7 Best Muslin Shirt for Women : A Complete Buying Guide

by | Nov 22, 2023

Have you ever tried a muslin shirt for women? Shirts made of muslin or cotton muslin fabrics are more comfortable than usual tops and blouses. Not just comfort, women’s muslin shirts are highly valued among modern fashion enthusiasts, especially for their exclusive and luxurious vibes. 

Women often complain that comfy dresses aren’t good for fashion. And stylish dresses can’t be worn all day long. But a muslin shirt is suitable for anyone to go anywhere, anytime. 

Recently, Our team, Muslin Dhaka, did online and offline research on muslin shirts for women. We tried to figure out why muslin shirts are better than other fabric shirts. And how they are the best choices on the market. 

During our research, we picked some popular cotton muslin shirts for women. We saw that muslin shirts are genuinely remarkable for their soft textures and optimal breathability. They enhance a woman’s personality so well that she can gain confidence in properly blending with the surroundings. 

There are different types of cotton muslin shirts according to your needs. Below, we are showing you the best muslin shirts for women. 

Our Top Picks

We picked a total of 37 muslin shirts, including button-down shirts, t-shirts, blouses, tops, etc. We checked their compatibility, key features, styles, and past user reviews for almost 48 hours. 

After that, Hotouch Womens Button Down Shirt is the best muslin shirt for womens. It has an elegant design with solid cotton muslin construction. And the runner-up is Hanes Long sleeve T-shirt. You can wear it under any dress or jacket for fashion. 

Along with these two, we also picked five more cotton muslin fabric shirts. Each of them is worth buying from various perspectives. 

Here is the 7 best muslin shirt for woman : 

  1. Womens Cotton Button Down Shirt by HOTOUCH (Best Overall Womens Muslin Shirt)
  2. Women’s Originals Long Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt by Hanes  (Best Muslin Shirt for Underlayering)
  3. Women’s 5-Button Short Sleeve Cotton Polo Shirt by Nautica (Best Womens Muslin shirt for Professional) 
  4. Muslin Jordan 3 Shirt by Dopeskill (Best Muslin Tshirt for Teen)
  5. Muslin woman top by 28JB (Best Muslin Shirt Womens for Regular Use)
  6. 2 Pcs Muslin Women’s Spring Summer Set by Aymera Boutique (Best Summer Muslin Shirt Set)
  7. Valentino Lace Appliqué Cotton Blouse by Valentino Garavani (Best Luxurious Women’s Shirt)

Top 7 Best Women’s Muslin Shirt Reviewed

Now, let’s see the brief reviews of our top picks. We will focus on each woman’s muslin shirt’s key benefits. Find out the reasons why should you buy them. Nonetheless, we will also point out the flaws, if there are any.

Womens Shirt by HOTOUCH (Best Overall Womens Muslin Shirt)


  • Button-down shirt
  • Full sleeve
  • Loose fit

HOTOUCH women’s shirt is an ideal button-down muslin shirt. Unlike any other loose shirt, this one stays good on your body and remains comfortable. Women of any age can try this option to attend any function. 

The white muslin shirt is not see-through. So, this is a good option for students and jobbers to wear in their institutions. Despite being entirely white, your undergarment color won’t be revealed over this shirt. 

This pure muslin cotton construction is also true to size. If you don’t want to wear anything loose, you can buy one or two size short. Despite that, the shirt will look great. You can fold the sleeves to disclose the actual size. 

Linen-like wrinkled cotton also holds the proper shape of the shirt for a long time. It won’t wear or tear after regular use. 

What We Liked

  • Fine stitching to make the shirt smooth and plain
  • Doesn’t shrink
  • Good for all ages
  • Lots of color options
  • Can’t be seen through when dry
  • Can be worn with any pants

What We Didn’t Like

  • It might not be a good option for the winter season

Who Should Buy

As this muslin shirt is an all-purpose option, anyone can use it during summer, fall, and monsoon whether you prefer skirts, hot pants, or baggy jeans. This shirt can make a great combo. The thin muslin cloth shirt is enough to cover your body and posture. This is the best option for those who want to be less exposed, all-season clothing.

Personal Rating: 4.90 out of 5.00

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Women’s T-Shirt by Hanes  (Best Muslin Shirt for Underlayering)


  • Tee shirt
  • Full sleeve
  • Modern fit

Wearing this shirt is an excellent way to show your attractive curves. However, this option is not a see-through type. The modern fit shows the shape of your body and makes you look stunning. 

Modern fit is slimmer than the regular slim fit. Because of this, curvy women can love wearing Hanes shirts. The plain design also makes the shirt good for almost every place. 

The fabric is 100 percent cotton. The muslin cotton fabric shirt won’t stick and hurt your skin, even if it is a tight fit. The texture remains soft after several washes, too. 

Wear a top or hoodie over this long sleeve if you don’t prefer to be exposed. The construction perfectly follows the posture of your body. So, weaning anything over won’t make you look bad. People might not realize you are wearing this shirt under a top. 

