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Muslin shirts can be a very good addition to your wardrobe as these are very popular nowadays. It is a type of cloth that has been worn by men and women for many years. Muslin shirts are often used in costumes because they are inexpensive, easy to find, and can be dyed any color!

The fabric itself is cotton, so it’s very breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s perfect for those warm summer days when you want to stay cool and breezy!

If you’re looking for something versatile and easy to care for, then the muslin shirt is just what you need.

What is a Muslin Shirt

What is a Muslin Shirt?

In recent years muslin has become popular among Westerners who want a comfortable alternative to their heavy fabrics. Muslin shirts have been worn for centuries in the world. They are traditionally made of exceptional cotton fabric and can be worn by both males and females.

For Females, typically come in more feminine colors which are brighter than unisex ones. Muslin is a lightweight fabric that makes it perfect for hot climates. So it’s often worn on its own or under other clothing items to provide extra cooling during the summer months.

It provides an excellent balance between breathability and absorption as well as being wrinkle-resistant. Especially those with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are blessed to have muslin fabric or shirts. Because the material is great for any delicate situation. It allows air to flow through the clothing which creates a cooling effect.

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Who Can Wear Muslin Shirts?

By the term shirt, we all think of a type of men’s clothing. But muslin shirts are available for people of all ages and genders. Muslin shirts are plain. They can have prints and patterns for style. Simple designs are suitable for both adults and teens. 

Men’s muslin shirts include button-down shirts, band collar shirts, half shirts, polo shirts, etc. Although you can find slim fit and modern fit. Muslin cotton shirts are mostly loose fit, classic fit, or regular fit. 

Some muslin shirts can be unisex. There are some muslin shirts only for women also. They can have fleece and lace too. For example, blouse shirts. However, we can categorize womens muslin shirts into two types. Transparent and non-transparent. 

Transparent or see-through muslin shirts are for younger women who like to stay slightly bold. Almost All women prefer non-transparent shirts as they are decent in any environment.

Besides, there are muslin shirts for kids. You can put it on your children for regular use as muslin clothes have no harmful elements. Your kids can wear muslin all day long. Also, the softness helps the kids to stay cozy and move freely. 

Long thing short, muslin shirts are a general type of clothing. Everyone can wear them except for a few unique options. 

Benefits of muslin shirt:

Muslins are often sold as a light summer shirt or dress and can be worn by both men and women. Muslin shirts allows for easy movement and comfort. There’s also a number of other reasons why muslins may be preferable to you:


The fabric of the muslin shirt is breathable and keeps you cool in summer. The loose-fitting design makes it easy to wear, while also making sure that your skin isn’t irritated by tight clothing. This is an ideal garment for people who want to keep their skin safe from the sun or just stay cool on a hot day. If you want something that looks good but doesn’t hinder your comfort then this could be the shirt for you!

Muslin shirt absorbs sweat

Absorbs sweat:

The muslin shirt absorbs sweat from your body to keep you dry. This material also has the ability to keep cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather, so this garment can be worn year-round. The material is great for warmer climates because it allows air to flow through the clothing which creates a cooling effect. That’s why no sweat will bother you.

Muslin shirt is a versatile garment:

This cotton muslin shirt is a versatile garment that can be worn in many different purposes. It’s a piece of clothing exactly what every man or woman should have in their wardrobe. For one, it is an excellent summer shirt because the material is light.

As Muslin is a breathable fabric, you will not only look cool but feel cool too! With its casual fit style and comfortable fabric, this lightweight top looks great paired with jeans and sneakers. Casual, Formal, or holiday a muslin shirt has its own sophisticated style.

Unisex muslin shirts

Comfortable to wear:

The loose-fitting design of the muslin shirt makes it comfortable to wear in any style. There is no tight waistband or collar, which means you can move around in your shirt without any restrictive feeling present. This type of clothing has been worn by men for many years and gives them plenty of freedom to do whatever they like throughout the day. The soft fabric also feels nice against your skin which means that you won’t have to worry about itching or discomfort continually when you wear this garment.


