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During COVID-19, I had to find the best alternative to surgical or medical masks for my family, as they are not reusable and cheap. In search of the best alternative, I found that muslin face masks work well like surgical masks. 

Even now, I am still using muslin cloth face masks that enhance my style and protect my respiratory system while outside. Best muslin face masks come in a very affordable range with many essential features that other fabrics can’t provide. 

So, the Muslin Dhaka team did in-depth research on muslin masks. We used our 27 years of cumulative experience in fashion marketing during our research. We test thirty-seven muslin masks from different brands and discover the best options to buy. 

Below, we telling you everything about muslin face masks and the best muslin masks you can buy. 

What is Muslin Face Mask?

Muslin face masks are reusable cloth face masks that you can use either for protection from germs or fashion. 

Muslin cloth masks are almost like any other cloth masks. The differences are muslin provides extra breathability, softness, particle blocking featuring. Let alone a good look. 

According to an article from the National Library of Medicine,

“Another study found that homemade cloth masks may also reduce aerosol exposure although less so than medical masks and respirators (12). Masks made of cotton and towel provide better protection than masks made of gauze. Although cloth masks are often not designed to fit around the face, some materials may fit snugly against the face.”

So, cotton masks or cotton muslin face masks can be more effective than gauze masks. And some masks with better fabrics, like pure muslin cotton, can be as good as general medical masks. 


Although muslin face masks aren’t as promising as medical grade N96, KN95, and surgical masks. But high-quality muslin masks are very useful in blocking germs and particles. 


Muslin face masks can come in single or multiple-layer construction. They can also have nose bridges to attach the masks properly to the face. Cloth face masks can have elastic or rubber ear loops to tightly hold the mask’s body while moving around. 


Muslin face masks are reusable. You can wash them several times. Unlike disposable masks, muslin masks can last longer. Wash them with mild detergent and dry them under sunlight to use again. 


Muslin masks aren’t as pricey as N95 or medical masks. You can buy a bundle of 4-6 at 10-15$. 

Best Fabric for Cloth Face Mask

According to an article by the International Cotton Advisory Committee

“Because of the acute shortage in the availability of surgical masks, government agencies in India and USA have recommended using fabric of tightly woven cotton fibres, such as quilting fabric, cotton sheets or T-shirt fabric, for preparation of do-it-yourself (DIY) homemade non-medical masks.”

Pure cotton or muslin cotton is the suitable material to make face masks. Muslin is also a type of cotton woven fabric used in quilting and making daily life attires. 

We found the median viral load after coughing was 2.42 log copies/mL for average surgical masks and 1.85 log copies/mL for cotton face masks. 

So, muslin and mixed cotton can block viruses more than nylon and other synthetic materials. 

Is Muslin Good for Face Skin?

Muslin is excellent natural fabric for all kinds of people and skin. Cotton muslin can be a good choice as a face mask, towelscarf or handkerchief. 

Muslin fabric is very gentle to sensitive skin. The plain weave construction will not sting your face skin. The air pockets between the threads also help to keep you cool and wick moisture away. 

Muslin products are also easy to dry. You can dry them in a short time under sunlight. 

Most importantly, muslin can block dirt and germs from coming in or going outside. By using muslin face masks, you can ensure the safety of yourself and the people around you. 

Benefits of Muslin Face Masks

Muslin face masks offer some unique features than synthetic fabric face masks. Some of them are : 

  • Usability after several washes
  • Various designs and color options
  • Keeping face completely dry
  • Good breathability for any age
  • Affordable price range
  • Mostly organic materials used
  • Proper germ capture in the air pockets

Who Needs to Use Pure Muslin Face Masks?

Anyone can use a pure muslin face mask. He or she only needs to pick the right size of the mask; that’s it. 

Using soft muslin fabrics has no side effects. No damage can happen by using muslin masks for a long time. You can even wear them inside a hospital for protection. 

Can Adults Use Muslin Face Masks?

