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by | Sep 10, 2021

Buying Best Muslin Crib Sheets You Should Consider a lot of things. Typically, muslin crib sheets protect your baby from hot and rough sleeping. Every parent is so obsessed with ensuring their baby’s comfort. Muslin crib sheet is one of the essentials that temporarily turn off parents’ tension. 

Yes, It is soothing. Not surprisingly, everyone wants the best for babies. This is true that all the products cannot be the best. We had 40 hours of practical research to share the precious findings. Note this: our findings will be based on real-life experience and the original features of these crib sheets. 

We, team MuslinDhaka, Have 26 years of cumulative experience in fashion and marketing. Here we outlined the top 5 baby muslin crib sheets that are amazing to buy. 

Let’s give you an honest opinion regarding muslin crib sheets now. 

Our Top Picks: 

Muslin is highly praised for its ultra-lightweight and durability. aden + Anais Cotton Muslin crib sheet is one of the marvellous baby essentials for parents. 

Not only is it decent, but it gets softer and softer after every wash. It is breathable enough for a baby. As a consequence of this, the crib sheet will allow air to pass freely for hot sleepers. This is the best overall in the muslin crib sheet.

Having any of the products among the upcoming five will help newborns from waking up with a big smile on their face!

5 Best muslin crib sheets for Your baby are : 

  1. Aden + Anais Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet (Best Overall)
  2. Organic Muslin Crib Sheet (most Stylish)
  3. Rookie Humans Muslin Crib Sheets (Best for Printing Quality)
  4. mushie Extra Soft Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet (Best for baby skin)
  5. Biloban Store  Muslin Crib Sheets (Best for luxury fitting)

Apart from the five,We have a bonus recommendation. Don’t miss the special one crib sheet! Keep reading to know their top features and benefits that help you to buy. This article immediately clarifies ordering the best baby muslin crib sheets.  


Best muslin Crib Sheets Aden & Anais

Best Muslin Crib Sheets :  Aden & Anais

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1: aden + Anais Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet (Best Overall)

You can not just overlook the beauty of Aden + anais. At first glance, anyone would fall in love. If you want to gift this item to someone closer, it comes in cute packaging. 

Top Features:

100% Cotton Muslin: This one is made of 100% cotton muslin. It gets softer every time after washing. 100% cotton muslin is one of the most incredible fabrics in the textile world. 

Soft, Cozy, and Lightweight: Coton muslin is very soft and cozy. The Aden + Anais Muslin crib sheet is soft, cozy, and lightweight. It remains at the top of the mother’s choices.  

Breathable: Being breathable is another Aden + Anais muslin crib sheet feature. You do not need to worry about your baby’s health. 

Comfortable even for hot sleepers: This one is very comfortable not to let your baby’s smile end. For the hot sleepers, it adds an extra value. 

Durable: None wants to buy vulnerable products for their baby. No worries. This one is durable enough to buy right away. 

Stylish: Style is not a compromising point, especially for babies. Who doesn’t want to keep their baby in style? 


  • One of the safest crib sheet
  • Easy to care 
  • Features modern colours 
  • Coolest crib sheet for any gender 
  • Adorable and charming 
  • Affordable price
  • It gives an incredible feeling to a baby


  • One layer of muslin/Thin

Who Should Buy?

Those who want to secure their baby in a mattress can entirely rely on it. This is one of the most fabulous products we have reviewed till now. It’s not possible to express in words how amazing it is. I wish I could show it to you right now.

Our Rating : 4.8 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tisubaby shop Organic muslin crib sheet

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2: TisuBabyShop Organic Muslin Crib Sheet (most Stylish)

The TisuBabyShop organic muslin crib sheet is a great item to purchase. It’s beautiful and stylish, nothing to say regarding the printing quality and designs of the item. 

Top Features:

Handmade cotton muslin: This one is a genuine handmade weaving muslin product. Outstanding crafting is done on the fabric. 

All country’s available sizes: This one comes with 120 (length) by 60 (width) centimetres, which is modest. It has EU, UK & USA standard sizes as well.

Fitting boss: Organic Muslin Crib Sheet fits well. The baby can feel the vibes indeed. 

No Ironing: It doesn’t require ironing. 

Super-stylish: Organic Muslin Crib Sheet keeps the style on standby always. 

Excellent customer service: Per our investigation, the product’s customer service is really appreciated. 


  • Great Quality. 
  • GOT certified organic cotton muslin fabric.
  • Easy shipping 
  • Value for money 
  • Super-soft
  • Amazing printed crib sheet


  • Due to being handmade, the price is a little bit high.

Who Should Buy?

A parent extremely fond of organic products can unthinkingly trust the item. It is cool and stylish with 100% organic features. 

Our Rating : 4.7 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Muslin crib sheet Rookie humans

Muslin crib sheet Rookie Humans

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3: Rookie Humans Muslin Crib Sheets (Best for Printing Quality)

We’d have difficulty finding a more splendid design than Rookie Humans’ ones. The artistic designs and print quality make this one unique from the others.

Top Features:

Made with 100% cotton: The pure cotton muslin makes them super soft for baby use. They are also made of a sateen weave and have a 230-thread count. 

Availability: These are available at most online stores, including (Amazon & Etsy).

Excellent quality: The quality is fantastic though they are a little pricey. However, they are worth it.

Free from harmful chemicals: Good news is that Rookie Humans is totally free from any harmful chemicals, which makes it your first choice. 

Premium printing: The print quality and designs give a soothing experience to your eyes. You should check on that. 


  • Oeko-tex certified that means safe from harmful chemicals
  • Amazing printing quality 
  • Simple yet gorgeous 
  • Suitable for Gift
  • Pure cotton makes it super soft
  • Breathable and cool
  • Nothing happens after so many washes


  • Very few gave an opinion; it’s not worth the price. 