What We Liked

  • Reliable brand for cotton muslin shirts
  • Good option as an underlayer
  • Lightweight but durable fabric
  • All weather t-shirts
  • Durable sewing
  • Various colors and sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • You need to buy one size larger for a better fit

Who Should Buy

There are very few muslin shirts that can work both as a solo or underlayer shirt

You can go on a date wearing this shirt. You can also choose this top as a homeware item. This shirt helps you hold your body temperature under a hoodie or weather during winter. In summer, the breathable fabric also keeps you dry and comfortable. 

Personal Rating: 4.85 out of 5.00

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Women’s Polo Shirt by Nautica (Best Womens Muslin shirt for Professional)


  • Polo shirt
  • Short sleeve
  • Classic fit

This white cotton muslin shirt is good to go everywhere. The plain texture is very comfortable to wear for a whole day. This cotton shirt will last long, even if things are rough and tough. 

The design is like any other usual polo shirt with a soft collar. The sleeve has no band at the bottom. It makes the cotton muslin polo comfortable for chubby women, too. 

The seams of the shirt are very firm and smooth. If you buy a short size by mistake, the stretch of the fabric can help fit well. Also, strong sewing can go through continuous pressure. 

You can attend class or work wearing this muslin fabric shirt for a long time. 

What We Liked

  • Well made. More buttons than a usual polo
  • Fits well
  • Perfect stretch
  • Good for outdoor wear
  • Firm stitching
  • Slits at the bottom to adjust the hip area
  • 16 color options with different sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Classic fit might be tighter around the waist or hip

Who Should Buy

You can buy this polo shirt if you spend most of your day in the office or college. The cotton muslin helps to blend in the official environment easily. But the fitting might be an issue for chubbier women. The fabric might stick to the skin. So, this item is good for places with less hot temperatures. At those places shirts that cling with the body won’t bother. 

Personal Rating: 4.80 out of 5.00

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Muslin Jordan 3 Shirt by Dopeskill (Best Muslin Tshirt for Teen)


  • Tee shirt
  • Half Sleeve
  • Loose fit

Don’t mess this t-shirt with Air Jordan!

The funky-style muslin t-shirt is a good unisex option. But the loose fitting makes it an ideal choice as a women’s baggy shirt. Kids will look good wearing this shirt with other stylish outfits. 

Unlike other oversized shirts, this one is very light. The muslin cotton fabric weight is less. The shirt is suitable for all seasons. Thin kids can also comfortably wear this t-shirt. 

As the manufacturer has already shrunk the shirt, it will not shrink after several washes. The size remains the same. Also, the print won’t tear or fade at all. The Jodarn 3 muslin shirt is an excellent choice for regular and rough use. 

The whole t-shirt design is unisex. You can also buy it for your boy to twin with your girl. There are multiple size options from the seller. 

What We Liked

  • Perfect with jeans and sneakers
  • Good for young girls
  • Durable combed blend muslin
  • Long-lasting color and prints
  • handmade
  • Lightweight 

What We Didn’t Like

  • The shoulder might be more comprehensive for skinny girls

Who Should Buy

This stylish shirt can be an excellent choice for your young girl. She can enjoy playing and outing wearing this shirt even during summer!

The loose fitting makes the whole top breathable and comfortable. Even if your kid requires an oversized dress, the shirt can fit well over her. 

Personal Rating: 4.75 out of 5.00 

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Muslin woman top by 28JB(Best Muslin Shirt Womens for Regular Use)


  • Wide neck top
  • Half Sleeve
  • Loose fit

This is a great top for those not too picky about their dressing. The simple white muslin top can be used both indoors and outdoors. The soft gauze muslin fabric is good for the skin. You can wear it all day long. 

The main body of the top has two layers of gauze muslin fabric. Despite this, the shirt is light. Gauze sheets are usually lighter than cotton muslin fabrics. They are also breathable during summer. You will not sweat or smell. 

The main purpose of using two layers is to prevent see-through. You can hide your body and curve with this top. That’s why it is also eligible for any place you visit. 

The wide neck also sits over the shoulder. It Doesn’t fall off easily. It also helps to put on the top quickly. 

What We Liked

  • Soft waffle texture
  • Trending brand
  • Delicate placements of the neck and shoulders
  • Extremely breathable
  • Good for sensitive skin

What We Didn’t Like

  • Wide neck can expose undergarment straps

Who Should Buy

This option is the best for those who don’t want to expose their figures but need softness like genuine muslin. Usually, pure muslin clothes are light, thin, and transparent. But double gauze muslin is not transparent at all. Your body won’t be revealed even if the dress gets wet. So, it’s a part of a decent outfit you can wear regularly. 

Personal Rating: 4.70 out of 5.00

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Aymera Boutique Muslin shirt for women

Image credit : retailer

Muslin Women’s Spring Summer Set by Aymera Boutique (Best Summer Muslin Shirt Set)


  • Button-down shirt
  • Full sleeve
  • Loose fit

To stay comfy during hot summer days, this muslin set is truly a good choice. The plain muslin shirt and pant combo suits both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, it is a very good bedroom wear. 

