How to Make a Muslin Face Mask? DIY Amazing Guide for Everyone

by | Sep 22, 2023

Sometimes, you might love to make your very own face mask. While Fashion & protection is the prime concern, you might have one alone. Here, we instruct on How to make a Muslin face mask.

Buying fabric face masks can be cumbersome in a few cases. You might not get the right fit or proper protection. Making masks using quality fabrics like muslin cotton at home is fascinating, but it was at its peak during the Covid outbreak. 

I tried a few times and finally made a cloth face mask at home that protects from germs. Today, I will share how to make a muslin face mask so that you can also make yours. I kept everything simple and easy. You surely can make the finest muslin cloth masks in your home. 

Let’s jump into action. 

How to Make Muslin Face Masks at Home? 4 Easy Steps

You can easily make a medical cloth face mask at home using muslin or any other fabric that can filtrate properly. Using the experience of making face masks for me and my family during lockdown, here’s a quick method to make pleated face masks. 

Easy Steps to make Muslin face masks

Things you need:

  1. Two 8×8 inches muslin fabric sheets
  2. Quilting pin
  3. Iron
  4. Elastic threads or bands
  5. Glue gun

Step 1: Place the sheets and sew

Place the 8” x 8” sheets’ fronts facing each other. Then, sew following the borderlines. But keep at least 1” area from the width without stitch. 

Note: If you plan to make muslin face masks for kids, you can cut two 6×6 or 7×7 pieces of fabric. 

Step 2: Flip the mask body and iron press

Then, bring out the main exterior of the mask using the unstitch area. Iron press both sides gently to ensure a plain shape. 

Step 3: Give folds to the body

Now, from 3 inches of the bottom, fold 1.5” width and press to bend over the mask body. 

Make 2-3 more folds one over another using the same technique. This will give a pleated structure (like curtails or skirts). After giving the required amount of folds, hard press the iron to make the folds permanent. 

Step 4: Stitch again and attach the elastic threads

Then, sew the width again. The mask would now seem expandable to match the face shape. 

Finally, take a fabric glue gun and attach the elastic threads at each side firmly. Or, you can just sew the thread heads multiple times to lock them to make ear loops. 

The mask is now ready. Wash it once before use. 

Final Thoughts : How to make a muslin face mask?

If you’ve already collected the essentials to make fabric face masks, then you can make multiple masks within just 15 minutes by following our method. 

Instead of taking the hassle of making good cloth masks at home, you can also go through the list of best muslin face masks. From that list, you can easily buy great face masks according to your needs.  

In fine, if you have anything else to know about DIY cloth face masks, reach out anytime.  

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