Muslin Cloth 101 | Torching Lights to the Incredible Fabric

by | Jun 21, 2023

Muslin is a breathable and comfortable plain woven fabric made of fine cotton. While Dhaka muslin is a luxurious fabric made from rare “Phuti Karpas” cotton. The muslin cloth is versatile. Baby items, adult clothing, home decoration, luxury fashion instincts, and many more appear in the Muslin Cloth 101 topic.
We are the MuslinDhaka team with 26 years of cumulative experience sharing our expertise about this natural cotton fabric.
After going through this article Muslin Cloth 101, you will explore the world of Muslin with a new Shape! Your knowledge of muslin cloth will reach a new dimension with the recent revamping of Dhaka Muslin.

What is Muslin Cloth?

Muslin cloth is a comfortable item that comes from a loosely woven technique. This cotton fabric is one of the most important ones in textile markets. It brings an extreme level of coziness and exoticism to the users.
There are so many types of Muslin available right now. Some of them are pure 100 percent muslin, and some are mixed with other fabrics. Mixed muslin clothes have different needs & purposes. You will get to know about that consequently.
Muslin cloth made of Cotton 

What is muslin cloth made of?

The first thing for muslin cloth making is the raw material which is basically cotton. Yes, Muslin is a type of cotton that is very unique and special.
Traditionally, the entire weaving happens by hand. But nowadays, machines do the job due to mass production. The demand is high, and you cannot cover the production by handicrafts only. But still, the hand-woven technique will always be special for original luxury muslin.
Not to fear, the machines are good enough to hold certain qualities. After getting the cotton fibers, a few steps are done by hand. Automation help with quantities, the cultivation of natural cotton, yarn making, and spinning. Here it comes as a beautiful cloth that we call Muslin.
The original Dhaka muslin cloth is a 100% handcrafted product that requires the touches of skilled artisans. Those who do not know about the process or learn each and every aspect from their ancestors cannot do it. If we name this “family or community craftsmanship,” that would not be a mistake. There is a long-term process for Dhaka muslin cloth to be brought into the market. It takes a few months for ready-to-use work by the Artisans!

Things you can do with : Muslin Cloth 101

Muslin is a versatile fabric used for so many purposes. Fashion in dresses, home decoration, cooking, medical utilities, arts, and many more.
  • Dressmaking: Designers test the muslin cloth for new patterns of dress to understand the fashion sense and fitting.
  • Home decor: Have you heard of muslin bedding, blanket, and curtains? I bet you have. It is highly famous for home decoration.
  • Cleaning: Muslin cloth is used for kitchen countertop cleaning and multiple uses. The smoothness of this fabric is suitable enough to clean a surface.
  • Arts & Photography: Muslin fabric is a good choice for photographers. It helps to capture the image well.
  • Medical utilities: Doctors and nurses use this fabric for surgery because it is soft and lightweight.
  • Cheesemaking: Muslin cloth is used in the food industry as well. The cheesemaking process requires the cloth.


Cloths you can make with Muslin

What is 100 percent cotton muslin? The Fusion Vs. pure Muslin

 Muslin fabric itself is made from natural cotton. But due to some reasons, it doesn’t remain 100 percent cotton muslin fabric. Sometimes, silk, bamboo and viscose form with it for various reasons. Cost-cutting, increasing quantities and fusion fabric for versatile fashion are the main reasons behind it.
When the Muslin is made from 100% cotton and no other ingredients are mixed, like silk and bamboo viscose, it is 100 percent muslin cotton. Though it is costly to some extent, the money is worth its value. You cannot skip admiring the authenticity of raw Muslin.

What is natural Muslin? Is it Organic?

Raw Muslin is natural Muslin. I mean, 100% cotton fabric with a plain weave technique makes the muslin all-natural until any other material is mixed. To become certified organic Muslin, it needs to meet certain Organic standards.

Is Muslin a polyester?

No, Muslin is a natural eco-friendly cotton fabric with no connection with polyester. Polyester is not breathable, but Muslin is.

Linen, Silk, and Muslin Interaction

Linen, silk, and Muslin are three different types of fabric that have their own identity. But Muslin is a great form of textile that welcomes other materials to join. Linen and silk are just like that. When you mix silk and Muslin in a cloth, it becomes silk muslin. The price declines, but the silk supremacy stays (the reverse happens with the original Muslin). The same occurs with linen.

Is Jamdani fabric a muslin?

Jamdani was an inferior type of Dhaka muslin from a long time ago. People who couldn’t buy the expensive royal Muslin had this cheaper option. Nowadays, there are many types of jamdani in the market. Half-silk jamdani, cotton jamdani, and many more. These are the mixed fabric, but jamdani itself is basically a cheap version of Muslin.
How to Identify real Muslin

How to identify?


How to identify the real Muslin?

To identify the real Muslin, you must know the core features of Muslin. It is soft and smooth. If it feels rough after wearing it, it can’t be the real Muslin. The thread count says it all when you take it in your hands. Try to feel the smoothness. Muslin is the softest fabric ever. Also, it is a transparent fabric.
If there is any chance to wear the muslin cloth, do it. Feel the coziness and identify the real Muslin. To know more, see the characteristics of Dhaka Muslin.

How many types of Muslin cloth?