There’s no exception design or print on the pure cotton muslin fabric, just the usual waffle texture. This texture also features some added softness and plush feel with the fabric. 

The loose fit also helps to move your arms and shoulders without any stretch. Most importantly, chubby women can also stay cozy wearing this set. 

The pant is the bonus part of this set. You can skip it and pair the shirt with any other pajama or skirt to go outside and enjoy. 

What We Liked

  • Solely made for hot weather conditions
  • Shirt pairable with other styling options
  • Preferable for all ages
  • Completely breathable construction
  • Standard fitting

What We Didn’t Like

  • The cuffs of the sleeves might feel a bit loose

Who Should Buy

As said earlier, this product is good for summer days mainly. The cotton muslin fabric is breathable and dries faster. You won’t wear a lot of this set outside. Even if you sweat, the shirt will dry up fast. Most body shapes would look good under this shirt. This can also be a casual option for hot sleepers at home. 

Personal Rating: 4.70 out of 5.00

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Valentino Lace Appliqué Cotton Blouse by Valentino Garavani (Best Luxurious Women’s Shirt)


  • Blouse style top
  • Full sleeve
  • Loose fit

There is nothing like this stylish cotton blouse to attend a high-class event. The Appliqué cotton blouse offers a very luxurious Italian design. It would make people praise your fashion choice. 

The pure cotton muslin here is exceptionally soft and lightweight. The see-through fabric sits over your body, making you look exotic. Although the dress is light and thin, the laces and designs are visible.

Wearing this blouse is easy. The pullover style has only one button at the back of the collar. You don’t have to work too hard to clean this all-white muslin shirt for womens. Only dry cleaning is enough. 

What We Liked

  • Iconic Italian designer cloth
  • Inspired by vintage look
  • Pleating on the sleeves for both design and fit
  • White buttons to make them blend with the main dress
  • Classic European style
  • Soft and breathable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some might not prefer this exposing shirt

Who Should Buy

You can make your appearance very bold by wearing this luxury clothing. As the shirt is a bit see-through, you can show the curves of your figure and become the event’s main attraction. Even if you don’t want to be this appealing, you can wear a scarf or shawl over the shirt to make yourself more decent. 

Personal Rating: 4.75 out of 5.00

Women Muslin Shirt Alternative

Women Muslin Shirt Alternative: T-Shirt by Amazon Essentials


  • Tee shirt
  • Full sleeve
  • Comfort fit

You should also see this shirt even if it’s not made of pure cotton muslin. This shirt can be as good as a muslin shirt. 

The mixed cotton fabric is good to wear in every season. The mix of other threads with cotton makes the shirt durable. The fabric is as soft as pure cotton fabrics. 

You can also use this shirt as innerwear during the cold season. It blends with your posture well. Besides, the tee is also a good choice as a sweatshirt. You can do your exercise or gym training by wearing this comfy shirt. 

Another reason for this product’s usability is a small amount of stretch. The fabric can let you move free if you try to spread your body more than usual. And the sewing is quite strong, too. 

What We Liked

  • Multipurpose use
  • Soft mixed fabric
  • All season use

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit tighter than usual comfort fit

Personal Rating: 4.60 out of 5.00

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Muslin shirt womens: Key factors before Buying

After going through all these options, you might wonder what the key factors are to consider buying the best muslin shirt. Well, you need to look for primary things like fabric quality, fitting, well-making, brand value, etc. Then, look for other vital factors: style and fashion. 

We already discussed in detail what to see before buying? Please read the  Buying guide here. No point in writing the same topic again & again. 

FAQ : Best Muslin Shirt for Women

Is muslin cloth for summer or winter?

Muslin fabrics are suitable for both summer and winter. During summer, you can stay dry wearing a muslin shirt. And you can also wear heavy clothes over a muslin top in winter. Muslin can blend over your body smoothly. 

What to wear to sleep with your husband? 

Try to wear exotic cotton muslin tops that are thin. Clothes that reveal your figure will draw his attention. Avoid wearing multiple layers. And try to wear something easy to put on and off. 

What is the women’s favorite brand for a soft basic T-shirt?

Currently, Hanes is the most popular brand for women’s T-shirts and basic tops. You can find their products on Amazon. 

What is the best brand of plain shirts that are longer?

Hotouch is a good choice for loose-fit plain shirts. You can visit their Amazon store and find tons of options. They offer excellent after-sales support to retain the brand reputation. 

Which brand of shirts gives the most value for money under the $50 category?

Most cotton muslin shirts can come under $50. At this budget range, there’s nothing better than cotton muslin fabric. Many famous brands like Hanes, Nautica, and Hotouch can offer you a good cotton muslin shirt in affordable ranges. 

Final Thoughts

We believe you can choose the right muslin shirt now. We care about your personal choices and opinions. We highlighted the fundamental facts to understand which shirt is for whom quickly. From our reviews, choosing the best option takes a few minutes. 

Read the best muslin shirts for men. You can easily buy one from that and surprise your loved one!

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