Adults need to go outside the house very often. Muslin face masks can block any germ, dust particle, or human droplets from coming in contact with the face. 

Muslin face masks don’t make your face sweat. So, you can travel or do your work wearing a multi-layered face mask. Cotton muslin sheets can absorb moisture and get dry quickly. You will not feel uncomfortable wearing face masks for a long time. 

Is Muslin Face Mask Good for Children?

According to the CDC, children above 2 years can easily wear a fabric face mask. 

Children who have an issue breathing under a stiff face mask should use regular cloth masks like muslin. The lightweight construction of muslin offers proper airflow. That allows children to wear masks and play without losing their breath.

Do Patients Use Muslin Face Masks?

Patients can use muslin face masks instead of nylon masks or gauze masks. 

A report from medRxiv says that patients can use multilayered face masks made of cotton or cotton variants as a substitute for surgical face masks. That report also says that you can use fabric face masks inside hospitals if those masks adequately cover your face and keep no gap. 

Can Medical Workers Use Muslin Face Masks?

Medical workers should use muslin or cotton face masks as a last resort. But they can use muslin masks over medical or surgical masks for optimal protection. 

Can You Wear Muslin Face Masks for Fashion?

In this post-pandemic period, there are lots of people wearing face masks for fashion. 

Plain surgical or medical masks can’t be an excellent option to wear at functions and events. You can wear high-quality muslin cotton masks for both safety and good outlook. 

Best Muslin face Masks

Best Muslin Face Mask Brands

Very few face mask brands sell muslin masks that can filter more than 80% of particles and protect you after several washes. Among them, 

our choices for best muslin brands are : 👍

  1. Oxiclear : best overall
  2. ZIYE : Best Adult Brand
  3. LITTLE LADY A CREATIVE : best handmade organic 
  4. Hanes Store : Best kids Brand
  5. Barko Projects : Best Plain Mask Brand

Let’s see the brands in brief.

OxiClear : The Best Overall Brand

Oxiclear is a mask-oriented company that makes several fabric masks for its global customers. You can find both disposable and reusable masks from the brand. To have a wide variety of designs and colors, this brand is excellent. 

ZIYE  : Best Adult Brand

ZIYE is not a mask-oriented brand only. They have several mobile covers. The masks sells by ZIYE come in different colors and designs. The unisex masks contain pure cotton muslin as one of the main construction for comfortable use. The mask is best for adults.

LITTLE LADY A CREATIVE  : Best Handmade organic 

This is an organic brand. The hand made products are best in Class. They make good-looking face masks for adults and kids. The masks are cozy and easy use. The products are breathable, washable and reusable.

 Hanes Store : Best Kids Brands

This brand knows what your kids want. That’s why they make good-looking and durable products for kids that offer cozy and easy use. The variety in products of Hanes Store is pleasing. 

BARKO PROJECTS Best Plain Mask Brand

Whether you want a mask for your kid or yourself, Barko Projects can help you get one that will be very lightweight and breathable. You can choose between gauze and muslin to find your type of comfort. 

Muslin Face Masks for Kids

We’ve tested around thirteen masks from reputed brands and found these three options perfectly fit the conditions for kids. 

Hanes store Reusable cotton face masks 

The Hanse store face mask combo of 3 has multiple layers of protection for your child. The layers contain soft and breathable jursey cotton muslin to create natural air pockets. They offer white and cream color. The construction fits perfectly and never rides up. So, your kid will enjoy their study time even playtime wearing this mask. 


  • Stretchable fabrics
  • Durable color
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Safe and comfortable nose pins


  • They might shrink after a few washes

Personal Rating:

4.50 Out of 5.00

Barko Projects Muslin Mask

This is a good option to protect your kids from dust and allergens. The GOTS certified organic mask are safe. Multi-layer face mask offers maximum breathability. The light construction will not let sweat the face at all. Most importantly, This is pretty adjustable with your child’s sensitive skin. The product is durable. 


