or direct sunlight.

Before buying a muslin dress, make sure that muslin cloth is not too thin or too thick because both kinds of Muslin create problems while wearing it.

When choosing a muslin dress, keep in mind your body type and shape so you can choose an appropriate one. For example, if you have bigger hips, avoid fitted Muslin because they may make your waist look bigger than its size, creating many problems for you. However, women with lean body structure should buy loose Muslin because fitted ones will make them look extra small and flat from the bust line to the bottom, distressing for their personality.

Less expensive muslin dresses have a higher risk of losing their color  and shape. So Muslin with a cheap price tag must be kept in mind that they may not last long or will lose their shape after a few washes.

If the muslin dress is too tight for you, avoid buying such muslins because these muslins create problems like rashes, itching, etc. which can make you uncomfortable at important occasions like wedding functions and parties.

Before buying a muslin dress, make sure to check the muslin stitching so you can wear it comfortably.


So these are a few tips that will help you buy muslin dresses according to your needs and the occasion on which you want to wear them. If muslin dresses are well-tailored, then they can become a part of your wardrobe for many years in the same shape, size, and color.


So these are some of the tips to identify muslin dresses that can suit you and your personality. When Muslin looks good on you, everyone will surely love it and admire your beauty.


Top Muslin dress Brands:


Muslin dresses are available on many popular offline shops & online platforms from different brands. These brands are making fine-quality dresses and fabrics using Muslin.

On Etsy & Amazon, numerous brands are making various kinds of dresses. You’ll find different dresses for women, only fabric, baby dresses, accessories, etc. Let’s know about the brands:



Women Dress·       Minibee,

·       YESNO,

·       FANCYINN,

·       Mud Pie,

·       SERYU

Fabric·       AK TRADING CO. ,

·       FabricLA,

·       Mybecca,

·       Kaufman American,

Ethnic Dress     •   Janasya,

·       Chandrakala,

·       Ada

Baby Dress·       IZYJOY,

·       Niyage,

·       Mud Pie,

·       Bestime,

·       SANMIO,

·       Honykids



Apart from Amazon, also has a variety of dresses from a variety of brands. Like – LouEmbrace, TheGacca, DresskotFashion, Kidscloth3plus, ComfyfeetStudio, LelaSilk, SISTUclothing, and many other brands.

And now the BEST PART! If you want to order the original ancient Muslin mentioned in history, hit a knock to

They have been trying to rejuvenate the ancient majestic Dhakai muslin. Don’t miss that.


Conclusion: Plain Weave Muslin Dress


So, nowadays muslin dress are available in both online and offline markets. Though ancient muslin fabric has recently been recreated by some scientists, it’s not easily available in the market. Existing muslin dresses are good enough to wear in any season. Muslin is must-have for women because muslin dresses can be worn on any occasion, at work, or even on fun outings with friends.

Finally, muslin dresses are lightly weighted, so you don’t feel the extra weight on your body; hence muslin dresses are comfortable. I hope now you know how muslin dress works, where it comes from, and what type of body shape it suits; I also included brands that make muslin dresses give them a visit; they might have something for your taste.


Untitled design 12



FAQ: Muslin Dress


Q: What muslin dresses can be worn in summers?

A: A muslin is a thin and breathable fabric that allows air to pass through it freely; therefore, Muslin is made of thin muslin fabric appropriate for the summer season because such Muslin will provide utmost comfort to the wearer. On the other hand, Muslin made with thicker fabrics like chambray muslin should not be worn in summers because they don’t allow air to pass through them and make wearers uncomfortable in hot and humid weather conditions.


Q: Which muslin dress would look good on women with hourglass-shaped body structures?

A: Hourglass figure types were considered perfect for their shape, but these days, women are taking inspiration from celebrities to get rid of their body curves. There are muslin dresses for women who want to appear straight and slim on important occasions.


Q: Which muslin dress would look good on women with inverted triangle-shaped body structures?

A: A muslin dress with a straight-cut neckline, broad shoulder straps, and fitted cuffs would ideally suit the inverted triangle shape because it will create an illusion of wider shoulders, making the torso appear balanced. This kind of muslin dress will also make the wearer look taller than her true height if she has shorter legs, as inverted triangles do


Q: Which Muslin dresses can be worn in winter?

A: Winter muslin shouldn’t be too thin or thick because they don’t allow air to pass through them, making wearers feel cold and uncomfortable. Women with hourglass, inverted triangle, and pear shape body structures must not buy muslin dresses of thicker fabrics in winters because these kinds of muslins wearers appear bulky from bust line to the waist.



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