Best muslin shirt brands


Best muslin shirt brands:

The best Muslin cotton shirts comes in many brands. Some of the best are mentioned below with popular categories :

CategoryBrand NameWhere to FindKey Features
Muslin Shirt MensHanesAmazonVarious types of stylish cotton muslin shirts
GildanAmazonSoft cotton muslin t-shirts
Dear Deer MenswearEtsyComfy and loose fit muslin shirts
Muslin Shirt WomensHotouchAmazonElegant button-down plain cotton musin shirts
28JBEtsySoft muslin tops for regular use mostly
HanesAmazonVarious types of stylish cotton muslin shirts
Unisex Muslin ShirtCarharttAmazonDurable outdoor cotton muslin tshirts
HanesAmazonVarious types of stylish cotton muslin shirts
Kids Muslin ShirtMirano KidsEtsyVarious cotton muslin shirt types
DopeskillEtsyStylish printed cotton muslin tshirts

Let’s know about some popular brands :


Hanes is a great casual wear brand for both men and women. You can find various types of cotton muslin items in Hanes. According to several sources, the brand has nearly $6.3 billion revenue till 2022 financial year. 

The company has its own styles of clothing. Their products are mainly for the young generation. Two of their finest products are BeefyT Henley shirt for men and Women’s cotton long sleeves. 


Hotouch is known for its great women’s accessories in affordable price ranges. Our list of best muslin shirts for women also features the company’s Ladies’ button down shirt as the overall best product. 

Hotouch has more than 2 thousand products for women. They are an Amazon-based clothing brand. The company has gained positive feedback and created a dedicated consumer community successfully. 


Gildan is another famous brand for muslin tops and shirts. There are many tshirt enthusiasts who choose Gildan over any other brands. 

The company uses different types of fabric like, pure muslin cotton, mixed cotton, polyester, etc. The company has 40 years of brand reputation. That’s why it is also in our list : best msulin shirt for men

Dear Deer Menswear

Young generations that look forward to new styles and trends must consider this brand. UK-based fashion brands offer muslin clothing for men only. They have several designs that are hard to differentiate from genuine luxury products. 

The stylish and exotic outfits also come at reasonable prices. However, they are a bit costlier than other other cotton muslin shirts. The luxury-vibe and soft muslin feel won’t disappoint you. 


28JB is one of the fastest-growing sellers on Etsy. They have products made of either cotton muslin or linen. People who love to wear everything simple prefer this brand. 

When comfort is more important than style for women, 28JB comes as the prime choice. You can purchase comfy shirts, tops, and kids wear from them.


Carhartt has a history of more than 100 years. Some reports say this company has more than 5000 people employed in different sectors. And their revenue was around $500 million last year. 

The company primarily makes work wear. Most of their cotton muslin shirts are unisex. Products like Heavyweight loose Tshirt are the main attraction for men and women who spend most of their time in jobsites. 

Mirano Kids

If you want to make your kids wear something that looks traditional and decent, Mirano Kids can help you out. The designs aren’t entirely conventional. But the looks are suitable for cultural and social events. 

Most Mirano Kids musselin shirts have an O-neck construction with a very soft texture. The classic comfy wears are also safe for children of any age. 


Dopeskill is a new streetwear brand that started its journey in 2015. They sell various funky and colorful clothing worldwide. 

The brand sells cotton muslin tshirts that pair well with branded sneakers. For example, Jordan 3 muslin shirt. These printed tees look good on kids and teens mostly. 

How to Soften a Stiff Muslin Shirt?

If your old cotton muslin shirt has become stiff and uncomfortable, don’t worry. A simple method can make your shirt feel soft like before. Here’s how you can soften your cotton muslin shirt:

Things you need

  1. Regular salt
  2. A bucket or large bowl

Step 1: Prepare the solution

First of all, take a tablespoon of salt from your kitchen. Fill a small bucket with warm water. Remember, it should be warm, not hot. Put the salt in the water and stir properly. 

Step 2: Keep the shirt in the solution

Now, put your shirt in the bucket. Soak it in the saltwater thoroughly. Keep the shirt in the bucket for at least 48 hours. Don’t forget to stir the shirt every 12 hours in the bucket. 

Step 3: Wash the shirt

The saltwater solution reacts with the fibers of your shirt. During the reaction, the fibers lose their stiffness. 