Who Should Buy?

A person obsessed with giving his/her baby the most beautiful sleep should consider this product. We cannot describe how unique the Rookie Humans are in real life. 

Our Rating : 4.7 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mushie Extra Soft Muslin crib Sheet

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4: Mushie Extra Soft Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet (Best for baby skin)

To keep your baby warm and cuddly, Mushie Extra Soft Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet can be one of your top choices. This 71cm x 132cm product is a value-for-money item. 

Top Features:

Suitable for baby’s delicate skin: How many fabrics truly care for baby’s delicate skin? Mushie does that pretty well. 

Standard fitting: Comes with a perfect shape that fits your baby well. 28″x52″ or (71cm x 132cm) is the standard size of the product.

Cool designs and colours: Numerous colours are available with cool designs. Anyone will love the colour combination. 

No problems with drying: You can dry it without any hassles. The product is easy to care for. 


  • Very stretchable 
  • Breathable 
  • Perfect fit after wash 
  • Exclusive designs and colors 
  • Good customer reviews


  • Not super soft, according to a few users

Who Should Buy?

Those who need a lightweight and perfect crib sheet can buy this one. It is easy to clean and has amazing quality.

Our Rating : 4.6 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Biloban Store Muslin crib sheet

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5: Biloban Store Muslin Crib Sheets (Best for fitness)

This Biloban sheet is one of the praise worthy muslin crib sheets. As a parent, you would never deprive your toddlers from such a premium feel. Your little one will also love your decision. 

Top Features:

Durable: Who doesn’t want a durable muslin crib sheet? This one is durable enough to trust. 

Easy care and wash: You can wash it easily. It dries quickly as well.  

Super soft: This premium muslin crib sheet is super soft and lightweight. It is also breathable for children. 

Marvellous colour options: So many colour options are there for you. You can pick your favourite one. 

Coolest crib sheet for any gender: This crib sheet is one of the most fantastic items for boys and girls. 

Biloban’s Lifetime guarantee: They give a quality guarantee that in case you feel the products can not meet your requirement, replace or get money back without any question! You are entirely safe buying this! 


  • Easy to care. Softer every wash 
  • Super soft and adorable 
  • Colourful, Fantastic design 
  • Free from chemicals 
  • Good for gift-pack 
  • best fit 



Who Should Buy?

Anyone can buy this one. This product has almost everything. Lightweight, soft, breathable, easy to wash, and what more do you want? Relate to this sheet if you want to give your child a sweet sleep. 

Our Rating : 4.6 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Note: This Muslin sheet might also be combined with bamboo fibres

We already cover the five. Now the bonus one. Our special recommendation goes to ultra soft organic crib sheets by KeaBabies. check this climate friendly products!

Buying Guide : best muslin crib sheets

We know how difficult it is to choose the best crib sheet for your Bunny. Don’t worry while we are here to assist with the best guide. Follow the most authentic guide and buy the best muslin crib sheet! 

Check if it is

cotton muslin: As you are willing to buy muslin, it is better to buy 100% cotton muslin. Buy Amazon and Etsy best sellers’ products to avoid inconvenience. 

Super soft and lightweight: A muslin crib sheet has to be ultra-soft and lightweight. These two are the core features, and you must go with them. 

Warm and cozy: It is vital for the sheet to become warm and cozy. A baby must feel comfortable while sleeping on it. 

Perfect size : Size is one of the critical factors to consider before buying. Make sure you get the sheet exactly what size you need. You need the best-fit crib sheet for better performance.

Multiple Colors & Designs: I don’t know which colour you would like to grab, but it’s better to see multiple colour options before purchasing. The design & colour must be beautiful for your little angel.

Easy to care: If it’s not easy to wash, it will bring a problem for you. Choose a sheet that is easy to care, clean, and dry. Then it will be worthy.

Value for money: You should not either buy too cheap or too expensive a product that is unfit with your budget. You might get a bitter experience. Try to find a product that gives you complete value for money. 

Good on customer reviews: It’s better to check the customer reviews before buying a muslin crib sheet. Why not see the real buyer’s experience when it is a matter of your baby? 

Return and refund policy: Check on the return and refund policy. A good brand never disappoints its customer. They certainly give an easy return policy to the buyers. Company reputation matters.

Best Muslin Crib Sheets Burt’s Bees Baby


FAQ : best muslin crib sheets

What is the safest material for crib sheets?

100 per cent cotton muslin is the safest material for crib sheets. Typically, muslin is breathable, soft, and passes the air completely. That’s what a baby needs. 

Is muslin crib sheets worthy?

Muslin crib sheets are always worthy. It is most breathable and lightweight. Best suited for a newborn. 

Is muslin good for the hot sleepers? 

Muslin is one of the safest items for hot sleepers. It keeps the person comfortable and prevents them from sweating unnecessarily. The reason behind this: the muslin fabric is ultra-lightweight and transparent. 

Are there any disadvantages of muslin? 

Not any significant issue. But we cannot claim anything without any disadvantages. Muslin is just like that. 

  • Due to its wavy appearance, Muslin always doesn’t remain in the same shape.  
  • Muslin has slight colours and intensity variance.

Conclusion : best muslin crib sheets

All parents want to provide their baby a comfortable and safe sleep. Buying fine quality crib sheets is a vital part of that process. But only high quality can’t be the ultimate solution. 

From the fabric to the size, you must keep everything in mind. As easy as it may seem, this task is overwhelming for new parents. 

However, it doesn’t matter as you read this far. Consider the facts we have shared before buying; trust me; you won’t regret it later. 

Buy it from Amazon or Etsy. They sell the most authentic muslin crib sheets in the current market.  

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