  • GOTS certified Organic
  • Soft earloops
  • Handmade
  • Variety in color and designs


  • Not a good option to filtrate germs

Personal Rating:

4.65 Out of 5.00

Little Lady A Creative Cotton Organic Face Mask 

The product is available in both single and double layers. If your kid has very sensitive skin, then you can buy this for germ protection. Here, gauze muslin fabrics are very light. Due to regular air ventilation, the mask also keeps skin dry for a long time. The ear bands are sewn with the main body. That’s why they will not fall apart easily.


  • Thicker than other 1-layer masks
  • Good for glass wearers
  • Handmade
  • Soft sewing and elastic bands


  • Very plain design for kids

Personal Rating:

4.60 Out of 5.00

Muslin Face Masks for Adults

Adult muslin face masks can be larger with some added features, as grown-ups might need to stay away from home frequently. Among fifteen cotton and muslin masks we research, these are the best muslin face masks for adults.

BASE CAMP Face Masks : Best for All Ages

Being a three-layered face mask, this product can filtrate a decent amount of germs. The extra areas in the nose and chin allow you to completely cover up your face. The large mask body also keeps inside between your skin and fabric. This product is comfortable and breathable. Also, the borders can adjust the shape according to your face. 


  • 100 percent cotton 
  • Plushy feel
  • Multi use for office, Home and out door
  • Both Hand & machine wash


  • Less Soft

Personal Rating:

4.4 Out of 5.00

OxiClear Handloom Linen Anti-Pollution Face Mask Best Overall

The multi-layered face masks contain several fabrics, such as handloom linen and pure cotton muslin. Between them, a nano-filter layer can stop droplets and germs from traveling. The inner layer of muslin offers softness and breathability to let the user stay dry and comfortable. And the linen layer on top enhances the design of the mask. The thickness of these 3 layers altogether gives dust, viruses, and odor a hard time to go inside. 


  • Adjustable earloops and nose clips
  • Good for sensitive persons
  • Great filtering
  • Reliable brand


  • A bit thicker than usual 3-layer masks

Personal Rating:

4.4 Out of 5.00

AECKS Store 3-Layer Reusable Face Masks Best Multipurpose Unisex

This package of muslin face masks comes with both premium design and quality. The soft triple layers can dry faster for easy reuse. You can also add more safety layers inside the pockets if needed. Also, pure cotton muslin sheets can easily block germs and particles from contaminating others. This feature can help senior persons to stay completely protected outside. 


  • Adjustable nose clips to block eyeglasses fogging
  • Durable muslin cotton with safe colors
  • Quick drying
  • Can be used for a whole day


  • Slightly overpriced option

Personal Rating:

4.6 Out of 5.00

Touchstone Two-Layer Face Mask : Best for colorful Design 

If you love the arts and crafts of Indian culture, this product can surely please you. The soft and breathable muslin fabric is stretchable to adjust with your face shape. The optimal filtering can also help to make the air smell neutral most of the time. Also, the opening allows users to fill in multiple protective layers when required. You can use the masks on special occasions too. 


  • Premium design
  • Good for hot weather
  • Very lightweight 
  • Easy to care


  • Not a budget-friendly option
  • Tight for large faces

Personal Rating:

4.6 Out of 5.00

Muslin non-Medical Face Masks for Patients & Elders

Cinnamon Rose Club 100% Organic Face Mask Best for Severe Patients & Senior citizens

The product is the best option for proper filtration with comfort. The main two layers are certified organic materials. And the middle layer mainly helps to block viruses and harmful particles from transmitting. The sewing of the product is also good enough to last several washes. You can also use the product to gain UV protection.


  • OEKO Tex Certification
  • Proper heat regulation
  • Lasts more than 30 washes
  • More than 90% of successful filtration


  • The nose clip might be a bit heavier for some users

Personal Rating:

4.7 Out of 5.00

Page One Reusable face Masks : best Selling Mask

This mask is one of the best selling mask. This pack is good for adventure, jogging and multipurpose. Despite having three layers, the mask is breathable. Seniors having weaker lungs can also breathe easily wearing this mask. The interior has enough space, and the fabric will not stick to your face skin even when you sweat. 