After soaking correctly, you can see some salt particles visible on the fabric. Don’t worry. Clean them in fresh cold water. Then, wash your shirt your regular way. 

How to Care Muslin Shirts?

Without proper care, muslin shirts can become dull, stiff, and uncomfortable. To make sure your muslin shirt is in good shape, you must: 

  • Take out the shirts once a month that you wear occasionally. Hang them on your balcony under the shade on a sunny day. It will remove germs and dust from the fabric. 
  • If possible, wrap your expensive muslin shirt with a thin poly cover to protect it from bugs and dust inside the wardrobe. 
  • Don’t spray too much perfume or bodyspray on your shirt. Perfumes have ethyl alcohol. This alcohol can fade or corrode soft fabrics like muslin. 

How to Wash Muslin Shirts?

  1. First, you need to see the care guide that came with the shirt. 
  2. If you don’t find any care guide, go to the seller’s website. You can find a care guide with each product description. 
  3. When your seller tells you the product is machine washable, use your washing machine in a gentle mode. 
  4. Don’t wash any other clothes with muslin fabrics. 
  5. If you are washing using hands, don’t rub too hard. Take some time to properly wash the shirt in the soapy water. 

How to Iron Muslin Shirts?

You should use a steam iron with multiple modes to unwrinkle a muslin shirt. Put the iron in cotton mode and slowly press the iron over the shirt. Don’t put too much pressure. 

You can also use a thin cloth over the shirt to avoid unwanted burns. If you don’t have a steam iron, use a regular iron instead. Splash some water over the shirt and use the regular iron for safety.

How to Remove Stains from Muslin Shirts?

Muslin shirts that you wear regularly can get stains easily. We don’t suggest using stain removers, bleach, or hard detergent to remove spots and stains. Hard chemicals can damage the fibers of your muslin clothes and bedding

  1. Instead, use a mild detergent with low base natures.
  2. First, soak the stain with cold water. 
  3. Then, take a tablespoon full of mild detergent. 
  4. Put on the stain. 
  5. After that, rub the detergent powder against the stain using the same tablespoon. 
  6. Wait for at least 15-20 minutes after rubbing. 
  7. Finally, wash the shirt following the care guide from the seller. 


Is muslin good for shirts?

Yes, muslin is good for shirts. It absorbs sweat from your body and keeps you dry. This makes muslin a suitable fabric for warmer weather. Besides, you can pair muslin shirts with any type of pants and jacket during winter. 

Do muslin shirts shrink when washed?

Organic Muslin shirts can shrink when washed and dried, but not as much as other fabrics. The amount of shirking depends on the quality of the muslin fabric. Best muslin fabrics don’t shrink more than 3% after multiple washes. 

What are the benefits of muslin clothing?

The benefits of muslin clothing are that they are soft, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant. You can wear muslin cloth for both fashion and comfort. Muslin dresses also come in a reasonable price range. They are more durable than other fabrics like linen, polyester. 

Is cheesecloth the same as muslin?

Muslin is a fine lightweight cotton fabric. Cheesecloth is not woven but knitted. Muslin is not the same as cheesecloth because muslin has a finer weave and there are variations in the thickness of the material. The fabric is also used for clothing whereas cheesecloth is usually used to strain liquids or make stockings.

What are some wearable clothing items you can make with muslin?

The use of muslin is vast. You can use muslin to make clothes for men, women, and children. Shirts, tops, pajamas, skirts, undergarments, etc. are the clothing that you can create using muslin. You can also make blankets and quilts using muslin fabric

Is there any alternative to muslin shirts?

You can choose a 100% cotton shirt as an alternative. Mixed cotton fabric that mainly contains cotton is also a good substitute.

Conclusion: Muslin Shirt

Muslin fabrics are very popular for making shirts these days. It’s lightweight, airy, and stretchy; perfect for all season outfits! With this complete guide, you’ll be able to find the best muslin shirts.

Muslin shirts are an essential part of every wardrobe. Remember that it may take some time before finding your favorite brand. Hopefully, this article will help make things easier by narrowing down your shopping options so you can start buying right away!

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