 There are four types of muslin cloth widely available.
  • Mull: Mull is plain and lightweight Muslin. It is a mixture of cotton and silk but sometimes viscose too. Dress underlining is a place where mull is necessary or testing the structure or pattern of garments. It puts weight on a dress.
  • Gauze: Gauze is basically an ultra-lightweight fabric used in medical centers to dress wounds. It is also popular for kitchen cleaning.
  • Swiss Muslin: it is suitable for warm weather, and it is also a sheer and lightweight version of Muslin.
  • Sheeting: It is the coarsest form of Muslin for home decor. It is rough and harsh but comfortable enough. Bed sheets, blankets, and curtains are some of its examples.
After the revival of Dhaka muslin, It is the most luxurious fabric on the planet. In the old days, Muslin was six times more expensive than silk. In the present days, we need a little time to give an accurate comparison. For Muslin Dhaka readers, A Dhakai Muslin Saree is more than 10,000 USD!

How Muslin Cloth gained the Babies’ love?

Muslin is so gentle for the skin. Babies skin is always sensitive. Parents cannot take any risks.
Babies love to feel warmth and softness like the mother’s womb. A muslin cloth can give it to them.
It’s natural, absorbent, and smoother than ever. That’s why babies love to wear muslin cloth.

Why is bamboo muslin one of the best for babies?

Being parents is not so easy. After giving birth to a baby, the parent’s main concerns are the safety & comfort of the baby. When you have the bamboo muslin, the challenges start declining. Because bamboo muslin fabric has the traits of both Muslin and bamboo fiber. It is lightweight, breathable fabric on one side and cool comfy fabric on the other side!
Who does not want to give the best to their baby? So, Choosing the right blanket for your baby means using the option of bamboo muslin. It is lightweight, soft, and secure. It gives ultimate comfort and safety to the baby. Parents go for bamboo muslin blankets and bedding for their kiddo.

What is Dhaka muslin?

Dhaka Muslin is the original and most expensive version of Muslin. It has a heritage of 4000 years! Almost 400 years ago, Mughal emperors endorsed it. Dhaka Muslin became the first global luxury fashion brand!
Dhaka muslin is a handmade fabric made by the plain weave method. The rare cotton “Phuti karpas” is the raw material of this fabric. The fabric went beyond reality very soon. Nobody knew how to make it until the recent revival!

Why is the original Muslin so pricey?

Original Muslin grew through a rare type of cotton that was only found on the bank of the Meghna River. The masterpiece dress made by Muslin was used on the ancient Greek Gods statue. It was the cloth of the Gods!
Not only that, aristocratic families are fond of the cloth from the beginning. It was a treasure for centuries. So Muslin was pricey.
Even in today’s world, the Original Dhaka muslin will be a symbol of luxury. The demand for this fabric is extremely high. Due to handmade, rare artisan product with extreme skill and scarcity of raw materials with minimum production, muslin cloth is expensive.

How Dhaka Muslin disappeared?

The famous Dhaka muslin dominated the international market for two centuries. Unfortunately, the British rulers stopped the fame from spreading. They did it for their own benefit, but meanwhile, Dhaka muslin was lost.

Why Muslin is long-lasting?

Muslin is a fabric that is made of pure cotton. The thread counts are bigger than others. It doesn’t get nasty too easily. Because of the raw materials and making, Muslin lasts longer.

How to care for Muslin?

When muslin cloth cares so much, you have to maintain it properly. You should treat the muslin cloth gently while washing.
  • Use normal water temperature while cleaning
  • Use natural laundry detergent
  • Hang the cloth to dry but don’t let it dry too much. Take it before dries hard
  • Iron Gently with adequate heat.

Is muslin cloth good for the face?

Muslin is an extraordinary and essential piece of cloth for a human face. It helps to remove dirt from the face. The way muslin cloth can do it, no other fabric can. They are so effective for the face and leave no traces behind.
Is Muslin Eco friendly?

Muslin is Eco Friendly

Is Muslin eco-friendly?

Muslin has the highest eco-friendly grade in textiles. It is one of the most sustainable and organic cotton on the planet. Due to its 100 percent chemical-free nature, Muslin doesn’t harm the environment.

Is there any cheapest version of muslin cloth available?

Muslin has so many forms. In the current market, there are several types and grades of Muslin to wear. General muslin cloth is affordable. Although, the original dhaka muslin, which comes from “Phuti karpas”, is extremely expensive.

Can I use a muslin cloth in all weather?

Muslin is excellent for summer due to its lightweight, breathable, and coziness. Muslin blankets control the temperature of your body in winter. Neither you feel too hot nor too cold. Even on hot summer days, it is very useful. Muslin helps to sleep well for hot sleepers as well. You can claim that Muslin is a cloth for all weather.

One disadvantage of muslin cloth

Muslin is an extremely lightweight and smooth fabric. For this reason, sometimes it wrinkles easily. Apart from that, Muslin is a boss!

Why are Muslin Clothes So Special?

It is a special textile because of its sheer features. Some of the reasons are here to understand why Muslin is so special, doesn’t compete with others.

Where to buy muslin cloth?

Muslin cloth is available in your nearby fashion clothing store. If you go for an online purchase, Amazon and Etsy sell quality muslin fabric. For ready-made muslin cloth, Etsy is a good choice, though. There is a massive collection of muslin cloth for children and adults. They are unique and stylish to wear.

Last words : Muslin Cloth 101

Muslin is a great fabric. To feel the pinnacle of luxury, Dhaka Muslin has no alternatives. It is the best among the best. Finally, we can say one thing. The story that you may have heard that a muslin saree passes through a ring is true indeed.
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