Best Muslin Blankets 2022: Swaddle Your Baby With the Best

by | Sep 6, 2021

Best Muslin Blankets


Most parents know swaddling their baby is important, but few know what to do it. Read our best muslin blankets guide to get the best swaddle blankets for your baby.

After some years with consecutive record low birth rates, the COVID-19 and lockdowns have ended it. Home office and boredom, combined with self-isolation and fear of going out even to the grocery store, did their thing. This year has welcomed millions of new babies into this new and somewhat scary world.

However, if you’re a new parent, the pandemic isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. It’s probably the least of your concerns, based on the low child mortality rates it has. Moreover, rookie parents like to look out for dangerous child kidnappers, diseases, home accidents, or anything alike. Nevertheless, there are more common harmful problems a newborn baby can have. Some of these are hip dysplasia, the startle reflex, and overheating.

Although all these issues are frightening, they could all be prevented by using adequate blankets to wrap your baby. As incredible as it might sound, they are the most important ones for your baby after the receiving blanket.

Still, despite how knowledgeable you are, how to choose the perfect piece of cloth probably escapes your mind. As a result, here we are with our guide for the best muslin blankets you can get. Keep reading to find out more.


What is Muslin and Why This Fabric?


Muslin is an ancient fabric that has its origins in Bangladesh. Cotton muslin is made using the basic weave technique. Nowadays, cotton is also used along with other materials such as bamboo fibers. People in the textile industry and parents alike consider it one of the best options for babies’ wearables.

Muslin’s high regard is no coincidence. It has a soft and smooth texture that combines with excellent durability. Moreover, the type of muslin used for babies’ clothes, called gauze, is ultra-lightweight.

This ensures the free flow of air. If we consider that newborns have difficulty regulating body temperature, the free passage of air is a must. Muslin gauze is comfortable and one of the best fabrics for securing your baby due to its breathability.

Lastly, muslin’s durability is no laughing matter. Not only can they withstand being thrown in the washing machine, but they become softer after every wash! In addition, this fabric shows little to no shrinkage. In consequence, buying a muslin swaddle blanket is an excellent investment as it can last for generations.


The Cream of the Crop


With the high number of newborn babies in 2021, the market has tried its best to adapt. Currently, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of options when it comes to swaddling blankets. Because of this, we want to do our part and help you out.

We’ve compiled a list of the best muslin blankets for swaddling your baby. As mentioned above, we’ve considered their price, quality, materials, and available designs. Let’s get straight to muslin swaddle blankets!!


Best Muslin Blankets Aden+Anise

Best Muslin Blankets Aden+Anise. 

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Aden & Anais – Best swaddle blanket


The wide range of patterns and colors of this brand’s high-quality organic blankets is jaw-dropping. Among them, you’ll find the basic ones such as stripes and dots or cute llamas and foxes. They double as wearable blankets to cover your baby while in the stroller. They’ll have all the babies in town green with envy!

Aden & Anais blankets are made of 100% organic cotton fabric, super soft, and can withstand being machine washed. They come in a 2-pack and go for $32 on Amazon with a non-expiring money-back guarantee. Each blanket has a length and width of 47”. As a consequence, even if your baby grows, they’ll suit them.


Momo Bebe Muslin

Momo Bebe Muslin. Best Muslin Blankets

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Momo Bebe muslin blanket


This brand makes its blankets with the best quality cotton one can find in the market. To provide peace of mind and durability, their sides are folded over and have a running stitch. Moreover, their gender-neutral design is a delight. They come in black and white, or aqua and white, and have a pattern of dots and arrows. Stop dressing your baby in pink or blue and make a statement with these blankets!

These blankets measure 47” by 47” and are available in a 4-blanket box. They have a sale price of $23.99 on Amazon. $6 is not bad for an everlasting blanket. Lastly, as they are so generously sized, they have other uses too. You can lay them on the floor as a playing spot or an eating spot during tummy time. They’ll also work great as a stroller cover.

Try Momo bebe Muslin Blanket for your baby without any hesitation!


Best Muslin Little unicorn

Best Muslin Little unicorn.

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Little Unicorn lightweight blanket


Little Unicorn’s designs are some of the cutest ones we’ve ever seen. There are 16 patterns to choose from! Your baby will be able to roar like a dinosaur or scare people like a shark. They’ll also be able to befriend the most adorable forest animals. And in case you’re wondering, yes, they have simpler designs too.

With their 3-pack, you’ll have one blanket “swaddling blankets, one to cuddle, one to nurse!”. They also work perfectly as a nursing cover or as burp cloth because of their absorbency. They’re made of 100% cotton and have a width and length of 47’’. You can get them on Target for $39.99 a pack and have a 5% discount with RedCard.


Ergo bebe Swaddle Muslin

Ergobaby Swaddle Muslin. 

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Ergobaby Swaddler muslin swaddle blankets


Some parents would have an easier time learning rocket science than putting a diaper on their baby. Can you imagine them trying to wrap their newborn in swaddle blankets??? Of course, neither could we. However, there is no need for them to lose their minds; that’s why swaddling sacks were invented.

A swaddle sack is a blend of the traditional swaddling blankets and a sleep sack. They’re undoubtedly made of a gauze blanket rather than insulating material to withstand below zero nights in the forests. The free parents from the sometimes tricky fold of baby swaddles. They’ll only need to stick the velcro, and their baby will be ready for a warm nap.

Ergobaby’s swaddle sack comes with a leg pouch that gives parents easy access to their baby’s diaper. They are lightweight and breathable. In addition, the leg pouch causes the legs to be in a frog-leg position. This prevents hip dysplasia, a common ailment in tots. The arm pockets will keep their hands to the heart, emulating the fetal position inside the womb.

This brand’s tight swaddle sack is made of cotton alone and comes in seven different designs. Their unique size fits every baby with a weight between 6 and 15lbs. The downside is that you’ll need to size it up when your baby outgrows it after some months. They can get them for an affordable price on Amazon.


Cotton Muslin Fabric for Babies

 best muslin swaddle blanket


Final Thoughts: Best Muslin Blankets


Parenthood is indeed a rollercoaster of emotions. Whether it’s your first time or your fifth kid, looking after a baby is never an easy task. Thankfully, every day more products come out in the market to cater to parents’ needs. We hope our guide has been of help to you and wish you wonderful parenthood!


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