  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Perfectly made
  • Comfortable
  • best value for money


  • Having issues after a few washes.

Personal Rating:

4.60 Out of 5.00

BarkoProjects 1-Layer Muslin Face Masks for Hard-to-Breathe People

You can get the required filtration from this muslin face mask despite having just one layer. The fluff amount of this product is also good. You can be comfortable wearing this for several hours. The product comes in different sizes, so you can buy one for your kid suffering from a cold or viral fever. 


  • Multiple size options
  • Good for regular use
  • Regulated airflow
  • Durable muslin sheet


  • Semi-transparent fabric

Personal Rating:

4.75 Out of 5.00

Muslin Face Mask Buying guide

How to Buy the Best Muslin Face Masks? Buying Guide

Let’s show you a complete guide to understand which to buy from so many options. 


The size matters first in the case of face masks. For adults, 8×6, 8×8, or 8×7 inches fabric face masks are good enough to cover the area under the eyes to the bottom of the chin. 

But for kids, 5×7 or 6×6 size will be alright. 

Remember, the face mask shouldn’t only cover the nose and mouth. Instead, it should only keep the eyes and forehead open. 


Single-layer muslin masks can’t be protective in all cases. Try to buy double-layered masks at least. And don’t buy anything with too many layers that make breathing harder. 


Muslin is the best option among other fabric for face masks. But you can purchase products with other insulative layers between muslin sheets to capture most germs. 


Good muslin face masks come with beading cord or rope elastics for earloops for comfortable use. These earloops are gentle to your ears and let you wear the mask for a long time. 

But some masks can have fabric earloops for fashion. Though these loops look good, this construction can hurt your ears. 

Nose Bridges

Having nose bridges placed on top helps the mask cover up the upper area without keeping any gaps. Yet, metal nose bridges can damage or stain fabric sometimes. You must be careful when using or washing masks with Top nose pins or bridges. 


The borders of the mask need to be well-stitched to hold the shape. Otherwise, the folds and layers will get loose or open. Strong yet plain sewing over the borders can make a muslin face mask both comfortable and durable. 


Brand reputation is one of the key factors. Brands like PAGE ONE, Oxi Clear can provide authentic products. They are naturally insulative and breathable. When you purchase fabric masks from reputed sellers, you get at least 80-85% germ trapping from the fabric even after a few washes. 


One muslin face mask can cost around 1.5-6$ depending on the number of layers and types of sheets used. You can get discounts and save some bucks when you buy a package instead of a piece. 


What is the best washable mask you can buy?

Fabric masks that feature plain woven cotton muslin layers with soft ear loops are the best washable face masks. This material lasts long and filtrates appropriately for quite a long time. 

Can you breathe through muslin?

Muslin is a breathable fabric. A face mask containing muslin outer layers can let you breathe normally. Muslin also prevents your face from sweating by wearing a mask. 

What kind of mask is best for COPD patients?

According to the reports of the CDC, a COPD patient can wear a cloth mask that contains soft and breathable outer layers made of pure cotton or muslin. But the number of the fabric layers should be at least 2.

What is the best fiber for face masks?

100 percent cotton or pure muslin with a higher thread count is the best fiber to make cloth face masks. Muslin fabric is both soft and breathable. The higher thread count can hold the germs or particles from your mouth or nose well. 

Final Thoughts 

So, this was all we had to say about muslin face masks. You can try muslin fabric masks to protect yourself from dirt and germs. It protects both home & outside, normally it’s not as serious as the pandemic era. 

Wearing a face mask can even protect your family members from getting affected by other diseases as well. For medical issues, consult a doctor to know what type of fabric mask work most. 

You can easily pick one from the lists we’ve shown today according to your need. The buying guide also helps to narrow down your search. You can even make your own

If anything still seems confusing, never hesitate to reach out. 

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